Win two nights in a luxury hotel — anywhere in the world

Ramit Sethi

Some people like nice shampoo or shoes. I like luxury hotels.

What? We all have our tastes.

So when I took a 3-week vacation to Southeast Asia, I stayed in the most ridiculous hotels, including this one:

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Yes, that is my own personal pool in my own backyard in Thailand

It’s an absurd extravagance, but as part of my guilt-free spending, it’s part of living a rich life for me.

And I want to share that with you today in a new giveaway.

A couple months ago, I gave away two roundtrip tickets anywhere in the USA. It was one of my most popular giveaways ever. We LOVE to travel…especially if someone else picks up the tab. It removes all excuses.

This time, I’m giving away two nights at a luxury hotel anywhere in the world.

Any Starwood hotel is valid, including Le Meridien, Westin, Aloft, Four Points, Sheraton, Element, St. Regis, and W Hotels — which includes beach resorts, highrise hotels in most major cities, and economy hotels. Somehow, I suspect you jackasses will not be staying at the cheap ones if you win.

I extended the limit to $1,001 for the two nights so you can take advantage of most Starwood hotels.

Also, this offer is valid for life, so if you win, you can redeem it tomorrow, 5 years from now (on your honeymoon), or whenever you want.

Think about where you would go if you had 2 free nights around the world. Some of my favorite places include London or anywhere in Hawaii.

The contest ends Mon 11/19.

One more thing (and a hint): The winner of these past contests tends to share frequently on FB, Twitter, and any blog/site they have.

Get the 5-second signup for the “2 free hotel nights anywhere in the world’ here:

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  1. Susan

    My biggest win would be spending two nights somewhere I didn’t have to clean all by myself! No greater gift could you give a mother.

    • Susan

      Missed the second message before replying the first time. I would take my husband and we would go to see friends in Tucson on a surprise visit.

  2. Brent

    I know kind of lame (to someone that lives there), but I’d go to San Francisco with my wife. I haven’t looked at eligible hotels yet, but I’m thinking the InterContinental Mark Hopkins, I stayed there on a business trip and the views were awesome. San Francisco is one of my favorite places and my wife has never been.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Not lame at all, but if you win, I’m going to recommend a better hotel than the Intercontinental for you.

    • Gary

      Which hotel is that? (I’m from San Francisco so I’m very curious.)

  3. Ben

    The W on Koh Samui. I’ve always wanted to stay there, but could never afford it!

  4. Sarah O

    We need nights for our honeymoon: every night we don’t spend cash for puts us that bit closer to a house deposit! We’re still planning, but our top choices would be the W Santiago and the Sheraton Colonia.

    • Nico

      Oh yeah, go w/the W Santiago! Super fun, and both Whiskey Blue and the rooftop bar are highly recommended.

  5. Mimi Plevin-Foust

    Would love to get back to Martinique or Paris with my husband or both go to Vancouver for the first time. Thanks, Ramit.

  6. Harry Trinidad

    I would go to the best available hotel I could win with this contest in Manhattan with my wife-to-be. It is just one of those dream vacations that you have to do before you kick the bucket.

  7. Wesley Choate

    I would stay at the The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort. I have dreamed of going these, and this would be the perfect way. My 10 year anniversary trip to Dominica was cancelled this past September due to some unfortunate events. But through some work, we got through the problems, and would love to take a make up trip with my partner. Thanks for the great giveaways Ramit!

    • Ramit Sethi

      This is a great choice

  8. Alison Hickey

    If we won the contest, my husband and I would have a hard time choosing one place to go to! We have been making a list of possible anniversary locations to go to in the next few years. We only list places that neither of us has stayed at before: Mohonk Mountain house in New Paltz, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, California, Brazil, Italy, etc. We would be so very blessed to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Ryan Christensen

    My sister is in Thailand right now. I haven’t seen her for almost 2 years. I’d love to go and visit her there and stay in a ridiculous hotel like the one in the picture. She just featured the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel as part of “The Best of Thailand” TV show. Any good?

  10. Giseli

    I’m not sure of the place, but one of my first options would be the resort Nannai Beach, at Porto de Galinhas, Brazil. I would with my mother.

  11. Jennifer Mc

    If I won, this would provide ammunition to drag my husband & son to S Korea. Hotel: The Westin Chosun, Seoul

    • Jennifer Mc

      or found a cooler one….W Seoul – Walkerhill

  12. Liz

    I’d pick the Westin Paris Vendome, my sister and I have been talking about planning a trip to Paris next year, it’s a dream destination for her and we have both been saving into our ING accounts for the trip!

  13. Chris B. Behrens

    I would stay at Le Méridien Etoile, on the Champs Elysee in Paris, taking my beautiful bride of nineteen years. She’s earned it, whether I have or not :).

  14. Carla

    Hi Ramit,
    I was really depressed in a Barnes and Nobles one day, and stumbled upon your book “I will teach you to be rich.” I was drawn to the book because 1. I am a teacher and 2. I am not rich.
    With your help, I was able to get some of my very messed up credit in order, and I loved your tips on ING savings… I’m getting there!
    I’m young, have an adventurous spirit, and 2 passports… but no way of being cool and traveling any time soon. This contest is giving me lots of hope and an illusion of a rad vacation. If chosen, I would have my hearts set on Egypt; South Africa; Japan, or somewhere warm (I’m talking “surface of the sun”)so I can just get absurdly tan on vacation. Thank you for all of your wise words and for coming across as a relatable fun guy. Best, Carla

  15. Jess H.

    I’d use this trip as bonding time for me and my amazing mentor. I’d like to take this person on a trip to say thanks for all the ways he’s helped me – and to strengthen our relationship for the years ahead.

    I’d tell him to pick wherever he wanted to go – my treat. Then I’d ask Ramit where the best hotel in that location was so that I could blow my mentor away with my taste and connections!

    If he’s amenable, I’ll also suggest we each invite someone awesome and make this a brain trust mini-retreat. I’d be very happy to chip in some cash of my own to cover additional rooms; I think it would be well worth it in the long run.

    Ramit, if my mentor goes for this plan? You’re my invite.

    • Ramit Sethi

      Wow. You’re good

    • Jess H.

      So … is that a yes? 🙂

  16. Skye

    “This contest is open to legal residents of the United States who are 21 years of age or older.”

    No Canada love?

  17. Carmen

    I will either choose Paris or London, not for sure what hotel yet.

    Just me, myself, and I.

    It would be a wonderful mini-vacation.

  18. Jrsygrl62

    I am not sure who I would take with me but I would go to Cairo, Egypt and stay at the Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa.
    I am going to go to Egypt for my next vacation and after exploring the pyramids and doing a lot of walking a stay at luxury resort would be an amazing way to finish a trip of a lifetime!

  19. Karolyn

    What a fun contest Ramit! When I dream about staying in a fabulous luxury hotel what’s awesome about that is not the opulence and pampering that goes on so much as how the total experience expands your willingness to receive more from life! You can’t create abundance unless you are willing to *receive * abundance!!

    If I get chosen I would like to take my soon-to-graduate son on his dream trip to Italy and stay on the Amalfi coast at the Hotel Caruso or some place like it – his choice! Even though finances have been tight while raising him as a single parent one thing I made sure to instill in him is that he never stop himself because of money! There are lots of ways to realize/fund your dreams, just be creative! So when I was pondering today about how I would like to make this happen, I saw your ad on Facebook and decided to go for it! Always on the lookout to see what else is possible! 🙂

  20. Bill

    I’d take my wife to the Ritz Carlton Red Square in Moscow. It is my favorite city in the world and my wife has never been there. It would be a great place to start a tour of Moscow and St. Petersburg! Also a chance for me to exercise my Russian that I’ve been working on for the past 4 years. Slow process, but being there is the best way to practice.

  21. Daniel Cardenas

    I would take my wife and kids to one of these extravagant Disney World hotels in Orlando. Their hotel themes are amazing!

  22. LB

    I’d go to Boulder with a friend and breathe in some clean mountain air. It’s ridiculously beautiful there and I’d love it!

  23. Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey

    I would love to join… but the question of “Who would look after the kids in case I win?” keeps bugging me. Well. I still have 12 days to decide. LOL.

  24. Anthony

    i’ve only been on a plane one time in my life (3 years ago) so i’d love to be able to go somewhere. that would be awesome especially because my whole summer was tied up with shoulder surgery.

  25. Mahesh

    I would love to join, Is this True???
    I love to choose Kairo and Sidney if there are options

  26. Susan P.

    I would choose The Westin Sydney for the bucket list trip my sister and I will take one day – hopefully sooner rather than later. Our goal is to win as much of the trip as possible. This past summer, we traveled to the NW (Seattle, Vancouver BC and Portland) for 2 weeks on our sweepstakes wins so we know it can be done!

  27. Susan P.

    My biggest win would be a trip to New Zealand or Australia, or around the world. Talk about an eye-opener! World travel is interesting, exciting and fun! I’d get to explore new places and do things that are completely different than my normal life. I would appreciate life in the States more but also see how the rest of the world lives.

  28. Bill R.

    Didn’t catch the “Starwood” restrictions! So I’d choose the Sheraton Male’ Hotels in Maldives. Looks incredible!! Plus, would be a nice way to wrap up a SE Asia tour of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia.

  29. Sal Jumat

    I so want in!!!! As cheesy as it sounds I’d love to go to BALI!!! Just hv a personal pool by my rooms, awesome massages Breakfast in bed and just party\m/ I shall BLOG about this and go just go WILD with spreading he word on this because I so NEED a break or ‘Somebody is gonna get a hurt real bad’ – Russell Peters . Hahah

  30. Shameni

    I would like to bring my Mother to the best hotel in USA (I am from SE Asia and am not too sure how is it like in the US but would really love to bring her there to have a trip of her lifetime).

  31. Stephen

    I would visit my cousin in Seoul, South Korea. Im 24 and have never traveled out of the country. My cousin is a strength coach on the Army base there and he hasn’t had any family visit him in 2 years! So I’ll come and cheer him up and party nonetheless.

    As a lot of people in there 30s say they regret not traveling more. 2013 will be the time where I make travel my main focus since I already bought my first house a month ago using Ramits tips!

    Plus 11/19 is my 25th Birthday, so I feel like the stars have aligned and this WILL happen and I’ll win the contest!

    Thanks Ramit

    -“Sugar Baby Steve”

  32. patricia caradonna

    I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii. Hawaii is on my bucket list of places to visit. I can’t get enough of the beautiful beaches. I am a very simple person so the two nights living in luxury sounds exciting and wonderful. My husband and I love to cruise and camp.

  33. Ryan

    Biggest win? Making $300 extra a month online to pay my student loan.

    Where would I go if I won? Really itching to go back to Japamala Resort in Malaysia. But I think I’d try somewhere new. Or I would just spend a few baller nights in NYC with my Korean girlfriend. I’d also invite Ramit up for a swim at the pool or a nice meal…;)

  34. Erik

    My wife and I have never been to Paris, so I would select the Paris Westin Vendome. We also love luxury hotels and my ultimate goal is to save enough to stay at the George V hotel in Paris and also the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Both are supposed to be the very best in the world. Thank you for the contest and a fun concept.

  35. Yesenia

    I would love to stay anywhere in Italy. Im only 22 and just started reading your blog and I can’t believe what an amazing giveaway you’re doing! Because of your advice my boyfriend and I are starting to pay off our debt (which isn’t much, but for two broke college students, it is!), so this wouldn’t be used for a while. By the way, I don’t have any social media accounts but I’m sharing the link via text with all my friends, hope one of us wins, and thanks for the chance!

  36. Alex

    Yesenia sent me here! And I’m looking forward to paying off our debt, that would be my biggest win. Thanks for the contest!

  37. Vasili U.

    In Bolivia, at the bottom of the Yungas Road (a.k.a. The Road of Death), is the small jungle town of Coroico. It has some of the most amazing natural vistas you can find anywhere.

    My wife and I have had three anniversaries, but never a honeymoon. The day we get there exhausted from the six-hour bike ride that starts in the snowy mountains near La Paz will be the big win.

    Thanks for what you’re doing, Ramit.

    – Vasili

    p.s. I saved $976 in a single phone call last week because of your advice.

  38. Dean Saliba

    I am always eager to throw my hat into the ring for a freebie. 😛

  39. Guin

    Biggest win? The perfect life…what else?

  40. Ryan Kulp

    I would visit Korea and practice my 2+ years of formal language training.

    I’d probably take my girlfriend so we could visit her grandparents.

  41. Javier Noperi

    Sorry Ramit, but i hate to break to you, but i had a weird dream i had about you last night, before i forget. You released a video series about you showing people how having an automated system, earning more, & spending the things you love is great. That’s not the weird part. In the end you show what you really spend your money, you love spending it on your girlfriend & beautiful Indian girls. In the end of the video it shows you having a threesome with your girlfriend & a hot indian women, & you say ” I’m living proof guys”. I woke up & i was like ” Wtf was that, haha “. I’m sorry to offend you, or break to you.

  42. Alison Snow

    My husband and I would either go somewhere we’ve never been before or back to Tuscany, my favourite place on earth besides Newfoundland.

  43. Suren Dias

    My biggest win would be to go to a foreign country. I have never traveled out of Sri Lanka.

  44. Jurgen Thoelen

    If I win I am off to Dubai to visit 2 of my best friends. Would be nice to do it in style… I will pay for the nice car that will go with it:)

  45. Patti

    Ooooh, these two nights would cover the reservation I already have at the W Hollywood hotel in LA in early Dec. Sorry to cheat on you a bit, Ramit; but, I’m attending a live event with Christina Morassi on Ecstatic Wealth: Rock Your Mission. Make Money. Change the World. I love Christina’s work as much as I love yours, and the two of you are supporting massive changes currently taking place in my thinking and behaving. This live event is me moving into an even higher level of vibration: I’m changing my mindset about money, systems, and Self and it’s unfolding positive after positive experiences and movement in my life and new business.

  46. Teri Temme

    I would come to NYC when you were having a meetup and stay in the best Starwood hotel there. I love NYC. Preferably in December 😉

  47. olga

    I always wanted to stay a night or two in Burj al-Arab. Who knows, maybe by the time i can do it they build the underwater hotel there – so definitely will be the winner.

  48. Joe Shoemaker

    No doubt – I’d take my wife to the Allison Inn (Newberg, Oregon). It’s in the wine country, it’s posh but not pretentious and the spa is consistently rated as one of the best in the U.S. And I think they let you test drive a Lexus when you arrive!

  49. Justiss

    So my first thought was London because I haven’t been there in years. But then I thought I’d like to go somewhere more relaxing. My top choice –
    The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa, Fiji.

    But because I love to learn, I think I’d make it a working holiday – so American of me. I think I’d like to go somewhere where I could learn to grow my business and my life and bring the best people I know (and only know about) with me. Like an amazazing mastermind. I don’t want to leave just feeling relaxed, I think I’d like to leave pumped and charged. Then we can all return the following and talk about our accomplishments and future goals.

  50. analise

    I would take my younger sister to Paris before she gets married in feb ♥

  51. Laura Bandara

    My big win would be a trip to Sri Lanka or the Maldives (or both!)

  52. Eric

    I’m trying to make a divorce turn into a re-marriage. Personally, I would use the trip to attempt to re-kindle that lost 15 year flame…

    • Justiss

      Don’t wait, small gestures have sometimes a bigger impact than large ones.

    • Adina

      Oh, Eric, good luck, I hope you will win…
      Dont give up, ill keep my fingers crossed for you.

  53. Saul Lieberman

    Kauai, Tahiti. Any Tropical Island Anywhere in the world.

  54. Vanessa Collazos

    Hi Ramit! Thanks for sharing your lifestyle experiences with us!
    My biggest win would be to take a friend who has experienced a very tough life since her dad passed away and for the last 5 years she’s been working hard to take care of her mom… it hasn’t been an easy process but she’s so brave and deserves at least two nights of luxury for all she has done 🙂

  55. Tina

    Aloha from Hawaii….
    I have always dreamed of staying at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki. Lounging at the pink palace wold be a dream come true. I wouldn’t have to go anywhere, it would be the most amazing “staycation”, since I already live in vacationland (does that disqualify me? LOL!). I have not really had a vacation or done any real travel since becoming the caregiver for my mom in 2008. I miss the globe trotter lifestyle. It would be indescribable to have this kind of break. When are you coming to Hawaii Remit? 😉

  56. Louis

    I would take my wife to Fiji and stay at The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa. I thought I was wholly a mountain guy, but our honeymoon to Maui was incredible. I’d like to be somewhere with her that she is the only person around, and she would prefer that be on a beach than miles out of town in the mountains somewhere. Considering we haven’t been on a vacation since our honeymoon in 2008, I’d like to do it up for the next one.

  57. Pat

    My biggest win is going to be freedom from debt. It’s what I’m working toward so there haven’t been hotels and/or vacations in our household for at least 3 years.

  58. Anne

    My biggest win would be taking my mother to the place of her choice. She is 70 and had knee replacement in 2011 in order to continue to travel. She hasn’t traveled abroad for several years, so taking her to Germany to see and learn more about her ancestry, would be wonderful.

  59. Heather

    My big win would have to be letting my husband choose where to go if we win! He has been an amazing partner these past few years, and now daddy to our 4 month old. He is much deserving of a reward like this, and so even though I may have my favorite spots (I agree with you, Ramit, London would be on the list), I’d have to defer to my hubby on this one … and I honestly don’t know where he’d go. Maybe because it’s the start of winter here in Seattle, somewhere sunny?

  60. Christina

    I would definitely go to Hong Kong with my husband. Even if it’s only for two nights, that would be magnificent to visit 10,000 Buddhas, hang out in Mong Kok, and listen to some good, old Cantonese.

  61. Nitty

    I’d have a tough time choosing…Japan, Ireland, London…or perhaps the Grand Floridian at Disneyworld!

  62. Chris

    Always wanted to stay at The Plaza. Not sure if that’s on the list though. I have a friend that I need to get back there and see. He just lost his 22 year old son. I’d gift him the deal for him and his wife. It’d be cool to get there and have dinner with them.

    Thanks for all the hard work Ramit.

  63. Grant Brott

    I would use this opportunity for me and my wife to take a getaway without the kids so we can have a break. Depending on the time of year we would probably do Lake Tahoe but would have to be after the snow since my wife does not do cold well.

  64. CG

    I would probably go to London. Never been there and two days at a luxury hotel wouldn’t be a bad deal. I’d bring my fiancee; she’d like to get out of town for awhile.

  65. Anthony

    I would take my wife to Ireland, preferably a bit off the beaten path. She has always wanted to visit Ireland, and it would make a great 10th anniversary trip.

    My biggest win would be totally debt free. I have no grand desire to be a millionaire or anything (not that I would mind), but mostly I would like to have more freedom and be debt free. At the moment all I have is two car payments, no credit cards, no mortgage, etc, but it is still a debt none the less.

  66. Rebecca

    My biggest win would be to leverage this win into a way to help raise funding for my production company’s first big show, so we can launch with great production values and show what we can do.

    I’d use those hotel nights at either the W Washington DC or the Fairfax at Embassy Row, both of which have a slightly retro-glamour style that would fit with the feel of our production, and offer them as part of a VIP package to see the show and get wined and dined that would be the reward level for a top funder. Lets us offer serious incentive without diverting funds from the production.

  67. Nichole

    This is very cool. I also love a good luxury hotel. Thanks Ramit!

  68. Esther

    If I win I would either try Paris or Hawaii.

  69. Stephen

    My biggest win would be taking my girlfriend on a luxury trip where (for once) she wouldn’t have to stress about the cost of a hotel! Thanks Ramit!

  70. Liz R

    I would take my husband of almost 30 years next year to The Westin Excelsor luxury hotel in Rome, Italy. However, I would have to get him “knocked out” because he’s afraid of flying!

  71. wade

    Maybe the W in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Been watching Treme lately and really want to visit NO.

  72. Jennifer

    I would go to South Africa and I would bring my mom. She’s never traveled out of the U.S.

  73. Anjali

    I’d go to the maldives with my husband. Or Lamu.

  74. William B.

    Gonna have to second The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort as it’s on my (future) wife and I’s bucket list of places to visit. Would be a great stop for our around the world honeymoon ticket!

  75. Annie

    I’d love to let my husband take me to Okinawa. He spent several months there when our first-born was a baby (a military obligation), and I was unable to make the trip to visit him. I know he has a lot of great memories of being there, and I’d love to be able to experience some of them first hand.

  76. Kimberly

    I would go to the Prince de Galles, Paris. It’s currently closed for renovations but looks to be the poshest Starwood hotel in Paris when it reopens next year. Since I’ll be graduating college and heading for my Master’s degree, a vacation in Paris would be the perfect way to celebrate.

  77. Rene Durruthy

    My biggest win would be actually winning something. This is a great chance for me to kickstart a lucky streak and couple that with the hard work and tools that I learn from your course & emails.


  78. Tyler Hill

    I would give the two nights to my neighbor: she has been battling cancer for 22 years and found out there are no other options… She only has weeks to enjoy her last times here.

  79. Gina


  80. Amy

    My biggest win for this would be to give my incredible husband a deserving break. He’s been more than supportive through tumultuous times for us both with laughter, love and a determination to ‘get through it’!

  81. Andrea G

    My greatest win right now would be to get over the rut of not being very productive with my time. And I don’t know where I’d go if I won, but it would be amazing.

  82. Martha


  83. Jennifer R

    My biggest win will be when we are debt free and consciously choosing where to put our money and cutting mercilessly where it doesn’t matter. (just bought your book! 🙂 Most of our money will be for travel!!

    I would choose Le Royal Meridian Shanghai. My hubby, daughter and I are going back to China in 2015. My daughter is adopted from China and this will be our first trip back. Would be fun to see the contrasts of going to her town and then the big, sparkly city of Shanghai.

    Thanks for doing this!

    • Nico

      *thumbs up*

  84. mark grove

    Well Ramit, I’d go for superior opulence and go to The Trump Tower International in Toronto. Incredible amenities like a spa and beds that are so comfortable I’d want to stay forever. And free food. It’s not cheap for good nutritious food here in Canada. Musicians I know in California, they say food is damn expensive but better in California from places like Whole Foods.

    Another reason I am picking Trump Tower in Toronto is it’s right downtown where I deal with musicians here in Canada, and they go out of their way to help business people have a better stay. People who hustle for a better life. Having a nice “Free Stay” for 2 nights would help my pocketbook.

    Just being honest. As well, I go back and forth between my town and Toronto monthly.

    Thanks for the opportunity to live “High On The Hog” Ramit.

    Mark Grove

  85. Greg Thibodeaux

    I would definitely take my wife on a trip to NYC (don’t want to have to spend a fortune on flights) and we’d spend a couple of days just hanging out and having fun. That’s actually one of my most favorite things to do!

  86. M R

    If I win, I would like to go to Paris where I would re-marry my wife!

  87. Nico

    Ramit, impressed that you’re reading these.
    One dream is to go to World Cup…and you know how expensive those hotel rate hikes are! So, Brazil 2014 it would be. But it seems that a lot of comments missed the question you asked.
    My biggest win? > Negotiating with my company to move me to Florida, keeping my present salary (in SF now), and giving me a chance to join the sales comp plan (currently on bonus-only biz dev plan).
    How would it change my life? > move closer to family on E. Coast (2nd kid on the way), and put me closer to my territory (latin america), thus getting me home sooner (from trips to Mex mainly) and more time with family.

    thanks for all the wonderful giveaways, free advice, and great products, Ramit. You’re an inspiration.

  88. AK

    I would conduct a contest to see who could provide me the most business referrals by liking my FB business page and by the number of referrals to my business via email. Then the person with the most ligitamate referrals would win this prize. With the business referrals, I would then generate sales and revenue to make more than enough money to purchase airline tickets and a week’s worth of nice hotel nights to stay at.

  89. Alexis Hay

    I would take my mom first and foremost and I would probably go somewhere like florida (beach) or New York. I haven’t spent three vacation days or even one with just my mom and she does SO SO much for me and everyone else in the family. this is the LEAST I could do for her 🙂

  90. Susie

    Whom I would bring? My beautiful wife, of course! Even though the state of Oregon and the United States government do not recognize our union, we are coming up to our 20th year anniversary together. And we want to celebrate it in style.

    Being a budget traveler, I’ve never stayed in a luxury hotel. Italy is our destination, and I can’t think of a better place to experience luxury for the first time. 🙂

  91. melanie lum

    Hands down it would be the St Regis-Lhasa. For the last 5 years I have traveled all over China but I have been saving my Tibet trip for the day I could afford to stay at the St. Regis. For relaxation, I would take advantage of their meditation garden, morning yoga and night rituals. For decadence, I would float in their bejeweled “Golden Energy Pool”!

  92. Kez Sherwood

    WELL… You know how to throw a contest! My new hubby and I have been focusing our attention and money on growing our new business. Our honeymoon is simply long overdue! We would stay in a modern boutique hotel probably in New York, San Fran or Portland. We very much enjoyed your Chase Jarvis spot, thanks for that – learned tons and for the great actionable content in your newsletters. What we both appreciate most is that your methods require hard work, we respect that, not get rich quick schemes.

  93. Danielle

    My big (or rather only) indulgence is travel….I LOVE to travel…I will go ANYWHERE…And I will pretty much stay/sleep long as I am somewhere fabulous…I have learned to travel on the cheap (so couches, pensiones and hostels)…but that doesn’t bother me at all…It is the experience of the place and of the people that really counts ;))

  94. Adina

    Ramit, its the first time I directly write to you. I live in Europe now, and with a little ahead planning, any european trip is VERY accessible.
    I was reading the comments here and I am so impressed by people who want to take their family in a special trip.
    As foe me, I WILL have the trip I wish for, because I already am planning it. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the contest.
    But I wish Eric will win, so he can change the divorce in a re-marriage. That I think would be something else. You cannot plan this.
    Good luck, Eric!

  95. Rob Sorbo

    I grew up in Indonesia and the Philippines, and I’d love to take my wife to see some of the places I’ve lived.

  96. Christopher

    Capetown is a place I’d like to go. I hear the surfing is good and the women are beautiful. Or Rio…

  97. Tim

    I’d go to Tokyo for my honeymoon.

  98. Daya

    I absolutely love to travel, so the answer is a difficult one. However, it would be great to my husband we are going to Kauai. Or London. I’ve never been to Europe.

  99. Jim Jose

    All the way to the top. Burn khalifa for me…

  100. Janet

    I would go to atlantis in the bahamas with my teenager.

  101. Nancy Reiter

    Echoes Resort, New South Wales. That would be my adventure to continent #6 – only one more left to check off traveling to all seven continents (on my bucket list).

  102. Seth

    I’d go to NYC to watch a live performance of Saturday Night Live! The St. Regis maybe?

  103. James Gorman

    My biggest win will be when I launch my revolutionary new product. I’m building the prototype now. There is nothing like it – and (oops!) it’s NOT digital! This thing will change the life for people (rich and poor) economically and healthwise around the world- expecially me. I can almost guarantee, it’s not what you think- but once you see it- you will know. All I have sought to know and all my life experiences, I can see, are drawn to or happened for the creation of this product. You will see- you’ll want one. Imagine any really new thing invented over the past 20 years (PC, etc.) – this thing is more original and in a way, more productive for the world population than any of them. I will simply glow as one does when the first child is born.

  104. Laura

    This is a fun contest!
    I’m not sure where I’d go if I won but I’d take my husband and it’d likely be somewhere to celebrate my 30th birthday next year. Hitting 30 – I’m going to need luxury to ease the pain! 🙂

  105. Erica

    My biggest win would be that my husband and I could take a proper honeymoon as we have not had that opportunity.

  106. Amanda

    Biggest win: unlimited sleep (and I love that pool in the picture!).
    It would be a great way to escape before we have this kid, or a great escape WITH the kid!

  107. Caren

    I would go to Maui. I would take my boyfriend and surf and swim and hike and relax. . .And contemplate what really matters in this life for us. What does abundance look like and feel like? How do we live in harmony with what is truly important before we die? Maui is the perfect place for doing that kind of thinking.

  108. Kevin

    The freedom to travel comes from focusing on our dreams by liberating ourselves from the things we do for the sake of doing them due to comfort, as long as we have no other options. The great thing about the present is that we often have the freedom to choose what we do, and more importantly, how we do it. Ramit’s been a great inspiration to make sure what you do is done well, and is focussed.

  109. Brian

    I will use the room to bring in a couple people to help me finish my product…thanks in advance Ramit

  110. Kevin

    If one of these hotels existed in Thailand, The Philippines, China, or another place I am eager to explore, I would go there and live it up by using every service I could to see (and enjoy) how the elite get treated in these areas. Then I’d explore places in the area to that were perfect getaways and simple but high quality living to see if it would be somewhere I’d want to relocate. I would get a sense of the communities views on the extravagant living and keep an eye out for needs in the community not being fulfilled. If it were something I was interested in, then the real fun would begin!

  111. Anoop

    Hey Ramit,

    Can you make it $1001 for one night at the Marina Bay Sands?


  112. Patty

    I would take my best friend and go to Figi. Will consult Ramit on
    Luxury digs!!

  113. Susan Kuhlman

    I would love to go to Paris, France…I have never been out of the country but my sister has friends in France and goes to visit all the time. I would love to share my visit with my sister, Terry.

  114. Kelly Harrington

    Biggest Win: Clearing 40,000 of debt and in its place establishing 40,000 in savings. I have had zero credit card debt and zero in loans for over 10 years now … WhooHoo!
    But amassed 40,000 in medical-related debt several years ago. I keep paying it down a few thousand a year … and amassing more at about the same rate when medical issues reoccur. Urrrr! Would love the freedom of being out from under this and the achievement of having that much in my savings account instead.
    Vermont or a secluded beachfront hotel is where you’d find me… If there is one that offers a spa package with reservation, I’m there

  115. Laura Gonzales

    I would go to Starwood Ireland. My hubby and I were going to go to Ireland for our honeymoon but then got accepted into Northwestern. So we used our honeymoon money for our deposits for school. 2 years later, we are educated, but paying on student loans and still waiting for that much desired honeymoon!!

  116. Olga

    i’ve never been in a luxury hotel so…. I’ m going to Spain this summer, any suggestion if I win??

    • Wayne

      Mallorca. Definitely check out Mallorca . . . .

    • Olga

      … And I would take my girl with me.., Mallorca??? I wanted a suggestion in the mainland but if I can get the name of the hotel I would consider it

  117. Jenniffer

    I would go to Colombia and spend it there, I’ve been dying(and saving) to go there for some time now

  118. Krys

    I think I would have to take my fiance to somewhere with nice beaches. I don’t really care where, as long as there is lots of WATER! I think my biggest win would simply be to have the chance to photograph the sunrise and sunset from every widely-inhabited continent in the world. . .It’s been one of my longtime dreams.

  119. Linda G.

    Either Sydney for New Year’s Eve (I hear it’s a great party)… a southeast asian country like Burma, Laos or Vietnam, where $500 would mean palatial digs and probably big enough to invite a bunch of friends to stay there with me… or NYC: a luxury hotel in Manhattan would be a decadent splurge and party in itself.

    Fun to think about it. I’d kill to travel more.

    As for my biggest win: being happy. sharing the love.


  120. Stephanie

    The biggest win for me in travel is ditching routines and being open to newness, awakening my senses — especially taste and sight (i.e., eating and photographing my way through any city), trying things completely unlike home, bonding with my husband. 2 days of heightened experience can be more memorable than a month of the usual regimen.

  121. Tim

    My biggest win would be getting to travel again after living abroad for 6 years and then having our world come crashing down last year when the tsunami/earthquake/Nuclear meltown hit in Japan. We had been living there for 5 years prior to that but because of that we lost everything but what we could pack back home in two suitcases……so being able to get outside the borders of the US again after that would be huge!

  122. Wayne

    I’ll take two nights at the St. Regis on Kauai. Haven’t been to that island, and I’m dying to catch a winter swell and do some surfing while blogging and videoing about how IWTYTBR has influenced me . . . with palm trees swaying in the background.

  123. chris alexander

    My biggest win would be to actually win something. Hopefully it would turn things around, and give me the motivation I’m lacking.

  124. firdaus mokhtar

    Teach me!!

  125. Naina

    I’d pick either Egypt for the pyramids or Istanbul, Turkey – and since I’m quite sure it won’t be before January, I would take my brand new husband!

  126. Ilhan

    My biggest win will be getting my dating life to where I want it to be.

  127. Adina

    I’d definitely use it on my honeymoon in July. We would loooove to go to Tahiti!

  128. Kisobulu uriah

    I’ choose to visit South Africa together with my fiancee

  129. Scott

    I’ll be finishing up school in May and starting work after summer. As such, I would take my girlfriend of six years on a long overdue vacation to either Tokyo, somewhere in Hawaii, Seoul, or Taipei. She’s stuck with me through all the over-achieving hours I’ve spent outside of classes and will have to put up with more as I transition in to being a top performer at work; so, she definitely deserves an awesome vacation!

  130. Samith

    As a part of my impossible list the wife would take a trip To Las vegas and stay at one of the amazing hotels!

  131. Chris G

    I would go to Singapore and stay along the Marina Bay somewhere with my grandmother. She’ll be 85 this year, and though she’s experienced an amazing number of things throughout her life, she’s been deteriorating for the past two years. I’m the closest grandchild to her, and I want to give her a last hurrah while she can still remember it.

  132. Anne

    I would love to take my boyfriend to Bali or Japan. Never been in that region.

  133. Kevin

    Biggest Win: Being respected in my industry.

  134. Eliana

    My husband and I have been planning a kickass before-we-breed-and-give-up-most-of-our-lives-to-small-humans monster of a trip to Japan and Korea for a while now. I’m thinking luxury hotel on Jeju Island? Yes, please.

  135. Renzo Meza

    Hi Ramit,

    I would go to Peru and I would bring my buddy (Chad) because he has never been out of the country. Yeah I know, it’s sad.

  136. Colby Porta

    Staying with my wife in a nice hotel (and recreating our honeymoon night) before our first child is born in March of 2013. Priceless

  137. IVAN


    I would love to stay in Paris with my wife

  138. Jeremy

    I’m going to see a concert next year with a friend who doesn’t earn very much. This person appreciates “the high life” a lot more than I do. It’d be a huge win for me to be able to give this person a taste of an experience that would otherwise be out of their reach as it’d be a huge novelty for them and they could use some excitement.

  139. JANET

    We keep changing our minds about where we would visit. Dreaming is fun.

  140. Bob

    My biggest win would be to go to San Juan, Puerto Rico! I went there once when I was single and I have always dreamed to go back with my wife.

  141. Marcello

    Some W somewhere 🙂

  142. Ana

    Oooooh ….. where to? First to pop up in my mind was London because I’ve wanted to go there my entire life. But Spain is also my spiritual home and the country I’m trying to figure out ways to live in. But I concluded that what I really really need at the moment is a long-overdue visit with my friends in L.A. That was my home for many years before I left it to pursue a dream. Because of extreme setbacks, I haven’t seen my friends or my stateside home for 9 years! Any luxury hotel there would do. Ramit, you’re truly a dream-maker!

    But … as happy as I am to be entered … at the end of it all I must humbly root for someone else on your comment list: Tyler so wants to take a dear friend who doesn’t have long to live for a truly memorable last experience. Can any wish more deserve to be granted!

  143. kayla

    I could probably benefit from two luxurious nights. It is something I rarely do for myself…

  144. Scotty H

    I would take my wife to the St Regis in Deer Valley, Utah. I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and I’ve never been snow skiing.

  145. Pim C

    I will definitely go back where I originally came from, Bangkok, Thailand. I’ve been chasing a dream life in the US for the past five years and have not had a chance (or cash) to go back for a visit. What an awesome give away, Ramit…Thank YOU for the chance!

    BTW, I applied your techniques to a job search & interviews and it worked out, I’m just a step away to a dream job…thanks so much.

  146. Michele

    The Viceroy in the maldives looks lavishly delicious. Exquisitely isolated islands and a sensationally luxurious experience. The Journey to India Spa massage sounds like a life changing 4 hours of bliss and staying in the Royal Villa suite would be an experience unlike any other I have known…yet!

  147. Belinda

    i would like to spend my two nights anywhere nice in the world with my husband, i live in Africa Zambia and it would be nice to take a break and enjoy the treat, especially that i have been at home raising my two Kids.

  148. A.J.

    The biggest win for me will be finally being completely financially independent, working a job I actually enjoy and want to do, that helps me to experience and travel the world. I know there is a whole world out there and I want to experience it. A huge thing that has stopped me from traveling to nice places is having the money to live somewhere for my trip. It will change my life to finally experience somewhere new.

  149. jalil asaria

    Mine would be in Bali and with my girlfriend. We are long distance at the moment and I know not only would it enable us to spend some rare time alone together it might actually convince her to move out east!

  150. Dorota

    Wow Ramit !!! Thailand is my dream destination. One of those things that is at the top of my to do list before I die. That pool in the backyard of your hotel room looks fantastic.


  151. Fee Saint Pierre

    I would like to have an hotel’s romm in Roma for my next trip in Italy for june 2013.
    Would be nice!!!!

  152. Kyle

    South Africa with my friend. Trying to hit all the continents by age 30

  153. Julie

    My brother is finishing chemo before starting radiation and wants to be done by the time his senior spring break comes in Feb in Michigan. I would send him )and me) to Miami or Mexico to celebrate being a senior and his treatment being over!

  154. Betsy

    I don’t see any Starwood properties in the Galapagos Islands, so I’d probably use these two nights in Hawaii – I’ve saved enough miles to fly first class, I’d love a couple of nights in a luxury hotel to go with it! Not sure who gets to go with me….

  155. Ange

    Hi Ramit
    I don’t know which hotel, but it would be in Paris in summer 2013.

    My husband is swimming the English Channel, and it would be a an apt reward 🙂

    Thanks for this contest – you rock!

    {PS London is one of my faves too. I’ve been there a dozen times and there is never a shortage of things to do and new places to explore}

  156. GP

    I love this idea! I have a vacation fund that I put money in every month. I haven’t had an adventure in a long time, and I this one sounds like the one for me!

  157. adrienne c.

    My older sister and I are both completing our dissertations by 2013, and it would be a wonderful celebration for us to go on a trip together. Perhaps to Shanghai (the progress!), Berlin (the culture!) or Istanbul (the history!). Thanks for your productive insights, Ramit!

  158. Lindsay

    I would go to Africa and bring my best friend from college.

  159. Ry

    Ramit, I’ve always wanted to go to Thailand. I want to enjoy life by dancing on the sand at the Full Moon parties and eat amazing thai food! I could never find anyone to go with me because the overall trip expenses are out of everyone’s budget. Having hotel covered would change everything!

  160. Adrienne Erin

    I’d go to Japan with my boyfriend. We’ve always wanted to go there for a tea light festival.

  161. Keisha Rudduck

    If I win I would follow my heart to my dream and just be who I am. Before you can help anybody else, first you must help yourself. You need to think of what you really want in life before you act.

  162. Dc

    I’d take my wife.

  163. Maria Becerra

    My biggest win would be a spa day in which I was pampered instead of having to take care of chores at home. I would feel like a queen!

  164. Sofiean

    My biggest win? Win a motogp wild card rider..

    I would love to stay in any 5 star’s hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

  165. Melissa

    My poor husband gets ignored when I am doing my classes or research, so it would be a nice getaway for us. I would let him pick the location and I’m guessing it would be somewhere warm since it is freezing here!

  166. Luis

    I would take my wife to Tierra de Fuego Argentina

  167. Maurice

    My biggest win would be, to be able to finally take my girlfriend on a trip.

    In May this year I crashed my motorcycle on the racetrack.
    I was really beat up, and had to spend a week in the ICU and another 2 weeks in the hospital. And I had to undergo a second shoulder-surgery 3 weeks ago.

    During my time in the hospital, my girlfriend was at my side as much as the visitor hours allowed, and I felt so much better, just because she was at my side. While I was barely able to breathe and unable to move, she was there next to me.The hospital was’t even in the country we live in, but still, she was there every single day!

    After I got out of the hospital, the road to recovery began, a road that I’m still on. My left shoulder will never function properly again though, neither will my right wrist.
    It’s a difficult road sometimes, but I’m glad I have a girl in my life that’s so incredibly loving,kind and supportive.

    If I win, this trip will be all about her.
    She will get to pick where we go and what we do and I’ll enjoy it anyway, because I’m there with her!

    I know this story has no influence on my chance to win, but I just wanted to share.

    Thanks Ramit, for sharing your wealth!

  168. Susie

    I would love to win this 2 night stay. I haven’t been able to afford a pair of new shoes let alone a 2 night stay at any high priced hotel room in the entire world. And, for myself, at one time, my dreams used to be huge with the thought of one day my dreams coming to fruition. Now that time has humbled me, I would be happy to have a sucessful career where I could provide for myself easily and afford the things I used to do and afford in my past while not fearing about losing the roof over my head. Oh, and an electric car too would be nice since gasoline prices are now out of site and over the top. So Ramit, if you are reading this, and I am sure you are, I dream for caring for myself in a sucessful career.

  169. Susie

    P. S. I forgot, thank you Ramit for this opportunity to sign up to win a 2 night stay anywhere in the world. I know exactly where I would love to go to stay and I am glad there is not expiration date to this as I think it might take some time for me to afford to get the round trip plane tickets and passport. I am excited.

  170. Lisa Boyd

    My biggest win would be a trip to Bali and full spa treatments.

  171. Janis

    My biggest win would be for my children and grandchildren to go with me. A trip is not a trip if you cannot share it with the ones that are closest to you.

  172. Sharon

    I would visit Istanbul, Turkey and see Hagia Sophia

  173. Mike

    This win would make me the happiest person on the planet because I would for the first time be able to take my 5 year old son on a vacation!

  174. Deborah Jones

    I too would stay at the St. Regis at Bora Bora. I have always wanted to stay in a thatched hut. I would take my 2 boys with me to experience this. My aunt told me that her favorite place in the whole world was Bora Bora, so I would like to go as well.

    Thanks, Ramit!

  175. Anna Newell Jones

    Puerto Rico, with Aaron

  176. Katherine


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