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Welcome, Mint readers!

I hope you enjoyed my post on negotiating late fees on your credit card. Now, I’d like to offer you even more tips and strategies on getting the most out of your credit cards.

My book (available on Amazon) contains a FULL chapter on this. Today, I’m giving you that entire Chapter 1, “Optimize Your Credit Cards” here, where you’ll see things like:

  • Call script to use if you miss a credit card payment
  • People who waste time chasing zero percent balance transfer games
  • Student loans and getting out of credit card debt

The chapter also includes strategies to beat credit cards by (1) picking the right credit card and (2) negotiating if they try to screw you, and my most hated pet peeve of all: Why most people focus on minutiae like saving $3 on lattes, but forget *big wins* like optimizing their credit. (See Slide 20 for an example of how your credit will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars — more than any amount of lattes.)

EXAMPLE: One reader negotiated his APR down by 5.7% using my script

Aaron T. writes:

I was fortunate enough to come out of school with no student loans, but do have $4364.11 in credit card debt over 2 cards. One is $999.03 and the other is 3,365.08. I just started reading your book yesterday, today I called the card with the higher balance to lower my APR from 19.99%. I have had this card for almost 4 years. My Mom had been paying the minimum for a year or so, but since I became full time I took over any other bills my parents were paying. I have paid $200 the last 3 months and my minimum payment is around $89.

Anyways, I just called and asked, (I had to do no negotiating really, I just followed the script you have in your book) and I got my APR lowered from 19.99% to 14.24%, effective immediately.

Basically, the $13.95 my girlfriend paid for your book will more than pay for itself by the time I get my next bill.

Results like these are typical from my readers, because I make it so easy for them.

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