The $75,000 Email

There are 2 kinds of people: Those who operate as the world SHOULD be, and those who operate as the world ACTUALLY IS.

For example, people who operate as the world “SHOULD be” say things like:

  • “Just tell those kids not to have sex!”
  • “She really shouldn’t spend so much on clothes”
  • “Keep a budget…duh”
These people feel good saying the above things that others “should” do, but does anyone actually listen? Rarely.

Compare this to people who operate as the world ACTUALLY is:

  • “Look, you’re not going to keep a budget, so automate your money and get on with your life”
  • “It’s not realistic for me to tell you to stop shopping, so let me instead show you how to earn enough to afford those John Varvatos pants you love”

Between “should” or “actually is,” you can probably guess which one I am.

From my years of studying psychology, social influence, and persuasion, I’ve realized how difficult it is to change behavior. So when I do try to change behavior, I focus on the BIGGEST WINS I can get.

That’s because we are cognitive misers — we have limited attention and willpower. So if I tried to get you to save $3 on lattes every day, you’d (1) want to commit suicide every morning, (2) it wouldn’t make much of a financial difference, and (3) you’d use up your limited willpower for a pointless task.

This is what so many personal-finance “experts” don’t get. They believe that people can make an UNLIMITED number of changes. But if you look in your own life in the last 2 months, you know that’s not true. Sure, we “should” improve our eating, gym attendance, networking, finances, relationships with friends, relationships with family, knowledge of the stars, abilities at work, etc etc etc.

Yes, we “should” do all these things. But we don’t.

So I choose to focus on how the world ACTUALLY works instead of what people “should” do. That’s why I focus on the BIGGEST WINS people can have…like automation, investing early and wisely, earning more, ethical networking, and of course, hanging with friends.

I genuinely believe this. And to prove it…

Look at the email I sent out, which embraced this approach….and (intentionally) cost me $75,000.

The $75,000 email

Most people don’t know about all the courses I run. At any given time, I’m launching and testing different ones for months — or even a year — before I mention them publicly. This way, when I do a public launch, I know my products are 100x better than anyone else’s on the market.

During 2010, I was running a course called “Beyond 1K,” a follow-on to my Earn1k course on earning money on the side.

It was generating several thousand dollars a month — most of it pure profit — but after a year of testing, I wasn’t satisfied with the results I was getting, or the results I was generating for my students.

So even though students continued to pay me a LOT of money, I shut it down. Here’s the email I sent:

I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to discontinue Beyond 1K — tonight will be the last Ass Kicking call — and I wanted to share my reasons for doing so.

My entire philosophy revolves around Big Wins — focusing on the most important and highest-performing actions you can take.

Not only do I apply this to my personal finances, I also apply it to my personal life (my Tripod of Stability) and my business.

To be blunt, Beyond 1k is not performing to the levels I want it to. I only want to create the best products, and focus on the highest and best use of time — for me AND for you.

I also want to take a minute to highlight the meta-lesson here. I’ve got a fully automatic system that is paying me lots of money each month with Beyond1k. It would be easy for me to coast and continue making several thousand dollars per month from Beyond 1K, but that’s not what I want to do. That’s not a Big Win for me or for you.

Sometimes you have to cut things out of your life that are performing well…just not as well as you WANT them to.

When I shared this news with a couple of friends (who don’t know my business too well), they were shocked. “Why don’t you just keep it running?” they asked.

They don’t understand the idea of only focusing on things that are providing EXTREME value for my students and for my business. I can provide “good” value and be a mediocre performer. But I want to only provide EXTRAORDINARY value. I’d rather refund your money and focus on something that is going to take you 5 levels forward.

That’s why Earn1k is so good (and costs so much).

And that’s why I’m going to be working on several new products that are of such extraordinary quality, you’ve never seen something like it before.

I have a few additional details to add:

  • As usual, you put your trust in me, and I want to honor that. I’ll be refunding any un-used money for Beyond1K. Any amount paid for Beyond1k after 11/21/2010 will be refunded in full.  If you purchased the annual subscription of Beyond1k, you will receive a refund as well.  You will get an email with the exact amount from the B1k team in the next 2 days.
  • All recurring payments have been cancelled
  • If you received B1k as a bonus for purchasing “Find Your First Profitable Idea,” Rachel will be in touch to let you know what you get instead.
  • The Ning forum is staying up for right now
  • You will retain access to the B1k section of until Feb. 1st
  • We will still be doing some VERY limited coaching.  If you are currently enrolled in coaching, your session will be completed.  If you are interested in coaching, email

Thanks, and I appreciate your help, support, and trust.


That email cost me over $75,000.

But I truly believe in focusing on the MOST IMPORTANT things in life with the HIGHEST POTENTIAL.

So if you’ve ever wondered if I “walk the walk,” now you know.

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