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"How To Write A $100,000 Survey"

Surveys are a powerful (and misunderstood) tool for getting to know your prospects and focusing your business.

In my full Earn1K Program, I saw a forum post where Earn1k member Jenn W. asked how to improve her surveys. The surveys were a first try, but I saw a lot of potential and set up a case study with Jenn.

In this case study, learn:

* How to write a survey that people will answer
* How to construct a survey that will give YOU the answers you need
* Techniques to maximize the value of the surveys and apply marketing techniques to optimize your survey

I've also bundled several survey screenshots below. You can see the 2 surveys Jenn created (follow along as I tear them down), as well as the survey I used to get inside YOUR heads.

Note: Audio starts about 15 seconds in.

Survey Screenshots

Clicking image below will open larger survey in another window so the case study continues

Jenn's 1st survey
Apartment research
2nd survey
Ramit's survey on
earning more
Apartments- What are You Looking For Survey CLYarn Questions- Feb 2010 Survey Earning extra income Survey

Want to earn more, raise your rates, and grow your business?

Crafting mind-blowingly effective surveys is a great start. But if you really want to get into your customers' heads, you need to dig deeper into their psychology.

That's exactly what I do in my Psychology of Mind Reading private webcast - only available to email subscribers. In that webcast, I cover:

  • How to systematically get deeper than you've ever thought possible in understanding other people's hopes, fears, and dreams
  • How to take what people say...and what they really mean -- and how to distinguish the two
  • How to market yourself the way billion dollar marketing masters do.

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