10 invisible scripts that have influenced me

Ramit Sethi

Last week, I wrote about the invisible scripts that guide us so subtly, we don’t even know it.

Lots of people told me that it was their favorite post on this site.

And 150+ of you responded with scripts that have invisibly guided you (not always in the good way), like these:

  • “Go to grad school and get your graduate degree as soon as you can because learning always get harder with age!”
  • “If you want to build your own business it is better to wait till you have worked at a corporate job at least a couple of years”
  • “Courses and all those “skill learning” things (such as Earn1K) are SCAMS”
  • “Public transportation is only for poor people.”
  • “Having more facebook friends means more people like me.”
  • “A house is always a good investment OR I want to hold on to this albatross (house) despite the loss in value and ecenomic impact on me so that my kids will have a “home”.

Read all 150+ examples of invisible scripts here.

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  1. Brennan

    I agree completely with this post as I think the majority of money problems in the world revolve around people trying to fit within social norms or keep up with friends, family, and neighbors. If you can suck up a little pride you can end up better in the end financially.

  2. Agota

    Hm, but where is that newsletter? I didn’t get it :/

  3. Pauly

    I’ve heard those 6 scripts (or a variation of) for the past 10 yrs

    Usually they were by well meaning people who barely had a dime and worked like slaves to just “make it”…

    This post is gonna be a doozy 🙂

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