The Ultimate Guide to Remarkable Content – Part 6:

Getting your remarkable content in front of others

Now that you know how to get great ideas, beat writer’s block, polish your post, and steal from the masters, you have to make sure your writing gets in front of the people who matter most - your ideal target market. And trust me, they’re not going to hunt you down. You have to go to them.

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The best way to get your work in front of millions of people is by guest posting on blogs that are bigger than yours.

Instead of spending years slowly gaining one reader at a time, tap into blogs that already have an engaged audience – audiences that are 2X, 5X, 100X bigger than yours. When you get your work in front of that many new readers, everything changes.

For instance, you met one of my graduates, Selena Soo, earlier. She had one guest post that changed the game for her. I asked her to share just some of the ways her business and life improved after a guest post on my site.

Here’s what just ONE guest post did for Selena, in her words:

"When I was invited to write a guest post for IWT, I knew it was going to be one of the biggest exposure opportunities for my business. After all, Ramit has 215,000 highly engaged and responsive newsletter readers."

Here’s a summary of what happened:

  • On the morning the guest post was released, it felt like Christmas. The blog went out to 215,000 people. Each time I’d hit the refresh button on the article, I’d see a new comment from an IWT reader.
  • My email list grew by 50%, and I was introduced to a brand new audience of extremely smart, action-taking readers. I know this, because Ramit kicks anyone off his list who isn’t taking action on his material!
  • I received an invitation to teach a class with CreativeLIVE, an online education company with more than 1 million students worldwide. CreativeLIVE has featured guests like Ramit and Tim Ferriss.

All that, and she was just getting started. You can see how she turned this exposure into $30,000+ in the field report at the end of this section.

But for now, let’s dig into what she did to land a guest post in the first place. You can copy the exact methods she used, even if you don’t have connections or a big following.

Find out who you should be writing for

Most people start with an idea and immediately jump right into writing a post. In contrast, the very best bloggers and entrepreneurs are more methodical and deliberate.

Here are the most important questions you should ask yourself before a single word hits the page:

Who am I trying to reach?

What potential audiences would be interested in my work?

Where are they? (What blogs do they read?)

What urgent problems are they facing?

How can I help them solve their problems?

When you start by finding the right potential audience - and understanding their burning pains - your message will spread even faster. Be very specific. Think beyond just the demographics, and dig into their mindset.

For instance, for social skills, you might want to target job hunters who want to nail their next interview, employees who want to move “up the ladder,” or people who just moved into a new city and want new friends. Once you’ve answered these initial questions, you can start brainstorming ideas and begin your outreach.

How to get your blog post on your favorite sites (including exact scripts)

Imagine that you get 1,000 emails every day. You’re busy. And have a lot on your plate. Then, out of the blue, somebody sends you a long, rambling email about how they want to write a guest post on your site. The email doesn’t explain how they can help you, and it’s not clear what you should do next.

Are you going to spend hours going back and forth with this random person? Or are you just going to hit delete?


That’s exactly what it’s like for people that run big blogs with big audiences. They get crazy requests like this all the time.

And if you send an email like that, you have zero chance of getting published on their site.

Here’s how you can be different.

Use my favorite strategy for getting any VIP’s attention. This technique makes it almost impossible for them to turn you down. Here’s an overview of what your email pitch should include:

  • Compliment them on a specific thing you’ve done/achieved by reading their material
  • Demonstrate you know their problems (i.e. you’ve taken the time to learn about them)
  • Get to the point fast (aka you want to write for them)
  • Establish your credibility (where else have you written, link to that)
  • Suggest a specific way you can help them (you can write about x, y, and z strategy)
  • Ask them to email you or call you if they’re interested

And here’s an exact email script you can use to reach out

Hey [NAME],

Ever since I tried your ABC strategy, I’ve been getting amazing results. In fact, I already [INSERT SPECIFIC RESULTS YOU GOT FROM THEIR TECHNIQUE]

I seriously appreciate all the hard work you do to create useful, actionable advice about [SUBJECT].

I know you’ve got a lot on your plate. And writing the top-notch content you always produce takes a lot of time – so I was wondering if you’d like a hand with it. [THIS IS SHOWING YOU UNDERSTAND THEIR PAIN]

I’ve already brainstormed a few ideas that I think your readers would love:

I’ve written a lot on this [SUBJECT]. Here are a few examples of my work. You can see that other readers really enjoyed the level of detail I go into on each post.

You don’t publish guest posts very often, but I’d love to be able to write for [THE SITE NAME].

If you’re not interested, no sweat. I’ll still be an avid reader and fan.


Selena used this strategy, along with my word-for-word email scripts, to land a huge guest posting opportunity. And I want to share her field report with you. You'll see how it changed her business and her life.

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Getting Your Remarkable Content in Front of Others