What do you like about IWillTeachYouToBeRich?


Good advice. Very personal discussion of wealth and how wealth can help accomplish broader life goals. I like that your focus isn't always on accumulating money.

Sensible, no-nonsense financial info. Simple, too...doesn't go over my head, which several financial blogs do.

actionable, no-BS information

that you inject humor. that you don't always post what the other pfb's post since i look at others regulary too. in the last newsletter i looked at a lot of the links you had at the bottom and enjoyed them. you are reachable/approachable (email-wise, etc)

I like that your ideas are things a normal person can do on their own.

Financial recommendations. Since you think about financial matters more than me I trust your recommendations about finance more than others. For example - I don't care if I don't get the *best* interest rate as long as I'm in the top 10% - I am under the belief that your recommendations get me to the top 10%.

detailed information about the subject

good comments by readers.

Practical advice and insight into the target age group.

good advice, straightforward, practical stuff

I really like that it is Bay Area specific.

Great personal finance advice in plain English, but I also really like the entrepreneurial stuff (because like every CS college student/grad, who hasn't flirted with the idea of a startup?) Also, I like the witty prose.

Extremely informative, communicated in an interesting manner, geared toward my age group by someone in my age group.

Good info for college/just out of college age group

that you provide actual content and orignial thoughts, not a link to the latest cnn money article

the detailed advice. It's easy to say, go put your money into a savings account with high interest. You however, tell us which banks have the highest interest and that is a huge help. that little bit of advice saves hours of overwhelming searches on hte internet.

I like the information you give on your own personal financial 'process', and basic information on why you would choose one investment strategy over another. My wife and I have

well-written, practical usually, and isn't a simple rehash of everything under the sun nor is it 'hey, look at how much money i'm making this month' like some other money blgs.

I liked the information you had near the beginning of the blog such as information on stock selection, debt vs. equity, and retirement accounts. Keep up the great work.

its brusque plain-spokenness

The title, and the extremely useful articles for personal finance for a recent graduate

You're funny, you're real...you write well.

It is targeted near my own demographic and is fun and easy to understand.

real-life useful concrete finance tips for people my age

great articles, casual style, RAMIT

Good thought-provoking articles.

Writing style. I fit the target audience.

Its specific advice about personal finance and the writing style of the blog itself.

You're writing at my level. I'm not a finance person. My boyfriend starts talking about stock options and my brain blanks out. You give good, practical, useful tips and advice.

different POV

Writing style is fun, to the point, and content is insightful.

I trust Ramit's advice. Very sound

your positive attitude.

It keeps me focused on prudent money management.

I think I heard about it via bobvis.blogspot.com I like the reaffirmation of the reasoning that I usually already use. I like your comments about starting businesses and entreprenuership.

It's straight up - you hold no punches Good breadth of topics

Well written, simple, easy to follow advice for people my age. I can learn things that I probably wouldn't have learned anywhere else.

Financial advice, and the writing style in which it's presented. Variety of the topics is good, as well.

I love it how the blog motivates me to be better at what I'm trying to be. As a Bangladeshi guy just starting to look for a college to apply, somehow this blog helps me. I can't really tell yet, but it tells me you can do whatever you're trying to do, focus on creating value at whatever you're working on, and life's gonna be great. The blog claims it'll teach us to be rich. Guess that rich-ness isn't just about wealth.


Common sense financial advice. I like your series on getting control of your finances and investing. I also like when you challenge traditional financial advice, like the one that says you should always buy a used car.

I enjoy reading your solid advice, and you usually manage to come up with interesting topics that I don't see everywhere else. The 'What's Easier Now' series has been great.

I like your direct style of writing. Interesting, but no fluff. I like that you aren't afraid to take your readers to task for being lazy, procrastinating.


Personal finannce information, especially the older articles, were very good.

Good encouraging information.

explanation of topics in layman words.......easier to understand.....advise is practical so it can be acted upon in real life without too much hassle


Break things down simple

Friendly, of interest, not pushy, straightforward

It's more than just personal finance advice though that is done very well. I especially enjoy the philosophical and perspective-sharing articles, and the fact the site has gotten more big-picture while remaining relevant to day-to-day concerns.

Bullet style: - The simple motivations. I printed out the 'It's halfway through the year time to kick your ass' post and keep it on my desk at home under my bills and receipets so I surprise myself with it from time to time. - Letting people know that it doesn't matter what you do, just that you do something when it comes to investing. - The lack of overly confusing financial terms.

I value investing and saving as a fundament responsibility of the individual not the government, and for this reason I look for ways that I can accept more personal responsibility for my future. Being rich allows me to not rely on government.

Clear, concise and practical advice for personal financial strategies (if that is even a valid sentence). Very similar to Suzie Orman's stuff, however more day-to-day practical oriented (which is nice) and no attitude (which is even nicer).

Content is good quality, common language and useful tips.

Nice in your face realistic writing style. Good pep talks

I love how candid you are and the way you make your material so easy to read and understand.

I like the great financial advice that you give to people like me.

It is in a practical user friendly language. It applies to real world situations, considering most people my age do not have millions to invest at this point, but do need to start seriously laying the foundation for finacial security

I like the easy-to-understand advice. This site was my introduction to personal finance blogs and it's still my favorite in the genre.

Very practical

No-nonsense instructions/advice. Credit Cards post and retirement account post actually got me applying for a credit card and opening a Roth IRA account within the week.

I never knew it was available. Just received an email and will read it now.

Financial tips

-Boldness of the name. -The ambitiousness of the body of your writing. -The value of hearing from successful elders through your seredipitous run-ins... not serendipitous, though, of course, because you're attracting them by writing as you are -Intell

Clear, specific advice.

The fact that you will teach me to be rich. LOL

Pointing out the seemingly obvious that we all know, but don't put into practice. Also, you provide practical suggestions that can actually help a person with their finances.

Good information, not overly technical, very funny, surprising and true insights on behavior

It's really applicable for people in their mid-twenties, isn't pretentious (like a lot of investment newsletters/blogs), and doesn't assume everyone reading it makes $100,000 (or even $50,000) per year already. Has lots of small money-saving tips. It's also witty and more fun to read.

I really like the humorous tone and the simple, foundational advice. I didn't grow up with a family that knew anything about personal finance and I am really timid when it comes to this stuff (as in, I have opened a Roth IRA but I haven't made any trades yet!), so I do very well with Ramit's confidence and simplicity. You should do a financial bootcamp.

Great advice! I've learned a lot about things I'd have never known about. Since I come from a not-so-well-off family, I had no knowlege about 401K, stocks, etc.

- Excellent, sound, and sane financial advice - Entrepreneurial spirit - Practical, to the point information - Updated frequently - Focused on a good user experience not expanding the blogger's ego - There is nothing better than seeing a well execute

Blog actually aimed at people my age.

I like the clearly written posts that explain things. The IRA guide is a very good example of this.

1) practical advice that is good for any age 2) I like to share it with the young people that I mentor

Insightful, straight forward observations and advice.

Awesome commentary, well rounded discussions, nice insight.

good advice, delivered with wit and personal stories

The advice is straightfoward and non-nonsense, and it emphasizes taking action first and foremost.

- Some of the common sense stuff that usually we forget or haven't really observed - Openness

the name

The no-nonsense approach... The fact thay you speak to a younger audience that has little to no financial skills - i.e., the majority of young Americans!

I like how you make things easily accesible for us college age kids and provide some good motivation to get us making smart financial decisions.

Gave step by step advise to the 'new investor' right out of college. It is a lot easier getting advise from online then contacting a financial advisor, friend/family.

Practical advice, which I can use or pass on to those much younger, with different budgetary considerations.

straight forward, interesting topics, article flow

I really like that the advice is geared towards young people who have just finished college, but don't yet have the financial skills they need. I found this blog because I was searching for someplace to learn all these things that my parents never taught me about money (because their financial habits suck worse than mine). The day that I realized that my mother, at 49, makes over $100k a year but has virtually no retirement to speak of scared the crap out of me, and I decided that I was going to start learning how to better take care of my finances. I think that you really understand how ill-equipped young people are, generally, to deal with their finances, and this blog has helped me start to get a handle on my own financial health. I certainly feel like I'm more comfortable talking about money and explaining things like how credit card debt and interest rates work to my friends. All thanks to you! I also like that you address underlying attitudes, not just about money, but life in general. It's great to get this encouragement.

It's intelligently written without being patronizing for those of us who were not finance majors.

I really enjoy that someone my age is discussing financial and career matters in a way that informs and assists me.

The simplicity of the articles. They are easy to read thus easy for my friends to read.

very practical, similar to my own philosphy, but different enough to be enlightening

Finance articles are great. However, I get the most out of the general life articles, e.g. 'It Never Gets Easier Than Now.'

I think it was one through mindpetal or something like that.

Simple and realistic. Also, you connect being rich to more than money - it seems like it at least.

As a immigrant (in the USA for 3 years now) it showing me the tricks on how to invest your money in a somewhat save way.

I like the advice on personal finance and entrepreneurship in particular but wouldn't want you to avoid other topics, because another thing I like is that it's almost always interesting, though the topics range widely (like in the newsletter where you sometimes add links to cool pictures or whatever). I also like that I encounter other interesting sites or people through your site, like those who replied to the Easier Now Than Later series. I started reading Seth Godin's blog regularly about three months ago, and maybe that's because you mentioned him? Or if not, he's the kind of person you would mention, so the point is, mentioning the work and views of interesting people is another thing I like about IWillTeachYouToBeRich. I also like the name: IWillTeachYouToBeRich. Hard to type, but it's cool. Also I like the tone of the writing, you're funny and write well.

The financial insight.

- The page layout is very attractive and easy to read - New articles appear regularly - No-nonsense tone of writing - Ramit's come-hither stare on the sidebar - Nice big inset quotes - Articles have an eye to the practical

It's geared towards practical personal finance for the young set - students like me that are beyond the 'I should save money. I can do basic arithmetic' kiddie stuff, but who are focused more on the practicalities of paying for everyday life, and on *living* with financial intelligence, not just manipulating numbers - 'Should I take the cool job that teaches me a lot, or the boring but lucrative one?' instead of the 'I have $1,900,000 invested in various stocks... where should I put the other $100,000?' that most financial blogs and books are geared towards.

it's motivating

specifics. what online company do you feel is best to invest with for stocks, ira and why. for some reason, i just always feel so bogged down by fine print and I always feel like I'm missing something.

Direct, and focus on the bigger points of investing and saving

I enjoy the advice. The occasional humorous posts.

useful info - you seem cool also.

interesting, lots of good points

Everything, very insightful and smart articles. They speak to my values and personal opinions

The advice given is straight forward.

Down to earth, friendly easy to understand writing. I feel like I am reading a letter from a friend.

Truth, helpful info

just started reading!

I love the things you write about, I love the fact that you just graduated like me. You're in the same exact spot in life that I am in, and your writing is a lot more fun to read than msn money!

direct and applicable advice. it doesnt talk over your head and easy to relate.

Easy reading, yet powerful messages.

Brevity, and detail of posts, along with a graduate's humour. Cut-the-crap attitude.

Plain talk; short, sharp, succinct information. Personal anecdotes and application of knowledge.

Your direct manner lends credence to your advice, but you do not seem to have the 'kool aid' running through your blood like so many other gurus. I.e. I find Kiyosaki's books unreadable because his writing is so in love with his system that little room is left to conceive of alternatives.

I think everyone enjoys sound financial advice. And at 40, I'm a bit of a late bloomer in the world of finance/personal money management, so some of your advice is beneficial.

not sure yet

Down to earth advice, realism, motivation.

I like that it is geared towards younger people. I was the only 18 year old I knew who kept detailed records of all expenses and earnings. Now, two years later, I have only become more diligent. It is nice to see someone who also feels that this is a good thing, not a sure sign that I am out of touch with my age.

I enjoy the writings and advice from someone who is of a similar age and has just finished college. I find your posts to be intriguing and the discussions that follow very interesting. You have posted things that have really made me think and I appreciate that.

Good insightfult thoughts.

fun read

It's very human. Instead of feeling like a corporate agency, it feels like a real person is writing it.

The fact that you don't accept crappy reasons for not paying proper attention to personal finances. And the fact that you always seem on the edge of just losing it with stupid people, I like that part, too.


The large array of different topics

I like how laid back it is about giving you the information to change your outlook on life. Reminds me of my college internship where information was shared in a casual manner from people who have a lived a little and didn't mind sharing failure and success stories with you.

Logo, Philosophy on Barriers

Information with real strategies that are relevant to someone who is just starting out.

The unique content-you don't just talk about the same personal finance/entrpreneurship topics that every other blog does. You give a lot of examples and personal stories from your own life to demonstrate your points. It is definitely fun to read-not dry and boring like some blogs on the same topics. You also get me to think differently about things-I see a different perspective. Also, it is geared towards people my age (college-mid 20s)-I can identify with you more than a blogger who is 40 years old, married with kids, and who obviously has different finance concerns than I do.

There's not a whole lot of positive or practical thinking about the future going on around me. It's absolutely necessary for me to get as much as I can from the internet, books, etc. so that it rubs off.

The variety of the information.

Simple explanations.

Basic, solid financial advice for college-age people. It's good to continue to encourage young folks to follow time-tested investment advice and common-sense wisdom for managing money.

Good thorough practical advice...Helps me keep focused

1) Your voice 2) The community feel

I liked the topic on Real Estate

The content is directed at me (recent college graduate)

Most of the posts are about financial stuff that concern young people, not old people.

You take a very commonsense approach to teaching. I'm too old to use some of your ideas, but many of them are germane to both my own blogging and to the attitudes I need to teach my two children. I want them to have a better understanding of finances than I did leaving home.

The current series on what was easier earlier

personal finance is an important subject to cover for young people. you do a great job with the basics and do a great service for lots of readers.

no bullshit voice

Your blog is easy to read, and it doesn't go to far over my head.

Your explanations of economic concepts are simple, clear and direct.

The abundance of financial information

You're a funny guy.

Humor, practical advice, your personality in general

not sure yet

The good advice

The information presented on investing and the other insightful suggestions that you give beyond investing (your thoughts on doing things now).

First, you know what you're talking about, and second, you have a great no-bullshit way of explaining it. I'm a 46 year-old, recently separated, mother of three teens. No one ever taught me about money management. I learned in the trenches and my learning, I've discovered, has a long way to go. I read your article on talking to your parents about money, from my point of view as a parent, and it was right on the money. I sent the link to my 19 year-old son.

Your sense of humor !

no nonsense approach...you assume the reader is intelligent, but just needs a slight kick in the ass to get motivated about personal finance

Lots of information on personal finance, advice on what to do to organize your finances, trends and information on the economy and entrepreneurship that proves vital, interesting and informative.

Has practical recommendations that can be followed by anyone.

It's written for people like me, and I like the tone of the posts. It reads like one of my mates is giving me advice, versus being lectured by some seasoned vet.

well written articles.

The creative, spontaneous articles and the timely advice.

I like your attitude, and the subject, of course ;)

scope and variety of articles

I like getting some perspective from someone else concerned with personal finance who is in my age group and understands the issues that concern me as a young professional.

I liked the old articles.

Financial tips. Helps reinforce what I already know but should be doing.

The older articles.


Lots of easy to understand information about personal finance. I'm pretty well versed and in agreement with what you're writing about, but my girlfriend isn't, and I forward her links to some of your articles sometime when she has questions about stuff. You can phrase it better than I can.

Your writing style. Your get-up-and-go attitude.

The entrepreneurship and investment articles

funny and uber useful.

General information easy to understand for one who is young and new to this subject.

I don't rembember what blog I linked from, sorry.

Amusing and friendly writing style. Pitched at recent graduates, which is what I am. Talks about things relevent to me. Like starting to invest, pensions, personal development and productivity. Good implementation of viewer comments, they make for interesting reading. Your advice seems impartial and honest

The articles are funny and informative.

Its simple and raises fundamental questions. Its the yang of my blog reading. Its not ultra serious and I can choose to ignore some of it, but it nevertheless piques my interest since I like economics and finance, and I enjoy reading your blog.

Your writing is plain, simple (but not too much so) and to the point. I don't have to filter out much noise to hear what you are trying to say.

The subject matter is very appropriate to my position in life. The writing style is very easy to follow.

You write for the individuals that are smart enough to tie their shoes but haven't forked over $100K for an Economics degree. It's refreshing and honest and even when I (or others) disagree with you, you keep the atmosphere open enough that people can have that discussion to draw out more nuggets of wisdom through their disagreements.

You write very well.

I like that I'm the actual target audience. It's rare that money publications address specifically young adults. I think most people just have no clue when to start. Many of my friends, recent college graduates, believe that they can loaf around for a few years, and whatever income they make in the first few years is totally dispensible (you have fun when you're young, right?),that they don't need to invest... which is untrue.

I have only received this notice so far. Sorry can't be more helpful...maybe next survey.

I love the comprehensive and very informative articles - keep up the great work! Also I checked out your personal site and thought it was awesome. The two have such different tones... lol. One thing though, your AIM quotes are password protected, not sure if that was on purpose.

The irreverence, the do it now attitude, and the idea that anyone can achieve their goals if they are willing to take responsibility for their life.

seems to be pretty good advice

Your writing is intelligent and makes me laugh. I feel like I am learning something and having a good time.

I like that it pushes me to think about money fom a more sophistocated perspective, but at the same time, advocates simple meahods (save, invest, be aware).

You don't have a manipulative agenda. I don't feel exploited by reading your site. The information you present feels honest, the writing style is colloquial, you target college and post-college kids. You present information in a robust way. When I read an article about managed mutual funds on some finance site, I've just learned about managed mutual funds, but not about how they fit into the big picture of investments. You present information in its larger context. This is far more useful than any of the specific details, which I can search for and read about ad nausem on the internet.

Consice step by step instructions

The investment and financial advice, not so much the entrepreneurial stuff.

Investing Tips, how to invest while we are young to have enough money for families, retirement, etc.

Interesting perspective

A lot of things. I like how you write about things you feel strongly about. I like how the advice is 'real' and well-grounded. I like how you're always trying to actually tell us something, instead of 'writing about' topics.

the author ramit. his interesting views and ideas on how to save/make money.

The practical advice.

That you promote learning about finaces, how to make money, how to save money.

I like how you package your financial advice. You make it seem so easy to get started investing and you emphasize that getting started is the important part (especially for young people like me).

The getting started series, in particular. The writing, as well.

I love the tips and advice, and I love the humor with which said tips and advice are given. I like that it's written specifically for my demographic. I appreciate that simply going to it a few times a week keeps me mindful of my financial decisions. Kind of like a food journal for a dieter except way less boring and lame.

good tips. And I wanna be rich. :)

Conversational style, with advice that anyone can follow.

Sound advice, personality of presentation. Readily accessable.

the advice is usually simple, common sense and the posts aren't too long winded

Your energy, and how you encourage people to not just try to earn more money, but to make positive lifestyle changes so they can be happier.

entrepreneurial posts are gud.

I like your common sense approach. I like the idea that you don't have to be incredibly smart to get rich you just need to be smart enough to do the right things. I also like the philosophy that you don't have to go out of your way. Investing can be really common sense which is illustrated in your blog.

Down to earth commentaries and examples.

I like that it's from a voice similar to my own. I am a young professional as well.


'ignoring Frat Boy schemes' - that one was good.

I tend to agree with the buy and hold strategy. I like the conservative life that you advocate.

Interesting, thought provoking anecdotes are nice.

everyday, useful tips about money management

clear vision, harsh and bold ;) i like it

Real world stories

interesting reads and tips about life

Practical straightforward financial advice


Advice seems common sense most of the time, but it's also the helpful common sense stuff. Lots of extra goodies too like recommendations for specific programs, companies, spreadsheets, etc. The site seems to target my age group so I get a lot out of it.

Simple format and approach yet often have examples that are real to life and correct.

The specific financial advice.

You give some great insight into different issues

The table of contents is extremely helpful and organized! I like the profusion of interior links when you allude to topics that you have already covered.

focussed on young people and saving, no hype, somtimes funny

I feel like I'm being more responsible when I'm educating myself about financial stuff.

The no nonsense attitude about money. A lot of what you say are things that were obvious to me when I was just out of college, but I see some of my age-group struggling with finances now. I guess I was wise beyond my years. :-)

it is very inspirating!

Interesting articles

Funny articles.

the attitude. Basically the whole set of articles

I like an alternative viewpoint on savings and investing. One thing that my father has done from early on is show me the power of compounding. I have since picked it up from him, I've been funding my IRA since I was 13 with money I made from various jobs. We usually go back and forth on things like whether or not it's better to get a mortgage and invest the difference in the market (he has the amount of cash borrowed in liquid) while deriving the tax benefits of both vehicles. Anyway, it's fun because we typically each model different scenarios in spreadsheets and compare our findings. It helps me learn a little more, but where your site comes in is it causes me to invest more time in figuring out rules of thumb. For example, many people (my father and Suze Orman included) will say that you shouldn't have to pay an annual fee on a credit card. Well, some of your posts encouraged me to try and do a breakeven analysis on my own. It turns out I still don't do enough for a fee card to make sense, but at least I can plug in my models in the future. So, in short, I like the different perspectives on financial vehicles so that I can take them all in and decide what is best for me.

writing style and content

The straight forward advice, and your real-world writing style.

It's straightforward, nicely written, and isn't patronizing like much of the 'things you college grads should know about money' articles in newspapers.

practical life advice about finances for young people

Ramit keeps it real. Reading the practical advice would be boring if he did not have his sense of humor and pretend-angry attitude.

Practical information and positive can-do attitude

Ramit, I like the way you write, and the way you rant. I'm well versed finacially, and not much written educates me with new information - but I always appreciate reading about financial advice and plans from different persepctives - even if I already know the content - different spins on something give perspective. I also like your external links - have come across a few new things I read thanks to you.

Focus on recent graduate audience. Articles that do not assume you know anything about the topic at hand. Articles about life (i.e. things that were easier when you were younger). Your personal examples (i.e. what accounts you have open). The linking in current articles to your other relevant blog posts.

Simple and easy to follow advice. Very practical.

Inspirational posts


Sound and easy to read financial advice.

concrete articles with advice that specifically relates to the finances of young people readable/funny tone exhortations to just go for it; the idea that hard work on a given idea, and luck, is more important than having a perfect idea.

Well written and full of useful information.

Straight-forward, no-nonsense advice. That you seem to have your money where your mouth is. Lower update frequency, higher insight/post ratio.

I like the simple, plainspoken approach. The site demystifies the personal finance world, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to get your financial house in order -- both for the present and the future.

Straightforward, concrete advice. Entertaining.

You don't hold back in telling people what they're capable of -- even if it hurts them to hear it. I think the message gets through better that way.

It makes sense and makes me think about my personal situation.

I like the lengthier, informative articles that actually tell me how to do things. A big part of the problem is getting started, because there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. People always just say 'Do your research', but that's meaningless without a starting point so I know what I'm researching.

I consider myself well versed in personal finance and every now and again I find new information that I can use.

alot of great advice

Real Eastate stuff,,,Forecloseures,,,ECT.....

I like the concept behind it. Now and then a posting will really touch on an idea or question I am currently facing.

practical advice guilt-inducing tone :)

Ideas on how to make money

I like that you take a no-nonsense approach to the subject matter. I also like the budgeting/financial planning articles.

The one thing that struck me the most about the blog was the upfront nature of the material and the relevancy. Even though the blog is obviously targeted to younger indivuduals, the content really relates to a wider audience.

The general knowledge provided about personal financial issues

Directness of the writing, inspirational parts in the form of 'hey! this should be obvious!'

Written by a person of my age-group/demographic so its easy to relate to.

'down-to-Earth' way of explaining financial matters

Plain language. Humor. Actionable advice.

It's practical, honest, and written in plain English.

The down to Earth advice in a language and tone I can relate to.

Good ideas that keep me focused

Some very good content.

You're down to earth, and understand how to actually talk to people.

It's practical. Too much financial advice is very extreme in the 'You must do this' kind of way. I especially liked the 'Best Decision' post.

It is personal finance and personal business from a different perspective. You (usually aren't) afraid to try something new and different.

Good, practical content

To be honest, I don't recall any specific content on iwillteachyoutoberich; RSS kind of makes all the financial blogs I read seem like one great big blog.

nifty practical financial advice

good comments

Your no BS attitude toward personal finance and self-management

It's free, and I don't get the run arround about the information it's clear and strait forward.

It reinforces my belief of using clear rational decision making to maximize my capital (money and time) to maximize my wealth (monetary assets, knowledge, and personal satisfaction.)

Informative and interesting posts.

Covers personal finance, which is relevant to me. I don't want to say inspirational, but challenges me to stop being lazy, which I appreciate.

I'm in a complete black hole financially and this helps me feel that I can do something with my life financially instead of being in a pit forever.

simple advice for people my age (20 years old)

Various financial insight, seeing it from a different perspective

the real financial advice like the new years steps

You put financial 'winnitude' within the grasp of the common man, which is fantastic!

Its pretty informative, lot of what i think put into words

Simple, easy to read and implement concepts that encourage me to save.

Lots of interesting information.

Very clear explanations using examples that are either funny and/or make a lot of sense to me. (eg. the Indian food wrapped in plastic bag analogies in the article on barriers was brilliant!)

The casual, every-day language the blog is written in about one of the most intimadating and important subjects in life.

Practical, common-sense investment advice in an easy, down to earth format with a touch of humor.

I know I'm old, but I can still learn about the basics :-) Plus, I'm in a position where I had to start over (divorced, broke, etc) so it's a lot like being where college students are.

It gives me a new way to look at things and think about things I might not know about. The humor and personality of the writing (not dry, straightforward). I feel like I have an advantage as a consumer after getting tips and feedback from Ramit, but also other users on the comment pages.

story-telling style

Its a different view on personal finance

Being a mechanical engineering student, I do not have much time for business or personal investing classes - but that doesn't mean managing my money isn't important to me! This blog (the only one I subscribe to actually) is insightful and gives a different spin than that of others around me.

Quality writing

You are very well organized, and express yourself intelligently. You are able to give advice while still letting your personality show a little. Lately, I've really been enjoying the guests answers to what is easier now than later. In the past few years my life has flipped upside down when I married and had a baby. No more can I drop everything and move to wherever. SO MUCH changes, and 'ties you down' when other people are involved as constant fixtures in your life. The postcards are also clever.

Its fresh approach. It is very easy to read.

The fact that it is tailored to my age group (recent college graduate 23).

Great writing, specific topics, post frequency.

Very practical

Sound advice and encouragement.

I think the quality unfortunately have been going down or it could simply be because I passed the level that it is currently on. I am considering removing it from my rss reader.

Good and simple financial advice... great sense of humor. Many interesting articles.

broad topics

Enthusiasm oh! and entertainment. Its very entertaining.

Interesting postings.

I love Ramit's common sense approach to finances.

Practical stories that I can relate to

Very good intro to personal finance.

it is tailored to my situation as a recent graduate, a good introduction to a subject i should have been introduced to at school.

I like the way it's written (it has a lot of personality), I like the way you explode common misperceptions about personal finance, career planning, education, etc. (like your article about stupid frat-boy business ideas), I really like all the practical advice, and I like how you occasionally just sound off about random things that interest you.

Good general information and encouragement to get off my butt.

Great tips

Common sense.

Good sound advice that is in plain English.

The step by step guide on how to be rich (which is not updated often enough)

The advice, because it is practical to a recent college grad.

unusual insights

Heavy handed approach, no nonsense attitude. B-b-but Ramit! I can't save 50% of my income, I only make $18 an hour! Cram it with walnuts! You're luckier than most young people! I like how it's also a reminder and reaffirmation that as a young person I shouldn't worry about money as the be-all end-all, and that thing like travel, experiences, and buying that little something to keep you sane is actually a good thing to do.

Your advice seems to be spot on, and you're a good writer. Your posts are always educational, entertaining, and genius!

Hilarious and apt.

Very insightful.

I like Ramit's no-nonsense, level-headed attitude.

real, practical advice

I like the fact that it is not just about showing people to be rich, but about showing people how to be happy and be able to achieve more. I honestly believe that the reason most people do not get where they want in life is because they do not realise how easy it is.

Value oriented, rather than speculative. Common sense advice. Simple motherhood statements.

It's funny To the point

Your stright forwared talk. What I recommend to alot of people.

A few articles were insightful and sparked off thoughts about how I could apply your ideas to my peculiar situation(s). Some of the blogs/links you referred to were great (such as ksblog.com).

Simple overarching guidelines.

Interesting Content.

discusses issues that are relevant to me personally

your no bs attitude. helps me pass the time while lunch at my desk.

Investment /Saving tips Tips from experts

decent and honest advice and that a general response to your commentary

Many of your posts seem tailored to people like me- young, college graduates looking to be smart with money.

A great mixture of things that are of interest...always to the point and informative.

I like the 'how to' things. When you did your article on making the budget earlier this year I went and opened an account with ING Direct. Everything has been working out great for me lately.

Candid and true!!

Useful advice, well written, motivates me to act

I really did enjoy that post on barriers, and I've enjoyed some of the recent, what's easier now than later. I also like how you include the full post in the RSS feed.

Personal Finance that makes sense for young people. Practical advice, not just 'Save and don't spend, then invest'

Practical, common sense approach to managing money. (I have neither, was never taught about money as a kid.)

Down-to-earth advice in practical application

I enjoy your fresh and logical approach to growth and finances.

- Entrepreneurial streak - Emphasis on investing smartly, not just on hype. - Clean interface. - NO ADS (this is one of the best things). - Well written

Pragmatic financial ideas.

Great base description of a broad number of topics.

great writing style, friendly language, non-technical, interesting subjects, variety

real world advice

The message it sends to young people that they cannot simply sleep walk into their future, something needs to be done.

Being in a similar life and financial position, I can relate to your articles.

It is geared at someone with an education. Or in my case, that would be a partial education. I am trying to balance living on my own and financing the rest of my education myself. I like the polished professional image of your site.

Honest, straightforward, funny.

'Real life' advice, suggestions, examples.

The personal touch and your use of language. Real cases, real decisions.

just started reading

Inspiring independent thinking and enterprising. That and the simple, clear financial advice, but that's not really what I read it for.

Good advice, funny, and targets young people

Straight forward advice.

Finance advice tailored to younger, just-out-of-college people Entrepreneurial advice

Sometimes there are good articles about your experiences.

Candid. Targets a demographic that is woefully underserved by the financial services indusrty.

I enjoy it. It is focused a little bit at College-age people, which I am not. And I wouldn't mind more entrepreneurial discussions, as I have figured out how to save money and want more discussion on how to risk it in wise ways.

It can bring up interesting takes on personal finance.

Solid financial advice/interpretation, particularly like your IRA guide.

I like your direct, to-the-point style. You are writing from a much younger perspective than I am used to and I like to hear what you have to say to young people. I plan to steer my kids (17 and 12) your way. Plus, I've like your links and recommendations.

Content, clean design, personality of the site

Your financial advice is great, but I really appreciate the fact that there are no naked pictures of you anywhere on the site.

Short and realistic articles.

I like the fact that it feels friendlier than other financial blogs I've read. I also enjoy your writing style.

I like the variety of articles.

Depth of topics, topics not perpetually covered by other money blogs.

Yout posts are short and well written (with grammar and punctuation) with useful and interesting insights.

Has some good tips on saving and investing and budgeting.

Common sense posting about money and hint at taking smart-risks while young.

It was good. Nothing new. What was great was to follow along on your road to financial stability journey (remember at the beginning of the year). Something happened, you lost focus and I unsubscribed. Fickle reader, eh? I'm here because I subscribed to the newsletter.

the ideas

You're funny, and I'm just now getting into the whole financial responsibility thang. And this is the only resource I've found on it..

It's both funny and informative.

I like that it's simple. Also funny.

Personal stories rather than abstract ones.

You are not selling me anything.

You write about the things that interest me. I like your approach to personal finance.

It's good to hear idea/perspectives from other relatively young people who are careful about their money.

The thoughts about money.

explains financial issues so that i can understand them, in an entertaining way.

daily updates, interesting information, easily relates to me.

I like that the entries- sparse as they are- are on-topic, non-preachy, and direct.

good solid info

i need advice about the monies! the site is accessible and amusing.

practical. things we should do, but for some reason lack the discipline to do it.


Interesting information. It encourages me to stay on track with my finances.

*Focus on post-grad life *Sound money advice

Timely updates on varied subjects, the ability to comment, and the archives.

The writing is excellent, and the topics are good.

Money advice tailered to younger audience just getting such things in order

Interested in personal finance

Its very informative and compelling information. Different from anything else and also different on a daily basis.

Very interesting reading. Makes me curious.

N/A....today is the first day getting it.

Specific tips about managing your money, the kinds of things I would have to learn by trial and error on my own. Very helpful.

I feel like I can relate to you and the advice that you give. It's practical without being overly 'parentish'

It's not too abstract or difficult to understand - standard advice that needs to be read and understood. These are the fundamentals of investing and saving and you write about it in a very accessible way.

Practical, good strategy/philosophy

The Title I like when you post easy to follow step by step guides like the 2006 make-over. I would very much like to see simular posts. How about some quick simple linkafied posts like 'follow these steps and links to set up an index fund investment'.

There are lots of good ideas for things I can do to save money. Many of those ideas I had myself, but wasn't 100% sure about, so it was good to have them confirmed. There are also lots of things to think about. Sometimes there will be a post that is indirectly about money and it gets me thinking, and one thought leads to another which leads to another, and I eventually come up with a new way of thinking about something. I think my favorite part of IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com is the encouragement it gives. After reading it, I feel compelled to do something.

The relatability.

It is to the point and doesn't pull any punches.

Direct style, not too wordy

I like Ramit's wit so generally it's entertaining to read even though I'm not big into finances and investing (just what he likes to hear!) Also there's tons of great advice on budgeting, which is pretty helpful. I also appreciated the few bits about just asking your bank to waive your nonsufficient funds fee.

It is entertaining without being useless - most personal finance sites either repeat the same advice and each other endlessly or give hot! stock! tips! Also, I really liked your link - 'A great rebuttal to stupid guys who say 'There's no more sexism any more.''

advice on how to save money and budget yourself.

Good advice. Good money tips that I have not heard before. Occassional material I can link to from my blog, which is about education (www.daytondailynews.com/getonthebus). I enjoy your writing style and personality.

I'm not sure what article caused me to subscribe to the RSS, but the first article I read was unique which I liked. I like to read articles about people in the same situation as myself - recent graduates and especially with some money to spend/save.

practical tips and good insight

budgeting advice

simple, solid, followable advice

It talks about money in practical terms.

The first post that made me subscribe to your blog was the post about 'barriers.' I figured that one by myself and wholeheartedly agree with you but I wish I knew about it earlier. My peers all have excuses for everything and I've been pushing them to read that articles.

I enjoy the sensible articles about personal finance. I feel like what I read are things I can actually do (i.e. they don't require huge change).

It's really casual and keeps my attention. Touches on topics that are very necessary, sometimes inspiring.

I like the explanations on retirement and the practical tips.

the bit about comparing interest rates and ING

Lots of interesting and pertinent information that isn't biased due to advertisers or other commericial motivations.

Honesty, casual, humor, your dedication and spirit to share knowledge with other young grads or students

financial advice geared toward us younger types, Ramit's candid and humours writing style

geared toward young people practical advice everyone can use extends a bit beyond finance and touches on lifey things

It is written for 'real' people - unlike some investment or money saving sites. They make assumptions that you are living a certain lifestyle where all you have to do is cut down on your $8 lattes. Your ideas are applicable to all levels of income, even those of us who have never bought a fancy latte, ever.

It is an inspiring content and burn my ass knowing that I need to do something soon..start something soon..

The no non-sense approach to personal finance


frank! no extra shugar nor solt

Interesting tidbits.

I like how your posts, even the very information-based ones, end up as pep talks for common-sense personal finance. It makes me feel enagaged with the issue of money, instead of feeling lost or like I'm inadaquate to understand how to get rich.

Interesting useful knowledge

The casual attitude, the undecorated wording, the simple truths about money, finace, and how to get where you want to be.

It takes a lot of balls to tell young people to consume less and save more for retirement, if you are young yourself and not an old fart like me. I'm sure your message will fall on many deaf ears. I respect your moxie.

Personal stories of overcoming obstacles.

detailed accounts on various finance issues in 20s

Profound insights into finance, investing

Clear thinking, important thoughts, compelling presentation (funny, thought-provoking, action-spurring)

The content. It makes sense.

I've only read it about twice so far. Signed up for the e-mails last week.

Back-to-basics approach, doesn't overestimate audience's knowledge or underestimate its intelligence, no bullshit, non high-brow, 'anyone can do it if you get off your ass' attitude. Inspiring.

Your frank, useful, goal-driven, realistic advice.

funny stories (what is your barrier).

It is motivational. The hardest part of investing for a lot of people is getting started.

Great, direct, sensible writing about finance. I know next to nothing and your site has taught me lots.

I read a ton of financial advice. I like your view of when it is ok to spend money. i.e. the no time is better than now series. All I normally here is saving for retirement and I think a blend of saving for retirement and living for now is needed.

You're personality. The information being geared towards young people The info being geared towards smarter people.

Practical advice, you make direct statements about your opinions. People may or may not agree but at least it's not wish washy.

the how-to type posts, like the 2006 makeover

It's rare to find a writer so willing to state things bluntly, and not consider that he/she could alienate folks. I love the way you make common sense arguements for those who don't work that way. (And justification for those of us who do!)

I like how it's not all about money, but rather ones overall happiness.

day trading in stocks

Like the straightforward, common sense approach taken. Also non-biased advice and stories with no B.S.

dont know yet

Any information about retaining money is good to know.

Solid advice written in an authentic and unique voice. Your passion about the subject shines through but I don't feel like I'm being sold or lied to.

Refreshing content with good perspective

You're almost as thrifty/cheap/frugal as me, but you know how to invest the money you save. I only know how to put it under the mattress, so I'm trying to learn. I like your attitude and willingness to be straight up honest with people.

somewhat practical, message is straightforward

i appreciate the fact that you can explain stuff so it makes sense. I've always felt like a moron around financial terminology.


good advice and well written articles

Importance given to being prudent

nudges me. I need that.

It makes me think about my finances more often.

Great tips and strategies. Plus motivation.

informal, practical finance advice geared towards young people

Practical financial advice

No nonsense witty original thinking candid opinions

Practical articles geared toward younger folks.

People's keen insights about daily life. I learn a lot by reading from someone's experiences.

your comparisons to other articles on current topics. Your not a give me money and I will make you rich kind of person. Your funny.

The writing is clear, I don't know anything about personal finance and you're encouraging me to learn.

Sound advice on finances for young people.

Simple day to day topics which any one can use and improve their daily life.

Information that is directly relevant to university and college students and recent graduates (ie. young people).

It's the only publication about money that I can stand to read. You've got great voice, wit, etc.

Finally a financial website targeted towards my demographic!

Ramit's attitude and sense of humor, especially when spewing bile about idiots

The blunt and honest writing cuts through the b.s., making it a quick, efficient and informative read.

Insightful and fresh, excellent sense of humor.


funny witty writing. Common sense practical, get rich slowly mentality.

Step by step info on how to make changes today.

Hardcore practical advice

The honesty. Keep it real, especially the part about people being stupid and you hitting them for it. I don't like fluff, be straight. I'm interested in things that have to do with people in my situation, broke as hell and planning on working with debt.

Reminds me of the basics of god business and financial sense. As we go through life, it becomes easier to forget the basics. The basics are what make you successful, not all the fluff that covers them up

You give a fresh perspective on financial matters as well as a more personal view.

Great ideas, thoughts to be applied at any age! Thank You!

good advice

I like the approach of the site. It's not too stuffy or rigid. It takes a look at the prevailing ideas regarding money management, and questions them. Sometimes you agree and offer suggestions, however, there are times you disagree and offer alternatives.


You have much youthful exhuberance about the possibilities of success given hard work.

can't remember which blog I first heard about your blog from

Good reading about personal finance

sensible advestment advice, it tells me what i already know - keeping a freakin budget and invest.

Short and funny articles right to the point (usually ;-). I also like 'What's easier now than later?' series.

Honest, to the point, smart. Yes, some of the tips are obvious, but sometimes we need it said in a clever way that hits us in the face.

It is interesting. Interesting angle of view.

It has interesting topics. not sure. I don't know alot about investing money but the info is still useful and interesting and insightful. I'll never be rich!

Straightforward truth, good info, and a swift kick in the ass to get OFF my ass and get things done.

Customer support stories and tips.

as your topic

Tells it like it is. Very...mind provoking.

Advice that I can use, that's motivational, easy to follow, and fits my point in life/age group (I'm 23 and in college part time). Your focus on entrepreneurship appeals to me - I'm running my own business part time and making the switch to full time. I just generally enjoy your content and your writing style.

Steve Pavlina's Personal Development Blog

I don't want to be rich, but the site gives me good ideas of how I can make my life easier and how I can maintain the freedom to do what I want. I want to be able to make sure I have a job that I enjoy, and my employment decisions are not purely driven by money. This site gets me thinking about how I can make that happen. It has also got me thinking about superannuation, which I think will eventually make my life easier.

You write enthusiastically, you put a lot of yourself into the blog...

I have been struggling with finances since leaving home. 18-20 had charge off's and was generally hopeless. 20-22 spent all my parents money at college. 22-25 met wife moved to London started career, still got debts as had no earnings and expensive city. 25-28 making money finally, but travelling and enjoying life still. But now is the time to save and earn (better late than never). I want to buy a house in 2 years. Your blog helps to keep me on track with info about ISA's, budgets and simple ideas that make it possible. I just returned from travelling in NYC and have a new job. I just did a budget for my wife and i to see us pay off all of our lingering debt and save nearly 5,000 this year. I look forward to your blog inspiring me along the way.

I know nothing about money, stocks, or savings.

i like the topic indeed even if im not that much interested im looking to find something insightful

Seems like sound advice, attempts to motivate me to take charge of my own finances and life, work towards my goals

Rational reasons: 1. You make it very very simple. 2. I can share good insights with my friends and feel good about helping others. Irrational reasons: 1. You are an Indian, and one who is proud of the fact. At least, it seemed so, from one of your posts I had read.

just started reading

Its simple and thought provoking. Some of the posts in between are too good and i fwd them to my friends. I know that atleast 3 of my friends have become regular readers of ur blog bcoz of me.

Ideas and Insights about money/financial management. Its a lifestyle thing

Since I cannot say 'How Old you are...' or exactly what your experience is... I believe that the topic of richness is a good thing to talk about and learn more of. No one is taught about becoming rich or wealthy in standard schooling. Most of us have a desire, then we learn from a mentor or through our own mistakes. I attended a very good programme back in 1986 in Sydney and again in San Diego California in 1999. The programme has been attended and facilitated by some of the wealthiest most informed individuals that I know of. This one programme changed my life. It will change yours too. 'Money & You' find it at: http://www.excellerated.com/ [Jonathan Dune]

interviews with others

writing language and content

New ideas and out of the box thinking.

You're intelligent and like minded to myself. I see you as me in the future, but doing different things.

It's very well put together. I love how you just talk on our level. You set things out clearly. Lots of links to older posts and other blogs. It just flows.

The hard-arsed attitude :) and the simple but effective advice. Reading the articles during my work break reminds me of my goals and makes it a little easier to turn down that expensive cup of coffee on my lunch break.

your articles, your experience!

It's practical, yet thought-provoking. It's well written too.

Clear precise advice and comment on range of financial matters. Relevent information that is often difficult to find elsewhere. Regularly updated interesting and engaging writing.

I like it provides insight at the college level at how to manage your money in an effective manner.

They are a bit long but very informative.

Interesting articles

I am not sure yet, I am new reader.

It's honest, and to the point. For whatever reason it seems to be without that 'scam' feel that many other 'financial advice' sites seem to reek of.

the personal finance advice.

Updates frequently, Useful Article Exclusive feel. Underground info

The informal tone

Very good advice coming from someone that is in the same life position that I am it

Relevant, concise, highly informative

Specific ideas and paths for saving money.

The contents are inspiring but always wondered whether the author 'walks the talk'

I'm starting in a negative cash flow, but I find the info interesting and am using the info to plan the direction I'm going in the far future.

1)Simple, frank, to-the-point language. 2)The occasional '...stab myself with a Katana blade..' type opening lines.

Real life examples, hands on approach

common sense stuff.


Don't know yet

Not sure yet, first time looking.

Your angle -- targeting kids. God! I wish somebody had grabbed ME by the scruff of the neck when I was 23. And that you keep the steps of your plan simple simple simple. It's a no-brainer to follow. And that you are literate. Woohoo! I haven't found a mispelling or grammatical sollecism yet. Will you be MY son?

You make financial affairs clear.

It gives me some new ideas and perspectives.


targeted to my age group, highlights importance of acting now. Very down to earth, humorous.

Everything in your 'introductory articles' section has been really useful information for me--readable, understandable, etc. In general, the site is a good reminder that it's never too early to begin thinking about long-term finances.

Ramit is hilarious. Also, I like that he very strongly exhorts readers to take decisive action as opposed to just throwing out a few tips or good ideas.

Practical advice

Your writing is down to earth and very informal...you write like how you would write to a friend

The personal touch!

Really enjoying the current 'What's easier when you're younger' series. It's great to hear from a variety of people who have been through it. Enjoy the personal stories and delving through the thought process of new relevations.

you're about my age, talking my language pushing readers to do things and to think things over

I like the sarcasm in the informative posts.



Simple, effective, and rational advice

Some of the early articles were really great.

I like the tone and the bluntness, and the basic truth behind the facts that are shared.

Good tips and suggestions.

What you say makes sense.

Financial tips, reading about the setup of your accounts, etc.

The snark.

The tips and advice; book reviews; links to other relevant information.

the blogs

The common sense.

Easy to read, straight forward, pretty funny

I like the informative financial information for people in my age group (recent graduates). It's good to know and see that other people my age are interested in long-term wealth, not just short-term 'fun' purchases.

I've always been very serious about saving money, but my wife has not. Your blog has been a great help to me in convincing her to change her way of thinking.

I enjoy the that the information is easy to comprehend and well thought out when it is presented. I also enjoy that it comes from someone who is much closer to my age than someone in their late 40's or older and saying how you can do this and this. It defeats the normal argument of 'but you don't know what it is like'.

I like the open and honest nature of discussing finances. And I especially like that in discussing finance, it's geared towards younger people. I also enjoy the fact that it not only discusses finances, but provides commentary on life in general.

I really REALLY liked this past weeks series (and similar ones in the past) 'It never gets easier than now.' Anything like that in the future would be appreciated. Keep up the good work. Also, I found your blog through Frugal For Life.

Life-related advice (ex: easier now than later) not just financial things, necessarily.

Everyone can get it. It's a pleasure to read, and isn't too complicated to undertand, even for people who don't read english so well.

your entries are great!! i wanna know of how the fund run? i wanna understand how the American invest?

Sound, relevant advice from someone with similar education and goals.

Straightforward, practical advice with amusing commentary

You provide clear ideas and examples about the practical steps to wealth building. You also have interesting posts on entrepreneurship.

Informative posts.

practical, down to earth. no lame 'quick fixes'.

Your blog is one of the few places in my life where I can get advise, encouragement and motivation. I like the fact that I can visit the blog everytime i get down or feel overwhelmed. It keeps me focused on my goals. Not only are your brilliant but your sense of directness is both funny and helpful. The Newsletter is great!!

I like your wit and straightforward nature, not to mention your sound advice. Personal anecdotes keep things interesting, and the occasional don't-be-dumb!-type exhortations certainly keep my attention. Good stuff.

1. Advice geared toward younger people 2. Pointers to other good financial resources

I enjoy Ramit's writing style and straightforward/practical advice. Most of his advice is very useful to my daily life and that which I can't apply immediately, makes me think. I also greatly enjoy his rants, which are hilarious.

personal finance advice that is applicable to my life

Budgeting, personal finance, and esp. the recent Things Are Easier To Do Now post b/c I think it puts a lot of things in perspective who don't understand how much wasted free time we have now as young people.

easy t understand, funny, it doesn't make me feel guilty for being a financial idiot.

very concise, sharp-witted points and observations about finance/business. the comments are especially insightful.

Well written and humorous, while at the same time informative.

Reinforcement of many of existing attitudes and beliefs that I already have regarding financial and money issues.

Posts are concise, impactful and relevant. Applicable to more than just finances.

great content and advice

Solid information. Good writing. Sense of humor.

Simple, easy to do articles.

Great articles. Interesting and easily applied subjects

Good, sensible, in retrospect really obvious advice.

Easy and straightforward tips in how to improve your financial life.

Some good posts

Relevant advice.

I feel that Ramit is being real with his readers. It sounds like someone I know sitting down and saying, 'Okay, look, here's some stuff I've learned and you should use it because it's gonna help you.' It's not like, 'Oh, let's see how much money I can make off these people.'

The exer expanding content and increasing writing skills. Keep it up!

Very informative and persuasive.

I like the writing style and the great links.

Accessible, targeted to my age

Pertinent honest information. Nothing I don't need. No annoying ads running throughout the page. Ramit has taken the task of educating people like me for free, devotes much free time to it, is smart enough to know that it will benefit him in the long run and doesn't have to make it an instant source of income.

Direct tone, not condescending but humorously blunt at times. The investment advice is great and really takes the mystery out of things.

Conversational tone, realistic money tips, feels genuine and honest...

Your attitude

I enjoy the clear simple writing style coupled with the solid advice that reminds me of TMF.com before all the newsletters.

The articles are relevant to me and offer advice that I recognize to be good advice. I relate to the spirit and tactics because I've been making many of the same suggestions and observations to friends and family.

Simple advice and reminders about improving your finances.

Good writing style. Funny. Informative. I agree with you.

Common sense ideas on 'living' with money. Saving and investing.

The mix of intellectual and personal discussions.

Just started reading last week.


Your honesty


Practical advice it gives.

it's smart and easy to digest

Easy laid back articles. Nothing fancy straight and to the point.

you are very direct and easy to understand

Just started reading it.

Handy, basic, quicker catchup for those without solid grounding in Moneyline jabber. Genuinely good advice. Start small stuff is always appreciated.

Straighforward, no nonsense, no excuses, put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is kind of approach. Extremely practical advice.

The nicest financial blog I have ever read. I feel I am a bit late in starting my journey to financial stuff, but as it is said, better late then never :) I have found almost all your posts very helpful. I have not tried many of them, but am getting a feel and hang of things. I have started working on couple of them.

The commentary is witty and direct

The no-nonsense practical advise from the perspective of a recent grad.

It gives me sound advise with no comments like buy gold. Advise i know will not fail.

Straight forward honest approach to finance

great advice, excellent writing style, plus as a current college student, I can easily relate to your stories and analogies.

I like simple ways to stay on track with finances. You seem to provide that.

good financial advices

Nuggets of useful tips

Humorous, to the point

very positive, very open about personal finance, which seems to be my thing right now.

I like that you are in my age range.

It has information and tips relevant to people my age. I wish I had more than a stipend so that I could do more investing, but your site helped me realize that I needed to start now, even with the little that I do have.

young at heart

very informative! you give the straight up real deal in plain understandable english (thanks)

Ramit vs. [Insert Company/Store Here] battlelogs.

common sense advice

Interesting posts and good advice.

great ideas simple ideas reminds me to do it

colloquial, intelligent writing style. somewhat humorous witticisms.


Practical advice about getting finances straight.

I like your practical approach to finances. I realize that I am older than your target audience, but now I am in a position to invest (aside from company 401k). I am a single parent who gets no support, so being middle class and finally doing some investing is something I am very proud of.

Smart and Funny

I like that IWillTeachYouToBeRich has a personal writing style - after all, this is (at least partly) about personal finance.

Simple and practical

The real-life stories.

Great info, well written, good table of contents.

Provides useful information. Financial ideals align with mine.

Your writing style, and some of the motivational stuff.

You give a lot of great 'tid bit' advice. Which is great to be able to pick up helpful hints - read as much or as little as I have time for - examples are given (which are helpful) knowing that the information I'm storing in my brain will actually be helpful in the future.

great financial advice

I like the motivation to stay focused on my money.


Down to the point articles.

Practicality and specific strategies of actions to perform.

financial series

I enjoy the Articles, and the fact they are aimed at younger people just starting out.

It makes the seemingly incomprehensible world of finance management easier to understand for me. However, my favorite thing about the blog is not the topic, but instead the way Ramit (somebody my own age) inspires me to get up off the couch, take charge of my life, and make my ideas happen.

It's easy to read casually.

Good articles and point of view

simple easy to understand concepts and easy implement.

the humor, ramit's attitude, the simple and effective advice that no one ever asks but young people don't know

I only recently started reading it.

Posts about actual events that you have been through and experiences you have had to back up your insights. Your hard and firm stances on points that everyone else stays vague on (such as mutual funds) are very refreshing and helpful.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't dislike it and love to hear how other people are trying to get rich.

Very readable, interesting stories and anecdotes.

Discussion dealing with finances and the common-sense around it.

Ramit, I really like your common sense approach to personal wealth building for young people.

You admit that getting better at managing money is not a one time thing, but a process you work at.

cutting through the BS and speaking to the next generation of adults (who are reluctant to be adults!)

You're young and seemingly knowledgable about finances. Good fiscal conservatism is always a plus in my book.

Sensible financial advice that the world needs. I look for examples I can use to educate those around me. Keep it up.

good advice, entertaining

interesting tidbits. Different perspective - insightful

It confirms that a lot of what I do is smart.

information provided in very simple form new things to learn for new bee

Your format and your style.

Your content and irreverent writing style

As a young student, i feel sympathy for your story.

Interesting topics

The articles you did in the first 2 months (the fundamentals of finances and investing).

combination of strategy and easy to use tactics

Good advice for young people like myself. I'm trying to make things right before it is too late--401k (done), credit card debt free (done), student loan debt free (currently tackling).

personal finance advice, investing tips, and budgeting tips.

Practical, usable advice on financial issues.

good, quick easy to read info

The depth of information

Initially I liked the purpose of the Blog and the knowledgeable information about series of topics

Good advice.

You are straightforward and give very good advice. I also like your other blog cause it cracks me up.

Clear and useful financial advice for beginners

Informative articles, good advice on quick tips for personal finance

seem like a smart guy

I like being exposed to things I haven't thought of already (most of the content I have) and also being exposed to research into ideas, etc that I haven't had time to do. I know this isn't specific, but what can I say?

There are a number of good Ideas and some of the comments are well rounded as well. Some of the information is not relevant to my current living situation.

the blog, talks about enterpeneurship...and it helps me a lot...grooving up myself

Simple advice, clearly given, easily understood.

The personality and attitude, mainly because your 'voice' is similar to mine.

insightful; unique perspective; causes me to think

Right or wrong, I like it when advice is well reasoned.

I enjoy how you evangelize the idea of people taking charge of their finances, being free credit reports, or calling in to reverse a charge on your phone bill, or waiving bank fees, etc.. It makes me feel that we are empowered.

Good advice, pleasant to read

The voice in which you write your blog

I dont know- I just googled 'how to write my first book' and I liked what this site said, so I logged on and here I am-I dont need to be rich-just happy, loved and someday maybe.....successfull at something that I love and am already doing that I'm gifted at. Help me figure out how to channel what I already know about myself to be amazing!

posts to be shorter and more informative

It's geared towards younger people; the language is straightforward and honest. It's easy to access the archives via the Table of Contents!

is funny and easy to remember..and it motivates me whenever I'm slack about saving..

I have only been signed up for 2 posts, but I signed up to get general advice about organising my finances, since I have just started looking for my first house.

Your direct way of addressing thing. No-nonsense and telling people to stop making excuses ;)

it was straight to the point, when i first found the site, i didn't know you and thought it was pretty interesting and true. now i know you and i should probably start reading it again. - vinnie (bowling 2.) lauria

straight up and informational, yet a easy and enjoyable read

Handy financial hints

Frequent updates. Quality of infomation. Good common sense.

I am a graduate student at Stanford pursuing an ambition to be a successful entrepreneur. I like the essays on your thoughts about career building the most.

Ideas presented

Simple advice for the non-fascally minded

What really got me in to your site originally were the starter ideas. How to manage your accounts and know where your money is going. Its still early days at the moment. But so far I have become a quicken junkie and all my transactions are monitored and classified thanks to your tips.

Common sense advice about personal finance.

down to earth, useful information

Amusing stories.

Straight shooting

common sense and funny

It's funny, but there is good stuff here, too. An ongoing reminder on lots of levels to do 'it' now, instead of later.

All the articles and the responses from the readers. Very interesting

I just started reading the site so I have be general in this answer. I like the straightforward way things are presented. I cannot pick out a specific post, but I have been to sites that make me feel like a moron. Your site doesn't do that.

interesting articles . links to resources