Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise – Part 4:

In the hot seat: Watch salary negotiations in action

In the hot seat: Watch salary negotiations in action

Learning from other people’s success is the fastest way to improve.

That’s why I tested hundreds of different negotiation approaches, gathered over 50,000 data points, and flew students across the country into our studio to practice.

In this negotiation teardown and case study, you’ll see actual students negotiate on video, so you can see where they go RIGHT and WRONG. Then, I’ll do a master-level analysis that you can instantly adapt to your communication style.

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Practice negotiation: Face-to-face with your boss (How to ask for a raise)

Dave was meeting with his boss soon, and he was nervous about how to negotiate a raise.

In this practice session, you’ll learn:

  • Which simple tactic instantly demonstrates that you’re prepared and confident
  • How to prepare so when you ask for a raise, you’re almost guaranteed to get it
  • Exact scripts to persuade your boss — even if they say, “Times are tough” or “Maybe next year”
  • The Would You Agree Technique that gets your boss nodding her head with you and puts you at an advantage

Negotiation case study: How Karen got a $10,000 raise

When Karen started salary negotiations, she was worried her employer would find out about her previous salary (she was making $13/hour).

You’ll discover her uncommon approach, and find out which techniques and strategies she used to negotiate a huge salary increase. And you’ll learn some of the word-for-word scripts that turned her interview into a $10,000/year raise.

Learning from other people’s success is the fastest way to improve.
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High Performance, High Pay

You've learned how practice negotiations can help you prepare and be confident in your abilities. And you've seen the case study on how an uncommon approach to salary negotiation can pay off big.

If you want to learn more, I have another series of videos which go into even more detail.

You can use the strategies, tactics, and scripts in these videos TODAY to rocket your career forward. Are you ready to enjoy the life of a top performer?

You'll learn:

  • How to get a huge raise when you’re very good at your job
  • How to negotiate your salary if you’re underpaid
  • Three bonus tips on master negotiating, and the fastest way to improve your negotiating skills
  • How to double how much you get done in a day and set yourself up for a huge raise

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