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Automating your Personal Finances

Automate your personal finances: a video with Ramit Sethi

How much time do you spend managing your finances? Just the day-to-day stuff – paying bills, transferring money from one account to another, etc. If it’s more than an hour a week, it’s TOO LONG!

I’m going to teach you how to build an automated system to handle your money – so you can focus on the bigger picture. Like using the time saved to make more money.

I’ll also give you specific money management tips, like psychological hacks, negotiation scripts, advice on handling irregular income/expense for entrepreneurs and the best savings accounts to use.

Money Management Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide

This is some of the best personal finance material I’ve ever released — all in one place for easy reference and beautifully designed.


Why? Because one of my goals at IWT is to make my free material better than anyone else’s paid material.

And you’re going to get a ton of value from it.

In the Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance, we dive deep into savings strategies, investing, getting out of debt, tapping into hidden income, and much, much more. As an example:

  • I’ve used this exact system to generate substantial returns with simple, long-term investing
  • You’ll find answers like “What’s the best way to pay off my student debt?” and “What should I do with this $5,000 just sitting in my checking account?”
  • This is a system, not something you have to do for 3 hours a day. I spend less than 1 hour per month on my personal finances

Think about what it would feel like if:

  • You woke up everyday knowing that your money was automatically going where it was supposed to (covered in Part 2)
  • Your bills were paid on time every month (without you even thinking about it)
  • And you even had some income leftover to spend on what you love — guilt free (covered in Part 3)
  • All while investing in all right places without lifting a finger (covered in Part 4)
  • And if you have debt? Eliminate it once and for all (covered in Part 5)

This is not a pipedream. This is exactly what I show you how to do in my guide to money management.

In this guide that I’ve put together, you know you can read it and use the strategies and tactics with 100% confidence — knowing that I’ve tested them myself, then vetted each and every technique with millions of people around the world.

Personal finances are one of those things so many people put off until tomorrow, next month, next year.

Take an hour, follow this system, and you’ll be set for decades. If you follow this system, it will work.

Read the Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance now to begin creating your Rich Life.

Building a Bulletproof Personal Finance System

By setting up a bulletproof personal finance system, you can start to dominate your finances by having your system passively do the right thing for you. It will help you automatically manage your money, guilt-free, for years to come. Bills, payments, and even investments will be automated, leaving you to focus on the things that really matter. And since the system is so flexible, you can tweak it to your specific situation.

Automating Your Money: How It Works

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Psychological hacks to help you manage your money

Bonus: 5 Myths of Personal Finance

Here’s a 30-minute podcast that I did with the guys from Consumerism Commentary that talks about automating your finances and a LOT more.


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