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I’m giving away two round-trip tickets anywhere in the USA

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If you’re wondering, yes, I’m giving away 2 round-trip tickets anywhere in the USA. The link is right here.

But as some background…

Because I’m a huge weirdo, I have a 19-page document where my assistant stores every preference I have. For example, with travel, here’s a direct excerpt from the doc:

(Ramit likes window seats)
Updated 9/23/12: [CONFIDENTIAL]
Use miles for personal travel.

My assistant is awesome. But one of the things that drives her crazy is how I’ll decide to fly somewhere at the last minute — sometimes the day before! Like this:

Ramit: “I want to fly to San Francisco”
Ramit’s assistant: “When?”
Ramit: “Tomorrow” (it’s 6pm right now)
Ramit’s assistant: “Ugh”

For me, having the freedom to decide to fly anywhere at the last minute is an extravagance I love. And I want to share the ability to hop on a plane to visit college friends, see your family, or just take a weekend trip.

That’s why I’m giving away 2 roundtrip tickets anywhere in US — including Hawaii and Alaska.

NEW: You now have 2 chances to win: (1) If you win the tickets, great! (2) If you end up referring the person who wins, I’ll also give you a pair of roundtrip tickets, just to say thanks for helping me spread the word.

Join here in 5 seconds:


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  1. My wife and I would take an amazing vacation to wherever the “dart” lands on the map! Thank you, Ramit!

  2. We would definitely go to Australia!

  3. I would take my wife to Las Vegas!

  4. LOL @ “Do you guys think I should create a course on how to read?”
    yesss please do!

  5. to San Francisco

  6. San Francisco – my husband and I have a lot of people to visit and food we want to eat there!

  7. I’d like to travel to California!

  8. I’d go to Austin or San Francisco to visit friends!