Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise – Part 5:

What's next

What's next

You’ve learned some of the systems and strategies to ask for a raise and boost your salary for LIFE — in as little as a few weeks.

Now, I want you to have even more of my best material to ask for a raise or negotiate your salary, stress-free, including:

  • A near-foolproof way to establish a salary range, so you don’t leave money on the table or get disqualified for being too expensive
  • Unconventional tactics to get stock options, additional vacation days, and other compensation in addition to your raise
  • Exactly what to say to the trickiest and most common objections your boss brings up

Plus, I want to give you the tools to land the best leverage you can have in any salary negotiation — having MULTIPLE JOB OFFERS from different companies.

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Justin R.

Getting a raise is easier than you think: “Ramit, thanks for the extra $10K, 5+ weeks of vacation and 6% 401(k).”

Jacqueline V.

11% salary increase, plus a bonus worth $2,000”

Brian P.

“I used what I learned [to]....negotiate a raise while salaries were frozen at my job... I was able to secure an increase over 10%. Thanks!”

Jeff B.

Using one tip alone, negotiated my salary by $30,000.”

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What's next | Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise – Part 5