I’m hiring an executive assistant

I’m looking for an executive assistant who can devote 25-35 hours/week to helping me stay focused on my business. Most of the work can be done remotely, although I give preference for someone in New York or San Francisco.

Weekly duties include 15 hours of virtual/personal assisting, 5-10 hours of customer service for my website, and 5 hours of basic bookkeeping for my business.

The major responsibilities include the following:

  • Calendar Management
  • Complex Travel Planning – I live/work bi-costal and travel at least once a month
  • Customer Service – handle billing and general inquiries for my website
  • Bookkeeping – handle contractor pay outs and financial tracking for the business
  • Very light errands – such as picking up business mail from my P.O. Box

Experience required
I’m looking for someone who is smart, organized and trustworthy. NOTE: This is not an entry-level position. You MUST have at least 1+ years experience with a C-Level executive. You should be familiar with blogs, research, and email.

You must be a full-time freelancer (i.e., not have another full-time job).

How I hire
When I’ve posted job openings in the past, I’ve been flooded with candidates, so I have to use a pretty strong filtering mechanism. If you’re chosen as a finalist, I’ll email you a detailed task to do (and pay you for your time). This might seem overboard for a hiring process, but this helps me find the single-best person for the job. Thanks for understanding.

Please start by telling me more about yourself here: