I’m giving away two round-trip tickets anywhere in the USA

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If you’re wondering, yes, I’m giving away 2 round-trip tickets anywhere in the USA. The link is right here.

But as some background…

Because I’m a huge weirdo, I have a 19-page document where my assistant stores every preference I have. For example, with travel, here’s a direct excerpt from the doc:

(Ramit likes window seats)
Updated 9/23/12: [CONFIDENTIAL]
Use miles for personal travel.

My assistant is awesome. But one of the things that drives her crazy is how I’ll decide to fly somewhere at the last minute — sometimes the day before! Like this:

Ramit: “I want to fly to San Francisco”
Ramit’s assistant: “When?”
Ramit: “Tomorrow” (it’s 6pm right now)
Ramit’s assistant: “Ugh”

For me, having the freedom to decide to fly anywhere at the last minute is an extravagance I love. And I want to share the ability to hop on a plane to visit college friends, see your family, or just take a weekend trip.

That’s why I’m giving away 2 roundtrip tickets anywhere in US — including Hawaii and Alaska.

NEW: You now have 2 chances to win: (1) If you win the tickets, great! (2) If you end up referring the person who wins, I’ll also give you a pair of roundtrip tickets, just to say thanks for helping me spread the word.

Join here in 5 seconds: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/rich-life/


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9 0
  1. My wife and I would take an amazing vacation to wherever the “dart” lands on the map! Thank you, Ramit!

  2. We would definitely go to Australia!

  3. I would take my wife to Las Vegas!

  4. LOL @ “Do you guys think I should create a course on how to read?”
    yesss please do!

  5. to San Francisco

  6. San Francisco – my husband and I have a lot of people to visit and food we want to eat there!

  7. I’d like to travel to California!

  8. I’d go to Austin or San Francisco to visit friends!

  9. I’d go to Denmark because I have been reading a lot about how it’s the Happiest Place on Earth…and I’d like to check that out for myself. Maybe I would like to move there. haha. Read: “Thrive,” by Dan Buettner.

  10. My girlfriend and I would love to visit New York City.

  11. I’d fly to Maui where I got married 8 years ago (I was only 22 years young then– crazy how time flies). I’m excited to hear about your results with this social experiment.

  12. I would take my wife to fly back home to the DC area, just as when the autumn leaves are brilliantly changing colors! I have no family there, but if you contact me privately, I have an amazing story as to why I grew up in that part of the country!

  13. San Diego for sure, it too cold in Scotland! Brrrrr

  14. Definitely a National Park – probably either Glacier National Park or Denali National Park! Would love to see some mountains.

  15. I would like a flight to Florida, it will save me money, flying to Belise.

  16. San Francisco! Always wanted to check it out!

  17. Hawaii!

  18. I did take a trip to Florida. I just graduated from college and need a vacation before I start a real job. Btw Ramit ur tips on job interview really worked. Thanks!

  19. I need to get to DC! I’m stuck in middle America and I have so many more prospects in DC.

  20. I just want to visit my ohana (family/friends) at home in Hawaii.

  21. Seattle! My wife and I would love to visit friends and experience the culture!

  22. We’d go to Alaska!

  23. I would go to Kauai, I have a business idea I developed the last time I was there and need to go back to make some contacts with local touristica shops. Plus… Hawaii, surfing etc.

  24. My favorite city, Boston!

    I am a visual artist ready leap out on faith to NYC. I would explore making solid connections to forward my work and showing opportunities.

  26. I’d take my son to New York. He’s 17 and into art and excellent food, I would love to be able to give him that experience.

  27. I would fly to Hawaii. It’s beyond beautiful there.

  28. I would take my wife to Miami and we would drive down to the Keys. Along the way I would tell her that this is what will happen in the future as a result of my new income streams!

  29. Hey Ramit, it would mean the world to me if I could take my mother to Hawaii. :) After seeing how hard she works all these years, I’d like to give her the amazing vacation she deserves.

  30. I’m already planning a Hawaiian vacay in October but I haven’t bought the tickets yet. If you’d like to fly me out there, I’ll take it – thanks!!

    On a separate note, I can’t believe the multiple entries of Australia/Denmark/etc. Apparently I missed some big news about the US adopting new states 😉

  31. I’d go to San Francisco to see my aunt and her family. She just started her own company and it would be fun to hang out with her and see how I could help. (…and since I’d be up there, maybe try to thank Mr Sethi personally for the trip)

  32. Thank you so much for this, by the way!

  33. I know this may be a very popular destination but I would love to go to Hawaii!

  34. ROBERT E WILLIAMS Link to this comment

    I love your book. I read your book while traveling for business. I have been to 46 states. Hawaii, North Dakota, Montana, Vermont still remain. I will definitely choose a HAWAII.

  35. Camilo Colorado Link to this comment

    I would use the tickets to go to Miami. My wife and I are dying to see my family, most of which still lives there. Fingers crossed!

  36. I’d go to San Francisco to visit family. I don’t get to see my nearly one year-old nephew enough.

  37. I’d get a ticket to either San Francisco or NYC and schedule as many interviews for a 1-week period that I could with companies in the selected city — all scheduled to coincide with an event that might bring other tech folks into town to “bump into.”

  38. I would go to Boston or Portland.

  39. I would travel with my husband (yes we are now “gay married” LOL) to visit my family in the Boston area, to show him how beautiful Boston is (my hubby is from another country and has never been there!). Thanks, Ramit, for running these giveaways.

  40. I would take a friend to California to hopefully visit Silicon Valley! I’m a huge nerd in Florida.

  41. Definitely a tossup between San Fran and Alaska… I’ll let you know when the tickets are in my mailbox!

  42. Saumya Gumidyala Link to this comment

    Hawaii. Haven’t played with dolphins yet.

  43. Arlington National Cemetary to visit my Son’s niche. His stone was not yet engraved when he was interred in May.

  44. Hmmm…I’d fly on over to Colorado. I’ve never been. I’d love to go skiing :)

  45. Good morning Ramit:

    My wife and I would mainly like to fly to Jackson Hole to go to Yellow Stone and Grand Teton national parks.

    Another place we’d like to fly to is Maui.

    Thank you for the opportunity and the education.


  46. Kammie @ Sensual Appeal Link to this comment

    I would SO go to Hawai!!!

  47. NOLA or Boston for me.

    Maybe Hawaii …

  48. I would take my wife to NYC for the first time in her life. She would kill to go!!! :)

  49. I would fly to see one of my friends in San Jose, California. She recently finished her second round of chemo treatments, so I’d love to celebrate with her. She’s kicked cancer’s butt- TWICE!

  50. would love to fly to California

  51. I really want to go to Washington DC to see my brother who has MS.

  52. Would fly to California to visit friends

  53. Though I would like to say some exotic location for a romantic getaway, I would probably use them to take my husband to Maine to visit his family. He hasn’t been ‘home’ in 3 years, and this would really make his day (well, year!)
    He’s been busy working hard and taking care of us – so I’d love to give him something as a thank you!

  54. I would go to New England in the Fall for the colors, a football game, and a fatty hotdog! Thanks Ramit for the contest!

  55. Hawaii! It’s been a dream vacation of mine forever.

  56. Jake Filloramo Link to this comment

    Hey Ramit,

    My girlfriend and I have been trying to find a way to get to Boulder, Colorado because we’ve heard the lifestyle over there is incredible. I’m interested in checking out the startup scene out there and hopefully get a chance to meet one of my heros, Brad Feld.

    My girlfriend is more excited about kayaking, hiking and climbing anything above sea level (we live in Tampa, FL and there’s not too many mountains..or even a hill).

    Love the content and the energy, keep it coming.


  57. I’d take my fiance to Boston and marry her.

  58. What an awesome opportunity and a great idea, Ramit! I also equate success with the freedom to travel. The Florida Keys have long been on our list, and we’d probably have to tack on a side trip to Orlando for the kids. And Miami art hopping for me. Florida, here we come!

  59. Hawaii (never been). I’ve never been to Maine either and have been itching to go. Either way, I’ll be relaxing ocean side eating seafood!

  60. Hmm… Tennessee (visit family), Las Vegas (visit home), or Hawaii (visit paradise)… You said last minute. I’ll officially decide where after I win.

  61. Hi Ramit!
    I’d try to barter the tickets with You in exchange for access to your course. I need the guidance to establish my business.
    Sad but true.

  62. I would absolutely go to Hawaii. I’d visit Oahu, where Lost was filmed (b/c it looks so amazing). And I’d bounce around to Honolulu to do the marathon. So many things to see and do!

  63. I’d go to New York or Boston to visit my people!

  64. Never been to Disney World, would go to Florida

  65. I’d fly to California. I’ve never been to the west coast, so it would be an adventure!

  66. I would love to visit San Francisco. My best friend is studying at the American Conservatory Theater and he has a number of shows lined up for this summer. My friends are all going to see him, but I wasn’t able to because I couldn’t afford the plane ticket. It was incredibly devastating. It would be fantastic to see him perform on stage! Thanks, Ramit!

  67. We have friends that just moved to Oregon, and I’d love to take a trip out there to visit Portlandia.

  68. Anita Felfoldi Link to this comment


  69. Hi, Ramit. If I win, I would fly to San Francisco to attend the next Wisdom 2.0 conference (February 14-17, 2014) where I will meet and learn from others who also wish to connect through technology in meaningful ways.

  70. I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon, and I promised my mom I would take her some day. I would love to make that a reality.

  71. michael greenhouse Link to this comment

    Detroit. They need the business.

  72. Portland, I have an old friend from High School I’d like to visit.

  73. Philly to visit friends and family

  74. I’d visit my pregnant sister in San Francisco!

  75. I would take a trip to see my dear friends in LA. I’ve never been that far west. So, it’s a goal of mine to get out there.

  76. I’d fly to Alaska and fight a grizzly bear, with my bare hands!

  77. NYC for sure. The last time I was only there for a few hours, and my husband has never been there. So much to see and do!!

  78. I would fly my wife to North Carolina. I have great friends out there that I want her to meet.

  79. I would be able to take my son to MINECON in Orlando, FL!!! What a birthday gift that would be!

  80. We would fly to Houston. Yeah, I know . . . Houston. But we would fly there for free so we could fly to Honduras to work with a ministry there. My wife has been dying to go back, and I would love to get out there for the first time.

  81. Kathleen Smith Link to this comment

    Dear Ramit,
    Thanks in advance for the tickets.
    I will fly to LA to visit my son who recently moved there and I miss him!

    Thanks again,

  82. I’d take my husband to Hawaii for some time away to decide our next business venture together.

  83. Sedona, Arizona….. great hiking, very beautiful.

  84. I’d fly to the most boring place in U.S. (as voted on? googled? suggestions?) I’m getting bored of Santa Cruz, so perhaps I need a frame of reference adjustment…

  85. California, the bay and l.a.

    Been out hustling in nyc for the last 3 years and would love to get see friends and family.

    That’s a clear mark of “having success” my career, being able to fly anytime, prettyich anywhere.

    I should’ve launched a travel business

  86. California, the bay and l.a.

    Been out hustling in nyc for the last 3 years and would love to get see friends and family.

    That’s a clear mark of “having success” my career, being able to fly anytime, prettyich anywhere.

    I should’ve launched a travel business

  87. I would fly to the west coast and see the some of Americas natural beauty in a state park.

  88. I work for a non-profit that does incredible work in this world….so RICH of heart I am, but of financial means, I am yet to be…. AND I know it’s all available to me! :) Soooooo…… I would love to increase my body, mind, heart, and spirit richness by spending a beautiful vacation in Hawaii with my love!

  89. I’d go to San Francisco because I have never been and I hear it’s the greatest city in the US and I want to see for myself.

  90. New York City

  91. Hello, Ramit! Thanks for the opportunity.

    I’d like to return to New Orleans. I’ve been there three times in the past, twice before Katrina and once after. I haven’t been there since 2005, and I think it’s time for another visit to see how NO has rebuilt as well as to toss a few tourist dollars down in the French Quarter bars.

    Thanks for being endlessly entertaining and wonderfully informative.


  92. I’d like to go to San Francisco and see my family! I have not seen my Dad at all this year, so I’d love to win.

  93. CALIFORNIA!!!! It’s been in my dreams lately with my photography goals.

  94. Out West or Hawaii

  95. It would just depend on the day for me, but I love the idea of picking up and going somewhere at the last minute. Some top contenders: Alaska or Hawaii, NYC, Miami, or Wyoming (during the rodeo!).

  96. I’d visit Hawaii.

  97. A long weekend getaway to Portland, or perhaps New York City. I’ve never been to either place!

  98. I’d fly to San Francisco just to see what all the fuss is about!

  99. I’d fly to kauai with my hubby and our 9 month old. :)

  100. Hawaii, to experience something brand-new!

  101. NYC and Austin…cuz I’m guessing these two tix can be used separately? If not, one of the two cities, probably Austin, would be my choice to travel =D
    Visiting friends and getting the opportunity to travel out of town for once!!

  102. I’d fly with my girlfriend to see my sister in South Carolina.

  103. I would take a trip with my husband to Hawaii. We weren’t able to go on a honeymoon after our wedding two years ago, so this would be a great opportunity to go.

  104. I’d take a trip to NY or Boston

  105. Hawaii for sure! We can’t wait to go back.

  106. I would take my beautiful lady on a trip to Washington state where the treehouse resort is and stay there for a long weekend. Treehouse a are natures most powerful aphrodisiac.

  107. I want to say Kauai, HI right off the bat…but I kinda like the idea of blindly picking a spot on the map, with my wife, and see what happens from there!

  108. If I won the tickets, my husband and I would use the tickets to go to Niagara Falls, NY as Ramit’s present for us to have a honeymoon. My husband and I got married in a ceremony right after church service one day over 20 years ago. No expensive wedding dress, caterer, florist, extensive wedding list and such – just with whomever showed up for church that day as witnesses! We never had a honeymoon, since we packed up our cars and moved to another state on our wedding night!

  109. I would take my wife to Argentina. Her family is from there and we are considering spending part of each year around the Mendoza area. Skiing, Malbec, Family, Steak – YES PLEASE!

  110. I’d either go to Colorado to visit friends and also because I heard it was beautiful or I would use it to visit my family back in Virginia.

  111. My husband and I have a list of the places we’ve never been, so it would be one of those places. might as well take advantage of good fortune and accomplish something in the process.

  112. I would fly to San Francisco, CA!

  113. Hawaii. Maybe New Orleans

  114. california

  115. I’d fly home to the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon where it all began…

  116. Wow, thanks Ramit for the possibilities! I would definitely go no holds barred to AK for a heli-skiing adventure, and definitely a little business networking. Pick me, I’ll send you pictures!

  117. My fiance and I would take a break from the Army to fly home to Chapel Hill, NC to visit our families!

  118. Hawaii, cause damn those tickets are expensive!

  119. Hawaii, for sure.

  120. I would love to visit the New England area in the Fall to see the changing colors of the leaves. I have heard this is one of the most beautiful sights to see (as well as historical) in our country.

  121. I must experience NYC! I have numerous friends and family there that I would love to see, but the city in itself, the city that never sleeps, is something I have to experience before I die.

  122. David Longsmith Link to this comment

    I would fly to Alaska to visit my sister in Homer!

  123. Go home to Florida maybe?

  124. Texas to visit my better-half’s children from a previous marriage

  125. Boston. Friends.

  126. I’d like to see Puget Sound and some of Seattle!

  127. I would love to go to Hawaii! My husband just just retired from the army after 23 years so this would be awesome!

  128. NEW YORK CITY. To see the Rucker Park. And MSG.
    CHICAGO. To meet Scoop Jackson.

  129. I will fly to Hawaii, Honolulu for the beaches and mountains.

  130. NY to see my family.

  131. Alaska so I can see lots of wilderness!!!

    • and wildlife! I’d suggest you stick with a summer visit…our winters aren’t so pleasant, and they last longer than they should!

  132. Portland! Where the dream of the nineties lives on!

  133. I would fly to World Con (enormous genre con in San Antonio, TX) in August! And the San Francisco Bay Area in September, because it’s one of my favorite places on earth.

  134. I want to go to Hawaii!!! My fiancé has never in his life been on a vacation and I have been dying to take him on one!!!

  135. I’d look at the conferences that I wish I could go to and pick one based on that OR head to Detroit with my husband to see just how cheap these houses are and check out the potential for regrowth in the area…..would depend on the when and other potential restrictions like that. My fallback would be Hawaii…my husbands family has a house there I STILL haven’t seen and I’d love to change that…

  136. I’d tell my wife to choose, and I bet she’d say anywhere that’s currently holding a comic or game convention.

  137. California. Visit family …

  138. Corbin Tarrant Link to this comment

    I would take my girlfriend to Hawaii. She has been participating in an unpaid internship for 2 months now so she is extremely stressed physically and financially. I managed to get one shift covered for her so that we could eat lunch at a local winery, but a real vacation would amazing.

  139. Portland, OR for the beer.

  140. I’d surprise my mom with a visit to Nevada on her 60th birthday!

  141. Portland, OR. To visit a friend who I haven’t seen in almost a year.

  142. Kelly Fucciolo Link to this comment

    I could say I would fly to hawaii or someplace fun for a vacation, but honestly i would fly to phoenix so i know for sure that i could attend the annual conference in july 2014 for the direct selling company that i am starting up with (hopefully today). I am a 42 year old mom who has a good job but my pay is set as a state employee so i must look for those extra jobs for the extra $1k per month (or more). I am going through a divorce after 18 years and am bound and determined to make this d.s. opportunity work for me so that i don’t have to stress and so i can provide the extras to my kids. It would be my hope that i would learn so much and network so much at the conference that it would allow me the financial growth from this event alone to be able to buy my own plane tickets for a nice vacation after that!

  143. Hawaii, definitely. Because it’s a great mid-point between Japan and the states. My best friend is stationed in Japan. When he’s on leave, the military has some routes there so we could reunite and play on the beach. He is really handsome and I want to feed him macadamia nuts and watch him get lei’d. I might be slightly in love with him. The Navy keeps killing our romance. Anyway, Hawaii is the farthest east he can travel for the next three years. Since I’m not heartless: the other ticket would likely go to his mother or sister.

  144. Kona, Hawaii, with my husband because we got married there and haven’t been on a vacation in 8 years!!!

  145. Many of the military service members I work with are or have been stationed in Alaska and they absolutely LOVE it. In fact, anyone I’ve ever met who has been to or lived in Alaska always talks about how it is such a beautiful place. So if I win, I would travel to Alaska with my good friend of 25 years.

    Thanks for sponsoring the contest Ramit!

  146. My husband and I would go to Hawaii to hike and relax on the beach!

  147. Hawaii, of course

  148. Weekend at the beach in Hawaii!

  149. Southern California!

  150. William Morrow Link to this comment

    San Fran or Hawaii

  151. Maui and Kaui in Hawaii.

  152. I have lots of friends and family in Fairfax, VA and would be really nice to fly there and spend time with them.

  153. Ethel Alegria-Hernandez Link to this comment

    Hawaii or New York(to see family).

  154. Hawaii or Florida..

  155. I would choose Hawaii. My son was born on Pearl Harbor Day and I want him to realize the importance of the day outside of his birthday.

  156. I’d go to Santa Barbara, CA to visit Friends!

  157. Nashville. Never been, sounds cool with great food and music.

  158. hey ramith, The idea of going trhough a program on how to learn to read, does not really turn me on. At least not on the same level ur dream job program does though. Regards from Chile!

  159. I would visit the Redwood Forests. To stand in the shade of a living thing that has seen so much history!

  160. We would fly to Alaska and escape the heat of Arizona Summers!

  161. I’d fly with my mom down to Memphis — the starting point for the awesome BBQ tour of the South that we’ve been planning for the fall!

  162. San Francisco. My wife and I love that place!

  163. I would either go to Pennsylvania to visit an ailing family member or to Austin to take a seminar that I’ve been dreaming about!

  164. Bora Bora – My fiance and I are currently trying to plan our honeymoon for early next year.

  165. We would love to go to Hawaii!! Thank you!!

  166. Im looking forward to leaving my heart in San Francisco!!

  167. Aspen! Last time I went I had to fly BOS to DEN, rent a car and drive 4 hours to get there. Aspen is awesome and I want to go back like a balla!

  168. Boston in the Fall! Absolutely!

  169. Remington Keller Link to this comment

    I would fly to San Francisco

  170. We would either end up in Miami or Maui.

  171. I’d take my Mom to Hawaii as we’ve never been there. Thanks Ramit for the opportunity.

  172. I would fly to Las Vegas with my closest friend. His bday is coming up in Sep so we have to do it big!

  173. Would offer those tickets to go to somewhere in NC, research triangle area–so I could for cool places to sell jewelry, and she could visualize her family living there, ie finding jobs and lives ie nearer to the rest of us.

  174. I’d like to go around and wander into Texas.

  175. My parents live in AK and they haven’t seen both their grand kids … So I’d probably go there. Seattle is also great though. Hmmmmmm.

  176. though i would love to go to hawaii, we’d probably use it to visit my husband’s family in new jersey :) much needed family trip!

  177. Out to Colorado to visit Rocky Mountain National Park!

  178. Hawaii for sure!

  179. I would go to Hawaii, definitely!

  180. The last time I went on a real vacation was approximately 3 years ago to Ecuador to visit family. Last year I decided to spend my vacation days on a Nicaraguan Mission Trip with a group of peers attending schools and residents who live below their means. However as an upcoming graduate student I gave up vacation time to work more before going off to school because I cannot afford it at this moment. I don’t regret it because I have a bigger goal in mind. However, if I won these 2 round trip tickets I would love to take my mother and visit Hawaii. It’s somewhere we’ve never been but I’m sure we would both love it and the fact that we’re taking some time off together.

  181. I’d go to Hawaii or Seattle.

  182. I would take a trip with my fiance to Alaska before our baby is born in February of this coming year.

  183. New York City……theatre baby, art, and energy of the city….yum a roo…and my nephew is at Barclay’s , I want to see him and his lovely family. Xoxo

  184. New York – Because That Would Complete My Rich Life.

  185. Vegas or San Francisco!

  186. I would take my boyfriend to Sonoma, California or Hawaii so we can live the good life and learn how to suft and drink wine!

  187. Anchorage AK here I come.
    (heard you can see Russia from there!)

  188. I don’t know if Its valid but I don’t live in the States. I live in Bogota, Colombia and my aunt lives up there in Seattle. The catch is that a flight from here to Seattle is more than 1,000 USD. If I win, is buy a cheap ticket to Florida and take a second (won) plane to Seattle to visit her and his husband. I miss her.

  189. Hawaii would be my first choice, and I have the Napa Valley area in my sights!

  190. I would to Hawaii. It’s the only state I have not been too. Thanks!

  191. Denali, Alaska to hike and get fresh perspective on life.

  192. NYC, baby! Whoohoo!

  193. Thanks for the chance, Ramit! I don’t know yet exactly where, but since I live in the desert, I’ve been really craving some coastal views.

  194. I would fly to New York City. I’ve always wanted to experience New York.

  195. My youngest child is 16 and we love traveling from our Urban neighborhood, exploring other countries and USA states. We have visiting a cousin who moved to Portland Oregon on our trip map of places to go.

  196. Hi Ramit,

    If I win, I’ll fly to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with my husband next year. There’s a hooping retreat in January that I would love to attend.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    Cheers, Sarah

  197. Fairbanks

  198. Hawaii – husband and I want to get back to Kauai (where we went for our honeymoon), get a vacation rental for a couple of weeks, cook, surf, and unplug

  199. I’d take my wife to Seattle. She’s a grunge fan, and she’s never been there.

  200. Sedona, Hawaii or Boulder can’t decide.

  201. Phoenix or Alaska to visit friends!!

  202. I would fly to L.A. There I would hope to increase my network in the industry I work in.

  203. Back to NYC, because it offers the highest auto-free density of mental stimulation.

  204. I would love to take a trip to Vegas with my best friend. She was never allowed to travel outside NJ because of visa issues and I have been working. We want to celebrate our birthdays there because…

    Because its Vegas!

  205. Explore Kona, go scuba diving, swim with the dolphins, soak up the high vibrations of this beautiful island in paradise!!!

  206. I see how many people want to visit San Francisco, it’s a wonderful city. I’d pick Boulder or Lake Tahoe. I’m working on a new venture and as much as I want to go back to SF, I think I’d pick a place I haven’t been to yet.
    * I don’t think you need to create a course on how to read. That would take away from the random entertainment we get on your comment threads that give most of us a chuckle. Cheers Ramit!

  207. Back home to NC for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sounds lame, but I travel to cool places a lot already for work!

  208. I don’t have the faintest idea where I want to go, but I definitely like the idea that I can just decide on the spot and go there!

    -ray lee

  209. I’d love to go to San Francisco where my boyfriend is!! <3

  210. Bernie Estevez Link to this comment

    We would go to Hawaii.

  211. I’d fly to Alaska, since it is the only state I haven’t been in yet.

  212. Boston – that’s where my wife’s sisters live and we long to visit them

  213. I would fly to northern California with my husband. We originally talked about going to Yosemite as part of our honeymoon but changed plans in favor of going to Mexico as it was actually quite a bit cheaper. He has never been to the West Coast and I think he would love it!

  214. I would fly to Boston, MA for the American Public Health Association Meeting and Exposition. I want to meet and network with other colleagues in the public health field that are interested in child obesity. http://www.apha.org/meetings/AnnualMeeting/

  215. Corinne LaScala Link to this comment

    I would use the tickets to fly to Salt Lake City Utah, so I can attend a Zumba Class with my Zumba idol Kass Martin

  216. I would go to Peru and hike the Inca trail.

  217. I would love to go to Hawaii or Puerto Rico!

  218. I will fly to NYC.

  219. LA to visit my daughter (who is attending medical school)and her fiancé – miss them both and it would be wonderful to spend time with them without the craziness of visiting during holidays!!

  220. My husband and I honeymooned in Hawaii but had to cut it short due to a family illness. Now, 12 years and four kids later, it would be awesome to go back and finish our trip!

  221. San Francisco!

  222. I’d take my wife to Hawaii!

  223. To Los Angeles to see Charles Munger (Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway) speak at Daily Journal Corporation’s shareholder meeting. Would also meet my close friend from college.

  224. Portland, Oregon…of course it would be great to go to a national park, or attend an amazing conference, but I visited Portland briefly a few years back and found it to be a funky place, a place where the atmosphere could help generate great ideas for creative, entrepreneurial projects!

  225. Christina Castorena Link to this comment

    To be honest with you, I would take my sister to Alaska.She lives in Florida, so I’d definitely take her to Alaska. We always have tried to plan a fun “Hermana (Sister)Time” trip every couple of years, but we haven’t been able to go. Life happens right? Anyways, it would be a fun trip.

  226. I want to fly to Maui! Never been to Hawaii and I want to check it out. I Might be moving there to set up a business.

  227. Melbourne!

  228. New York, New York!

  229. I’d go to San Fransisco and EAT :)

  230. I’d fly to Hawaii to visit my Grandparents

  231. Ironically, SF for the birth of my best friend’s baby in Sept!

    Thx Ramit!

  232. Hey Ramit!

    I would definitely take a friend and go visit San Francisco, as I have family there I haven’t seen in ~6 years!


  233. San Diego to scout out that area for relocation, and some fun.

  234. I’d go to San Diego.

  235. Somewhere in Europe, maybe London or Dublin! My husband & I have always wanted to go to the U.K.

  236. I’ve been really focused on living I want this year, already, so it’s surprisingly difficult to choose where to go, since I’ve already been going wherever I want guilt-free with my automated vacation savings account (thanks, Ramit!).

    That said, I’d love free tickets to San Francisco. I prioritized having travel experiences with my parents this year, and am taking each of them to the city they’ve always wanted to visit (Albuquerque, NM and New Orleans, LA). Spending money on another fun trip for my husband and I this year isn’t in my plan, so it would be such fun to hit the west coast for free, and do some in-person networking with our contacts out there.

  237. Jan earl ambong Link to this comment

    Hawaii :)

  238. Austin, TX

  239. I’d go to San Diego when the weather starts getting cold here on the east coast! Love California, but haven’t gotten the chance to explore it as much as I’d like.

  240. DC to visit a friend and check out the area for a potential move in the future. Although, Alaska is pretty tempting!

  241. I’d visit home, the Big Island of Hawaii.

    Or Colorado for all the craft beer.

  242. I’d fly to Texas to visit my in-laws, niece and nephew!

  243. I’d go to Portland to visit my brother

  244. Maria d. Chavez Link to this comment

    My husband and I would like to go Hawaii, we have never been there and we need a vacation. He is a hard working man and has done so much for our family.
    Thank you

  245. San Francisco with my husband to visit to my newly married son & his wife; introduce him to the city.

  246. I’d take my mum to visit my dad in Colorado!

  247. Anywhere there’s a white sandy beach and a fru-fru drink with an umbrella in it…

  248. San Francisco would be nice, but I would have to choose Seattle or Alaska.

  249. A beach.

  250. Seattle!!

  251. New York

  252. I just re-read the original email and see now the contest reads “US…not UK” as I initially thought! So, I’ll retract my earlier comment and insert Alaska as a place we’d love to visit!

  253. I would go to California. It has always been my dream to fly out there, and experience the West Coast life style.

  254. I’d fly to Maui. I’ve been to Honolulu, but would love to see some of the other islands!

  255. Hawaii for sure, haven’t taken a vacation since our honeymoon…6 years ago.

  256. New York to hang out with my family

  257. I want to go with my husband to Hawaii. We’ve never been & from every photo I’ve ever seen it seems magnificent. He’s got a big birthday coming up, 5-0! So I think this would be an amazing gift we’d not otherwise be able to afford right now. Thanks for the chance!

  258. We’d fly to Seattle, then bike down the West Coast, visiting family and friends along the way, working from our laptops. We’d sell the bikes in San Diego, hop a sailboat back to Seattle, and come back home. I estimate that’s about a 4 or 5 month trek, and a killer adventure!

    • (For the record, this was already a trip concept I had in my head. Getting free tickets wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference in whether or not we do this, but hey, I’ll take free airfare!)

  259. I would like to go to San Fransisco visit Friends. Never been to the West coast.

  260. I appreciate this opportunity Ramit. I would love to have the opportunity to visit my girlfriend and her family up in Maine. Thanks!

  261. I will go to Sedona, AZ where I can bliss out on the red rocks and raise my vibration making me even more creative.

    I wish I could be your assistant. Last minute plane reservations? No problem! I solve problems.

  262. I would take my husband on a surprise trip to Las Vegas for his birthday.

  263. I have a deep interest in racing and would love to go to Texas and visit the newly built Circuit of Americas Raceway to start up a network there.

  264. I am going to wherever you are teaching!

  265. Hawaii! I’ve never been and would love to go!

  266. I would take my husband to NYC! He’s never been and has wanted to go for years!

  267. San Francisco to meet up with entrepreneurs, visit this apparently beautiful city, and try to meet up with Ramit to tell him about the impact Earn1k had in my life the last 6 months.

  268. Baltimore to help my friend plan her wedding!

  269. I’d love to fly to California to make it to Yosemite for a week or so (along with my girlfriend) – unplugging from NYC life for a few days late fall/early summer sounds perfect.

  270. I’d take my mama to New Orleans for some music and jambalaya.

  271. Chris Anderson Link to this comment


  272. Take my mom to HAWAII!!
    You’re awesome Ramit!

  273. I’d go to Austin, TX. Have never even been to the state and my roommates (NYC) are all from there. Seems like my kinda town.

  274. marivic u. cabrera Link to this comment

    I would take my live-in partner to Las Vegas!

  275. Lisanne DiMattia Link to this comment

    My fiancé and I are getting married. We’re paying for/planning the wedding ourselves. We’re working really hard (both at work and at the planning process) to make sure our friends and family have a good time at the ceremony & reception and I would love for us to have the vacation we have been dreaming about for our honeymoon for years- Hawaii. It would be the light at the end of this wedding planning tunnel for us. That and spending the rest of our lives with each other :)

  276. I would like to go to Salt Lake City, Utah. Love the snow!

  277. Are we allowed to choose Hawaii?

    Of not, Silicon Valley/San Francisco, or Wisconsin to visit friends.

  278. I would like to take my partner to Kauai, Hawaii to enjoy snorkeling, hiking and some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

  279. Big Island, Hawaii

  280. Florida – we were hoping to have a honeymoon at Disney World but were unable to get time off for one.

  281. I would fly to Minneapolis.

  282. Richard Stephan Link to this comment

    I’d fly to Vermont.

  283. I’d love to go to Hawaii or Alaska!

  284. Hawaii, spend a week or two learning to surf. The money saved on flights can buy some fantastic instruction and trips around the ilsands to get to the better locations.

  285. I’d want to go to Hawaii although my spouse would probably prefer NYC.

  286. I’d like to travel to Iceland.

  287. I’d fly to Denver, Colorado… you know, to see about a girl~

  288. Hawaii! My best friend and I live very far away and are busy. This would be a great excuse to drop everything and relax a bit in what has been a hectic 2013.

  289. Most likely either Hawaii or the West Coast (SFO, PDX or SEA). It depends on the time of year. It might be possible to route through SEA or SFO on the way to Hawaii anyway.

  290. Denver Colorado to do whitewater rafting and backpacking!

  291. MaryAnne Kelly Link to this comment

    I’d head to the East Coast – Boston or Maine; alternatively a San Diego get away is always nice. thank you.

  292. Hawaii!! I’ve never been and would love to vacation there.

  293. There are so many places and so many reasons, but it would certainly be nice to hold on to the money for when the moment finally arrives where one of us says “I wish I could just hop on a plane to _____” and then make that happen right away.

    But if I had the freedom to just jump on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere it would probably be San Francisco. SF offers us the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: visit family AND go to nice restaurants!

  294. We would love to go to Portland and return from Seattle! Thank you!

  295. My fiancee and I are paying for our own wedding and would love to use these for our honeymoon to Hawaii!! A good relief at the end of this planning

  296. Rachel Kessler Link to this comment

    My husband and I would love to visit NYC and see all the sights!

  297. I would love to go to Hawaii or Puerto Rico!!

  298. I would travel to New England in the Fall to photography the beautiful colors and visit my dear friends that live out there! 😉

  299. We would fly to Puerto Rico! My wife and I never had a honeymoon, so this would be awesome for us!

  300. Defiance, Ohio… It’s been over 3 years since we’ve seen my sister and her family, so it would be sweet to surprise them with a visit!

  301. To Los Angeles so my wife can get a tattoo from Kat Von D :o)

  302. Been meaning to take a trip to New York, to spread my father’s ashes on my grandfather’s grave.

  303. great experiment Ramit, can’t wait to see the analytics! I’d fly to Hawaii!

  304. To Oahu for my cousin’s destination wedding in April 2014!

  305. Ramit,

    I would love to fly to Orlando, FL from Seattle, WA around Christmas time to see my family for the holidays who I only see once or twice a year.

  306. My wife and I would jump at the chance to fly to Hawaii! Maybe we could bump into Lilo & Stitch at the beach doing a heartfelt rendition of Elvis’ “Devil in Disguise”.

  307. I know it’s cliche, but Hawaii!!! I’ve never been, and these brutal Chicago winters would require a welcome break!

  308. I’d fly with my husband to visit awesome friends in Arizona that we haven’t seen in a year.

  309. I would fly my boyfriend to California to visit his aunt, go hiking, and tour Napa Valley. It’s been a dream trip of his forever and he has done so much for me over the years, so I would love to be able to surprise him! Thanks Ramit!

  310. I’d go to Seattle, WA. I’m thinking of relocating there by the first of the year, so this would be a perfect opportunity for me to visit and find a place to live.
    This is me taking a leap of faith and expanding into another business endeavor.
    It’d be great to win! And, I’d take my mom with me on the trip; she deserves it!

  311. My sister lives in Hawaii and while that might SOUND awesome, it’s not that great when my husband and I live in NJ. Skype can only do so much; there’s nothing like spending real time with her and my niece and nephew. We’d take these tickets and use them on a visit to her in Honolulu.

  312. Australia! Only kidding. I would fly out to New York to visit my sister and friends.

  313. Hawaii or New York, Id love either one!

  314. Germany!

  315. LA. One of my best friends just moved there, and it’s just so far away!

  316. I would take my wife to Hawaii to see the volcanoes that she’s always wanted to see. We would also go snorkeling and enjoy the many cultural opportunities available on the islands.

  317. Alaska, for sure.

  318. I would like to visit San Francisco. That will give me the opportunity to see around about how the daily life is there. I’m looking for a better job opportunities and i need to see if that place has something for me.

  319. I’d take my husband to Maui!

  320. I would take my wife to Hawaii for our anniversary.

  321. I would go to Hawaii or New York City. Depending on my mood, relaxation or a foodie art exploration vacation.

  322. I’d head to San Diego to spend New Year’s Eve with some of my closest friends!

  323. NYC to attend a conference with you and the Brain Trust

  324. My wife and I would use this to visit our new nephew back in Boston for Thanksgiving.

    (We just moved to San Francisco a month after he was born, and right now it’s questionable whether we could afford to do Thanksgiving & Christmas.)

  325. I’ve wanted to go to New York for the longest time now and would use them to visit the Big Apple.

    • Vivian Weissman Link to this comment

      New York is awesome. Humid here at this time of the year.
      I suggest coming in the fall. Pretty colors and Central Park is lovely. :)

  326. Hawaii would be nice, but Florida most likely

  327. Already been to Alaska twice, so either Hawaii in September (before work gets crazy for the holiday season) or my friends’ December wedding in LA.

  328. If I won, I’d fly my wife and myself to Hawaii. I’ve ever been and she was a little kid last time she went to visit her grandparents.

  329. San Diego for beach time, Austin for culture

  330. I will go to Portland, Oregon. A good friend of mine lives there, who has a neurological disorder called ataxia of the cerebellum. Her and her husband came to visit me in Philadelphia last spring, and since that time she wad let go of get job due to budget cuts. Her lack of mobility has convinced her that she no longer has a semblance of a life beyond her home. I have had a long term goal of staying with her and helping her find her niche. Free plane tickets would help this goal be reached that much sooner!

  331. I would head to San Diego, CA with my wife before we have our first baby later this year!

  332. Hey Ramit, I’m getting married on Aug 10th and my soon to be wife has never flown before. I would really like to take here some where very special. So, if I were to win it would be up to her as to where we would go. If anyone has some good ideas I would love to here them. Thank you.

  333. I would take my wife to Hawaii. Snorkeling, cliff diving, eating and all that jazz.

  334. San Diego to visit some friends!

  335. Minneapolis to visit family!

  336. Hawaii baby!

  337. If I win I will take my daughter to Hawaii.

  338. Jennifer Castillo Link to this comment

    Aloha Hawaii. I would sweep my husband off his feet and wisk him away to Hawaii. Oaho here we come! Mahalo, Ramit.

  339. Definitely San Fran to visit friends who I haven’t seen in years

  340. Definitely head out to LA

  341. I would go to Hawaii to visit family, hike, chill on the beach, do yoga, dance and enjoy the cuisine and have a blast.

  342. Reba Charleston Link to this comment

    I’d visit family in Los Angeles…

  343. I’d go to Alaska! Never been and its so beautiful.

  344. One place I would love to go to is Colorado Springs. I’ve never really been out to the western part of the states and I’ve always heard that Colorado Springs is beautiful. Also, how cool would it be to sit in a natural hot spring?! If I won, I think I would want to go here for a 1 year anniversary with my husband.

  345. Charlotte, NC! Never been, keep meeting good people from there, want to visit :)

  346. I am a broke college student studying in Massachusetts, and my boyfriend is in the army, currently stationed in Hawaii. We are both from Massachusetts, and he only gets leave to come home once or twice a year, so we don’t get to see each other very often. This year, he’s not coming home for Christmas, and I would love to be able to travel out there to see him. Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity!

  347. Chicago!!!

  348. I don’t know where the flight will be to because if I win, I plan to give the tickets to 2 people in need, People who need to get somewhere, but who cannot afford the tickets. I don’t know who they will be yet. I will work that out if I win.

  349. I’ll go visit home…NYC baby!

  350. I would take my little brother with me on a foodie trip to New York! Woooo!

  351. I would go anywhere. I would put 50 cities that I’ve never visited before in a hat and draw one at random!

  352. Two words: Career Jump! I would go to Colorado where I’m trying to secure my next job opportunity! Ready to earn that extra 1K per month. Just like your course teaches. I hope I win! It would help with my relocation expenses.

  353. My partner and I would fly to Seattle to meet our new niece or nephew, who is due next month.

  354. I’d take my husband on a ski trip to Big Sky, Montana!

  355. Madeline Mackay Link to this comment

    I would surprise my boyfriend of two years (as of August 15th!) and go to Colorado, Cali, Vegas, or Hawaii with him. They all sound so fun.

  356. I would fly to Hawaii since I have never been and its been 6 years since I’ve been to a beach. I saved my money to pay off all my credit card debt! Yay me lol now I could use this trip to celebrate.

  357. I’d fly to Seattle, buy a used motorcycle off craigslist and ride down the entire coast and back.

  358. My hubby and I would fly to Houston, TX to visit my family!!!

  359. Hawaii!!!

  360. Love to take my baby girl to Niagara fall while she can fly free under 2.

  361. San Francisco!

  362. Portland, Portland, Portland!

  363. My (newlywed) wife and I will be flying to Sacramento to tour wine country!

  364. Hawaii. Beach time is necessary now that both my husband and I are finished with graduate school.

  365. I would either take a couple of extended trips to Boston to spend time with my new one-and-only niece, or I would put the tickets in my sister and brother-in-laws names to let them visit me :)

  366. My wife has been wanting to vacation in Hawaii, so Hawaii it is!

  367. I would like to visit Chase Jarvis studio!

  368. My brother and his family were recently transferred to San Diego by the Marine Corps. My husband and I would fly out to visit!

  369. To Hawaii, to learn to surf in warmer waters.

  370. Michael Berrie Link to this comment

    I am moving from Alaska to the “lower 48” this fall (driving). I would use the tickets to fly myself and my partner back to Alaska for a visit next year or at the holidays.

  371. Sedona, AZ

  372. I would love to go to Seattle! I love food and have heard so many amazing things about the markets and restaurants there!

  373. Hawaii Baby, Hawaii

  374. I’d go to New York!

  375. Pacific NW- We have friends in Seattle that just had a baby and friends in Portland we haven’t seen in forever. It’d be nice to take a break!!

  376. Hi – I would go to Hawaii because it seems beautiful

  377. Home to Virginia at Christmas!!

  378. Lynn McFarlane Link to this comment

    I would take my Dad with me and we would fly to California to visit our relatives. Probably start out in the SF area. He’s 83 years old and hasn’t taken a nice vacation in years. He is the one who keeps in touch with all the various family members and he would love this trip, especially if its first class and he doesn’t have to deal with the usual cattle call.

  379. I would probably use the tickets to travel to San Jose, CA to take the lab portion of my CCIE certification. Hustlin’ ain’t easy (or cheap!).

  380. This is always a tough choice as I have a few options and a few things I’d love to do. Do I go to Atlanta, where my buddy has offered to let me drive his 2012 BMW M5? Do I go to Chicago to see another buddy and spend a long weekend stuffing my face and drinking myself retarded? Do I head back to Oregon to see family? Do I go join up with the Seattle Sounders supporter’s group during an away game? Do I game the system and use these round trip tickets and just add multiple layovers so I can do all this stuff?

    Oh, I imagine there’d be a girl involved at some point…’cause why not?

  381. I would take a trip to Maine with my husband in the fall. I would use the tine away from my 3 little ones and the scenery as inspiration to finish my book.

  382. I would fly to Alaska to see my best friend. We met in preschool when we were 2! She got married and is now a military wife in Fairbanks. She had a baby a few months ago whom I haven’t met yet. Would love to see her!

  383. San Diego

  384. Hawaii or maybe Alaska

  385. I would love to go to Colorado. I have never been, but have always been enamored by the great outdoors. I have heard that you just can’t beat Colorado.

  386. I would fly to Hawaii for sure!

  387. I would take my boyfriend with me to New Orleans! He stayed with me long distance through med school, and now that it’s over, he deserves a thank you!

  388. I’d take a vacation with my husband (without kids!)… I’d have to think about where. Maybe New England in the fall.

  389. To a different type of tropical: Hawaii.

  390. I’d fly to home to California for Christmas!

  391. I would take my wife and 2 kids (of course we’ll pay for the kids) to DC to see the capitol and to reunion with my old unit.

  392. California! Would love to visit friends in LA, explore Silicon Valley, and enjoy the beach.

  393. I would scatter my mother’s ashes across the beautiful waters off Maui, her spiritual home.

  394. One of my good friends is getting married this weekend (on Sunday night) and I decided I couldn’t afford to fly home (LAX to IAD) because I can’t get any days off work before the weekend or after. I would literally have to fly to Charlottesville VA for the weekend, completely blow off my family, and make it back to LA for work on Monday. If I could justify trip and still have money for a future trip home, I would do it.

  395. California!

  396. Lake Tahoe. Greatest place on earth.

  397. Vilius Puidokas Link to this comment

    I would use it to speed up the USA leg of my hitchhiking trip from Belize/Guatemala to New York where I have a rendezvous with my 1 year old daughter.

  398. I’d fly to San Francisco. I’m looking to move out there because the job industry I want to be in is out there as well as my boyfriend :)

  399. Hawaii!!!

  400. My wife and I would visit our family in LA or SF and take our son for the first time. We just relocated from Minneapolis to North Carolina and haven’t been back in a few years.

  401. I’d go to New York for some pizza.

  402. Kauai for a vacation with my wife – WITHOUT CHILDREN!

  403. I want to fly to Seattle. I’ve never been there, and always wanted to go!

  404. I would 100% travel to Singapore / Japan / Thailand / Peru / South Africa / Cape Verde / Bali ….somewhere so different from anywhere I have ever been. I NEED (forget want) to be out of my comfort zone.

  405. Orlando, for a so-long overdue reunion with my mother and sister and the vacation I’ve needed for years since I became disabled.

  406. I’d love to go to Manhattan, New York, so that I can (1) go to Babycakes bakery for a red velvet gluten free cupcake, and tu-lu’s bakery for a ham quiche, and go food truck hopping all over the city!

  407. i’d take my boyfriend to hawaii! we’ve never been there and it’s at the top of our travel wish list!

  408. Seattle. To meet my new niece.

  409. Houston, TX

  410. I’ve never been to Los Angeles, California.

  411. NYC, all the way. Wife and I have never been and we’d love to visit.

  412. My wife and I would go back to Hawaii where we had our honeymoon 8 years ago. The honeymoon was mostly a disaster, and I’ve wanted to have “redo” ever since.

    Why do I have the feeling that Ramit is going to tell us that we should have taken all these trips years ago, and if we all listened to him we could fly anywhere with 24 hrs notice, like him?

  413. Hawaii!! We haven’t had a real vaca in years.

  414. Hawaii…because why not

  415. Michigan- love to visit my older sister, hang, see her town, talk one on one again with her about comics and learning from her more stuff about the comic freelance industry.

  416. I’d fly to the Bay Area to visit friends, enjoy the sights and sounds and restaurants… it’s been far too long!

  417. 1st leg: Fly back to NY to take out 2 awesome, potentially life-changing people to lunch (And perhaps lead to more of me flying whenever I want down the line)

    2nd leg: Fly to Hawaii

    Give the other ticket to my boyfriend, who will meet me in Hawaii, where we can spend a week together celebrating 8 years together.

  418. I would go to Hawaii with my husband for our 17th anniversary!
    Thanks Ramit!

  419. It’d be a tossup between San Fran, NYC, Nashville, or similar. Looking for a new place to call home to advance in a career that I find difficult to pursue in the state of Arizona- that and I don’t have a car, so somewhere urban would prevent me from drying up here; the plane ticket would be the first step! Thanks for giving me and everyone else here a chance at a richer life Ramit!


  420. Either San Francisco, South Carolina or Palm Springs. Preferably all! It would be a lot more fun if my husband and I could generate enough income to be able to do this whenever we wanted.

  421. I would send my parents in FL to visit their new grandson in OR.

  422. I’d want to give the tickets to my parents so they can visit my wife and I in Hawaii. We go there for a month a year and I want to remove the cost barrier for them to come down and meet my wife’s extended family in their homes. That would be awesome.

  423. Entertaining the thought you just presented is interesting, since I plan to take the trip anyway.

    But… to answer your question about where I will fly if I or a referral win these tickets: I’m going from San Francisco to Boston, Mass (and back again, I hope).

  424. I would probably like to go to San Francisco with my sister!

  425. I would fly to Michigan to attend a best friends “I just beat cancer” party!!

  426. Bryan Crofford Link to this comment

    I’d fly to Hawaii, my Fiance and I are planning a wedding for October of next year (time to save). I’d use these tickets for the honeymoon. Otherwise, it would have been NY, as both of us really want to travel there soon.

  427. Hi Ramit,

    I really admire these giveaways that you organize and provide. I take a proactive role as soon as they become available by publicizing the information on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

    I would love to win because I just recently moved to the States and there is so much I want to see in this country. I have heard that there are some beautiful places, and by giving out two free tickets, my husband and I will really cherish our trip by making it the most memorable if we do win,

    I would choose the San Juan Islands because I absolutely love nature and experiencing local foods and cultures. I am a huge fan of farmer’s markets. This trip would just be perfect! My friend lives in Seattle. Perhaps I can go see her too.

  428. I am in the midst of a horrible divorce. I would take my girlfriend and go to Hana, in Maui. It would be such a blessing and temporary retreat from divorce hell!

  429. Honolulu – to visit friends and family

  430. I would love to go to the Grand Canyon with my husband to be.

  431. Washington, D.C. because I have never been there.

  432. Stephanie Figueroa Link to this comment

    If I win, I will treat my mom to a trip to Hawaii. She has been there once and she absolutely loved it! I would surprise her with a second trip because she deserves it!

  433. I would take my husband to New York so we could wander around the city, taking in the sights and stuffing our faces with awesome food!

  434. I was just diagnosed with a brain tumor so I would probably go to Alabama to visit my parents while I can. Although there are many places I would love to see, but priorities, priorities.

  435. Hey Ramit,

    My friend just recently moved to San Antonio. If I win, I would take the opportunity to go see her there and bring a friend with me.

  436. San Diego!

  437. I would take my Dad to Hawaii so he can finally stop talking about his trip there 30 years ago

  438. Marcelle France Link to this comment

    My Husband and I would probably go to Belize!

  439. I’d grab my husband and make a run for the Big Island (Hawaii).

  440. I want to fly to Hawaii

  441. I would go to NYC! I’ve never been before!

  442. So many places we could go…Oklahoma (see my father), Portland (just to sightsee), Vegas (visit my brother), Hawaii or Alaska (sightseeing).

  443. Iowa. Yes, I’d go back to Iowa for a week or two.


  444. I was invited to dance with a company in New York and this round trip ticket raffle is such an opportune timing!

  445. California for sure.

    You should really just ban those people who don’t read your posts properly…they probably contribute to an aggravating number of emails in your inbox!

  446. I’d go visit my Uncle who lives in Aniak, Alaska. He’s lived out there for most of his life, but I’ve never gotten to visit. I want to find my passion for Photography again!

  447. I’d go to Alaska

  448. I would definitely go to Hawaii.

  449. I’d go to Washington, DC to visit schools that I’m considering for a graduate program and to see where I’d like to live when I get accepted.

  450. The tickets would definitely help to plan a family trip to Disney World in Florida. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to win Ramit!

  451. My finance and I would use this opportunity to visit AZ so he could see where I grew up!

  452. I’d go to Texas for the mid-winter conference of the Society of Consulting Psychology.

  453. Sarasota, FL. Because after reading Ramit’s series on taking the leap, I need to go down and check out a few places to live before skip town and just GO.

  454. Stuart Rosenberg Link to this comment

    Take my wife to San Fransicso and the surrounding area. Love that part of California.

  455. Hi Ramit,

    I would like to fly wherever my sister would like to go. She has stage 4 cancer and I would like to see her take a dream trip.

  456. I would go to Hawaii or find a place that is hosting a fitness business or personal development conference that i wouldnt normally be able to invest in at this tome and go there (kill 2 birds with one stone )

  457. I will fly my wife to Hawaii because I literally cannot remember the last time she and I took a trip without our kids.

  458. I would love to fly to Alaska. I had the opportunity to go there a few years ago but due to money problems I had to cancel the trip. I’ve kicked myself over the years for not splurging. This would be my chance!

  459. I’d like love to visit Hawaii!

  460. Ok this might be the first in here, but I would like to go to Scottsdale, Arizona. There is a workshop I’d like to attend in October and it would be so totally awesome if I can win the plane tickets. I would love to visit Arizona anyway, mixing business and pleasure!

  461. New Zealand or Hawaii

  462. To california please!

  463. I will fly to Hawaii with one friend who couldn’t afford a trip like that, but who would Love to go!

  464. I have friends I’d like to meet in New Jersey and West Virginia.

  465. We will go to Hawaii, or California to visit family.

  466. Austin, Seattle, or NYC.

  467. I would love to visit Hawaii its a place that I have always wanted to visit being a guy that likes to ride waves.

  468. I would not be going to a super exciting local, but my best friend from college lives in Columbus, OH, and I have not been able to visit her since her wedding. She just bought her first home, but I don’t have the money to go. Even more exiting, I would also take a quick road trip to Cincinnati to visit my cousin and her family- I have only met her husband of 4 years twice, and her 1st child once, and I have never met her other child. I have a relative that I have never even met! His name is Wolfgang. No, I am not kidding.

    So many great places to visit in the USA. but really, I want to go spend time with people I love!

  469. I would fly to Boston or Seattle. I’ve never been and want to go.

  470. I would love 2 tickets to Paris, France. London banned me because I bought a one way ticket and wanted to take a train to Paris. Plans failed, but hey this can work out beautifully.

    Oh comme j’aimerais être en sirotant un verre de vin français. :)
    See, I am learning French already, thanks to Google Translators.

    • Vivian Weissman Link to this comment

      PS: I know that Paris, France is not in the USA but my core belief is, don’t ask, dont get. So I may as well be bold enough to ask for it.

      Second option would be San Francisco. As a kid I’ve always watched Charmed and wondered what it would be like living there. Ahh, childhood dreams.

  471. Missoula Montana; for classes on harvesting animals.

  472. Honolulu-I’ve always wanted to see a volcano!

  473. I’d go to Atlanta – want to check out the job and culture scene, and also visit family!

  474. I’d love to take my grandmother to Alaska because it’s one of the places she’s always wanted to go!

  475. I’d go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  476. I would fly with my elderly mom to Chicago. She wants to see a few things, like where she grew up, relatives, and the cemetery where her family is buried before she dies. Winning these tickets would be the only way I could afford to let her have this wish. My estranged father also live there. I would like to see if I could “mend some fences” while I was there.

  477. Going to Hawaii!!

  478. Ramit, it’s very cool that you’re giving away free plane tickets. If I win the tickets, I’ll take my boyfriend on a vacation to Portland, OR. We’ve been talking about going there to visit friends and tour some breweries, but money’s been a little tight for us since I started my business. These tickets will help us take a much-needed leisure trip!

  479. From Cali to Ohio with my 4 year old son. My moms 80th birthday in the fall and I must be there to celebrate

  480. Tommy Williams Link to this comment

    Either Maui or Tennessee.

  481. I would take my wife to Hawaii. We married three years ago and never had the chance for a proper honeymoon. With only one income and tight finances, we’ve still not had one.

  482. I would love to go to New York. So many great things to see.

  483. Chicago! I’ve never been! And there’s this donut place (Doughnut Vault) that is the number one item on my bucket list. Cronuts can wait.

  484. My husband and I would love to go to Alaska!

  485. I would fly to Las Vegas, Nevada!!

  486. I’m turning the big four-O this year and would love to visit some wine country near your neck of the woods. Maybe even drive a little further up north and visit Washington or Oregon. I have traveled in the States and quite a bit internationally, but haven’t really seen the “corners” such as the northwest!

  487. Ramit- I would fly to Alaska. I have a friend who works at a beautiful resort, and would put us up for cheap, but I have been saving so that I can quit my job and work with my partner in her business (reseller on Amazon) and start a slipper making business.

  488. Hawaii -Never been there & no way to drive there..advantage if I could time it for my honeymoon &\force my girfriend to take a few days off, a free ticket might be the only way to get her hardworking self from behind the desk!

  489. I’d give the tickets to my parents to fly to wherever they choose for their birthdays this fall. They’ll be 50 and 55, so it’s a big year for them.

  490. New York, or anywhere in the North East…. Thanks for the chance….

  491. I would like to go to Seattle and experience the Pacific Northwest.

  492. Hawaii! Sorry brah, them tix expensive…

  493. I’d take my mom to Los Angeles- she’s never been and I know she’d love it.

  494. California!

  495. Alaska for sure!!

  496. Alaska…to take my parents on a once in a lifetime trip!

  497. I would take my best friend to Hawaii. Give us both a chance to relax and chill on the beach!

  498. Hawaii with my husband – we need some time to relax after two babies in two years.

  499. Ramit…you should DEFINITELY create a course on how to read. I mean some of these boneheads replied “Australia…Denmark…” and all I can do is rotflmao.

    I was going to say I’d travel to Seattle, WA as I live in Miami, FL and I figured being in the opposite corner of the continental US would be kool, but based on those replies, I’d like to go any one of the US cities those people live in. I have a sneaky suspicion that’d be WAY more entertaining…

    (still rotflmao!!! 😉

  500. I would send my parents on their first honeymoon for their 29th anniversary to Hawaii so they can finally enjoy the getaway they deserve after this many years of marriage. If wanted to go somewhere like California, Florida, or Alaska I wouldn’t care, as long as they’re having fun.

  501. Choices, choices. I pick Seattle, WA.

  502. My wife and I would like to take a trip to Phoenix Arizona before she goes back to school being a school teacher.

  503. Since Alaska is on the table, that’s exactly where I’d go. In the winter. To fight polar bears.

  504. My wife has never been to Hawaii … so that’s where I’d take her (after dropping the kids off in Miami with their grandparents)

  505. Jennifer Winchester Link to this comment

    My husband has been living in the US for 12 years now and still has never been to New York, so I’d like to take him there!

  506. It’s been a tough year for me and picking myself back up in my Business. A nice relaxing vacation to Thailand would be nice! Thanks Ramit.

  507. I would fly to Hawaii!

  508. I would go to Hawaii. Never been there.

  509. Hawaii would be a nice vacation!

  510. New Orleans!

  511. So, for the past two summers, my girlfriend has spent two months on the north slope of the Brooks Range in Alaska for her job. Here: http://goo.gl/maps/2Pnic (That’s right, no civilization!). She’s always wanted me to come visit, but we’ve never had the disposable income to get me there, so this (or at least as far north as Anchorage) is where we’d go.

    Oh – and yes, the sun never sets in the summer, there are grizzly bears, moose, and some awesome mountains.

  512. Alaska, or Hawaii, or really any where at all i find intriguing, which is many places.lol

  513. I’d use one to fly to CA, visit my aunts, my Navy SEAL brother, and my friends. I’d use the other to whisk my broke college friend down South for a visit!

  514. Maui, Hawaii for my honeymoon.

  515. I would fly to Alaska (in the summer) to see the amazing wildlife and experience a life that is completely different than my own.

  516. Hmmm, Washington DC to visit family or Hawaii for some RnR….I’m thinking the latter. Mama needs proper vacation!

  517. My mom actually just moved across the country (from New Hampshire to Washington) – I would love to visit her!

  518. Anchorage, AK

  519. Would definitely like to go to Hawaii and grab some time snorkeling, exploring volcanoes and seeing whales. 😉

  520. Definitely taking my wife to Hawaii before the baby is born!

  521. Seattle

  522. We’d fly to Seattle. I’d like to walk around Mount St. Helens and have an appreciation for the awesome forces that make life possible on this planet. I want to sip coffee from the first Starbucks. I want to wander the rain forests on the Olympic peninsula and imagine a Sasquatch hiding behind each moss-covered tree. We want to stand where Lewis and Clark first saw the Pacific. I want to see my wife give a little squee of delight when we drive through Forks and make a few “my own personal brand of heroin jokes to each other.” Maybe we’ll wear some glittery body spray to complete the illusion. I want to drive to Astoria, wearing a Superman shirt and red suspenders, and do the Truffle Shuffle. Goonies never say die, after all.

  523. I’d love to get away with my husband. NYC would be fun!

  524. Houston tx (where I’m staying right now) to San Francisco.

  525. Alaska

  526. Hawaii or Alaska

  527. I would take my wife to visit either NYC or Hawaii. She really would like to see both.

  528. We’d love to go to Hawaii for a real honeymoon that we never had!!

  529. Alaska – helicopter skiing in the Chugach mountains is a dream – no, goal – of mine. You can get me there soon. Without your help? That deadline is winter 2015. Either way I’ll let you know when I get back… It’ll be an Earn1k graduate/ambassador’s “what if you make the leap” story that will entertain even you.

  530. Hawaii.

  531. I have to go L.A. For visit my friends.

  532. I would go to Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go, it’s so beautiful.

  533. Would love to visit puget sound and ghe Seattle area.

  534. New Orleans! I’ve never been and I’m in desperate need of a trip out of New York.

  535. Hawaii, absolutely and all the way. Have always wanted to go. Total bucket list item. Thanks, Ramit! You rock.

  536. I’ve always wanted to see the redwoods in california

  537. I’d like to go to New York because I’ve never been to the East Coast (except during a transit flight) and take my sister along. She’s a fashion blogger and would love to shop there!

  538. New York! I’ve been to 17 countries, and 26 US states, but New York City has eluded me thus far…

  539. Michael Garland Link to this comment

    I’m a comic book artist, and the single most important element of establishing your career is in-person networking at conventions. There is a big show in Seattle in a couple of months that I would absolutely love to go to. Its one of the best for attendance of people in the industry without the crazy business of Comic Con in San Diego. This where I would go. But Seattle is very far away and I’m still new to the industry, which inevitably means funds are very tight. Even though this con could possibly make or break my career.

  540. I would want to travel to a state where I would normally not travel to in order to experience a lifestyle different from what I normally experience in California.

  541. I would go to Australia! I have always wanted to go!

  542. I would take my friend to Hawaii. It’s so beautiful there and he has never been.

  543. I will go to Hawaii!

  544. I would really like to go to India. The culture there is just something I have always been interested in.

  545. I would take my wife to the Napa Valley for her birthday.

  546. Hawaii.

  547. I’d fly to Santa Barbara or San Francisco. I’ve been dying to go. My husband and I are saving for Europe so it’d be nice to get some getaways in between!

  548. We haven’t taken a trip since I was pregnant in 2008. We would most definitely visit family/friends (tough decision to make), so that we could see loved ones and have them meet our daughter (a ticket we would pay so she could come with us on the trip). We live in Hawaii, so our choices would be to Washington, Oregon, or Texas. Although I would most likely choose Texas, as that is where my sister lives. I haven’t visited her and her family in Dallas since 2002. Thank you for putting the opportunity out there!

  549. Vikki Kendrickz Link to this comment

    Without a doubt, I would go to Japan. The technology and the way the country is so advanced is just so interesting to me. I love technology and gadgets.

  550. I would fly to Southern California!

  551. I would go to NYC. I was there my senior year of high school and LOVED it!!! I cannot believe it has been 21 years and I have not been back.

  552. I’d use the tickets to fly my two kids and I to my family reunion next year. And yeah, I know how to count. :)

  553. My girlfriend really wants to whisked away to Chicago, and I don’t prefer being the one pumping the brakes on it. When that woman wants something, being able to accommodate that proves something to both of us. That’s the blanket description of my idea of a “rich life.”

  554. I love that you are doing this! My husband and I haven’t taken a trip just us since our honeymoon! We would love to fly back to Hawaii where we spent our honeymoon to reminisce and spend some much needed alone time!

  555. I would fly with my wife to hawaii. Keep up the awesomeness Ramit!

  556. Since I’m living IN Hawaii, I would love to take my wife and kids to Maryland to see their Aunt/my sister (Yes Ramit, I’ll pick up the other to two tickets). Our road trips are either too short or end with snorkels. I’m sure my wife will have other ideas herself, but she can get her own entry.

  557. I would fly to las vegas, visit an old high school and college friend for some perspective and take my fiancee to see the grand canyon. We need to experience something really BIG.

  558. Would love to take my wife and daughter to San Francisco, to take my wife to see her best friend whom we’ve named our daughter after. We’ve never been to California together. We live in Hawaii and have only been to Washington and Oregon together, something we did before our daughter was born. Since its two round-trip tickets, we’d purchase the third ticket so we could travel as a family.

  559. I would fly to Vienna because I love classical music. But for adventure I’d see the Great Wall in China

  560. Jessica Wilson Link to this comment

    I’d fly to San Francisco. I’ve been wanting to go to Silicon Valley to check out job opportunities — having a bunch of Asian relatives wanting to stuff me with food can’t hurt either.

  561. Hawaii as a graduation trip for my husband

  562. Hawaii for sure. Not going there on my own, what better way to try!

  563. i would fly my grandmother to see her family in texas

  564. I would love to close my eyes and pick a place.

  565. I’d take my husband to visit my sister and her husband (whom I’ve never met) in Hawaii, where they live, and where we wanted to get married but couldn’t.

  566. Id go to Hawaii hands down! My boyfriend is originally from there but flights are typically too expensive for us to go there so it would be awesome to get a chance to see where he grew up & enjoy some beach time too of course!

  567. Massena NY – tracking down family ancestry

  568. We’d fly to Miami (from Portland) to see my friend perform his dream gig! Tickets are currently too expensive :(

  569. Home, it’s where my heart is and has been missing! Fresno, CA

  570. Andrew Tremblay Link to this comment

    Always wanted to travel to San Francisco!

  571. Hi, I would fly to Rich Happy and Hot B-School in NYC!

  572. I’d go to Austin, TX for some beef brisket.

  573. New York City…to see Broadway shows! Hubby’s cousin is in Cinderella…would love to see her perform!

  574. One of two places. I really want to visit my aunt and cousins in New England and to scope out the area so I can move back there, at least part time. I also want to fly to San Fran to see my friend Claire who I haven’t seen in sometime and miss. If I didn’t have to use the tickets at the same time, I’d do both. If I did, I’d see if my mom wanted to go visit her sister with me.

  575. Hawaii :)

  576. Courtney Lynn Leiphart Link to this comment

    I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but airfare is so expensive. 2 free tickets would allow my family to go to Hawaii together!

  577. Would visit California to see Sam Francisco, then visit Caltech and Stanford.

  578. Trip to New York City!

  579. Vegas – Any excuse to go is a good one.

  580. I would take my cousin back to visit Los Angeles, California. She lived there for 3 years and loved it but had to move back to help take care of her mom when her dad died. She would really love to go back

  581. I’d like to explore the rich heritage embodied in the islands of Hawaii and Kauai

  582. Portland, Oregon – to go give my sweet-cheeks a big sloppy kiss on the mouth.

  583. I’d love to go back to Hawaii with my wife. It’s crazy inspiring, beautiful, and relaxing.

  584. I’d live to travel to Hawaii, Los Angeles, or Puerto Rico!

  585. Being that I am from Texas I think I would go to Alaska to see some real snow and glaciers and just be cold for once.

  586. I’ll fly to Alaska or Puerto Rico! Travelling is my passion, unfortunately it is not cheap. I’ve been to many cities and towns in the States, but Alaska and Puerto Rico are still those up in my Next-To-Go List.

  587. I would fly to any city I can get a job interview in.

  588. alaska! hawaii! utah! santa fe!

  589. I would take my girlfriend on a much deserved and overdue vacation to Hawaii/San Francisco/Colorado. So many great places in this great nation, hard to choose.

  590. I will fly to New York to see some shows on broadway!

  591. babcock state park, west virginia

  592. Honolulu, Hawaii

  593. Duh! Hawaii???

  594. NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  595. San Francisco!

    I haven’t yet been to the West Coast, and various friends have headed over to California for work. This would expedite my timeline for visiting and exploring the area!

  596. Hawaii, to renew our wedding vows.

  597. Seattle

  598. Robert Russell Link to this comment

    I would fly to Boston so I can spend time with the love of my life. We rarely see eachother.

  599. Kauai. Went to Maui a couple of years ago and it was awesome, both my girlfriend an I want to go and check out one of the other islands.

  600. I’d go to Chicago to visit my brother – the only sibling I have not visited since we grew out of/away from our parents’ home. Hoping to time the visit with the arrival of his adopted child…whenever that might happen (soon we hope!!).

  601. Seattle!

  602. Hilo, Hawaii for the volcanoes!

  603. I would fly to Hawaii because I have never been there, and it would be a great place to spend time before I traveled on Australia to visit my daughter. Or she could travel to Hawaii and meet me there for a vacation.

  604. AWESOME!! I’d like to take my son to HAWAII so he can personally feel/witness the abundance of fresh organic produce grown there. Also to visit the black sand beach. :)

  605. I’d fly to Florida with my dad. Although this contest makes me feel a little sad, because actually I probably shouldn’t wait for a contest to take him there. I should do it right now!

  606. The Big Island of Hawaii!! Thanks!!

  607. Florida, for practical reasons. But if I was in a wishing position….California.

  608. I’m relatively new to the U.S. and haven’t had a chance to explore the country (mainly due to money issues). I’ve been in some places in California, where I live now (San Fran). I also visited NYC a few years ago and loved it! I would love to visit New Orleans and/or Hawaii, if I were to win in this contest :-)

  609. Shannon Marcoux Link to this comment


  610. somewhere in the north, or Alaska, or Hawai, just somewhere I have never been and that I can afford to stay for at least 5 days… isn’t this a white elephant?

  611. We would go to Fjords, Glaciers and Denali National Park in Alaska.

    We just finished watching Into The Wild, and it was a major inspiration and motivation to get back to the basics of appreciating beauty in nature, pure survival, and the human condition.

    So, ALASKA, definitely. Flying into Juneau or Anchorage would be perfect, to explore Denali Nat’l Park, and the Glacier cruises. This will help reset the buzz of city life, and all the “unnecessary” luxuries often taken for granted in our daily lives. We’d love to camp out there just in nature for a bit.

  612. I’d LOVE to take my boyfriend to New York City. He’s from Louisiana… he’s never been!

  613. California would be great!

  614. Hawaii or Alaska for sure… Definitely need to go off and explore beyond the lower 48!

  615. Instead of just giving free tickets to anywhere in USA, how can I earn enough so I can take a trip anytime anywhere?

  616. I already have a voucher for volunteering to take a later flight last year, but I’ll probably use that to visit the parents. With these tickets, I’d keep it simple and take the girlfriend to Hawaii.

  617. Alaska to visit my aunt and old family friends.

  618. going to HAWAII, for sure!!!
    been dreaming about it for years. ahhhh…

  619. I would go jump on things, then off things in San Francisco!

  620. What a great experiment! I would take my husband to Uruguay for at least a couple weeks. We have been looking to explore South American cuisine, starting with countries friendly to ex pats.

  621. It would be either be La Quinta, CA or New York City.

  622. New York City
    I want to go in summertime (before end of September) to dance tango outside in Central Park.
    I also chose NYC because one of the things I”ve said since I was a teenager is “If I were rich I’d live in NYC for a time” -so in the spirit of being-richness, its my trip of choice.

  623. I would definitely take my fiance to Hawaii!!!!

  624. I want to go to new york because if you can make it new york you can make it anywhere.

  625. San Francisco. Never been outside of the east coast. Would loooove to take my girlfriend out there

  626. On Aug 6th I’d fly to Boston all the way from the southwest, visit family, tour the New England coast, and stay at a friends beach house in cape cod.

  627. Hawaii! Always Hawaii.

  628. My wife and I would like to return to New York.

  629. I would visit New England, starting in New York to visit my brother and his wife who I’ve not seen in two years and then drive through Connecticut to Massachusetts to see the Atlantic for the first time!

  630. Patrick Truong Link to this comment

    New York!

  631. I would go to NC to visit my boyfriend.

  632. California or cape cod

  633. I’ve never been to Hawaii and it looks beautiful. So I’d be island bound.

  634. Los Angeles in November for a conference I’d like to attend — again. I went last year and learned a ton of good stuff.

  635. I’d love to go to San Diego

  636. I would fly to D.C., so I could visit my Dad. I haven’t seen him in almost a year, and it would be great to visit.

  637. Grand Canyon all the way!!

  638. Hawaii (Waimea Valley! North Shore!!!)

  639. Probably Daytona, but barring that, San Francisco!

  640. I would like to Go to Chicago.

    Thank you for your generosity, time, and consideration,
    Kody Bosch

  641. I would go to Alaska, I was talking to on of my customers who used to live in Fairbanks Alaska and said it was beautiful. I also enjoy going to places that I have never been to.

  642. Hi Ramit, I would fly my wife and I to Kauai since our two-week honeymoon was washed out by rain and state-of-emergency flooding

  643. The Gullah Islands off the coast of South Carolina.

  644. Arizona. Grand Canyon exploration- my little brother and I.

  645. Emily Caldwell Link to this comment

    SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    because it’s everything mississippi is not.

  646. I would go to disney world florida or disney califorina.

  647. Pamela E. Ferguson Link to this comment

    I would like to take my husband to Hawaii!

  648. San Francisco for a 49ers game.

  649. Hi Ramit,

    First I would have to fly to the states (I live in Japan), but once there I would follow my whimsy wherever it happens to go: probably Boston or Maine since those seem to be my places, but inspiration might strike at the last minute and send me somewhere completely different.

  650. Hawaii, definitely!! Everyone I know has been but I haven’t and I would love to experience it!!

  651. I would fly to a city that gets me a cheap flight to the Caribbean. If you count US Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico as part of the US, I would fly there. Either way, I am going to the Caribbean.

  652. I would fly to Hawaii for my first time there and to meet my girlfriend’s parents.

  653. New York. All the big movers and shakers in my industry are there, and I’d love to pick all their brains! :)

  654. Bryan Villarreal Link to this comment

    Well there are so many place that I would love to visit if I win! But if I had to pick one place… for right now I would stay New York City. Never had a chance to visit NYC and I believe this would be a great opportunity for check to city out!! It would be nice to leave Las Vegas and the West Coast for a bit.

  655. Hawaii or Florida

  656. I’ve been dreaming of seeing the Milky Way. Light pollution is such a huge issue locally so it would be so incredible to be able to have an awe inspiring view of our universe. Whether that’s on a mountain with a clear dark view, maybe Alaska would be a great sight or Hawaii has a top notch observatory. How freeing it must be to jump on a plane and experience this once in a lifetime experience! I appreciate your advice so very much and hey even if I don’t win, I’ll get to that level myself sooner than later. Persistence is key :-)

  657. Hector Saravia Link to this comment

    My wife and I will go to Hawaii to meet our 4 children, their spouses, and our 8 grandchildren for a vacation together. Our oldest daughter and her family are currently stationed in Australia, so Hawaii is our halfway meeting point.

  658. I would take my boyfriend to Hawaii – I’ve always wanted to go and he’s never been further west than Ohio. And that doesn’t even really count since it was a layover at the Cincinnati airport! I’d love to open his eyes to the rest of the world outside of New England!

  659. I live abroad and my parents live in Michigan and I would take my mom, who, despite being chronically ill, is an amazing, inspiring, self-employed textile artist, to any city of her choice for a round of art museums, intimate concerts, and good food and drink (our favorite mother-daughter activities!).

  660. I would like to go to the Big Island in Hawaii to see volcanoes

  661. I would like to go to the Big Island in Hawaii to see volcanoes

  662. I would definitely use my tickets to travel to Hawaii. Perfect weather, beautiful and tranquil. Thanks in advance, Ramit!

  663. I would go see my best friend in Alaska. Her husband is stationed there in the Army and I have not seen her on well over a year. Thank you

  664. I’d take my best friend on a trip to Hawaii!!

  665. Maui, Hawaii

  666. I would be so fun to be able to take my recently retired mom to Charleston, South Carolina!

  667. I would go to Seattle and visit a good friend of mine! Thank you for all your helpful and practical advice.

  668. I’d fly to Hawaii ! Aloha :)

  669. I’ve been thinking about this all day and I cant come up with one single place Id pick. That’s because I’d be so content being wherever as long as I’m with the love of my life. Just to have a new experience and adventure with him. So if we were to get lucky and win this, then at that moment we’d just pick a place and see how it goes. Just being with him in a new place is what sounds exciting to me.

  670. I’d go to Ashland, Oregon!

  671. I’d fly to Jackson Hole, WY or NYC.

  672. It’s time to go see my son at UC Davis in California during his summer break. He needs my help showing him how to market his new band and I need his inspiration and creativity to help me test ideas for my new business. I train seniors and show them how to tame the tech in their life.

  673. Alaska. It’s been on my list for a long time, and one of the few states I haven’t been to yet. Only in the summertime, though.

  674. I’d take my wife to one of the smaller Hawaiian islands. We only made it to Oahu on our honeymoon and I’d like to see another side of paradise.

  675. Will fly to Hawaii. Thanks

  676. Alaska for me, maybe I’ll try a dog sled.

  677. If I wasn’t already in San Francisco, I’d come here. 😉

    I’d go to Hawaii to visit a friend who recently moved there and is working for a dive shop. It’d be nice to get into some warm water with my gear again.

  678. When I win the tickets, I’m going to fly to LA to visit my sister!

  679. Planning a trip to Florida to escape the miserable winter.

  680. I’m not holding my breath, but if it’s possible I’d like to send my boyfriend across the country to California so that he can visit his kids. He’s terminally ill so it’d be nice if he got to spend some time with them before his deteriorating health prevents him from flying.

  681. My dad turns 75 in December. Naturally, we’re throwing a big party for him and I need to fly back to Vermont for the festivities — 3300 miles away!

    Since my mom turned 75 in January of this year, and big sister turns 50 in August, this year has been full of important family milestones. My stash of accumulated mileage points (not to mention my bank account) has taken a real beating in 2013, and I could use help to make this last voyage.

    Pick me, Ramit!

  682. I would take my wife to Hawaii! :-)

  683. My husband and I would go back to Arizona where we honeymooned 35 years ago! I would love to go back.

  684. Hi Ramit. I want to win the tickets and I would use them to fly out to the Grand Canyon. I have been wanting to take a mom daughter trip with my 14 year old daughter to marvel at the beauty of nature and appreciate what doesn’t involve a mall!

  685. It’s a tossup between Hawaii and San Francisco. Two places I’ve wanted to hit for a long time. I’d probably flip a coin.

  686. I want to go to Hawaii! I’ve been all over the US and Europe, but never Hawaii… Seems like it’s time.

  687. I’d travel to one of the 50 US states. :)

  688. Scott Harrigan Link to this comment

    Hawaii, for sure. With someone special. It’d be an experience I’d never forget!

  689. Kenneth walters Link to this comment


  690. We’ll go to Alaska! I’m waiting for those tickets, Ramit. Thanks!
    And yes, I think a reading class, as in speed reading would be FAB.

  691. Jonathan Roman Link to this comment

    I would like to explore the state of Alaska to see the Auroras

  692. I would love to go to San Francisco!

  693. I’m definitely going to fly to New York! Delicious eateries, here I come~

  694. Hawaii yeah! Hawaii yeah! Hawaii waii waii yeah!!!!!!

  695. I’d take my good friend to Fairbanks, Alaska so she can finally witness the Northern Lights.

  696. Somewhere in California …

  697. LA – I’ve never been there, and I’ve always wanted to go.

  698. I’ll go see my cousin in Denver for her wedding.

  699. I’d go to Japan!

  700. So many responses! I’d go to Hawaii.

  701. Donna Ashenberg Link to this comment

    Hawaii, of course!

  702. Maine to visit an old buddy. Or Hawaii wth my wife, unless she prefers Alaska.

  703. If I win I will use the ticket to fly to Denver co. My boyfriend just moved to Denver to work and live with a group of entrepreneurs in The Village and even though he is following his dream, it doesn’t mean that I miss him any less. I would love to get the extra chance to fly out and see him!

  704. One of my big dreams is to run a marathon and I have a couple of friends running one this coming October in De Moines Iowa, I would love to use this ticket and fulfill one of my dreams in the company of amazing friends.

  705. Seattle to explore a change of opportunity

  706. Hahaha I came here to read the comments and see how many people would ask to go to Argentina…Peru…Australia…don’t bother teaching people to read Ramit I think it’s a lost cause.

    also i find it amusing how many people said Alaska and Hawaii. Much more than any of your previous USA plane ticket giveaways. You created the anchor and people responded regardless of what they actually might have picked before you mentioned it. Power of suggestion.

    And now I’m biased by it too and can’t think of where else I want to go other than Hawaii! Hmm. So much for overcoming biases by becoming aware of them.

  707. I’d fly to Houston to see my brother and his wife- and my newborn Niece :)

  708. Hawaii! Or the West Coast- to celebrate my boyfriend’s new job!

  709. Hawaii or California

  710. I’d fly to Nashville. Always wanted to go there.

  711. I would visit Seattle, WA.

  712. I would go to the Virgin Islands.

  713. I love seeing all the responses that say HAWAII! I live in Hawaii… so where should I go? I think I want to go to a city I have never been before for a new adventure, I am not sure where that is right now. Possible Seattle to visit friends and family… maybe time it so I can attend a CreativeLIVE and be in the audience too. 😉

  714. If I win these tickets I want to go see my best friend Britt in Atlanta! I haven’t seen her in close to 7 months and I miss her so much. Fingers crossed for these tickets!!

  715. I’d fly to Austin, Texas. Fun, musically enriching, and a great overall value.

  716. I would like to go to Hawaii. It’s not exactly an easy place for a recent college graduate to travel to, but I’ve always wanted to go there.

  717. I’d go to Portland to meet my boyfriend’s new neice.

  718. NY or Hawaii

  719. Hawaii. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon and it would be great to go back!

  720. I’d fly to Seattle and take an Alaska Cruise.

  721. i would visit my sister in seattle for new years.

  722. I would get on the plane as soon as possible and visit my elderly parents in Florida. I moved to the west coast 6 months ago and they are not well enough to travel here… I am missing them terribly.

  723. I’ll land in New York then backpack to San Francisco over three months or however long the I-94 they issue me lasts.

    I’ll be carrying a few notebooks with me to document the trip and write a book about it. This is on my bucket list and I will do this eventually regardless of your tickets.

    That said, it would be extra special if the tickets did come from you, Ramit.

  724. oh! or! i would go home for thanksgiving.

  725. aubrie andenmatten Link to this comment


  726. I’d have to check with my wife, but could be Portland Or, Phila. Pa, Honolulu or Anchorage depending on the timing and other variables

  727. I would fly to either fly to Fort Worth, Texas or Burbank, CA because I’m a voice actor and thats where two studios I want to work for are located (Funimation and BangZoom Entertainment).

  728. I would love to travel to Montana because it is my dream to live on a ranch for a week or two and horse back ride in the open plains in the West. I am an equestrian but due to my finances it has been a year since I have been able to get back in the saddle.

  729. Patrick Scrimshaw Link to this comment

    I will go to Vegas with my wife to attend her cousin’s wedding, which happens to be in the same day as our anniversary.

    I find it interesting that you talk about the “rich” life. That’s what your name means in Hindi, right?

  730. Choices, choices… I’d like to see where I was born and that means a flight to Massachusetts for me.

  731. My Mom is turning 60 in September and I would love to be able to fly her to a city of her choice for her birthday! She’s always wanted to travel in the Southwest and I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so I would want roundtrip tickets to either Flagstaff, AZ or Phoenix.

    Thank you Ramit!

  732. Hawaii — to visit a dear friend’s childhood home and family.

  733. I would fly to Los Angeles!

  734. Art Basel in dec (Miami!). ✈

  735. Hawaii or Alaska – I’ve never seen a volcano or an iceberg. Either would be amazing and something to cross off my list.

  736. Hawaii here we come!!! :-)

  737. My fiance and I would love to go to LA. We have family and friends in California (and I have a few bucket list restaurants and coffee places I want to check off my list!).

  738. Well, I haven’t confirmed this with my husband yet – and we discuss everything – but off the top of my head, I would love to get out to the Grand Canyon one of these days!

  739. Hawaii or California!

  740. Houston, Texas to visit my sister who I haven’t seen for a couple years!

  741. Houston, Texas to visit my sister who I haven’t seen for a couple years!

  742. Hawaii!!!!

  743. Mary Catherine George Link to this comment

    Hey Ramit! Love this! If I were to win I would fly to South Ga to spend time with my parents. My dad isn’t well and I have spent whatever extra $ I have flying South to my home town – Valdosta – spending time with my Dad has helped with his medical status!
    Thanks- lover your book just finished automating my finances and now paying the last bit of debt off – terrific concepts! And practical – big thanks

  744. I’d fly to Oahu and go surfing.

  745. Melanie Pfeiffenberger Link to this comment

    I would head to SF to visit one of my college friends and check out the green/sustainable infrastructure around the city.

  746. Melanie Pfeiffenberger Link to this comment

    I would head to SF to visit one of my college friends and check out the green/sustainable infrastructure around the city.

  747. An Alaskan cruise sounds nice. Being in NY, the costs rack up quick when you have to pay for the round trip plane plus the cruise.

  748. Jonathon Robinson Link to this comment

    I’m sad that you’re omitting your Canadian friends from winning. That said, I would fly to WA with my wife and kids as a vacation / job hunt week. There are some great opportunities for us there and I’d love to check out the area and step into some big name offices.

  749. Hawaii, for sure

  750. Wow, the possibilities are endless! Thank you for encouraging us all to dream. Thoughts do become things. :) I would take my fiance to Hawaii as a surprise for our honeymoon. This way we could actually take one! Thank you for your inspiration and hopefully making a lifetime memory for us. We would be forever grateful! <3

  751. I’d love to go back to New York to visit my family and friends. I haven’t been back since I graduated college 4 years ago, and a huge part of that is the expensive plane tickets. I’m in San Francisco. Help me overcome that psychological barrier Ramit 😉

  752. Hawaii, Alaska or NY! Thanks :-)

  753. I would go to San Francisco!

  754. I would go to Sail Rock, Maine. The Easternmost point in the US, theoretically the furthest point from home.

  755. I’d love to take my significant other to San Francisco, he’s been meaning to go there for over a year to meet with a friend of ours for some one-on-one SEO help, and I simply love the city and only visited once years ago!

  756. The wife and I would fly to Hawaii, we went for our honeymoon and only need a small excuse to go back, receiving free tickets is perfect.

  757. Like everyone else, I’d love to go to Hawaii or some other bit of paradise, but that’s not the destination of my dreams right now. I would gratefully use my ticket to fly across the country to Palo Alto to visit your alma mater, Ramit. The Center for Lymphatic and Venous Disorders at Stanford Hospital is the site of a clinical trial that I would be honored to participate in. Frankly it’s beyond my resources right now.

    This is not sexy. it’s science. Cutting edge stuff that’s a long slog through lots of data points. Sound familiar? The results could led to breakthroughs for people who suffer from lymphedema, a poorly understood and managed disease that’s both debilitating and disfiguring. The better we understand the lymphatic system, the better chance we (I’m including myself with the scientists now) have of understanding diseases the spread through it, including cancer and AIDS.

    I know this is a long shot, but what do I have to lose? This isn’t a pleasure trip per se, but sometimes you can get pleasure from renewed hope that we’ll find a way to relieve suffering, right? That’s worth sticking my neck out and asking.

    Speaking of hope, while I’m in the neighborhood, I’d do my best to set up some informational interviews with a few companies and thought leaders I’ve admired from afar.

    Thanks for the generous offer.

  758. My GF is dying to get to Hawaii. She annoyed with me always carrying my IWTYTBR book around and reviewing Ramits material. She says I’m obsessed and she hates it. I win the tickets and ill say, “hey babe today I learned XYZ, oh yea and won two tickets to Hawaii, courtesy of Ramit! Hmm now who should I take with me?!

  759. Thanks for having this contest, Ramit, and for giving us all so many wise tips. You’re a great guy.

    If I happen to be the lucky one to win a trip, I’d love to go to New Hampshire to visit my cousin for her wedding in August. I don’t know how long this contest will last so we’ll see.

    Anyway, thanks again. And remember — when trouble comes along, you must Ramit.

  760. Ian Alvarado II Link to this comment

    You know, If I could jump on a flight to any city in the USA it’d have to be somewhere with a lot of history, beautiful scenery (natural and urbanized), free of smog and pollution, and filled with plenty of attractive women who are adventurous enough to guide a stranger through their beautiful city…

    If such a place exists I’d go there. In the meantime, I’d fly to Austin Tx, Dallas Tx, Seattle Wa, and Virginia (in that order too).

    Hope I win. Thanks Ramit!

  761. Me and my betterhalf to New York, the city of dreams !!!

  762. Dallas – old friend. And BBQ.

  763. I would go to Maine for sure.

  764. Hawaii!! or California!

  765. I’d love to go to Hawaii, Alaska, or New York!

  766. I would fly to DC, I’ve been out of the states for almost 2 years now… and starting to miss home..

  767. I would go to San Francisco or Seattle to visit friends.

  768. A ticket home to New Orleans for the holidays on days I actually want to travel… With a strategic overnight layover in a cool city.

  769. I want the tix!!!

  770. hawaii or alaska especially cool! but i’ve also got family back east and would love to see the midwest. tough decision! thanks so much for doing this :)

  771. I am in the contestant pool for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire so I would use my tickets to fly to New York for the show when they call me.

  772. New York!

  773. I’d fly to California (from NYC) to visit my mom! I’m in school and I rarely get to see her because of finances.

  774. I’d fly my daughter, Alexa, and I to go visit our family in Michigan. Alexa lives in NYC and I live in CA, so we rarely get to see our family members.

  775. I’ve been in school for a straight 25 years, without a summer off for the last 11 years. I met my partner 9 years ago and we struggled through undergrad & grad school together constantly saying we’d travel, take a vacation, or explore one day -we didn’t. This semester we defend our PhDs before moving to the bay area to due Cancer research. It would be wonderful to finally travel somewhere together & live life a little outside the lab!

  776. I would like to visit California or San Francisco.

  777. Id take my husband to California to visit family he hasn’t seen in 10 years or better

  778. Hawaii! My boyfriend and I are having money problems and to help relieve the stress we talk about where we’ll go when we’re rich and famous. Hawaii is on the top of the list 😀

  779. I’d fly to Olympia, Washington so that I can continue my education, also to be closer to the guy that I really like. Or I’d go to Hawaii to spend the remainder of my summer with friends.

  780. I would love to be able to take my brother to Hawaii to see our family and finally get the chance to connect with that part of our heritage. OR to the east coast to see friends I haven’t seen in years.

  781. New York City!

  782. I would like to visit New York city.

  783. Blue Springs, MO

  784. I’d like to fly to New York City!

  785. Hmmmm, I’d either fly to Virginia to visit my sister, or go to Hawaii for a vacation–never been there yet.

  786. San Francisco, CA!!!

  787. I’d fly to Massachusetts to do some informational interviews with VIPs in the industry I want to break into.

    (And visit my long-distance partner.)

  788. I would love to visit hawaii@@@

  789. My wife and I would fly to Pittsburgh to see our friends that just moved there! With the money saved on plane tickets, we’d have an awesome dinner and watch the Steelers with our friends!

  790. I would treat my wife to a vacation to Barcelona, Spain to celebrate our 1 year marriage anniversary.

    I have been following you Ramit for many years and I love your style and your IWT ways. Thank you for everything.

  791. I would use the tickets to fly to San Diego and visit where I was born. I would then travel up and down the Pacific Coastal Highway, I hear it is incredible.

  792. I just love to travel and I consider myself nomadic, but depending on when the travel dates are I’d have to say either Hawaii(the big island) or NYC!

  793. Miami, Fl for Art Basel

  794. I’d fly to Miami because it’d be great to be able visit there one time.

  795. I would go to Kauai. I put it on my vision board about 12 months ago so it is about time for the universe to give me tickets. :)

  796. Depending on the time of year, either Alaska or Texas. My boyfriend is obsessed with Alaska and its “untouched beauty” but if it’s winter, then I’d choose Texas so I could visit all my friends in family.

  797. My anniversary is coming soon so I would love to go to Hawaii with my wife and my little girl.

  798. I’d fly to Seattle!

  799. I will go to New York to see my teenage son sing at Carnegie Hall in January.

  800. My hubby and I would fly to Kona and stay in his sister’s condo for a week.

  801. hawaii!!!

  802. I would split it up into two trips and one weekend my boyfriend would visit me in Pennsylvania and the other weekend I could visit him in California. :)

  803. If I were to win, I would buy my own return tickets from where I live (abroad) to California, and use the competition tickets to fly on to NYC.
    I am working my way through Dream Job, so in advance of the trip, I would set up as many Natural Networking meetings and Job Interviews as I can.
    I would also arrange to personally meet some of my many RBT friends.
    I can’t miss an opportunity to get ahead with my dream job search!

  804. I would fly to Bozeman, Montana.

  805. NY to watch an awesome show and walk the museums
    Detroit, in hopes to run into Eminem, my favorite rap artist:)

  806. I’d take my girlfriend to Los Angeles, a place we’ve talked about visiting many times, and if I were brave enough, I hope I could propose to her at the ocean there.

  807. Maui to take my new baby boy to see Grandma and my fam.

  808. I traveled half a year in Canada and it was beautiful. I mist to see the East like Nova Scotia with Halifax. Like to see this wonderful part of this continent.

  809. Visit family and friends in Chicago!

  810. I would visit the national parks in the Northwest Region of Wyoming. The scenery and wildlife would be amazing for my photography portfolio!

  811. I would like to go to La Jolla, CA, since my aunt is undergoing chemotherapy there for cance treatment. I haven’t seen her since 1995, at my Grandma’s funeral. My cousins from Canada will be there, too..

  812. If I get to win the 2 tickets,I will take my wife and fly to Alaska,she always wanted to spend some time in a peaceful place,away from our high speed life schedule! On the way to the airport I will turn around and say: we forgot something,lets get it quick! Get home,pick up our 4 kids,pay the babysitter,get a credit card ready and head to Alaska,the peaceful place,but not so much without our family!

  813. It just so happens that I’ve been getting into the Law of Attraction/metaphysical/quantum physics stuff and I’m active in a particular spiritual online group on Facebook and Google Hangout that meets regularly to set intentions. Last Sunday, we members of the group have decided to test-drive experiments in manifesting/attracting what we want, based on the bestselling author Pam Grout’s E-Squared book. And BAM, just the next day, I found out about you from an e-mail from one of the coaches I’ve signed up with in group programs (Kevin Kermes of Career Attraction)! Synchronicity! And it just so happens that I’ve decided to experiment on manifesting plane tickets as I’ve been wanting to them to see my other half in Omaha, NE. (I’m in SoCal, BTW.) We haven’t seen each other for a few years (due to financial and other situational reasons), and that’s a VERY long time! (He hasn’t been able to travel much, either, so it would be awesome for us to travel together!) I really want to visit him and then live in his neck of the woods for good so I can have a life with him permanently together and improve my career/livelihood in general (and consequently my financial health) as the area has a lot more opportunities as well as lower cost of living compared to CA. I want to start a new life with a new scenery. I can see myself making a lot of progress over there, and automatically, my SO will, too. Win-win right there. :) Well, it’s more like win-win-win since obviously you’ll also come out as the winner by helping lots of people realize/materialize their dreams! :)

    Funny that you’re doing this as a social experiment and I’m also doing this as an experiment as I’ve mentioned earlier! :)

    (PS: Coincidentally, two of the arrows on the map for the free ticket giveaway point to CA and NE! :D)

  814. Hancock, MI or Carmel, CA

  815. After living in NYC and Hong Kong – I’d head to San Francisco – I’d explore the possibilities of relocating by connecting to people in the fitness field as well as start-up types. Investigate the West Coast lifestyle & what niche services I could bring (Flying Pilates?)

  816. Anand Puttaswamy Link to this comment


  817. Hawaii Baby!

  818. I would fly to Hawai. It`s been a big dream for me and my wife for a long time.

  819. I’d fly to Philadelphia to visit my folks. Haven’t been home since last May.

  820. New York – everyone should experience the ‘big apple’ at least once in their lifetime.

  821. I would like to visit the Yosemite Park. I have seen very beautiful pictures of the park, both commercial and personal photos taken by a professional photographer-friend. Several friends in the US also mentioned the feeling of being one with nature and they are enjoining me to go!

    A second choice would be Minnesota, where a good friend from college has a lake house. She has been inviting all of her friends over every year and we couldn’t go. The airfare is just too expensive for me….

  822. Kirrilly Burton Link to this comment

    Hi Ramit,

    I would love to fly to New York (I have never been there) with my best girlfriend who have known for almost 25 years for our 40th birthdays.

    We made a pact on a serviette around 6 years ago in Lake Como that we would take a holiday together for lur 40th irrespective of whether we had husbands, boyfriends or kids.



  823. I would absolutely die to be able to fly home and visit my family. I moved across the country a year ago and have only seen them once since. Turns out, a psychological side effect of being deprived of 5 people you love more than anything is bursting into tears at work and frankly, I’ve done my fair share of crying in a Chili’s. It’s time to go home and watch my parents argue about something predictable for a week, to swear in front of my grandparents, to tell my little brothers that they’re growing into douche bags. I’m due for some Mom Hugs and Dad Puns. What I’m saying is I love my family and I miss them so much it hurts. And heck if you’re paying for the ticket, you’re totally invited along for the ride. My dog will probably pee on you when you walk in the door (she gets nervous) and Sunday night is game night (or more accurately “Blood Thirsty Scrabble Warfare”) but the good news is no matter who you are, you’ll fit right in. Let’s do this.

  824. I am from Australia so I would love to fly anywhere in America and meet as many crazy Americans as I can LOL. Love to go to the Deep South and New York and Montana and Kansas and I could go on and onnnnnnn

  825. hawaii to new york (connecticut) and back again, to have christmas with family in the snow with my 4 year old.

  826. I would like to travel to Florida to meet my partner midway during her break in medical school.

  827. I would like to travel to Florida to meet my partner midway during her break in medical school.

  828. I would fly to Warwick, Rhode Island. I’ve always wanted to see the Newport Mansions. That’s a bucket list must for me. http://www.newportmansions.org/

  829. Lisset De Llano Link to this comment

    I would more than likely use the round trip tickets to take my husband to see his friend in Ohio, who he hasn’t seen in years now. I would love to give him that surprise.

  830. New York City.

  831. Since this past year with me being laid off from my regular position and only relying on my second money stream–not just ready for prime time (don’t make enough money to live off of yet)–I would like to go visit my family (mom, dad, sister, niece, and nephew) in Michigan (I usually see them twice a year, but haven’t seen them now for over a year) or take my partner to Hawaii, since we haven’t been on a real vacation since 2010–and that was still work-releated.

  832. My girlfriend has parents who live in Tucson, AZ while we live in Baltimore, MD; would love to get a pair of tickets to go visit them out there!

  833. I would fly to San Francisco – I’m way overdue for a visit there to see some old friends and explore one of my favorite U.S. cities!

  834. Personally, it’s been a dream of mine to see the aurora borealis in Alaska, but I would go anywhere of my mom’s choice. I just want to spend time with her as we grow older :)

  835. Los Angeles with my honey to visit my home town, see family and friends – and take some needed time off!

  836. I would love to go to California. I have never had the opportunity to leave the east coast so I would love to go all the way to the other end of the country and see what I’ve been missing!

  837. I would love to visit New York City!!!
    It’s always been one of my dreams.
    Please pick me…and thank you Ramit!!!

  838. Off to Seattle for us.

  839. NYC, San Francisco, or Hawaii. Those have been on my bucket list a long time, I would go see e everything the place has to offer!

  840. California for some much needed family time. :-)

  841. Choices, choices, choices. Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa were the first places to come to mind. Travel in the US but abroad at the same time. Warm, tropical, beautiful, and far away. But after some thought I think I would go to Miami. First, I have a friend with a condo there so I have an amazing place to stay waiting. Second, family, friend and people I care about are in the Miami area. Travel is more about the people than the places.

    Hope this isn’t the final answer because American Samoa is seeming better and better with each passing moment.

  842. I definitely hands down choose LA, California. A lot of the people who inspire me, or that I look up to live there :)

  843. I’d go to Denver/Boulder or Seattle or St. Louis … hmmmm friends in all these places and great things to do!

  844. Melody Ashford Link to this comment


  845. Southern Cali, to see my friend again that I saw last year!

  846. Southern Cali, to see my friend again that I saw last year!

  847. There are so many places in the US I haven’t seen yet. Probably Alaska.

  848. I’d love to do an excursion in Alaska, that one’s always been near the top of my bucket list.

  849. Decisions decisions…I have it narrowed down…Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii….or Washington….maybe California….

  850. Salt Lake City is the place for me
    Lakes, hikes and people full of beauty

  851. My husband and I are in the process of deciding where to relocate. We are currently doing E1K (woohoo!) to use extra income for relocation expenses. I have always loved New York, but my husband has never been, so I would take him to NYC. THEN we would attend BehaviorCon!! Thanks for the opportunity, Ramit.

  852. Im 35 yrs old.Working full-time for a corporate dead end company, going to school full-time, building my own business, all while being a wife and a mother of 4 growing children.

    I NEED A TIME OUT!!!! No really, just a second to catch my breath, reflect on where I have been in my life and where I am heading.

    If I could fly anywhere in the United States, I probably want to go to Miami, FL., Seattle, WA., Washington DC or even Hawaii.

  853. I would take my wife to Maui to celebrate our 25th!! Thanks for the opportunity Mr. Sethi!

  854. Alaska, Into the Wild.

  855. I would travel with my fiancee to San Francisco.

  856. My wife and I would go to Key West, Fla. We once made a pit stop there on a cruise, but would like to stay longer than six hours.

  857. Definitely Hawaii- and likely for our honeymoon! As an east-coaster, the slower speed of life I have heard about there is quite enticing….

  858. I’d go visit my newborn niece in the Bay Area!

  859. Stephanie Pocina Link to this comment

    I would take my son to Istanbul to see where some of his ancestors came from.

  860. Brittany Williams Link to this comment

    I’d go to ft. Lauderdale Florida I told my grandma I’d visit her once more before school starts …I’ve never been on a plane

  861. Hawaii with my wife for our upcoming 20th anniversary!!

  862. I would go to Southern California. San Diego & LA Area.

  863. Maui. The heart and soul of Hawaii is like no other place on Earth.

  864. Oregon or Florida to see one my best friends that I haven’t seen in so long!

  865. I would go to this teeeensy town in northern CA called Fort Dick, where some really close family friends that I’ve known since I was 10 are getting married! (This would be via SFO)

  866. really hard to pick one place. Just got invited to San Francisco though so I might pick there?

  867. Hi, Ramit – Thanks for giving us a taste of the Rich Ramit life! – I would love to visit my oldest cousin, Jack, who lives in Hawaii. (None of that Istan-bull – no offense to that requester :)
    Kind regards, Ronnie

  868. I would be able to cross this item off my bucket list if I won! I would fly to Martha’s Vineyard this fall, pick some apples, drink some wine, see the Autumn leaves and eat a fresh caught lobster.

  869. Kathleen Mackenzie Link to this comment

    I would take my best friend to Hawaii. Maybe its cliche, but this girl spends every college break working full time to support herself at school and has never left the continental U.S. In addition to that, she has a birthday coming up. I can’t think of a better gift than to surprise her with a vacation

  870. I would fly to DC to visit my folks.

  871. Obviously it would be Hawaii. I have never been and I hear that it is an amazing place to see and experience. Maybe even make some contacts and further my career.

  872. tampa-st. pete, love it there

  873. let’s go for Alaska! I don’t know that I would ever be able to make it there on my own, and why waste an opportunity to get there for free? I want to go Salmon fishing and see the glaciers while we still have them. I want to hike the mountains majesty, and hang out with all the crabs I can!

  874. I would either go to Hawaii with my wife to celebrate 17 years of marriage or Miami because I lived there 20 years ago and haven’t been back.

  875. We would be going to Kona, Hawaii for vacation and for a personal growth and development seminar!

  876. I’d fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico

  877. Lindsey Strudwick Jr Link to this comment

    I’d go to Florida, to take my sis, niece, nephew to Disney World and the beach!

  878. Washington DC to visit family

  879. rebecca dehart Link to this comment

    My husband and I would go to Alaska and camp in Denali park. Or maybe go to Hawaii. Or spend some time in San Diego…. oh the choices!

  880. Wisconsin, to see my sister & her kids!

  881. I would go to Colorado to ski. Bucket list!

  882. I’d send my husband and son to Kenya for a safari. It’s been my son’s dream for along time.

    • OK. So in my dreaming I read it wrong. That’s what I get for thinking big, Ramit. Make that Denver. To a family reunion.

  883. I am already planning this trip but it would be advantageous to do it sooner for free!

    I am going to Portland, OR for several reasons:
    Visit my sister
    Help 3 women start up business on the side in Portland area
    Drive along the Oregon coast to Seattle
    Help 3 women start up business on the side in Seattle area
    I am planning on having a second place of residence in the Portland area and having established business there is the way I will do it.

  884. I’d go back to Portland, OR, to visit friends (I just moved away and miss it like crazy) or to Hawaii, because VACATION.

  885. I would fly to Maine to try the lobster and see the best of New England. I’m from California and have never been anywhere in New England. It would be a trip I probably wouldn’t otherwise do. Thanks for the opportunity Ramit!

  886. Lake Tahoe!

  887. I would go to Hawaii. I’ve never been there.

  888. San Francisco to visit friends!

  889. I have 2 trips in my future that would dovetail with this:

    1. Portland OR to further scout out as the place I’m pretty sure I want to move across country for.
    2. Maui because it’s the best.

    I have no timetable for these trips until I can scrounge up the money, so winning would really move things along!

  890. Because of an incredibly inept bureaucracy I haven’t been allowed to travel, work, or study for the last year and two months. I haven’t seen my family in two years for related reasons. For me that is the worst part. The end is finally in sight but after getting permission travel I’ll still have to save up for a trip to visit my family. Winning two tickets to visit my family in Florida (one for me and one for my husband) would be an incredible gift!

  891. Its definitely going to be Los Angeles, Ramit. Have’nt met my sister for the past 5 years….

  892. Hawaii, for sure. I went earlier this year on a business trip, but wasn’t able to take my wife – still trying to live that one down! This would really help me make it up to her!!

  893. Hawaii is always at the top of my list!

  894. Hawaii with my fiancee for an awesome honeymoon!

  895. My wife and I have been saving for a Hawaii trip!

  896. I recently had a small service based start-up fail which caused a lot of stress for me and the people in my life.

    If I won I’d take my mom to hawaii as a thank you for always being there when I needed her.

  897. I would love to go to California for my boyfriends birthday because he has never been there and my best friend goes to school there. It would be my dream come true to be able to share this with him. <3

  898. Anchorage alaska

  899. Nashville, TN

  900. I would visit my children in hawaii. Its my dream to see my kids at moments notice.

  901. Many options to choose from, but I would have to go with Los Angeles, Truthfully it would be anywhere in California but I have a lot of friends living in LA so visiting them would be great.

  902. I guess I’d either take my sister to Nashville, since country music is in our blood, or my best friend to somewhere-in-California, since that seems to be one of those bucket-list states and I know a few pretty-darn-cool people out that way.

  903. I think I would take my wife to Hawaii for an extravagant vacation on Maui and the Big Island. I have been before, and would go other places for a unique experience but it’s always nice to see a smile of your significant others face as I know she would like Hawaii over anything else.

  904. I’ve been to about a dozen countries and about 30 states, but have not yet been to California – I guess I’d flip a coin between L.A. and San Francisco

  905. I want to go to Texas!!

  906. Maui would be nice this Christmas!

  907. I would fly to Venice Beach, Florida to visit my girlfriends family. They recently lost a loved one and my girlfriend and I want to be there for them.

  908. Hawaii, almost obviously, or maybe Montana.

  909. Would love to go back to Hawaii for our second honeymoon.

  910. I’d love to visit Las Vegas!!

  911. i would love to visit lake tahoe!

  912. I’d fly to Alaska.

  913. I’d go to Alaska with my overworked boyfriend, even though we already live in the Northwest and deal with our share of rain and cold. I’d like to go somewhere relatively uninhabited, just to restore that sense that the planet is bigger than we are and will (mostly) be okay. I want to be dwarfed by towering mountains and blue icebergs and be wowed by nature. Been to Hawaii several times and love it, but never Alaska. So either Alaska, or else somewhere quiet and isolated, like Maine. Thanks for the opportunity, Ramit!

  914. Thailand

  915. I would want to travel to Boston to visit for the first time!

  916. HI Ramit,
    First step, make me rich and then I’d like to fly to Hawaii:-)
    Good luck on your journey!

  917. I would fly to Hawaii because it has been on my list-of-things-to-do-before-I-die for a long time. Sitting on a beach with a drink, or climbing a volcano, sounds pretty good to me!

  918. I would want to go to Hawaii! I’ve only been once when I was 5 and I couldn’t swim…time to go back!

  919. Definitely Hawaii.

  920. Honestly, there are a couple of creativeLIVE workshops coming up and I would love to be a part of the live audience. I have a goal to take my photo biz to higher levels and I think the workshops would help. Unfortunately, airline tickets from the Southeastern U.S. to Seattle are pretty high in price. So, I would submit my videos to be in the audience and head from the Sunshine State to the Rainy City.