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Women entrepreneurs: Submit an idea, win $1,000 by this Friday

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Here’s a great chance to get your idea in front of top entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. And there’s a twist: at least half the team must be made up of young women.

Women2.0 flyer

Women 2.0 invites you to submit your business idea on a paper napkin no larger than 7×7 inches. Put it down, mark it up, and propose to us your most innovative solution, an emerging technology, a way to save the world, a way to become rich! We want you to launch your new business idea! Submit as many business ideas on napkins as you can and want.


At least half of the team must be female and at least half of the team must be under 35…We are accepting business ideas that are in concept stage or in beta launch only. The competition is for new, independent ventures in the seed, start-up, or early stage.

Winners get $1000 and a meeting with Michael Moritz of Sequoia or Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

The deadline is this Friday, and it’s just an idea on a napkin, so I encourage everyone to apply. If you don’t have a team, add a comment on this post to try to meet others.

See the full details here. This event is part of the excellent Women2.0 organization.

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  1. Is this really a good idea? Tell another company all of your business ideas! If I were them I’d just award the prize to the 3rd or 4th best idea and keep the rest…

  2. Ideas are cheap–especially ideas that would fit on a napkin. It’s about the execution. I wrote about this in Your Idea Isn’t Good Enough to Keep Secret.

  3. While the idea behind the contest is good – get more women entrepreneuring (is that a verb?), the execution is weak. Every little bit helps, but $1000 isnt going to make the difference between starting or not starting a company

  4. I agree with Ramit. Ideas, however good, are a dime a dozen. I’ve got a list of 50 good ideas. Why only 50? Because I limit the list to 50. New entries have to be better than old.

    Unfortunately old is what I am (35, over the threshold).

  5. Ideas are cheap, and sadly people don’t realize that. Like Ramit said, until you act upon the idea it is nothing but an idea. Its not worth $10 million dollars, its not worth anything until its executed.

    Just a sad fact most people don’t realize.

  6. All you intelligent, driven, dynamic women out there, stop reading this. Napkins are cheaper than ideas, talk is even cheapter – Just make it happen; pull out a pen and tear up that napkin with your best idea!

    This one is for you – embrace it!

  7. Colin,

    $1000 won’t make a difference, sure maybe. What about access to 12 stellar judges in one room? What about access to two high profile VCs?

    Let’s calculate the net worth of the people you can access through the Napkin Challenge – priceless in my opinion.

    Is this weak execution? Did we miss something?

  8. I don’t think it’s anyone’s place to discourage anyone else from trying. Highlighting the negative and being snarky is something the media does, not the startup CEOs and fearless entrepreneurs.

    Colin: Like your blog states, “Your thoughts influence what happens to you.”

    Women 2.0 encourages young entrepreneurs to try, because you never know what will happen until you venture forward. $1000 is may not be a lot of money for someone aiming to build the next Google or Yahoo web 2.0 acquisition, but if it can incite people to venture forward in any way…

    And I completely agree, execution is key. The April 25th Pitch Event will allow finalists and participants to interact with our Judging Panel of top executives, venture capitalists, and successful entrepreneurs.

    Learn from the best. Women 2.0 is providing another opportunity to meet, interact, and mix with the best, along with your like-minded, motivated peers interested in business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

    Thanks for posting this, Ramit. Entrepreneurship is a great way to create valuable experiences, gain leverage and keep yourself competitive. Might as well be venturesome, especially while we’re still young (Rich Dad, Poor Dad, anyone?).

  9. I’m young and female if someone needs a teammate 😀

  10. “I agree with Ramit. Ideas, however good, are a dime a dozen.

    Unfortunately old is what I am (35, over the threshold).”

    Good thing your blogging partner in crime is 29!

    I do work for a company that got its start as a licensing company- they are big on protecting your ideas- they really are your number one asset.

    That being said, even they see the world is changing. And for the record, if you have a really great idea that you are passionate about- chances are, nobody wants to steal it- or will not have the passion needed to bring it to life (tech perhaps excluded). Still,we can’t be afraid to share our ideas.