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What do Scarlett Johansson and Ramit Sethi have in common?

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No, it’s not simply a love of talking about large breasts. Check out the cover of last month’s Glamour. Bottom-left corner.


Aww yeah.

Below, I’ve embedded the article itself. But this isn’t just to point out how Scarlett and I are destined to be together.

Notice how my content has been translated for a female audience. Same material, but it’s completely different than the way I write. It reminds me of some of my previous articles on prior guest post on women and money, specifically an article on how women’s magazines and men’s magazines write about money.

Below, click “Fullscreen” to read this:

Can’t see the embedded file? Click here.

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  1. Ramit,

    Your point about how content is adapted for a female audience is spot on.

    But as a woman, I’d just like to say that I’d take the phrase “beat him with an onion (that way, it’s unclear why he’s crying)” over “It’s all about you—your wants, your needs, your dreams” any day of the week.

    Of course, even though I’m the right age and gender, it’s been at least a month or two since I’ve sported socks and high heels while prancing around my living room with my skateboard and helium balloons, so maybe I’m not really in Glamour’s target demographic.

    Regardless, I fully support you doling out some touchy-feely encouragement every once in a while, as long as I can still get hard-hitting advice and threats of hilarious physical violence at your blog.

    Congratulations on the article!


  2. Haha, when I saw the title, I was going to say that you both like to wear women’s clothing.

  3. Ramit,

    Congrats on the article! And communicating to women differently is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking back at your September survey, even when women and men rank similar percentages in your questions, it may be for different reasons. Travel was a big deal for women – a symbol for freedom. And women are still naturally (think back to the caveman) more team/community focused versus the guys who will hunt to kill and survive :). This resonates in why we may not ask for raises. So much to uncover, so little time. Gender differences keep it interesting. Keep it up – I enjoy your thoughts!

  4. You are going to have your own show some day, I know it. Watch out, stay at home moms. Maybe Oprah will put you on her OWN network. I should contact my friend Jeff Boodie who works for her mag to see if he can pull some strings.

  5. I thought you were going to give me 50 ways to dress my body sexier. Big let down, Ramit.

    I’m glad to see something of value in these magazines, even if it was rewritten to appeal to women. Of course, IWTYTBR appeals to me, and I am a female, so who can figure?

  6. Ramit, you are so crazy, great article & congrats. When you said left corner I looked to the right corner first.
    Like anything, you have to adapt the delivery of the message so you can reach your audience. Thanks to folks like you dispensing real advice, I paid off $30k in debt without even thinking about declaring bankruptcy.
    I’ll be looking for you on Oprah’s new network, or on CNN Money. And if you DO get married to Scarlett, I’d better get an invite in the mail.

  7. Ramit, I was confussed at first, I also looked at the right corner first, I was shocked “Did Ramit wrote “The best thing I do in bed”?????”.

    Ok, now seriously, I believe it was a good summary of your book, since it seems to be the pattern on this magazine.

    Although it worked for me, because I read again those simple tips. Maybe you should have put your web adrees in the article don´t you think?

    Congratulations again, hope you have a lot more opportunities to publish articles in big publications.

  8. Ramit, I’m absolutley curious as to who the demographic for Glamour really is. I know I think of it as 30-40 yo females. I figured you targeted yourself a little younger is all, but maybe I’m wrong.
    Still well done

  9. Hey Ramit,

    I love how you start off with figuring out what rich means to you.

    You set the right, genuine tone from the get-go with the most important message: rich means what’s important to you, not money stacks, gold chains, and spinning dollar-sign rims (unless any of those things are truly important to you).

    Quickly dispels doubt in any skeptics and those rolling their eyes while at the same time dishing out real talk to those get-rich-quick types.

    It’s like how at the end of your book, you bring it all together by saying that the point of big wins in savings, automated accounts, and lifecycle funds isn’t to make cash but ultimately to free up resources to focus on what’s important to you.

    And, like other commenters have mentioned, very cool to see you adapt your message to a specific female audience. Your adaptability is encouraging – pushes me in my writing to keep bringing topics on creativity to entrepreneurs and personal development types, and vice versa with business and effective time usage topics to artists.

    Looking forward to more of your mainstream media infiltrations,

  10. I’m terribly disappointed that they didn’t refer to you as “personal finance hottie Ramit Sethi”. *dreamy sigh*