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Hi, I’m
Ramit Sethi

Hi, I’m
Ramit Sethi

New York Times bestselling author and founder of

Over 1,000,000 people read my material to learn how to use psychology and systems to live a Rich Life. That could mean automating your finances, making more money, finding your Dream Job, starting an online business or mastering your inner psychology.

I take a different approach than most “experts” out there

I don’t believe in lecturing you about saving $3 on lattes. Instead, I show you how to focus on 5–10 Big Wins that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Master those and get on with your life.
I prohibit anyone with credit card debt from joining my premium material, a decision that costs me millions of dollars per year.
I give away 98% of my material free. I aim to make that free material better than anyone else’s paid stuff.

I know you have a lot of choices in who you read, so I know I have to earn your trust with every post I make. If you’re curious, here’s a little bit about me.


From dorm room to New York Times bestseller list

I started this site while I was studying technology and psychology at Stanford. Since I came from a middle-class family, the only way I could afford college was to pay my own way. That's when I built a system to apply to 60+ scholarships. My hard work paid off and I earned enough to attend Stanford. But when I got my first scholarship check, I invested it in the stock market...and immediately lost half my money. Oops.

That's when I decided to learn how money really worked.

Before they were stars...IWT edition

While I was studying psychology and human behavior at Stanford, I saw all these “tips” that financial experts kept throwing around—like “Keep a budget” and “Stop spending money on lattes”—I realized most of it made no sense. And like that book, The Emperor’s New Clothes, I realized experts loved to tell people what to do...but nobody was actually doing it.

Be honest:
  • Almost nobody keeps a budget.
  • Almost nobody wants to cut back on lattes.
  • Who wants to be told what they CAN’T do with money—no new shoes, no vacations, no going out with friends?

Instead of saying “no” to spending on everything, I wanted to use money to say YES. I knew there was a better way to live a rich life—if we could use psychology to focus on what actually works. Not just for personal finance, but all aspects of life: money, careers, relationships, business, fitness and more.

Since then, I've been testing and sharing my findings with the world via I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

I've also written a New York Times bestselling book, been profiled in a 6-page Fortune article and pictured next to Warren Buffett in Forbes Magazine, and have been featured by a long list of media, including the Wall Street Journal, ABC News, NPR, Fox Business, PBS, CNBC and more. I also have more documented success stories than anyone else I know of—more than 20,000 at last count.

Why this material works

I recently got a fascinating email from one of my readers. I had emailed my email list, asking “What’s something you CLAIM is important...but you don’t do?”

She wrote back, “I keep saying I want to run 3x/week, but I can never seem to do it.”

I replied: “Why not start once a week?”

Her response was amazing. “Why would I run once/week? That wouldn’t accomplish anything.”

She would rather dream about running 3x/week than actually run once a week.

All of us “know” what we should be doing: We should be saving more, working out more, getting paid more, having better relationships with our friends and family...

So why don’t we do it? Could it be that we don’t just need more INFORMATION...and instead we need to master the psychology and systems that will help us do what we ALREADY know we need to do? As author Clotaire Rapaille wrote in The Culture Code,

“Years ago, Tufts University invited me to lecture during a symposium on obesity…

Lecturer after lecturer offered solutions for America’s obesity problem, all of which revolved around education. Americans would be thinner if only they knew about good nutrition and the benefits of exercise, they told us. Slimming down the entire country was possible through an aggressive public awareness campaign…

When it was my turn to speak, I couldn’t help beginning with an observation. “I think it is fascinating that the other speakers today have suggested that education is the answer to our country’s obesity problem,” I said. I slowly gestured around the room. “If education is the answer, then why hasn’t it helped more of you?”

There were audible gasps in the auditorium when I said this, quite a few snickers, and five times as many sneers. Unsurprisingly, Tufts never invited me to lecture again.”

My site is designed to show you the exact systems to help you live a Rich Life. And some of this is very counterintuitive.

Here’s the brutal truth—Willpower is limited. Simply trying harder doesn’t work. Neither does pursuing your passion.

But there ARE systems that will help: For example, I’ll show you the exact system I use to automate my finances, which allows me to spend less than 1 hour/month on my money and hit all my savings, investment, and even spending goals (on the things I love and spend on, guilt-free).

That’s what I offer at No sugar-coating, no BS, no random tactics. Just tested, step-by-step systems that work in the real world.

For example, I share word-for-word scripts so you’ll know exactly what to say to land a raise, get your first paying client, how to make small talk, or ask for something from a VIP you admire, to name a few.

Focus on the activities that will generate massive results for the rest of your life, and you'll never have to worry about the small change problems again.

Many people are convinced they can’t afford to make a career change, but there are several strategies to make it a financial reality. Testing a new job on the side and following Mr. Sethi’s advice to become more profitable are two.

— The Wall Street Journal

I give away 98% of my content for free.
My goal is to make it better than most paid products.

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