The 3 parts to a remarkable blog post

Create remarkable blog posts that attract attention, make you an instant expert, and get floods of comments and shares

It’s easy to look at popular blogs, see all the comments and shares they get, and think, “Must be nice.”

The truth is, those posts aren’t an accident or pure luck. I’ve blogged every week for 12 years. And I’ve noticed that my most popular posts — the ones that go viral — have 7 key parts to them.

Today’s question is:

“What’s the best way to organize a blog post?”

I’ve thought a lot about this. I write a lot of blog posts. So does my team. We wanted to find a way to not only write efficiently, but to make the posts impactful and fun to read.

I’ll break down how we think about it.

Have your high-level research ready to go

When I sit down to write, I want to have all the material I need. So I want to have an idea. I want to have any links to any competitor content that I’ve researched.

For example, if I’m writing about dating, I want to sit down and have three links that I’ve collected a while ago about funny dating stories ready to go.

And I put those within hand’s reach. Almost like a chef about to create a meal has all the ingredients right there.

Organize everything into 3 parts

Next I break a post into three simple steps.

The first is the hook. This is what’s going to get people arrested and into reading.

Typically this is a story or example. I don’t like to start off by saying, “In this world of important productivity needs…”

Nobody cares.

Instead, I would say, “I woke up late again and I knew that if I went to work and I got there late, I was going to be in huge trouble with my boss.”

That’s a pretty good hook. Tell them a story. Tell them something that happened to you. Get them into it. You’ve got to hook them.

Then comes the meat of the post: the body. What are you going to say?

This might be, “I looked back on my last two months and I’ve been late to work 40% of the time. So I tried a bunch of different stuff. These are the three things that worked for me.”

So continuing with the same example I’d write, “Sign up to learn more about productivity, click below.”

Finally we have the call to action, or CTA for short. What do you want them to do? Comment? Share? Click through to a different page? Make this clear at the end.

How to create remarkable content

Now that I’ve shown you how to outline a blog post, it’s time to get some eyeballs on what you’ve written.

I’ve blogged every week for 12 years. And I’ve noticed that my most popular posts — the ones that go viral — have 7 key parts to them.

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