What 3 things could I do to make it better?


Post more, talk about anything of interest to recent college grads who are interested in Entrepreneurship.    The personal finance stuff is nice, but limited. Honestly, I'm not all that interested in it, mostly because I already do a decent job ;)

I don't know... give away prizes?

even more posts/articles.  not assume everyone is a college student or has necessarily graduated college either.  the white background is hard on the eyes. something softer would be nice (not as bright). otherwise, i like the clean look overall of your site these days.

I think you should post shorter things more frequently, instead of the longer posts less often that you have been doing. 

More writings on financial thoughts in regard to more philosophical decisions.      For example - The post on paying for children's education, the book writing article and the frat-boy money making article are some of my favorites.    Those posts spur me to think how I would approach my children's education, throw cold water on my 'everyone will love *my* t-shirts' idea and reflect my experience with writing a tech book.

Humm .. not sure sure what to tell you

More product review or analysis.

More basic financial information.  More frequent updates would be nice, too.

Honestly, nothing jumps out at me. I really like the entrepreneurship stuff as well as the personal finance stuff, but you do a good job of covering both. I'll let you know if I think of something.

I can't think of anything.

I really enjoy it as it is...thanks!

You have mentioned that you give lectures, I'd be interested in a transcript of that  also sometimes you talk about the 'consulting' work that you do, I'm curous what exactly that means and how you get those jobs  also explaining how you get speaking gigs would be interesting

Blog more  Podcast  Tag your articles by knowledge required to read them (easy, moderate, advanced, etc)    List your current portfolio, its performance, and lessons you've learned from it over time

pass along million dollar ideas to me.

I'd prefer less of the feel-good life advice as of recent.  People reading your blog are savvy enough to know not to overspend, take credit card debt, etc.  I would really like to see your responses to specific ideas people bounce off you.  For instance,  I've always thought about owning a low-maintenance business such as a laundromat.  Is this a stupid idea?  How about renting a condominum?  Just a few examples...

more practical solutions--you focus on big-ticket issues like 401Ks and stocks, but those aren't 'everyday' adjustments.

More personal finance articles for young college students or recent grads.

Update more often... that's about it!

i stopped reading your blog and would read it again if  1. more finance tips  2.fewer personal anecdotes tangentially proving some finance point  3. regular updates (once or twice a week)


More updates.    More examples.  Not so much 'IRAs are good... credit card points are good... etc.'  Give us more specific examples, tell us what you do, what your friends do, lessons learned, things you wish you had done right when you graduated etc.  You don't have to be our financial planner, but giving readers more specific examples to make their own decisions would be appreciated.

More longer articles.  Fewer tiny posts.  Where's the advice for actually choosing stocks and index funds? 

I read through RSS and am very busy. It'd be a great help if the posts were labled in some way so that I could quickly choose the ones to read.    While I'd love to read everything you right. I simply am an over-worked 20-something who's too cheap to buy internet access at home. I do my reading in quick moments between tasks at work. So whatever can be done to mark a post as a 'must know' or 'quick tip' or 'savings' or 'investing' or whatever would be extreemly helpful.

Just keep it up

Takes too long to load initially.

Please make the email list more informative/useful -- rather than just links. I'm trying to cut my 'blog' time & email works well for me.

Post everyday.

Well, your intended audience is not really me, so my suggestions may very well take you off your strengths and purpose (I'll explain further in question 8 next).    Not everyone who reads your blog/newsletters is a 20-something just-starting-out still-near-step-one individual. The single-minded refrains of 'start saving now while you're in your 20's; see how better off you'll be?' doesn't do much for me now -- although I wish I had that done to me 15 years ago and do agree with the importance of stating it over and over. I'm still seeking the 'what are some other strategies now that I'm past certain points'. How does one start from absolute zero when they are almost 40 without a steady income and declared bankruptcy?

1. Be more consistent. I know with your other business ventures you can't write daily, but my favorite blogs at least have regular features.  See some of the Gawker blogs (Deadspin and Lifehacker for example).  They have regular features - some I make sure to read, others I know I'm not interested...but it gives some themes and structure which I like.  2. Link us to information.  I personally use a combination of blogs to find interesting stories, viewpoints, current events and websites that I normally wouldn't stumble upon by myself.  While I enjoy the stories, maybe there are products/websites you could review within the structure of the purpose of your site, for example.  Maybe you have done some of that in the past.  3. Can't think of a third.

More depth, like the real estate series  More on how to get started if you don't have the option of a 401K  More on web-based businesses

1) Post more often.  2) Maybe write replys to peoples' questions in the comments section.  3) Can't think of anything.

Regular posts/newsletters, more entreprenuer material.  otherwise, everything's pretty good.

Sorry, I just started reading the blog, so I don't really have any suggestions yet. But I'd really appreciate if you point us to other like-minded people too. Ian, for example.

There is alot of info about IRA and 401k etc but being Canadian we do not have those same options.    It would be nice to get a Canadian perspective on RRSPs and mutual funds etc.    For example I have a 'US EQUITY INDEX ' mutual fund that still has a MER. I read here about pure index funds that require no one and no cost but have not been able to find anything like that.    That's my only frustration with the site.

Provide advice for different age groups. (Unless I'm the only 'old' person that reads your site.)

Just keep up the good work.

Gosh, I don't know.  Write more often?

1) shorter posts  2) easier search 

Write more personal finance info - stick to the subject!    Don't write about other things - I don't want to read a general purpose blog - I'm here for one thing only!

Not realy sure.

1) more talks on investing  2) i know now what kind of investment account i want to open, but not sure which companies are best...so basically talk about which brokerage companies are good for opening up which accounts (pros and cons) 

More frequent updates  Less 'self-linking' to previous articles  Branching out to other financial commentary/topics besides basic investing (an advanced section if you will)

1. reccomend reading  2. Interactivity  3. ...

Remain consistent with content delivery  Keep long texts broken up with media materials  Don't write so frequently to overwhelm RSS reader

- More shout-outs to my (Gabe Rosen's) personal brilliance.  - More article with a humorous slant.  - More cool graphics demonstrating mindblowing but littl-known discrepancies between conventional wisdom and financial reality.

- Try to find out the barriers that people have to taking risks and how to overcome them.  Maybe a poll of what people worry about the most when it comes to investing and see what steps can be taken to midigate them.  - A photo every once in awhile wouldn

Post on a more regular schedule. I don't care if it's once every other week, or if its every day, but I would like to have some expectation of when to expect new postings.

1. Write about ways to save money.  2. Write about the right way to pick stocks and stock advice more often.  3. Tell funny stories about your college past. 

Your current 'formula' works best for me; so, I'd avoid changing it.

I've only been reading for 1 month, cn't comment yet.

Consider that maybe your audience isn't all in their 20's?  (I'm 50, but still think I'm a 20 year old...) OK -- I owe you 2 more...

Personally I am not into entrepenuer type stuff, so I would say more content about investing, saving, and budgeting would be nice.  I know your working on the budgeting app and i look forward to that.  It will make your blog even better.

When you talk about you did a break even analysis on whether your credit card would pay off with its annual fee, gives some insight on how you set up the process of running that break even anaylsis. I think most people forget about the hidden costs associated with a lot buying. one example is does it pay to rent or buy a house. Well it does not stop with just the mortgage vs rent, you need to factor in utilities, property tax, repair budgets, closing costs, length of time you plan to be in the area, etc.

1. Finish the 2006 Money Makeover.    2. Maybe a series on 'It Gets Easier Later' for those of us who have too many financial responsibilities for the 'It Never Gets Easier Than Now' series.  There must be something that's easier when you're older...    3. I'd really like to see a series on mortgages.  I have one and I don't even understand it.    4. (BONUS) How to teach money skills to children.  I have a two-year old and this will be very important very soon.    5. (BONUS - part 2) Maybe try a podcast?  It was nice to hear you on the Money Blogger podcast.

Not sure, honestly. I just took it at face value and got a lot more than I expected

(1) In addition to introductory articles, how about a few articles explaning some of the minutiae? e.g. all of those options that E-trade has when I want to buy a stock. (2) More articles about analyzing a stock (e.g. where to access good tools for tracking 'the market' versus a given stock). (3) Easier-to-read table of contents for accessing the 'classic' introductory articles on investment.

1) Less personal stuff, more financial tips  2) How-to guides  3) Posts on great deals

1. Make the text black. The light grey text is very hard to read.  2. Make the text a bit larger. I think you're intentionally discriminating against my parents.  3. Um...

1.  more updates  2.  guest bloggers?  3.  longer feature pieces


Get commentary from outsiders - not just your friends, but maybe self-help gurus, financial advisors, etc.

Put out the newsletter more often.  More entrepreneurship focus, not that you're lacking  Involvement posts, getting people to do something, like the kick your butt series

Hmm. Well, it's hard to think up 3 changes for a blog you already like reading, but I would like, in a separate section, guides to certain aspects of finance, with ratings for beginner, intermediate, advanced. For example, when I started my 401K, I couldn't find good, simple advice anywhere on how to choose what funds to invest in, or how to really understand the prospectus on the fund. I'm also interested in learning more about investing in the stock market, but am having trouble finding information for beginners in that area.

*Update more.  *Talk less about your other projects - I don't really care about them.  *Update more.

What about those of us who have debt from college?  Help us figure out how to pay it off!


Be a little more technical.. I'm a finance major... some things are overly simplistic to the point of misinforming readers.    Every few weeks or so, just respond to questions of readers. Have some kind of open forum even... a big chat or something like that.   

Many of the posts are somewhat pointless. Iwillteachyoutoberich is no longer on my list of websites that I visit because real content appears so infrequently.    1. Post more content  2. Post more often  3. Learn more about investing or stop posting so arrogantly    Some things you post about investing seem somewhat naive to me. For instance, you assume that investing in the stock market can be described by historical results. But if you examine the equity premium break down, a significant chunk of the gains of the last century have been due to price appreciation (% change in P/E ratio). We cannot expect returns to match what they've been in the past. The 80s and 90s were exceptional in this regard.

More 'Top Ten' lists. Make sure they are substantive and helpful. A garbage post is still a garbage post, even if it's in the 'Top Ten' format :)

Better organization

Post more often  Recommend books/other sources of info 

not sure

1) Make the home page load faster.  I think that *every* article you've written loads when you visit the main page, and this is awful.  I have an older laptop (500 MHz processor with 256 Mb of RAM running Debian Linux) and loading the main page takes 3-4 minutes and the browser completely hogs my CPU.  PLEASE fix this.    no 2 or 3

1) I like Yahoo Finance columns 'Why the Rich Get Richer' by Robert Kiyosaki, 'Money Matters' by Suze Orman, 'The Future for Investors' by Jeremy Siegel as they have more useful content per article.    2) More depth would be nice.    3) You mentioned that many people don't start a business on their own even if they want to.    How about an article on 'how to start a business'?   

- simple charts to illustrate the key points (i've been re-reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and love those over-simplified charts)    - make the next steps easier. your postings about the benefits for saving early are no-brainers. but it just doesn't hit hard e

clearer display, hard to read, a little all over the place.    repeat too many topics or articles  more specific steps, i am still overwhlemed by the ideas of somethings

Fix it so that my RSS reader (NetNewsWire Lite) can show your whole post, not just the first few sentences.

Hmm...maybe give more specific recommendations for products or services you use.     Give more detailed step-by-step walkthroughs for money-saving things to do.    Re-do your 2-page summary of personal finance so it is more descriptive and thorough.

The pages are very long, somehow categorize them better.  My computer is very slow so waiting for one page to load and even when scrolling down is aggrivating! 

Can't say

widen the arrange of topics  offer easy links to additional info  cant think of a third

I think you should offer more advice to kids who are still in school. Only during my last year of school did I really begin to understand A, how much debt I was in (nearly $60k), and B, how much that scared the crap out of me. I wondered then if I knew more about money if I would have made different choices about how much I'd borrowed, how much I worked while in school, etc. I went to school outside of the US (in Canada, where it was less than $20k a year for tuition and res until my last year), but my family only helped a bit, and I was on the hook for the rest of my tuition and living expenses. I had very little sense of what a reasonable monthly living allowance was, how much I could make during the summer, what kinds of loans to get, and when to realize that I was in too much debt. I know that you gear your blog more to young professionals -- people who've finished school and are starting to pick up the pieces, financially, but some advice for those who are still in school (undergrad) or are planning to continue (grad) would be great.    I think that's my only major suggestion.

I don't know!!!

1. More frequent posts (I know you are probably a busy guy, though, so your current frequency of posting is ok).    2. Add more discussions of disruptive technologies (for instance, how would advanced AI, desktop nanofactories, a rapid increase in the world's wealth via development efforts in poor nations, and the emergence of a technological singularity affect an individual's financial choices?)    3. More interviews and case studies of successful people (especially young entrepreneurs)

How about an occassionaly video?

Don't assume audience is just young singles.  I'm married professional (engineer) with 4 kids.

hmm...my one suggestion would be to write a little more.  My other suggestion would be to put some advertising up and make a little money off your hard work ;-)

1) Ask yourself if your goal is to make your blog better as in get more readers or make it better as in provide greater quality.  2) RSS forces me away from the actual sites (which I think isn't always good) and so I don't know how yours works this but have a directory to your best posts and have a good search engine for your posts and perhaps extend it beyond a blog by aggregating some of your posts into more definitive guides (Be able to provide massive value to someone who arrives the first time and to someone who arrives by a search engine not wanting a blog).  3) Use your connections - I loved the 'It Never Gets Easier Than Now' meme. Link to others (where there is REAL quality (we trust you to have checked these things out). Having those different people tell about these experiences was very neat.

its still somewhat unclear how to invest not for retirement but for short term. I would like to know how to invest money and collect already in 5 to 10 years. While the other funds just keep growing till retirement...

Nothing major comes to mind.      Just before the Easier Now Than Later series came out, there was a lull in writing, and I was thinking 'man I hope he's not burned out on blogging'.  Now it's clear that you were preparing the series and some other stuff, so that's cool.  But if there were less gaps, that would be nice.      One other thing, not actually something you should do better, just an observation.  I've just been looking back over your archives as I write this.  I just read A Big Fear I Have Of This Site, where you were worried people would read the site, read the WSJ, etc. and know what they should do, but then not actually do it.  I think repetition over time influences people.  As I write in more detail to question 8, you influenced me to keep track of my expenses.  I'd known for a long time that, in order to budget, I need to know how much I spend.  Eventually I did it, but if you hadn't occasionally reminded me I probably wouldn't have done it.  So don't be disheartened: even if only 5% of people who don't keep track of their expenses take the advice each time you say it, the advice has a cumulative effect.

1.  Post more often (I know you are busy, though)  2.  I like the pictures to make people think  3.  Talk about how you can save on different things, such as Satellite over cable might save you $10/month, or having only a cell phone over both a cell and land line can save a lot of money. 

- Make the text black instead of grey  - enlarge the comment font for easier readability  - put another 'see comments'-type button on the bottom of each post, since usually I'm interested in reading the comments AFTER I've read the article, and scrolling

Keep the focus on personal finance with random stories only as examples to prove a theoretical point; not because the random stories aren't interesting, but because we're so used to that format (Theory, example) that it's easy to follow.

have a search

1. Shorten the homepage  2. Shorten the homepage  3. Shorten the homepage    Show maybe a week's worth of entries, and just archive the rest.

perhaps the occasional change of focus from recent grads that earn $50k plus a year to those that might not have hit it that big. Also, it would be interesting to see a bit more articles on interpreting the market. (There's a bunch of stuff out there, that I'm sure you've posted a while back, but, I sure can't remember it)... like which means more, the P/E, dividends, you know? what kinda stuff, numbers should be researched.

More info for people that have started already, but want to take it to the next level.

more concrete examples of what other people do rather than just your own experiences?

Perhaps more frequent original content, not as long sometimes

1. Meta-tagging   2. Links to other sites  3. Guest columnists

be more helpful via email

I honestly can't think of anything!

Post more inside info about why finances work the way they do.  For example, it is intersting when you first find out why car dealers only like to talk in terms of monthly payment.

1. Deliver gold bars via rss to readers  2. audio mp3/aac of presentations you've done / speaches

More reviews of blogs, books, banks, credit cards, magazines, etc.  Use your experience and knowledge to filter through them and give us the good stuff.

I don't read often enough to be critical.

I wish you wouldn't write for only the young college crowd.  I want to read that it's never too late for a geezer like me to make a positive change in my financial future, and have applicable advice/instances.  Of course, I realize you're geared to a younger crowd because an uncarved block is much easier to make an impression on rather than one worn over the years.


Less usa-only. Try to include Europe and other parts of the world. I understand that this may not be posible.

Add some information specifically for those of us who have not yet graduated.  How should we use our money when we have irregular cash flow?  Working primarily during the summer leads to very unpredicatble income, if any, and in the face of definate expenses like school loans and food, it can be difficult to make well informed decisions.

keep posting dude

You don't really give very much specific advice - just general advice.    Some of your posts are wholly irrelevant.    When you are referencing a recent post on another blog, wait at least five hours. I invariably read that blog, too, and you tend to reference posts before they even pop up on my feed.

Maybe more theme months/weeks/other periods of time?  Also, at some point, you will need to move off of the 'here is how you get started' advice and focus some more on what is going on once you actually have been saving for a while.  maybe some articles on saving for particular goals (house, new vehicle, month-long world cruise, etc.) that might be too short-term for buy and hold stocks.

1. Some more lessons/examples of things that will make someone rich.  2. More of what you are doing with the interviews from people is pretty cool and learning from different people.  3. Probaly a question of the week that is generated by people's comments.

Something about the colors makes it less enjoyable to read. Maybe have some darker colors or more contrast. Reading gray on a white background with beige topic backgrounds makes it too 'off-white'.

1. Write more often (seriously, you are awesome and I love the content).    2. Do a series on how to afford housing in an expensive market-when to rent vs. buy, what features I should be looking for in a place to live (as a young, unattached person), how to buy and/or rent in an expensive market (you live in CA, I live in NJ-metro NYC area-both extremely high cost of living areas, but moving to a lower cost place is not an option)-would love to know your perspective on housing in that type of market, especially for young people. Those formulas that are on most websites do not work for where I live-if I follow those guidelines, I will never be able to move out of my parent's house.    3. More on investing (like, what do you look for in a fund, what kind of investing plans are out there for those of us who aren't making the big bucks yet but still want to make their money grow)

Try not to be so preachy.  It's not terrible, but sometimes it comes across that way.   

More examples, international tips.

1. Minimize the name-dropping of Stanford. For certain, it's a good school, but it makes all the talk of frugality sound manufactured out of arrogance.    2. You are one of the few percentage of people who make their 'living' from consulting, or counseling others about business. Although this is a noble affair, it strikes me as capitalizing on inefficiencies in the system and your ability to see them and less on actual risk-taking entrepreneurial ventures. I'd be interested to see your business-take on new market developments/technologies. Web 2.0? Alternative energies? Where do you think these are headed and why?    3. I'd like to see you talk about what career fields you see as offering a high return for time/money invested. If the sure-fire way to be rich is to live below your means, than making a lot of money and living VERY below your means would be even better. How would you recommend finding the best money-making career in a field of your choice?

1)  Post more often

1- Keep up with the updates,  I was really interested in the Real Estate subject, so keep  it up. Hopefully you will add some more soon.    2- Keep bringing guests.  When it comes to planning it would be helpful to read about how others made it.  I don't know anyone that can tell me their stories ( success or failure )  Had they got the projected savings they were seeking to begin with when they followed the various practices to financial planning.  If they are 69 today did they get all they had hoped for?    3- Talk about Life Insurance.  There are a lot of companies trying to sell to young people stating that they buy now since they are young it will be cheap, term, whole or VUL policies.

Update more often ;-0 That's all, everything else is great.

More advice for people who've mastered the basics (i.e., already save).    Q&A (i tend to learn a lot from features like this in newspapers and other blogs; even if the question doesn't really apply to me, the principles are often instructive).


Finish the makeover.    Quite curious what program you're developing that you hinted at in your last newsletter. 

For me, less of the personal stuff... although, now that I look at your list of posts, it doesn't seem like you've written that much personal stuff.... hmm... I'll think about it. I know there's something which bugs me from time to time, but I can't remember what.  If I do, I'll write you.

Tell me what the hell options are, how they work ect ect

More posts

Don't have any ideas.  I'm one of your older readers, I'm sure, and I like it.  Posts are frequent, short, and helpful. 

Finish personal finance makeover


A planner; I want to be rich, give me a todo list that I can check off each item as I go, with linked articles...

I like what you are doing.

I'm also a technical writer (I write software user manuals) and the number one thing you need to do is to get that home page organized under logical, sequential headings. If you're going to teach someone how to do something--especially if you identify a very specific learning objective, the way you have--you need to make sure they start with Step One, then lead them step-by-step through Step Two, Step Three etc. On your home page, it's near-impossible even to find step one! Once you've identified the step-by-step process that will help you deliver on the promise of your site name, you can separate additional, supplemental information and organize it under separate headings.

- more comparison of banks, credit cards, types of accounts, etc.  (above and beyond what one finds at bankrate.com of course...analysis, just not numbers)    - less filler, philosophical stuff which has been showing up the last few days...it makes a good

Organize the site a little more; possibly provide more categories, a clearer layout for people to follow where to start, what the site is all about, etc. Also, maybe you could advertise it a little more with other finance blogs or news sites.

1. Post more often  2. Post information related to various stages of life.  Most of the information seems to be more geared toward singles and young people.    3. Post more often

1) Write more often! There has been a lot of empty space lately.  2) Give more specifics on certain tasks, or give us tasks to complete, like a IWTYTBR 'challenge.'  3) ... can't think of a third thing.

1)  Generate more community around the site itself; i.e. we know what your thoughts are on a topic, but about the general populace that reads the site?  Could we take some general thoughts from the comments and turn that into something?    2)  Create some action plans that the readership might want to follow on (leverage the readership)-- let's get a group together and design a site, build a portfolio, etc. (definitely some large-scale management issues, but maybe it could be done?)    3)  Please make the site feed a full-text feed =)  PRETTY PLEASE??? :)

- More frequent updates  - Maybe a scheduled updated (i.e. every Wednesday write something about lifestyles and saving money; Monday could be about some kind of investing such as stocks, mutual funds, etc;  Maybe Friday could be more diverse stuff like th

more on stockpicking, etc. I've been thinking about investing in stocks, and I've read several online sites, as well as a book or two, but in many ways I'm still in the dark about where to start, where to find the information I need, etc.

more book reviews 

1) More regular updating.  2) More outside references academic/formal consideration of the topics.  3) Some more discussion of how a person can gague their own utility/happiness/cost/value system.

Return to writing good articles.

Post more often than just quarterly. 

Write about more financial devices.


More advice on good credit cards to use for rewards, and specific things you have found that are good deals (like financial fun facts).  Money market accounts, etc.

It's very US-centric, though I understand why. Maybe mention that the concepts you write about are broadly applicable everywhere.

1. No suggestions right now...

1. more images, and charts, i like graphics. the images you do have are funny. more please.    2. maybe citing specific cases?    

1) Tags on posts, so that readers can easily view all posts related to, oh say, credit cards, savings accounts, or what not.  2) I know your site is more oriented for college students and college graduates, but maybe you could include some information or tips outside of that group, such as advice orientered towards highschool students (like me....).  3) More ads!!! I already saw your post about not being too into affiliate programs... I don't know.

1.  Take a position of discouraging all debt.  2.  Do not discuss how to get rewards from credit cards.  No millionaire ever got his money from credit card rewards.  3.  Take a strong position against leasing cars.    Generally just become a more hip, urban version of Dave Ramsey ;-) 

More regular posts. Maybe get a second contributor or something like that, grow a bit. More links to similar sites and articles elsewhere perhaps.

You should add a booklist.  I like your articles on career development.  Please do more.  Specially ones on consultanting and how to land consulting jobs. 

1)more frequent updates

I've just been waiting for the newsletter.  This is the first timw I received one.

I don't know. Sorry. If anything, I'd say keep some randomness. When bloggers get a routine, and (some) develop agendas, the blog becomes boring. You're fine thus far.

Higher frequency of entires, if possible.

Update more regularly.

I'd brainstorm about 10-15 topics, split each topic up into 3-4 sections, and post something you write for each section on a regularly scheduled update rate (e.g. 1 article section per [week/2 weeks] so you get one topic in a [month/2 months]).  The regularity of these posts will draw people to you if they know that every Monday, there will definitely be a new post, etc.  You don't have to cover a topic in entirety in a given week, just work your way through it and your readership will grow.

er...not sure, just keep the way it is and dont loose anything by changing to worst.

It would be helpful (if you haven't already in the past) to go over or point to a good resource on the  different types of investment plans - IRA, 401K, stocks, bonds, equities, wtf... it's all a headache to sort through, but better headache in understanding now than headache in damage control in the future.

Perhaps an easier way for a new visitor to browse the site?  There is just so much information. 

1) Post more  2) Follow through on posted plans for theme posting  3) More things i hate postings.    Quit your job and give me entertainment and education for Free, Ramit!

I am not really sure.  I mean, it is your sight to take where you want.  Most of your articles are geared towards a currently in college or just out of college crowd and who haven't found a career yet. I'd prefer more of a focus on people who have been out of college and are focusing on raising a family, keeping up a household and saving for retirement at the same time.  However, that may not be where you can go, for lack of experience, or want to go.  Just keep up the good work and it will all be ok.

1. Obviously, post more.  2. Keep a Tools section of your page.  A list of applications, downloads, external links that are useful in everyday money management.  3. Your page kind of takes a long time to load.  I think it's because of the right-hand menu.  I'm on a corporate T3 and it still takes 3-5 seconds to come up.  I'm really only saying this because I couldn't think of another 3rd thing.

More frequent posts  Seems a little pretentious at times (SF elite)  Get someone to talk about taxes

More outbound links to good articles, more investment advice, more informative stuff like advice regarding mutual funds, the stock market, buying a house, etc. 

Main Page Shorter in length

1. more updates -- add new authors perhaps  2. more technical stuff about investing, maybe how to analyze stocks or like the mathematics behind why an annual fee credit card is worth it  3. recommended readings

Post more often, even just a link to say look at this.    Talking more about investing.    Giving more info about starting different streams of income. 

While I like your more recent life lesson posts (i.e. the 'It Never Gets Easier than Now' series), I'm a fan of your bread and butter financial advice posts.  Even though you've already posted the most basic content, perhaps you could expand upon that a bit more. For example, you talk about why you wouldn't pick buy Gap stock.  You mention that you look at trends, products, revenues, management etc... But you don't tell your readers HOW you do these things.  What do you look for in a manager?  What makes a manager good?  Even though you say that 'many sites will guide you through it,' I visit your blog because I like how you guide people through stuff, in an easy, funny way that gets them inspired to invest.     Also, you could do posts on terms that people might have heard but might not understand and don't know why they should care about it, like P/E ratio.   

It's pretty good now.

Update every day! Also, give more links to blogs or articles you dig.

Put the entire post in your feed. I hate the couple sentences and then have to click to read rest of story. Breaks the flow, yo. Post the entire thing in RSS. If i really wanna check your site, i will.

I haven't been reading it that long - everything has been really useful so far, though.

A blog is nice, but there could be a better archive system than currently.  Maybe a more obvious way to browse 'articles' separate from simple 'blog posts'.    More frequent updates (though very recently this has been better), and maybe a regular posting schedule, at least for a 'tips and tricks' type of post.    A slightly larger focus on short-term goals and things that give immediate (3-6 months) effect would be very welcome. Though I realize that investing is for the long term, some things about the day-to-day stuff are fuzzy.  (Maybe that's just my problem, but if it's mine, someone else probably has it too.)

reach out to us Canadians :P i'd love to know more about starting up a business - the legal and financial side of things

More concrete information.  I looked through your archives and found some posts where you discussed mutual funds, index funds, stock, etc.  More posts like those would be nice.

1) People Love video games.  To drive home the need to invest in retirement funds I think a graphical representation would be useful.  I think a flash program that asks for an initial investment amount and then graphically extrapolates the return over X amount of years would be a fun addition.    2)  If you've ever heard of Investopedia I would look at it and consider linking to it.  No I don't own any part of it :-)  It has a stock trading simulator that can be useful.  You can even use it to simulate how options work.  I already own a stock account so it's not that interesting to me, but it allows me to get the feel of trading in really big numbers.  It's also useful to help overcome apprehensions in investing and trading.    3)  I gather that you favor a more conservative approach to investing than I do by your statements of buying for the long term.  I would like to know what you look for in a company before you invest in them.

Some articles that link the macroeconomy to investing - since you do already provide some tips for investing, you may want to help people not invest at a stupid time.

- This is a tentative suggestion, but you might benefit from widening your perspective.  Although the highly intelligent, hyper motivated, prestigous college demographic obviously contains a lot of useful experience, there's obviously a lot of other ways

Make it less age-specific.

I am always looking for better ways to save money or change my life to be less expensive.

More posts, more unique ideas

- write more frequently  - explain financial/personal money management terms or concepts to those of us who are clueless (ira's, investing) ... you do some of this already  - recommend programs or money management systems    ... dunno that's all I can com

- finish the 'how to get rich course'   - practical info on ie indexfunds  - maybe a question from the readers section. 

Provide answers to myths and fallacies 

more indepth stuff?

More basics.  I would like to share this with others, but I think that it might be a little over their head.

I   don't   know .

More updates! Actually I'm more of a quality over quantity guy but rarely do I get a newsletter, and most posts these days are just a little tame (like the current streak of 'no better time than now' quotes). I'd almost prefer one long post on something financial related as opposed to a daily dose of 'You should travel because you're young' type stuff.

More real life examples.  I like to compare with real metrics.

Less motivational sermons, more facts. There hasn't been anything good for like three months.

Hear more from the never gets easier than now genre

1. Maybe do more reviews of professional/financial products and services that you've encountered.   2. Have guest bloggers who can share their experiences with some of the things that you describe. Not necessarily testimonals, but either corroborations of your opinion, or rebuttals against what you suggest. It would make it more interesting!  3. (kindof picky) Send out a newsletter more often.    

make sure all your readers are getting the newsletter ...     book recommendations   

1. Regular Posts  2. Lists  3. Cute illustrations (cough... bulius.com)

More example stories, how to improve on your decisions. 

don't know

1. More regular newsletters - I tend to only look at the site after getting the email.

Teach us how to actually become rich rather than providing general rules of thumb and common sense ideas.    Refer us to helpful literature.    More concise and to the point articles-you tend to ramble at times.

you should put Ads in.  If you dont like it, than at least enable readers to donate sth. to you. like paypal

*Spend more time on a time-value of money explanation  and approach. People need to understand the analysis and factor in economic equivalence when they do their financial projections.  *Widen the site layout. I understand this may be a technical limitation, but even a small boost in width would make your site look much better in most high-resolution setups (and I only use 4:3 resolutions, I hate to see what it would be on a 16:9 widescreen!)  *Cover more entreprenuership; I'm particularly interested in financing. I intend to have a startup soon, I'm considering whether to do a bootstrap startup or get all VC (of course it's not all-or-nothing). Should I take out of my investments? Seek government grants? I think I know how to model these things, but just hearing some stories would help me be more confident with my thinking. How did you get started? I'd love to see stories on how people funded their enterprises before the positive cash flow started.

I can't really think of anything; maybe I don't read it often enough. It's not perfect, but really, it's good enough. Go improve something else! Don't you have a business to run?

more ideas, plans, advice, like stevepavlina.com but about making money

I would like an article discussing why you chose a specific stock or not...

1. I'd love to see an article a month that is just a transcript of you debating someone over something finacial or otherwise  (some posts sort of turn into this with the comments - and those are usually quite interesting)  2. Udate your 'Things I hate' blog more often  3. I'd discuss the how-to's of web entreprenurial ventures some more.  You have good knowledge about this space and seem to have tons of contacts ande frineds  - so you have both crash and burn as well as success stories to share.  Your PBWiki business would be a good example --  how does it work, how does/could it make money.

Consider making your RSS feed a full-text feed. I use a RSS aggregator for reading entries and this defeats the purpose.

More frequent updates  Reference guide for new readers (maybe a summary of advice, The Tao of Ramit?)  Cheesy investment calculators made in javascript!

A bit more overview for the content, but on the whole everything is ok.

I haven't been reading long enough for me to answer this question intelligently.

change the front page so it's not 10239819283 pixels high   

I don't know. Be better written and have more information?

The particular financial advise is US-centric, which is understandable.     I would personally like to read an article on tools for trading stock in emerging markets (both startups and any stock in developing countries) that could be used by European citizens.

I wish I could think of something, but at the moment I can't -- I haven't visited the site in a while.  Is it searchable?  Is the advice also organized in sections by subject, as opposed to only the reverse-chronological blog format?

- More advice for 30 somethings, not just for 20 somethings (Some of us just left grad school, so we are in the same boat as 20 somethings, but may have less tolerance for risk).  - Advice for non-Americans living/working in US.  - On-line savings/investm

Deliver your Newsletter via RSS.

Break up your posts more -- not like FMF, that place is terrible. But sometimes they seem to lose focus.

more specifics. more tutorials about saving or investing.

1) Post more actual articles (instead of these brief blurbs we keep getting)  2) Post more actual articles  3) Post more actual articles

Maybe have a book review more often or a list of books for beginners, intermediate, and expert.

post more about real eastate,,,,,,,,  add some guess speakers comments,,,,,,  tell us the day before a stock will skyrocket!!!!!!    Ha Ha.....Add some comedy,,,,, 

1. More info on ways I can maximize wealth.   2. More tips on credit cards, savings accounts, etc.   3. More 'situational' postings.

better organization 

    Have more pictures, graph, and a step by step process on how to become a millionarie in 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years.

Not put so much on the first-to-load page because it takes so long to load, I don't spend much time on the site.

1. Post more often.  2. I know the site is geared toward college/post-college age, but it would be nice to see some tips for for the mid-30s and up family/kids crowd.  3. Perhaps some articles where you pose a 'what would you do in this situation' type of question, let people post their comments, then in the next article you post your answer.

The three things I would love to see to make the blog better are:    1.  More content on the psychology of investing, spending, entrepreneurialism.  I would like to know a bit more about that subject without having to have a degree in psychology.    2.  I love alternate forms of content, video, podcasts, flash elements, more graphics, etc.  While they can be time consuming, they can provide value and are just plain fun to use.  Visual elements are very strong and would add a terrific element to the blog (You are using it now and I love it, but you don't use it enough in my opinion!)    3.  More guest writers with strong set up by you as to why that particular writer is an expert/qualified/or recommended by you.

More on processes: this is how you get a proper credit card, bank loan, negotiate a starting salary, negotiate an apartment, look for a used car, this is the best way to teach people about personal finance, etc.    More on investing, don't keep it so basic, talk about ETFs a little, and how to latch on to broad market trends 10-20 years out (e.g. rise of emerging markets, alternative energy, etc.)


Sorry, I cannot find them

1. Organize your material. I found your site only recently, and I had to pick through the old material to get to your 'meat.' Have the long articles (budgeting, IRA, etc) organized in a side bar for easy access. I should have to search the site if I want to send an article to a friend.    2. Post more often.    3. LINKS TO OTHER SITES.

A PDF of practical financial tips and/or reminders to give to college students. A 'Don't Be an Idiot' list, if you will.

Give more real examples from your own life or of people you know personally.

Sorry, no suggestions here.

Update more often.  ;)

--Daily Update's   --Links to great personal finance/business articles, even if you have not written them yourself 

Can't think of anything offhand

Well, based on my answer to question #6, clearly some more original and thought-provoking content would fit the bill.    WAY too many financial websites are just pointers to articles. Your site seems to have some original posts, but nothing that will change my life or teach me something new.    One thing I've noticed while perusing your blog is that you seem to be offering all kinds of advice, but I don't know what qualifies you to be offering me advice. I see very little that indicates that you are rich or on your way to becoming rich.

More in-depth posts on the intricate, confusing aspects of personal finance, like mortgages

More investing information. Not just definitions of things like a PE ratio etc., but what they actually mean alone and together and how to use them to help make smart investments.

  1. MORE POSTS !!!  2. MORE focus on similar articles that you have posted.    3. MORE articles on new topics which your readership may enjoy.    Bottom line... I want to see MORE Period.

perhaps a system to choose stocks?

Not sure, I just added this blog to my bloglines today.

Not sure - I've only been reading a few days so I can't really comment... just like how, if you've been dating a girl for a couple of months, she appears perfect (even if she is a she-devil).

Cite maneeshsethi.com more    Less filler posts    stop this stupid 'things you can do now but not later' thread

1. Post more often  2. Reading the comments often annoys me. People get into nit-picky arguments over details. I don't know what you can do about this...  3. More discussion on planning for mid-life goals like buying a house, sending kids to college, etc. and how to plan and budget for such things.

1. Stop disappearing every so often.  2. Have more quality posts and less ranting ones.  3. More posts on frugality and investing.

More frequent postings.

Organization. I wouldn't be so attached to the idea of scrolling down forever to reach the first blog done in 2004. There should be a menu on the right side that says: 2006, 2005, 2004, so that it's at least broken up into years, with maybe 'jump to' buttons for months. As it is right now, I think it's awkward.  Maybe you already do this, but I would go through, or have someone go through the blog and write down everything you said you would do or planned to do or hoped to concerning the blog. Then I would prioritize them and do them, or at least address them by saying you decided after all that you didn't want to...write on X topic, for example, so that readers didn't feel let down. I'm amazed at how personal a blog can feel and how much important trust is between the blogger and the readers.

don't know yet

For me, personally, I understand retirement planning pretty well, and it seems much simpler than short, mid, or longer (but not retirement long) term investing. Basics like getting a savings account or checking cds and choosing based on liquidity of your money is pretty basic to. But what if we want to be more serious? Is it worth being more serious?


This survey is a great start.  Podcasts with some of your lecture points would be great.  Answer me this: HOW would you implement financial education in elementary, middle, and high schools?

I think it is very good just as it is.

I really like the interviews with entrepreneurs and professionals, more of these would be nice.    More contrast in the background and text color so that it is easier to read.    A recommended reading section.

Nothing comes to mind (I know, that's so helpful...)

I don't know.pay me to read.

More actual advice, like there was before. Liked the  part where you asked the successfull people though. Very interesting

Better layout of categories... types of info.    I am still searching for the perfect personal finance program...

more practical advice like the credit card entry

1> stop proclaiming that you know what you are talking about when you have neither experience nor training.      2> admit your mistakes and/or shortcomings with money instead of glossing over them or over justifying them.  We've all made mistakes, its ok.    3> use more pictures.  pictures are great.

1.  More frequent postings with original content  2.  Finishing series of articles are announced, started, and then...  3.  More personal anecdotes/thoughts/experiences as opposed to general advice

I think it's great, don't change a thing.

Have more advanced articles.  I feel that after reading your blog for about 2 months I have learned everything that you discuss and further points are just reiterative.

1. post more often  2. Links to other sites of interest perhaps...  3. fresh and funky colour scheme? (sorry really scraping the barrel)

Sometimes you get a little too starry-eyed about the infinite possibilities available to people who are willing to take serious risks, and ignore possible extenuating circumstances. I don't get on well with my parents, for instance, so moving back home isn't an option for me if I screw up. Once I've got some cash saved up I'll be happy to go traveling and work on personal projects and such, but for right now I need to keep myself focused on building up some security even if it means working a normal office job.

you have great blogs that define finance and investment terms (index fund, IRA, 401k...) but I think it would be really helpful for beginners (financial retards like myself) to have a blog that gives a brief description of the terms commonly used so that they can all be in one place (and maybe can be updated and expanded by readers)

More posting.

I know you have a table of contents and a list of introductory articles, but there are a ton of articles in there.  If you could put together a few primers (could address savings, investing, home buying, etc) that can be an introduction (or more) for newcomers, it would be helpful.  I could then point my friends to specific things on the site.

More personal finance, less personal stories.

Better indexing of articles, (make into specific sections)

accept ad revenue and use the money for charity.

1) Update more often. I come to read, and every time there's not an update I check back a little less often.  2) I know it's a stretch, but more Canadian content? Canadians seem to get the short end of the stick with currency exchange, interest rates, returns on GICs, etc. I would love some comments on strategies for Canadians to save money, or get better returns on investments (maybe opening American bank accounts?)  3) There is no three.

Write more. :)

Post case studies about how people changed their financial patterns and how that bettered them. Give more specific investment advice. Explain how you can live richly without much money.

That's hard to say I think you are doing a very good job.

It would be interesting to see more links and commentary.

Interviews with the sucessfull people you seem to know, not just the rich ones, but the ones who have achieved what they want.

Be more serious sometimes    Post more often

Give more links to sites for info.  Don't think everyone is old who reads your article.  Add pictures.

1. Less of articles such as this:  https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/archives/2006/07/i_bought_a_tie.html    2. Variety of content. Lately, its getting better, but for some time, it was getting repetitive, talking about the same things again and again.

More profanity.

Post more often.

1. for the love of god archive your site. I mean just a little. No need to have it scroll forever. Plus it is very easy to get lost. for instance, if I was reading something in the middle of your page and I have to close the browser, it will take me a good 6-8 minutes to find that spot again.     2. update more often. If you are going to be a blog-type-website, you should update everyday.    3. Add a few contributer that your trust to help you keep the site fresh and updated often. These do not have to be specifically financial types, but maybe people / friends you know that own business, or written a book, or was once in debt but now has millions, or other teachers and the like.

Business Stretegies  Quick Tip of the day 

juggling monkeys    edible legos    i like it as is.

Post more often-- your insights are great, I just wish there were more of them.  Other than that, I'm pretty happy. 

Nothing at this point.

I tried hard to think of some things, but you've already given me alot of great useful information.  Just keep up the good work, and thanks.

more frequent articles  something about loans and the pshyche behind loans

Answer / provide solutions for real life scenarios.

Continue with more hard-hitting posts like the two I mentioned above.  Granted, I just recently subscribed to your RSS feed, so I may have missed some amazing posts earlier.

1. How can low income people invest? (only have about $1,000 - $1,500 to invest, not enough for most index funds)  2. More Makeover articles!  3. How to invest while still in College.

Finish your series ...

1. Don't assume that it's only young people who are reading. Why limit yourself? Even if you are targeting a younger demographic, it doesn't make any sense to disregard a whole other segment of the population that finds you useful.  2. A little less condescension toward your readers.  3. Relax a little.

I signed up for the newsletter almost as soon as you began on Yahoo, and yet TODAY, Aug, 7, was the first time I received any communication from you to my inbox.

- More articles on personal finance and investing.  - Less articles on why its important to invest now. I think you've written too many already.   - Not everyone who reads your blog is right out of college or ~23-24 years of age. A lot of your posts are (

1. Get more technical, focusing on wealth building and frugality.    2. Maybe talk some taxes, how to read a good car loan vs. a bad car loan, what type of investments young people should make: condo, houses, REITs, stock market,   3. Challenge me

1. more stories about what other people our age are doing with investing, saving, etc    2. post videos of your talks, including Q&A sessions    3. continue to feature guest authors on a variety of subjects

can't think of anything.

Its pretty much perfect to be honest!

Perhaps posting on a schedule? I know you are busy and have a lot of things to do but sometimes I am just itching for an update. In terms of content...I like the stock discussions. I am still petrified of losing my money. I was 'good' and rolled my old 401k over into an IRA account at Scottrade but I have yet to invest it, which might be just as stupid as if I had cashed it out. I guess I want someone to tell me what funds or stocks to pick or at least point me down a path so I can make a decision. 

You can not possibly teach us everything.  Commenting on or giving links to other great articles or blogs is always good.

More posts (can't have too much of a good thing, can we).   Postings on making wise, everyday transactions. Like the one on purchasing a new or used car.  Increase coverage on asymmetrical information.

nothing yet, I'm a new reader.

1 - Tell me how to make my RSS reader get your whole post, instead of the first 2 lines (or change your posts so that works).      2 - More anecdotal conversations you've had.    3 - Umm, change your banner color sometime? (i.e. I don't know)

Daily updates, give concrete tips on how to better manage money, and the shorter the better

Some postings don't really make a whole lot of sense around the concept of 'I will teach you to be rich'.

1.  You've done a very concrete 'how to' on finances.  Something similar on starting your own company/being an entrepreneur would be cool - how to find capital, how to advertise, how to get your own website, legal issues, etc.

Having more links to other good web sites.  Introducing other good weblogs.

Perhaps some named resources or strategies for further advice.    Like, who would you recommend for a realtor or mortgage broker and why? (If you don't know anyone, who would you ask for a referral?)  What's the difference between Vanguard and Fidelity for investments?   When and how might a person engage a financial planner?    CYA by saying this is just your perception, experience and not a solicitation. Also say if you have a current interest or connection.    Put financial considerations in the context of a 'whole life.' We don't do anything that is disconnected from anything else, and there are almost always trade-offs to be considered.

1. Guest writers  2. More series(es) (and stick to the series with a regular update.  'Monday Money Management', or similar, for a month would be nice.  I think you tend to get distracted from longer series and would do well to keep a structure.)  3. Your name rubs my wife the wrong way.  Sorry, I mean the name of your site.  I'm not sure she reads it, and if she doesn't it is because of the name.  Is your name targetting the frat-boys and excluding the smart-girls?  Could be, but maybe not.  It's probably a little late on that train, though.

1. Maybe have people submit articles to fill in when you're busy?  This way you could have more content, but keep control by screening them (maybe only have approved writers but you still screen the articles to cut down on the 4 billion article submission problem).  2. Brainstorm idea posts, such as can we make cars run off lightning (or whatever related to personal finance) and maybe the ensuing discussion could turn up something interesting? 3. Some ideas about nontraditional networking would be great (I don't think most people like going to those business card orgy type of networking events, it's too phony).  My firm plays basketball with a local bank every so often so we can meet bankers and they meet CPAs, stuff like that.     

Post more frequently (while maintaining quality!).

1. Not put everything on your main page.    And... that's it, lol.

i18n, not all of your readers live in the US, so most of the concrete recommendations are not available for us

1)More tips for students  Can't think of more...

I really don't know. I like series that tackle compext money issues. I am already money savy about the basics. I need something between Suze Orman level advice and day trading.

Make the table of contents easier to navigate.  I want to see something concise with no repeated links to articles.    I guess I don't know how you feel about endorsements, but I know I sometimes find products that I think are really great, and want to share them with my friends.  So you could do something like that in it's own section.  For me, I love to tell my friends to join Citibank because of all the great perks of banking with them.  (I don't work for them either!)  But, their e-savings account gives 5% right now, and everything is easy with them.  They have the Thank You network, where you can get a no-restriction free flight on any airline for 25,000 points.  And I get 600 points a month, just for having a checking account, debit card, savings, cd, having bounce protection, and using online billpay.  I need almost all of that stuff anyway.  It's like free money.  And their cashback and premierpass credit cards are awesome too.    Maybe give more advice on when to SELL stocks.  I recently got into buying stocks, and the ones I chose did awesome, but I didn't know when to sell.  Then they plummetted and I'm in the hole.  It's a case of being too greedy.  I thought they might keep going up forever...

- Give new ideas on how to get rich instead of just the basic stuff about giving up starbucks cofee or investing in your company's 401K.    - Target your content towards post-graduate students and working professionals.    - Post articles for advanced use

1. Lose some of the holier than thou attitude  2. Be aware that no all of your readers are undergrads  3. Keep poking at us to follow the basics. We all get off the treadmill once and a while and your feed used to be a good way to pick up and start again.

more international advice, more property investment information, analysis of tax breaks for different countries.

Not much.

Maybe better indexing by subject? I'm not a big fan of the table of contents, but that's about it.

More regular newsletters?

Post a little more frequently (not spammily, but perhaps 1.5 times as often?)    Give more internationally-appropriate advice -- many finance blogs are extremely US-centric.    I have no #3.

more posts. 

May be you can refine/summarize previous posts, add on to them new ideas and post again. Besides that just keep on going. It was a nice read so far.

Have more features like the multi-post series on budgeting.  I like it when you make specific recommendations of specific companies/services/articles (e.g., credit card, savings account, etc.).  Keep doing what you're doing.

Post more often.

organize a bit better, some links are hard to read, perhaps mention something about saving/investing for a young family (if you've already done this, I just haven't read it yet).  I am 25 with a 3 month old baby, been married for a year, just bought a new car and have a been in our townhouse for about a year.

Continue the financial makeover series from earlier this year, perhaps post on a regular basis.  I can't really think of a third.

more info

well make one of the 'how often i read' the site options be newsletter. i only recently put it on my rss, for awhile its just been newsletter style.  okay, more important things...i dont know, case studies? who doesn't love personal stories.   im not sure what else. laugh track?

don't know

post more  more financial stuff  less irrelevant stuff (I bought a tie)

* Focused content  * Regular posting  * Regular newsletters

I am truly sorry, but unknown. I know you want to be better, but you are better all the time.

Geez, three?  How about one?  Maybe (and I'm guilty of this too) post more often?

Just started reading, so i think it's great.

more posts about building equity in terms of housebuying, or investing in shares?

Format it differently for widescreen monitors - very minor and unimportant.

Post more content.  That's why I came here!

1.More articles  2. More links  3. Realistic make it rich possibilities

will let you know

Just keep writing.

Can't think of 3, but maybe organize old posts better, into some sort of archive.

Maybe. . . .     - Guest writers?   - More posts?  - Investment tips on specific mutual funds? Portfolio examples from anonymous people (of course).

    More how-to guides, actionable suggestions, and tactical strateges for building wealth.  Add MP3 or video of your lectures - Pod cast?  Make the post applicable to everyone, it seems like you are speaking to early 20 year olds fresh out of college.  You are definitely pointing them in the right direction, but don't exclude the rest of the readers. I will keep coming back for advise that makes sense, and for posts that help me continually fine-tune my finances. 

Don't be in your own world. Reach out to fellow bloggers.

1) Keep going in the direction it is going  2) Perhaps branch out to us older folk who just turned 30 and are starting to freak out!  3) Don't be so adamant about promoting using credit cards. I think Americans need to use credit less. It seems like everyone believes that you need credit cards to buy anything big, yet all my life my family and I have never owned one credit card, and chosen to pay cash for large items (houses, cars, etc.) - and never had a problem doing it that way. People tell me 'yeah, but you have no credit.' but that has never gotten in my way. Cash talks.

Some visual changes, maybe make the text a little bigger and spaced ouot more. Some times long paragraphs are hard to read. I dont want to use custom styles.

Don't forget us 30-something... :-)

Finishing your personal finance makeover series would be great.  More frequent articles, please! 

Can't think of anything

Update more often? 

more organized website  weekly newsletters 

More frequent or consistent posts. You're kind of inconsistent. I'd like to know I can count on you for a post every day, every other day, every third day, twice a week, whatever.    More practical advice. I'm older than your target audience, but I'm still learning, especially about investing and money management.    You're big on being an entrepreneur. It's something I'd like to do, but I haven't really figured out how to pull it off. You've dabbled in this a bit. More step-by-step advice would be useful to me. 

Lately, there have been a lot of articles that seemed off-topic to the original theme that I got to know.  To be honest, I'm not concerned with hearing how to be safe - yes, I agree, it's a nice way to go, but I've heard it.  I'm more interested in stories something a little different.  To be honest, I've been debating whether or not to remove this from my RSS, but some recent posts seemed to be improving.  I liked the do it while you're young stories.

have more frequent articles

not sure yet

Don't assume that all of your readers have college degrees from prestigous schools or degrees period.

This question is always a tough one. If I know the answer, i would be doing it myself, don't you think? he he he..    joke aside, I appreciate your effort.

Well, i know this is against your stated intent, but if you could broaden your age target to include mid-career people (i.e. age 30-40) then I'd have more to read here.

I'm not sure.  Maybe you could podcast and make movies, you could also draw pictures and post them.    (Kidding, or maybe not.)

1. More practical tips on a daily basis.  2. Interview others that are also good with money.  3. Read what others have written about money and boil it down into something actionable.

more comparative stuff for people new to economics and finances

Some articles are a little bit hokey (due to the feel-good aspect) so I would ease off a bit on too much of the feel-good stuff.  Just my personal opinion.  I would also de-emphasize the 'rich' part and focus on what people really want which is to be financially independent.  Being 'rich' is over the top and pretty cliche-ish.  Again, my personal opinion.

Can't think of any, like it the way it is now. But more insights into personal finance for old people like me (29 ain't that old yeah?).


more content. heh. and comics. heh.

I don't know! It's pretty good as is.

Keep writing =) 


more consistent updates, like on a schedule  more illustrative anecdotes  put less posts on the main page. it takes forever to load!

post some of your readers stories, meaning a reader can submit an article or a post and you review, if you like it .. you post it !! :P

1. post more!  2. i liked the makeover series-- concrete steps we could do and see results with.  could you re-start that up again?

make me rich  give me money  send me cash

With all financial publishings, it gets hard to make fresh content out of 'save early, save often' and 'invest in index funds.'  Maybe something like Today in Finance, or some criticism of 'popular' finance advice.

1.  Better graphics.  Needs more contrast.  The lime green, gray, and yellow color scheme look washed out. Your intended audience will perceive your message--which is a hard sell to begin with-- to be as boring as your graphics.  Check out Tom Peter's blog.  Not the layout of his blog so much  as the layout of his many Powerpoint presentations as examples of what I am talking about.  They are awesome.     2.  More input from women, and presentation of your ideas from the female point of view.  Possibly, you could have a female guest blogger fill in while you are traveling.  Granted, it is still a man's world, but women control most of the buying power, and men have been conditioned to think that a concept is not well-rounded without feminine input. Look at how persuasively ksblog presents her ideas, and tell me you do feel this conditioning yourself.    3.  Well, I only have the two suggestions.

*Daily posts  *Searching capability?  *More pleasing formatting (see lifehacker.com)

make it even easier to understand; may be include some pictures or graphs than writing so many words.

1) More posts  2) More on enterpreneurship  3) More on specific skills, if you can.

More stuff on how to actually be rich.

Now that you've got me investing, make me a better investor. Tell me how to read the environment and pick the right stocks and investment options. Not necessarily investment advice, because I've heard you state in the past that you don't want to get into that, but take your back-to-basics no bullshit approach and explain how to make good investment decisions. (e.g. China and India are booming, now would be a good time to dump some small cap stocks in favor of an international fund with holdings in those areas)    Leverage your relationships with other smart, savvy, young finance bloggers to have them post.     You advocate entrepreneurship; tell us how to start a business. What should we be thinking about, where do we get start up money, what are some bone head mistakes that will kill a company, etc.    What are some oher good resources? Books, magazines, etc that fit the IWTYTBR.com mold?

Increase Frequency:  I know there is only so much you can talk about money.  Maybe some more outside-the-box features?  I always enjoy those.  However, after subscribing and ready every single entry in the archive...I was all set to load up on financial advice in the future.  I don't want to say I've been let down, but the frequency of worthwhile content has been a little sparse.    Scenario-based advice:  I find that a lot of your advice is good for generally attacking your finances, but what about people with specific/unique situations?  Maybe, once a month, ask a reader to submit their current financial situation and offer up a personalized way/solution to increase ROI, get out of credit card debt, plan for the future, etc, etc.    More Ramit:  Instead of making small posts apologizing for an absence from that blog, take the time to give the world an update to what you've been doing.  I realize lots of business dealings are sensetive information but lots of people, myself included, would love to hear Ramit's latest and greatest conquests or involvements from time to time.

hmmm...  no really how can i be rich?  And when!!

1. Maybe some specific articles about paying off student loans.  For example, i have one loan that's veriable at 7 percent. About 5k left to pay off.  Should I maybe consider paying it off with a low apr credit card?    2. Book reviews of good finance books where we can learn more.    3. cant think of anything else right now =)

More posts.  More outside commentators. 

I like the personal finance stuff.  You went into being smart with credit cards.  With buying a car.    It'd be cool to just see some analysis or thoguht put into some other different financial decisions that RCG's face.

I haven't been reading long enough to find anything particulary wrong.

less quotes of other people  i dont particularly care for the recent posting of whats easier now than later posts from other people... basically i read your blog for your voice/content, not someone else's.

1. Write more often!  2. Keep writing often!

Dont assume that everyone is on the same path. IE - Graduating college and now working a regular 9-5 job. While your advice applies regardless - your articles are obviously biased to this. Many young people are attending graduate school, running businesses full time, or what have you.

send me opinion, professional advise, skills in trading

to learn, to learn, to learn

I have no idea.  Just keep it up.  I'm learning a lot, but I realize the actual getting rich part is up to me.  The teacher can't do it for you.

Think its pretty good as it is now.  Just keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep reading

Be more consistent about the teaching part. Or maybe review what you've already 'taught' instead of everyone having to go back and read each one of your posts to catch up. Don't put so many links in your posts that one loses where it started.

a few links to other articles, etc might be good

more advice and how-tos, less of the 'start now, you're young, here's why it's a good idea to start now!'  i get it.      specifically, a how-to on how to set financial goals, and how to accomplish them.  



regular postings. finishing the makeover series. lectures in LA

Hard to say.   Offer workshops?  Talk more about ethical investing and business?

Nothing comes to mind, other than the fact that I often don't feel your post apply to me.

can't think of anything

Free cash prizes

More practical articles about getting rich; hot tips, ie good credit cards, places to get loans, etc.

1). More investments advice.  2). More career advice.

I kinda like it the way it is. sorry.

I've only been reading your site for a week or so. I'm still thinking.    Could you put up some more case studies of people you've helped with their finances?

Haven't been here too long, so I am not sure of what is all offered.

organization could definitely be improved. when i visit the website many times i need to double check if what i am reading is the main article or the comments?

Update more frequently.    Include more hands-on information and advice as opposed to just ideas and theories for financial management or life in general.    Make your information more globally-orientated. Obviously you're from the US and you're based there so that's what you write about but as your blog is read the world over you should include more information and advice that is applicable no matter where you live.

1. Let's see your bookmarks (delicious feed or whatnot)  2. Podcasting (your write about your talks, let's here them)  3. I don't have a 3rd

Less dogmatic/belligerence tone. More informative.

in addition to articles, please post more links to other stuff you find interesting on the web. I like the 'links' section of the Newsletter...why don't you put stuff like that in your posts as well?

more mockery please

1.  Offer more personal examples, even if you have to make them up.  When there's a story involved, it makes the subject of personal finance easier for me to understand.    2.  Offer a Q&A column?    3.  Keep up with the sarcasm.


add content more frequently

post more often. 

Run more scenarios...for example if you have 1000 dollars right now, 'this is what I would do'....

Its good the way it is

Keep the blogs coming.  I understand you are busy and this is free, so I can't complain.  But I like your writing style.    Keep making it real and personal.    Possibly have some close friends of yours write something?  Get an outside perspective.  Maybe a collaboration of you and your friends writing their perspective?

I am now moving into the 'making my own business' mode of life.  It would be nice to see more articles on true start ups and what it takes to get a business off the ground.  You always hear about the wild mega buck stories.  It would be nice to hear about how people started a business that grew into an imcome where they were able to quit their job

I can only think of one thing -> More frequent updates.

maybe more numbers


More frequent updates

1.  Give yourself a dose of reality.  The problem with the blog as i see is that it is founded on two contradictory principles:  that being rich is a possibility for everyone; and that it is never attained in the present.  In this sense, your blog is the child of 'Iwillteachyoutoactrich' and 'Iwillteachyoutomakewisedecisions'    2.  Lose the focus on your peers.  One of the reasons I don't read the blog so often is that I just can't relate.  To kids in their early 20's.  In fact, I believe that no one but other people in their early 20's really can.    3.  Scale your advice to different categories of investors and investing strategies.  I think you are not going to get anywhere if you just tell people to invest into equities or mutual funds.  Explore a variety of ways to make it big.    Do a documentary that compiles a lot of young people who are rich and draw conclusions from that.

- Offer investing ideas  - Offer ideas on how to save money  - Compare Insurances - how much do people need  - Talk about life insurance  - Talk about college education (529 plans)

realize that some people (like me) are in college, they have bills and it is literally impossible to invest.


More organized - I hate scrolling down the long list of blogs at your Table of Contents.  Give us an option to click through different levels (allow us to 'drill down.')  E.g., give a page of links to the the different topics so that when we click on the topic, we come to a page with just the blogs for that topic.  Same for the table of contents by month.

Just keep on doing it and everything will be ok.

not sure yet.

1. I enjoy your examples, such as the barrier of saran wrap over delicious homemade Indian food.  More of these!  2. Post these survey results, plus more surveys in the future. We also like to know who reads IWillTeachYouToBeRich!  3. More personal entrepreneurship articles


Can't think of anything right now...


I love your articles (or the articles that you link to) which approach life and finances from a lateral point of view.  More of these would be great.  i.e. blogs with ads, story about herrings, or anything where you incorporate social psych principles (I am currently undertaking a graduate psych course so I am always stoked to see psych principles in everyday use!).    Less ranting about people who piss you off.  I appreciate that some people may frustrate you with their approach to life etc. but deciding that this or that group of people are all dickheads only breads prejudice and narrowmindedness. Even if you don't believe it, it can still breed hatred in others.    can't think of a third right now. sorry.

Write more often? I'm not complaining, I'm just  impressed enough to wish there was more...

I like the catagories on the side. they create a logical reaading pattern for what i am intressted in.     I really got into the 2006 guide to sortign out finances.  I think more like that.  Steps help.    Also i like the stories about attitudes about money. The girl with the high earnign job who was broke because she picked up the tab everytime her friends went to dinner. My wife and i are very concientious of not sticking people with the bill.   But others arent. a few months ago i was at a bday party and ordered a two side dishes and paid $40 cuz some people who i didnt know left the bill. But this is part of life.

Post more often. (of course)  Savings tips.  Getting out of and staying out of debt tips?

1- keep it 'practical'  2- tell stories as examples  3- do both of the ones above

1. send more emails highlighting the more important articles 2.

1. More frequent updates.  2. More specific advice, instead of links to other articles.  Your insight is what drives the traffic to your site.  3. More frequent updates.

more macro-economical/global imbalance analysis

[1]Have more tangible and more no of posts  [2]Share some intricacies of selecting investment options which one ignores becuase of the way in which they are mareketed  [3]Start some interactive stuff in the blog and involve the readers

Dunno thats up to you not me

This is the first thing... ASK questions of your readers.    The other two things will come from that one.

blog design, that's all

Question 1 should not assume if you're pre 27 you've been involved in further education.

1. Not have the whole thing scroll for a year!  2. Address special circumstances. You claim all these things like every kid your age is from a similar background. I've been on my own since 16, for example, and have several bills, a car loan, etc. Not every 21 year old is financially free.  3. Try and tackle some more horrible money-making ideas. I loved the frat-businesses that fail. Do something in a similar fashion, but maybe a little more outlandish (online poker, selling info through ebay, online advertising revenue, and the like).

Post a little bit more often, please! Even if it's a rant :) And include links to definitions of things like 401K or whatever (just as and when you mention them) - if I know what they are, I can usually work out what the Australian equivalent is for myself.

Talk more about your own business life experience. Give more example, please.

Sorry, Ramesh, I drew a blank on this one.

Make all the website available through RSS and keep it constantly working.  More regular guides/series of useful information over six or so parts.  Keep writing.


1. College Loans - I've had an internship and have had money since age sixteen, but college seems to eat a big piece of that. Is it better to pay off part of the loans right away, open a cd, or what?  2. Book Reviews - My biggest expense is on books. I probably buy 15 new books a month and would love to buy some that provide financial advice...actually last night I just bought 'A random walk down wallstreet' and am looking for more along those lines.  3. I feel like I need some specific advice. I only work internships in the summer and make about 5k each summer. I currently have about 8k in the bank saved up. I don't want to open my roth IRA yet, but what should I do? Do you have advice on how to get started investing...should I even bother investing in index funds at this point in the game with college loans around the corner? Anything along that line in articles would be nice. (I still have four years of college left, and between myself and my parents we already have 12k in student loans...)

 I would just recommend have your points to be made in each blog bulleted at the beginning. But maybe it works against your purpose of a blog??

Give me free money  Give me free money  Give me free money    did it work?

Less sequel posts, more real content :)

generally happy for the moment.

more practical examples of ways to save money. For example, if you happen to hear about an easy and cheap way to repair something that most people would normally replace when broken, that'd be great.  more posts about what to do with your money once you're out of debt, and you've been saving money for a few months/years. The choice between investing your savings or spending them on one large purchase.

more frequent updates  Less wordy articles  More personal business articles

More investing stuff, more complex concepts (maybe derivatives?)

More articles! (maybe I am being greedy) 

Keep making more posts on a variety of topics  Maybe organize them a little better

1) Change the title, as I guess the blog/author have matured enough to address the wider audience including the youth segment. Reading the contents makes me realise that its more about saving, being wise and good, and only very little on teachings about becoming rich. So for these reasons also change the title, it would attract more.  2) The main page can have only the last 5-10 posts instead of many. It takes time to load.   

1)If you could write a more about stuff that isn't so USA specific, it would be great.    2)The problem with reading RSS feeds is that I don't get to read the comments. Perhaps, if you could update your articles after a week of publishing them, and add the good comments and replies to the article body. Just a thought.

Increase in the frequency of posts

Don't know yet


More photos and illustrations.     Nah, wait -- I just put that because people are generally lazy. Personally, I'd rather read. Ok, so skip illustrations and just keep writing.     I've been looking it over and I can't think of a thing. That's not helpful. Sorry.   

- Keep fewer stories on the home page. Last time I checked, the document was ~700KB, enough to make my browser chocke sometimes while scrolling.

1. Provide updates on a more regular basis, like 4 times a week on specific days and times.    2. Provide alternative ideas and then debate/refute them more often.    3. Always keep posts short and simple and focussed (and you're pretty good about this already).

get me rich

answer readers' questions periodically - like have a few posts a month (or a week) where you would answer some questions that have been emailed to you... I would love to apply the knowledge you share to my life, however, sometimes I run into some roadblocks and being able to get some advice once in a while would be very valuable. Also, I know that other readers would find this very helpful too, because I often see my own questions asked.

Write more about negotiating.    Make fun of idiots more often.    ?

More frequent updates  More about entrepreneurship  More variety of topics 

Hold back on rants about how stupid people are or how incredulous you are that someone might not immediately grasp a concept that seems obvious to you.  It's ok to poke fun, and constructive criticism is great, but you need to work to find a balance.  There's a big difference between satire and ridicule.

Post more often!  How often do you hear that one?  Maybe occasional guest bloggers or a cache of quotes similar to the current series to post when you're too busy.

I like it like it is.  A well designed blog with hq content

1. Thomas Pink ties?  Come on, dude.  Should we really care?  2. Explain a little more about what you do.  We know you have clients and we know you're an entrepreneur, but what business are you in?  Maybe I missed that post.  3. Bueller?.... Bueller?...

Full content in RSS Feeds

hOW TO MAKE A SELL.  How to market a product  How too get clients to buy in to what your doing.

Tell us which stocks to buy....    Just kidding.    1)Not only focus on financial advice. This may be out of scope for your site, but maybe include articles which focus on the productive ways to be 'rich' in life (i.e. not just monetary rich). It seems like there is only so much to do with financial advice.    2)Highlight those who have 'made it' to riches. Lessons they've learned, advice, ect. You can learn

1. More frequent posts (a few times a week)  2. Less me-and-my-friends

I don't think I can think of three things necessarily.  The big on is more regularity to the posting.  Not daily or anything, but a decent (a vague metric I know) sized post every week would be great.

More information on how to work the financial systems to my advantage.  Suggest more websites or books to help me.  Tip on negotiating for good rates and terms. 

Update more.    Write more about determining what to do with life.

I'm not sure.  I'm new to financial stuff.  Maybe more elementary information, I'm not sure.

Your blog posts that relate personal finance to a life anecdote are usually pretty good.

(Note: I found question 4 in this survey a bit confusing.  I read your blog by RSS, and although I check my aggregator nearly every weekday, I only read your content when posted.)

do an interview w/other people who are rich(success stories) 

I think it's pretty good as is. Of course more posting is always good...unless you post cat pictures.

Not sure yet, just started reading

I know it sucks to write it (both time and effort), but it would be good to see the in-depth articles reviewing the important investing stuff.    More long term retirement investing.  More ways to save money on common daily things.  More short-term investment options.

I can't think of anything.

1. Post more often - your blog seems to come and go sometimes, I would enjoy it much more if when you traveled or were busy just put some links back to older posts that you think are important enough to be reviewed every once in awhile.    2. Savings/Retirement Information - I haven't really seen all that information about saving for retirement. I personally already have an IRA and wouldn't mind hearing if there is more that I should do to prepare for retirement at my age. Or rather what some general ideas to prepare for retirement at each age group (20 - 24, 25 - 29, 30 - 39, 40 - 49, etc.).    3. Budgeting - This is my personally worse aspect of my financial planning, I would appreciate tips on budgeting. From discussions with my friends this seems to be where most of them have issues with to.

I think the Table of Contents should be more clearly laid out. As a first-time reader, it was a bit bewildering looking at all the articles. If they could be put in order of importance or in a non-chronological sequence, I think it would be easier to read.

One Thing:   I really enjoy your articles on personal entrepreneurship and other anecdotes.  However, I don't like articles about credit cards, interest rates, investing, etc.  I find the information boring and duplicated at many other sites (not saying these ideas shouldn't be adhered to).

Hmmm.....  Can't think of anything at the moment

My initial thought was more frequent posting, but I think infrequent quality posts are better than frequent fluff posts.    I really enjoy the posts where you discuss questions that friends approach you with. I find those the most informative so more posts of that nature would be great.   

Just one thing: offer more advice for those of us who didn't take our finances seriously when we were in our twenties. How do we catch up?

*I'd like to know more about your highs and lows and how you handle bad situations.  *Also other things like your personal productivity boosters.  

Well, it seems like you're busy, so 'write more!' doesn't really seem fair. And you're based in CA, yes? So 'come to the East Coast for your talks' probably isn't practical, either...

1.  Add humility.  Go a little lighter on nose-in-the-air haughty rants.  There are often legitimate reasons for very diverse financial decisions, even those that go against the principles you teach.  2.  Add more stories.  You do this sometimes, but I think more often would be better.  Anecdotes and examples often help solidify complex principles.  Remember, if it was as simple for me (a reader) as it was for you (a blogger), I would be blogging about it too.

More postings.

I try to check your blog 2-3 times a week so more frequent updates would be great.

put up something new every day.

I like it pretty much how it is. I've had trouble searching for specific articles before, but nothing that took longer than an extra 5 min.

I think it's just fine as it is...

- make it available for a wider audience. I am not a recent grad, sometimes the tone makes it hard to relate to the articles. (maybe guest bloggers for, I can't believe I am saying this, for the older people? 30 yrs old!)

Keep reaching out to younger readers to get them on board. Reinforce capitalist ideals and principles that seem to no longer be taught in schools.

Update more, increase variety of topics and more guest interviews/questions

just keep it up

Can't think of anything specific.

More articles (volume increased)  Series articles  More humor

1) Age yourself.  Get off my lawn.  (some advice is good for older people, too)  2) More frequent newsletter updates  3) That's it.

just keep it on

I like it when blogs have a daily or weekly 'linkfest' to other blog postings they liked.  The weekly carnivals do take care of this, but it's nice to see what the 'experts' are reading.

Maybe add links to other blogs on this theme that you think are good (if you know of any.)

Frequency of posts, but for a one man operation this is just right.

It seems geared to a young crowd. It's still good information though. Maybe you could expand it and offer tips/sections for different age groups.

Tough to say, I will think of something and maybe answer this again. Biggest thing you do right is that you are reachable; I think you have emailed me back with support within 30 min of emailing you. This takes up your time and energy, and you get nothing, well nothing that appears instantly like a check in the mail. I know I am not alone when I say, if I ever have any way of helping YOU out, I would do it at the drop of a hat.

I think more recurring features would be nice, like posting a Q&A with a reader every Tuesday.

Too new to provide good feedback here!

More Updates/Age specific information

More updates on the ongoing articles like the 2006 makeover series which is what got me to your site in the first place

Nothing comes to mind.

Tell specifically what criteria you use to pick stocks and give an example.    More examples.

That's for you to figure out!

You could reorganize your Table of Contents - I like the theme category, but under that its done by date. I was looking for some info I remembered reading a few months ago on investing, but couldn't recall the title of the article, and had to wade through each entry.  It took about 10 minutes before I lost my patience.  If you could further categorize (ex: Investing:Retirement, Money Management, etc) that would help.  Or a basic search feature that allowed keyword searches in original posts or posts and comments.

Just started reading last week.

Nothing.  Love it.

(1)be more diversified and include content for your canadian friends :)    (2) give precise examples of your teaching  (3) interview other finance experts (david bach for example)

more posting. like, non-stop posting. I want 75-85 new articles a day. no, actually, i'm not sure you could improve anything, per say.

Links to the best places for financial information other than your site.        Hand out money

THREE! You're totally advice-greedy.     1. More long-form articles focusing on a specific financial item, such as your 401-K article. Perhaps something like this once a week--or at least done as a solid recurring feature?  2. Insta-chats. Open up a forum for quickie advice--say every Wednesday's at 12 for an hour. You answer questions on the fly or come back a week later, Car-Talk style. Rollin' with Ramit.  3. Guest articles or interviews (more long-form)

you rock... keep going.  it is beautifully written and easy to understand.

Not sure I have three things, but I would enjoy seeing some point/counter-point articles with opposing views.  I'm entirely sympathetic to the underlying philosophy of living within one's means and investing the difference, but things get tricky after this point.  Get a hard core realtor facing off with a stock broker on reas estate versus market funds.  Or, get a index fund person and an ETF person to debate which is the better investment.    Most sessions like that eventually end with perspective.  That sounds like something good to teach.

post more so i have things to look at when im at work :D

More posts but I know your busy.

Post more often? Joking! I can't think of a single thing you could do better, I enjoy all of the advice.

if everything weren't on one page. The front page is extremely long. Just display the latest 5 or 6 entries.

Larger font size    More concise    More headings/ catagories

More frequent updates  More financial talk like past posts  Basically more stories/tips on handling finances, investments, etc like in the past - the quality of this blog has degraded somewhat as new (infrequent) posts center mostly around the (SAVE NOW) theme

I dunno. I am pretty happy with it. maybe more articles (more often)

More on choosing stocks. What the statistics mean (PE ratio, things like that) in layman's terms or examples.

less 'pop-culture-ish'

perhaps you could establish a way for us to mark off what we have already read.. you have so many entries and its hard for a new reader to catch up

- Go back and delete all the 'What's Never Easier Than Now' posts. They read like something on a Hallmark card. Most importantly, they're out of kilter with the sardonic tone often presented in the blog and represent a violation of consistency.    - More


I can't think of one, off the top of my head.

i dont know at this point

actually make me rich.    i have no constructive feedback--i think it's great--keep it up.  but if i think of something i'll letcha know. thx for asking.


More tips and tricks on how to better invest, save and use money.

More posts?  I enjoy your style and really don't know what else to suggest.

umm...don't know yet.

1. Set up a regular update schedule.  2. ???  3. Profit!    (Okay, that was a joke.  But I really can't think of much to do to make this a better site.)

Update more frequently.  Sometimes your posts don't have a clear underlying thought in them - take much-frowned-upon 'I bought a tie', for example. People come here to hear you teach, but when there are no lessons to be learnt, it's just another blog.  Keep the newsletter alive. Even some links without any other text could do. I, for example, never surf the places you do, so the links you provide are always something fresh to me.

(a) Post more often  (b) Write about a greater range of topics  (c) Less preachy

I haven't been reading long enough to critique it.

More frequent posting would be nice. I can't say much else, as I am already doing pretty much everything you recommend.    One thing you could look into/post about is the whole recurring cost business. Things like phone service, cell phone, internet, etc. Basically do an analysis and give some perspective.

Examples  WHY is this imiportant for me to know (explanations)

User on the eye layout and font.  The light grey on white is not easy to read.    More blogs related to specific retirement funds.    Plain and simple...more frequent blogs would be great.

post more often  give more advice  amplify what other people say in response

Maybe some pictures would be nice :) The articles are good to read.

A spectrum depicting the degrees of risks and benefits a potential decision could have.

After thinking hard about this question, I still have no answer. I don't think you should change anything. Maybe continue with that 2006 financial makeover, though.

1.  Free Beer.  2.  ???  3.  Profit.

Content posted daily w/ email reminders 

more interviews of other bloggers or popular people like 'what's easier now'

I only recently started reading it.

Post more often (Once a day is perfect).  Post more personal philosophies that you always follow (such as the mutual funds).  Post mor epersonal stories about your life and lessons you have learned.    As an aside, I am currently in a kind of awkward position financially that I haven't been able to find any advice on. I am employed by a company that does not have 401(k) matching, and I make too much to start a Roth IRA. What investment strategy should I take?

don't ask to take surverys  give out $100 bills to guys who fill out the survey 

Make clear, when writing, when something is USA-centric. Luckily, most personal finance topics (budgeting, investing, etc.) are universally applicable. The author doesn't have to talk about other countries per se, but a little note would be nice.    A prime example is today's post on getting one's credit score. Although Experian also operates in Canada, the promotion linked to is US-only. (Note that the Experian website is guilty as well! They don't tell you this until you try to sign up. :-) )

* What would you do if you had $10,000 in your savings account? What other options - good & bad?  * Categorize investments and rank them by risk. Readers can evaluate based on their situation  * Putting aside teaching others how to get rich, what is your plan of action and your end goal in getting rich?

1. Crosspost your blog to additional forums, such as a community in livejournal (RSS feed).    2. Hold (more) contests.    3. Post more pictures of what's going on on your side of the computer.    Keep up the good work! I've linked you from my Google page.  http://madelinewright.googlepages.com

Stronger navigation on the top.

You should write what y

The sidebar loads slow for me sometimes. Not sure why.    Other than that, just keep consistently updating.

more regular updates, more useful information,

more concise.

I'll let you know if I think of anything.

i will   tell   later

Post more often, daily perhaps?  Post more content apropos to working folks.

Sometimes the article looks a little washed out and hard to read -- if you highlighted (bolded) phrases it might be easier to skim through, especially since some of your articles are long.

Use effective pictures and graph.

Nothing that i can think of since i'm fairly new to you site.

Add a 'donate' link somewhere; I'd donate $5.

less focus on youth lifestyle (sorry man..old guy with children here...though I do understand that is the main focus of the blog...so take that suggestion for what it is...ENVY!)    more exposure to business start up ideas       

I'm never good at this question (think end of semester surveys in college), but I do have one suggestion regarding your layout.    I realize you have a table of contents, but PLEASE archive your old posts!  The scrollbar on your site is ridiculous.  Encourage people to read your posts as often as you like--I enjoyed reading nearly all of them after stumbling upon your site--but having that many on the main page detracts from your site.  Being a computer programmer I know this would not be difficult, and I believe it is the one thing you can do that would improve your site tremendously.

Do more topics on credit cards, and which ones are best for whatever goal you are trying to achieve(ex.establishing credit, etc.). 

1) Give more how to advice.  2) Write more often.  3) Focus on simple tips -- don't just assume your readers have the same knowledge of personal finance that you do.

Firstly, 'You should practic what you  preach' or else you are listerners/readers will consider you average JOE rambling.    In your Blog topic ' It never gets easier than now' . You first line said 'Every time I hear someone say 'I'm too busy' to do something....'    Now in one of your other posts, when your reader critiiczed you for writing good articles you commeneted saying,'I am too busy'.    Secondly, write valuable articles and lame ones  for sake of writing.    Thirdly, in life to achieve anything the Key is PERSISTENCE. So apply it.

I think you're doing pretty well.

Provide links to your 'favorite' (or useful) websites that relate to the topics you cover.

more frequent blogging

I think that making the site capable of being organized in chronological order, or in a topically sorted order.  That, sadly is my top '3'.

more complete bibliographic references or biographic information from quoted individuals.     A list of what you read or have read. 

u r on right path...just stick to it

1) More charts!  2) Success stories! 

I'm a hardcore numbers guy and I don't know if most of your audience is ready for that, so I think it is fine for what it is.

too early for me to tell; just subscribed within past couple weeks

1) Watch the insults and attitude. Personality is great, but these things inevitably degrade my opinion of your judgment.     2) The structure and interface of the site could use some work. But then again, this is almost always an issue with blogs, in my experience. It's not bad--I'm just picky about this type of thing.    3) I would love fewer small, trivial posts and more longer, quality posts, even if less frequent.

1. I like the examples you give, so writing more will be better.  2.

More sure-fire investment advice ;)  More inside tricks and tips


Not sure. I really like most everything about it now.

have articles that are less wordy..it can be quite lengthy at times.

- the articles sometimes go on and on a bit, maybe I have a broken attentionspan, or because of the non-formatting (or little formatting) in the RSS feed, I loose interest. Chop up the paragraphs a bit?   - ehm... the info applies to just US, make it a bi

1. more frequent newsletters couldn't hurt  2. get a illteachyoutoberich myspace page  3. profit!!!

post more frequently!

I'm a new reader and I havnt explored enough of your blog yet but...    1. More about how you made career decisions at each step.  2. More posts like the recent string of 'What's easier now than later'.  3. More on entrepreneurship as opposed to financial advice.

The beginner tips could be more obvious. Especially for new readers.

keep the useful info coming

1-look and feel    2-More financial links, more calculators, etc.    3-more frequent posting

Nothing that I can think of. Well, post more articles to keep me occupied at work :)  Other than that, nothing.

Sorry, I have not been reading long enough to make an informed suggestion. I like the layout. I like the information.