Tips on Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business is one of the most powerful ways to take control of your life and your financial situation.  You set your own hours, pursue projects that you find fulfilling and meet interesting people. Best of all, you are responsible for how much you earn. And it doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your day job either.

I’ve covered how to earn more money elsewhere on this site.  So here I’m collecting some writings on personal entrepreneurship, including the characteristics of some of the successful entrepreneurs I’ve met and some really specific advice on how to market your products online. There’s also my series on Friday Entrepreneurs; in-depth interviews with entrepreneurs that have actually gone out and created something - ideas don’t count.

The characteristics of entrepreneurs

Practical advice on marketing your business…

…and marketing yourself

Friday Entrepreneurs

Friday Entrepreneurs is a series I run that features entrepreneurs doing interesting stuff. It can be a website, a retail store, or whatever, even a buffalo-wing-eating device.

There are too many interviews to list here, so you can check out the whole series, or start with one of my favorites, an interview with Premal Shah of Kiva – a microlending platform that supports entrepreneurs in the developing world.

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