Win a $1,001 shopping spree

Ramit Sethi

When I was in college, I had a scholarship that let me buy any books I wanted. I would walk into the bookstore, see literally any book I wanted, and buy it. There was a credit with the store so I wouldn’t even take out my credit card. So I had books about psychology, decision-making, cons, deception, seduction, risk, and all kinds of other weird stuff piled up in my dorm room.

It’s funny — those books in total probably only cost a few thousand dollars, but I truly felt rich knowing I could buy any book I wanted without having to think about it. And until this day, one of the greatest feelings I have is not having to worry when I buy something small: “Should I take a taxi? Can I afford an appetizer? Medium or large drink?” I can just get what I want…guilt-free.

It’s less about the freedom than the constant worrying of “Can I afford this?”

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Today, I want to share that feeling with you.

This month, I want to give one of you a taste of that freedom as part of my “Rich Life Giveaway.” In the past, I’ve given away free roundtrip airfares, luxury hotel stays around the world, even paid someone’s rent for a month.

Today, I’m giving one lucky person a $1,001 shopping spree at All I ask is that, if you win, you write me a note telling me what you used the money for.

It takes 5 seconds to enter right below. And to be totally transparent, I hope you share this with your friends so we can grow the audience of IWT and teach more people about living rich lives.

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  1. Vincent Nguyen

    Awesome, Ramit. Thanks for the generous contests!

  2. Dominic

    Just entered the contest so that I can buy as many books as I want along with a tablet to read the books 😉

  3. Diane

    I would fly to Italy with my children and grandchildren.

  4. Camilla

    I’d buy a scooter for my Siberian Husky so he can learn how to sled. The closest he has to snow here on Australia’s Gold Coast is sand dunes, but that’s not going to stop us. And…some vintage champagne for myself. yoink!

  5. Prasanna

    Computer Parts ( HTPC casing + Motherboard) which is not availabe in this country yet-$400; Rare + Top Notch books in Computer Networking Certification -$300-400;Rest of the money- Learning & Dev + Management books for my wife.

  6. Audrey

    I’d buy my dad a Mac mini and then use the rest to help pay for a short vacation for my family to one of the gorgeous beaches here in the Philippines 🙂

  7. Vanson Tan

    Since I’m not from US, I will just use the money to buy ebooks for kindle. $1001 will probably get me $1,000,000 in near future. I thank you for making me a millionaire first.

    And of course, I’ll purchase 5 copies of your ebook “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”, and give them away as well.

  8. Susan

    Thanks for this generous giveaway. I would probably buy a few kindle books and mp3s. I might even upgrade my kindle from a basic model to a kindle fire.

  9. Gisele

    Hi Ramit, thanks for the awesome giveaway! Since I’m not in US, I would buy mostly ebooks and a kindle. I also would give some books to some friends that lives in US and Canada.

  10. Aya

    Hi Ramit, thanks for the opportunity! I’d like to say I’d buy an ipad or something like that. But the honest answer is I would probably buy $1001 worth of diapers for my babies. Yes, I am so serious.

  11. Gautam

    Thanka for the doing this Ramit! I am starting medical school this coming semester and I have that awkward Indian shyness that I have had since middle school. I tend to avoid small talk and have a hard time seeming engaged in conversation. You could think of me as classically book smart, but not so much street smart. I would use the $1001 to pay for a class or books on how to get over my shyness. There is an improv class in my area in Fort Worth that is kind of pricey and so I have been avoiding taking it. If I had the means to pay for an improv class, I would jump on it. Thanks again for your time Ramit!

    • Nitish

      Hi Gautam,

      This might be none of my business, but I think there might be someone who can help you in the situation that you’ve mentioned.

  12. Diane

    I’d buy my husband the Olympus OM-D E-M5 1 camera that he’s had his eye on for over a year. Since we’ve gotten serious about paying down our debt, we haven’t been buying anything extravagant. He works hard & makes good money, but since the house/mortgage is underwater, we’re working on paying everything else off asap so we can start going paying down the house.

  13. Rod Thorell

    I would get an espresso maker for the house. Miss having a morning latte.

  14. Jennifer Mc

    I already have a “wish list” of books on Amazon so I would love to win! (That scholarship was awesome btw)

  15. Nir Chezrony

    I’d buy some of the O’Reilly books for iOS programming that I’ve been putting off, to up my game as a freelance developer. 2 larger monitors to increase my screen real estate. A sound bar, as a small reward for spending the rest of the money on freelance stuff.

  16. Dennis

    I would spend the money on (E)books about iOS/Android development, so I can start developing apps for children..
    Thanks alot in advance for this great opportunity.

  17. Ariana

    Wow – that’s an amazing idea! I have a wishlist from Amazon with thousands of books on it and I have often dreamed of all of the wonderful books I would buy if there was no need to think about the money 🙂 You will get a detailed list if I win, I promise!

  18. Amy

    $1001 as a downpayment to replace my 13 year old car.

  19. Lura

    I would enjoy the freedom to fulfill my massive wish list of books.

  20. Aniss

    I would buy your book again and then some other books that I have in my wish list.

  21. Claudia telles

    I would buy my school books for the fall and spring semester, a kindle, and books for pleasure reading (Ex. psychology books, entrepreneurship, success stories, etc…)

  22. JB

    I would buy things for my little daughter, some basic household items and then maybe one splurge item.

  23. Kristin Smith

    If I could go anywhere, I would fly to Marrakesh with my husband and three sons. I have heard that the food is fabulous, the people are friendly, the architecture is amazing and it is a very family-friendly place to visit.

  24. Laura Fortenberry

    Thank you. This would go a long way towards Christmas and Birthdays.

  25. Gina asayas

    My daughter currently attends college. Textbooks are pretty steep and she usually buys them thru for the used ones. We use this site often not only for books but even car parts:) it’ll definitely be great if we can get extra $$. Thank you

  26. Raine

    I will buy all the 30 organizing committee members of my volunteer group a book each. All my members confided in me how they want to grow before. So I will choose the book based on what I think will benefit them most.

  27. Bonnie

    As a self-taught-second-career photographer I’ve depended on books for self-education. I’ve had to cut back on books lately, so it would be great to go nuts and buy all the books on my “wishlist”!!!

    • Ali

      Bonnie I trust you’ve discovered – the BEST and free workshops on all aspects on the photography business all online…this is the way I’m learning my new craft

  28. Josué

    With a third of it, I would buy bike accessories (I am training for 100 mile bike ride this fall). The second third I would let my wife choose to spend however and whatever she wants. The last third would be baby supplies and toys for our newborn.

  29. Bill

    Ramit, I would spend the money on books for my sons upcoming Freshman year at college. As you are well aware Freshman year of college is one of the most trying times in a young person’s life and alleviating some of that stress would be so beneficial to him. Thank you for the opportunity. Make excellence, it’s a habit. – Bill

  30. Cortney Harris

    My husband is currently serving in the US military and we are currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan ( a tiny island about 400 miles south of mainland japan)…Amazon is one of the few places that doesn’t take forever to ship out here, and our shopping options are very few here. I would buy self-improvement and relationship books to help enrich our marriage, and to help improve the business side of my photography business.

  31. Jay

    Grand canyon with wife and kids.

  32. Isaiah Jackson

    I would use it to buy some books from Dan Kennedy. I would also use like $200-$300 of it to buy a replacement iPhone 4S since my girlfriend is having problems with hers. Mother’s Day is just around the corner so I will get my mom something for Mother’s Day. I’m sure I will have money left over about $500 – $600 so I will be saving that or just add on to it until it reaches $1,002 🙂

  33. Melanie Egerton

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks so much for the generous competition!

    I will be buying lots of new books should I be fortunate enough to win, some women can never have enough hand bags or shoes, as for me, I can never have enough books!

    I’ve shared the link on FB, if any of my friends win it will be hand bags and shoes all the way!


  34. Mel Egerton

    Hi again Ramit,

    Was just wondering when the winner would be announced.


  35. Chris Horner

    Easy. My wife and I would go to NYC.

  36. Mehwish Rubab

    I will save it as I would like to buy my self a watch or I will travel to Moscow 🙂

  37. Bryan

    I would buy a much needed computer. Would also like to get a tablet.

  38. Anthony Rosas

    Hands down, I’d be on a plane headed non-stop back to Sinhapore. I had the great privilege of going to this magical city state about 10 years ago when I was barely able to purchase a beer! I would bring my best friend who I went with nearly 10 years ago. We’d order a Sling at the Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel, smoke a Cuban at the New Asia Bar–82 floors up at the Swisshotel, lounge on the beaches of Sentosa Island and pick up a few crisp dress shirts at Takashimaya on world famous Orchard Road. Certainly a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without venturing all over the country via their highly efficient, underground, air-conditioned subway system. In the midst of all the revelry however, I’d do my research before I left and schedule a few important meetings with local, entreprenuer start up organizations and set up a dually held company in both the US and Singapore to conduct an importing and exporting business.

  39. Kristin

    I would fly to Thailand so that I can experience their wonderful culture and beaches. I’d bring the Kindle I bought on filled with lots of books so that I can read on the beach.

  40. JP

    I would buy camera equipment to film some of the new helpful messages that we are doing on mastering anger and other themes at our new mission-church in Baton Rouge, The Bridge Church. (

  41. Kim Cassidy

    I would fly to Egypt and participate in the Randa Kamal Raqs Of Course belly dance intensive. The true name for belly dance is Raqs Sharqi meaning oriental dance.

  42. Diana

    This is great! I would use this to hire an assistant to help me get my business going. And, yes, maybe a couple of books and a massage would be nice! Thanks, Ramit

  43. Brandon

    I’d purchase the large smart tv and blue ray player i’ve been eyeing.

  44. Lisa

    Thanks so much for the chance to win. I broke my 7 year old laptop and really want another one to replace it.

  45. Kim Rily

    Ramit, thanks for being so generous. Your previous page still says you’re giving away a trip at the bottom just above the link. If this contest is for $1,001 on Amazon, I would get my kids NEW school clothes, not hand me downs. I’d get some new clothes and new shoes for me. I’d buy gift cards so we could go out to dinner and movies. And I’d get a new Photoshop Program or Final Cut Pro so I could practice and get a new job!

  46. c.c.

    a new business wardrobe!! i’ve been working from home for years, finally starting to get out and network and boy are all my clothes shabby and worn out, it is embarrassing. i put together an ideal business wardrobe, it would cost about $600 for a set of classic pieces (neutral oxford shirts, business pants, a coat that fits, office appropriate shoes, blazers that dont make me look like a teenager). the rest would get tucked away for wardrobe updates as needed, or go towards my app development business.

  47. Sarah

    I looooove books. This is the contest for me! I’d buy books and books and books. Psychology, sociology, music, lots of fiction, non-fiction and biographies! I thirst for knowledge.

  48. Sweta

    I would buy a few books, some household items like toilet paper, etc. and an Amazon Prime membership so I could stream video online and cancel Dish Network saving me ~$80/mo.

  49. Sowm

    Done! Now show me the money$$

  50. Reka

    Mmmm. Let’s start dreaming.

    First of all I would buy a Kindle Fire HD 7, then I would buy all the books listed on my wish-list, then I would buy a Canon digital camera to be able to make “yummy” pictures for my food-blog, then I would test my business idea (Is offering a consultancy mainly about how to construct a personal career story a viable business idea?) and I will offer a Kindle, a gift for e most augmentative answer.

    Thanks in advance, Ramit! 🙂

  51. Emily

    Thanks Ramit, you are a continuous inspiration. Are your courses available for purchase on Amazon?!

  52. Roop

    Hi Ramit 🙂 I’d probably buy a lens for my camera because I absolutely love photography and an iPad for my dad for Father’s day because he definitely deserves it, especially after this stressful year.

  53. Cholle

    Ramit, if I had the extra $1001 I would pay for Earn 1K! That is the #1 thing on my wishlist, but sadly, not on Amazon.

    I’m not entering the contest but if I was going to drop $1001 on Amazon, some of my guilt free purchases would be: a vintage cocktail mixer set for a really sweet mixologist friend who always brings me amazing wine and cigars when I host dinner parties, a classy and high quality make up set for my bestie who wants to learn to be “more feminie”, a really cool mecha godzilla and bull trex that my 7 year old step son has been lusting over, a kitty palace for my cat to chill on, a really nice suit for my husband because when I met him I shrunk all of his custom made suits from Turkey in the dryer, and a super pretty dress for my niece. If I had any leftover I would probably get myself a few yoga DVDs or a really sexy dress.

    It’s exciting just to daydream about it, so thanks for the does of happy on what has been an otherwise intense Monday morning.

  54. Elizabeth Knight

    Books, glorious books!!! I’d add some nice additions of my favorites, get a couple for my husband, and maybe a cookbook:)

  55. Jesus

    I would fly to easter island with my gf!

  56. Bridget

    Thanks for yet another sweepstakes – you are inspiring!
    For a total splurge I would buy my boyfriend the entire last couple seasons of Law & Order, a travel vest, some books and/or ebooks, and some food that I can’t seem to find in local stores – like korma sauce so that I can make chicken korma for dinner without having to figure out how to do it from scratch. 🙂
    Oh, and maybe a pillow-top mattress cover for our uncomfortable bed and an anti-snoring pillow (we’ll see if it works) so that my boyfriend can sleep at night. (Or noise cancelling headphones, lol) 🙂

  57. Patricia

    This is so awesome! I’d definitely buy books (physical and electronic!) and a kindle. I’d probably buy a couple of board games as well. Ohmygosh, the possibilities seem endless right now. xD

  58. Chris Lindsay

    I’d buy a sous-vide machine & spend the rest on a first anniversary gift for my wifey.

  59. Roop

    Hi Ramit 🙂 I’d probably buy a lens for my camera because I absolutely love photography and an iPad for my dad for Father’s day because he definitely deserves it, especially after this stressful year.

    I would take my dad and sister and fly to different cities in India so we could explore places that we’ve never been to, together as a family.

  60. megan

    I would buy something awesome for my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. I had planned on throwing them a sick anniversary party but ended up moving across the country from them 6 months ago and can’t afford to fly back for the anniversary. It’s in… oh yikes. 10 days. I better get on planning something out ASAP 🙂

  61. Alexander

    I would spend the money on books to learn long term skills, i would spend the money on a course of yours if it were on Amazon. What’s left would go to fund my hobbies!

  62. Glen Eigo

    Since I don’t think you can buy plane tickets on, I would buy a new iPad and some accessories to allow me to start using it for building a personal side business.

  63. Joseph

    Thanks for the contest. I will use the cash for a better computer for school! Hope I win!

  64. Marlo

    I’d fly to Italy with my wife, my mom and mother in law.

  65. Warda Ali

    Put it towards my bar exam costs this summer 🙂

  66. Noemi

    Thanks for your generous offer, Ramit. I’m not from the U.S. but here is how I’ll spend the $1,001.

    I would spend the money on the following:

    1) A Mac mini (to bring my freelancing career to a higher level)
    2) Homeschooling materials like Singapore Math Manipulatives for my kids
    3) A 80GB Apple iPod (where I can download Marketing info from Jim Rohn, and others, so I can continue learning while doing some Mommy duties)

  67. joon

    As a programmer I’d buy a AWC Amazon web server cluster to host my web service. I know my application will be making the passive income during my sleep and give me the financial freedom I dreamed of.

  68. Kim

    I would buy the $200 study guide for the first actuary exam… I’m a math teacher right now and am looking to change careers!

  69. Phung

    I’d buy a new stainless steel refrigerator; my wife has been pining for a new fridge for a year now and we’ve been saving. This $1,000 would put us over the top.

  70. Rosie

    I would just buy a ton of books on every subject!

  71. Joseph Gonzalez

    I would buy a tablet, new umpiring gear for little league, and a birthday present for my sister.

  72. Olga

    I would buy some books off my wish list. I would also visit wish-lists of my friends and buy something for them. I have not been able to buy good presents in a while:).

  73. Jamie

    Thanks! I would buy a mountain bike and head up to Aspen and Breckenridge this summer.

  74. Jenna

    My sister is pregnant with twins, so I would start by buying baby clothes!
    I’m also a teacher, and most of my money goes to my classroom, so I would probably buy some furniture for the class (we need bookcases!) and then splurge on an outfit for me! 🙂

  75. Mary

    I would purchase all the things my son needs to attend college this fall.

  76. Ryan Kulp

    Might sound cliche, but I’m a big book nerd too. My Amazon wish list is usually filled with pieces on entrepreneurship and, most recently, autobiographies. I would use the gift to further expand my library and perhaps buy some of those hard-to-find, sugar-free coffee syrups. 🙂


  77. Abby

    I’d use it to start the gardening and events business that my mom, grandma and I have always dreamed of owning together. I’m ready to start doing what I love and getting paid to do it.

    Thanks Ramit.

  78. Will w

    I’d use the money to help fly my father and I to germany. He has stage 4 lung cancer and has always wanted to visit the village in germany where his grandfather was born, Leipzig.

  79. Andrew

    Thank you for this opportunity. If I win I would purchase books and vinyl I sort out on my Amazon Wish-list, and maybe a DSLR or tools for my car and house.

  80. Sue T.

    I’d love to be able to shell out for two or three REALLY NICE business/dress outfits and a pair of running shoes.

    I lost 30 pounds within the last 18 months, which is awesome, but I look ridiculous in 90% of my old clothing now and most of it wasn’t that great to begin with.

  81. Lisa

    Since the first thing I think of for is books, I’d get Harville Hendrix’s “Keeping the Love You Have”, then browse for other categories. I’d probably get some ballet flats (shoes) and makeup, since I am one of those who *does* worry about where the next $1 is coming from. Then I’d either get my husband some DJ equipment or let him browse and pick whatever he would like.

  82. Deborah Dera

    If I win, my goal will be to spread that $1,001 as far as humanly possible. Wait and SEE what I can do with it!

  83. Jason Galvao

    I’d love to be able to upgrade my computer as well as get some much needed audio equipment so me and my girlfriend can have a higher quality production musically, and for our podcast/journalistic pursuits. A specific purchase would be a podcast recorder such as

    or this:

  84. Vince

    I would buy a 55″ TV! We have some Best Buy gift cards and have been trying to decide whether to get a larger TV or get my wife a new laptop. If I won this I could get the TV from amazon and then we could use the gift cards to get my wife her new laptop. Win-win!

  85. Yee

    I would buy some kitchen gadgets and cookbooks I’ve been eying for a long time. Also, I would buy many books, including the expensive LSAT prep books I can’t afford now.

  86. Ko-Shin

    Hi Ramit,
    Thank you for your generous contest. With $1,001 I will buy #1 things to improve my health – a water filter, #2-something to improve my free videos: softbox studio lighting #3 – some books to learn and grow about things I dont know yet and #4-a present for someone really special!

  87. Jared

    I’d take my wife out for a nice weekend getaway.

  88. Hona

    Great contest! I would definitely use the shopping spree to buy books. But, since Amazon sells more things besides books, I might use part of the money to buy a juicer!

  89. Minden

    Hi Ramit,
    I would buy some dansko clogs, a pair of boots, some books from my wishlist. Then I would let my son and hubby buy something for themselves. ; )

  90. Leshawn Janer

    I have an extra long list of things bookmarked to buy on Amazon, but I will spend it on my parents.

  91. James H.

    I would buy everything I would need to enjoy a long, educational sabbatical in Japan. That is to say, add it to the dedicated savings account I set up after reading IWTYTBR.

  92. Teri [a foodie stays fit]

    I’d spend it on new bedding, coffee table, and decorations to make my house feel more like a home. And a nice brand of mascara 🙂

  93. Richard

    A new digital camera to capture memories and a couple of books too

  94. brooke

    i would fly to the galapagos with my friends for a week to commune with nature.

    if i won the amazon card, i would buy food, because this month i have to decide whether to pay my rent, or to eat. rent wins.

  95. S

    I’m still pretty junior in my career, so I would buy an iPad or other tablet to take with me when I travel for work, plus some books to load onto it. I’d also buy a heart rate monitor watch and maybe some other fitness equipment to help me reach my fitness goals. Thanks for yet another awesome giveaway!

  96. Marcelo

    I would buy only books, of course your book would be included…

  97. Dan Heron

    We just got our second corgi with the hopes for them to breed and spread the short-legged cheer around Milwaukee. I’d want to get them a few more toys, better baby gates, a few books on the proper care that they’ll need during this process, and some sort of nicer cages for the back yard. This would definitely help!

  98. Keenan

    I am studying mechanical engineering and I am very interested in this field. To respect authors that put in years of research effort, I am against book piracy. However, books from my country are quite costly compared to other countries and I am not from a very well-to-do family background. I will use this prize to get the books I’d always wanted to.

  99. Jim

    I’d use it to buy [more] supplies to keep my life organized (shelving, tubs), and pick up some books and other materials that address my hobbies (learning new languages, embedded systems design/development)

  100. Sara

    I would buy books! Child development books, books for my baby girl, fiction for fun reading, and books to for my husband and I develop in our careers. It would be wonderful if any time I can’t find a book at the library if I could just order it online.

  101. Stacey

    I’d use it towards a family trip to Europe — I’m the only one that has been (out of my parents, husband, and brother), and I want to share the experience!

  102. Mars

    Great giveaway! I’d probably buy some much needed computer equipment and a few nerdy books/dvds/records.

  103. Emily

    The new kindle! And some books to read on it.

  104. Bryan

    I’ve got an amazon wish list – mostly of books, but also including some electronics gear – that slowly crawls to the top of the budget-priority list. I’d use this to drink down that list freely 🙂

  105. Jamie

    I’d probably do something boring like pay 4 months of car payments. Or, I’d throw it in my savings account and dip in to it whenever I need to buy gas.

    • Jamie

      Or maybe I’ll buy a book from that teaches me how to read things like “shopping spree at” instead of assuming it’s cash!

  106. troy oakley

    I’d go to Texas and bring my best friend

  107. brian

    I’ve got several wishlists of personal finance, physical training, and other books to buy!

  108. Kandice

    I would take a mini vacation and a few classes.

  109. David-Emmanuel Cohen

    Hi Ramit, and thanks again for motivating us!!
    I’d use the money to fly to a city I haven’t photographed and buy a new piece of equipement. I’d bring one of my mentor (image and art theory) to make the trip more stimulating (as a photographer).

  110. Mike

    I’d spend it on something that will generate a memory. Properly fitting baseball equipment for my local little league.

  111. Melissa

    Hey Ramit! Thanks for the giveaway. I would spend your Amazon shopping spree on the balance of my schoolbooks, a push-lawnmower (don’t have one but need one), as well as holiday gifts for family. If I have money left over, I’d hang onto it for a while, since I expect to be between jobs soon, and money “stuck” in an Amazon account could justifiably be considered a reserve “entertainment” budget.

  112. Greg

    I’d share it with my wife. We’d get some books for sure. And I’d like to get a newer camera (our’s is pretty old). Thanks for the kind and generous offer!

  113. Jess

    I’d use a good portion of this to purchase a much needed new computer. Then I would probably use the remainder on a new pair of jeans and purchase some items for organizations who are doing good in the world. 🙂

  114. Chikako

    I would buy a camera lens to take better food pictures for my food blog to inspire people and use the rest to buy cookbooks and self-help books.

  115. Christine Wedge

    I’d buy some photography equipment… a really great lens, a flash.

  116. chris a

    I’d probably get some basic Kitchen stuff and quit using the goodwill crap cookware that has been unevenly cooking my meat and eggs since college. Maybe a few kindle books that my library doesn’t have. A new seat for my bike so I can save my goonther, and a set of panniers. With the rest, I’d save for later or buy grocery gift cards.

  117. Candice

    Lots of fiction along with books on personal finance, health, nutrition, and parenting.

  118. Jessica

    I’d buy some updates to my apartment, a Roku, and everything saved for later in my Amazon cart (now about 15 items long) that I always say I’ll buy when I have more money!

  119. Jane

    I would put it some of it towards my partner’s 30th birthday gift! Probably a trip to Budapest. The rest I’d put away in savings.

  120. Dorie

    Books. Lots and lots of books. And probably a new toddler toy for my son and something for my husband. But really, the bulk of it would go to lots of books for me.

  121. Humph L

    Hi R,
    I’d buy an ipad mini and some e-books on business/entrepreneur stuff. I’d also buy some running shoes.

  122. Meghan

    It’s funny that you sent this email today, because I abandoned my shopping cart at OneKingsLane an hour ago. I thought my husband would kill me for spending $60 on four pillowcases, even though they are organic, super high quality fabric and we deserve to rest our heads on something that awesome every night! So with this $1001 shopping spree, I’d buy my husband and I and my son all sets of the most luxorious, highest quality bedding I could find.

  123. Gregg

    If I were to win, I would have to stop and think realitically about what would be the best way to speand the $1,001. I would love to experience that.

  124. Jonathan

    Fly? NYC with my wife.
    Amazon? Books for me off my list and gifts for my family.

  125. Patrick Maguire

    I’d knock out some books on my wish list, maybe the latest season of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I guess I’ll leave a little too for diapers and formula – have a little one coming in October. Automation at its finest, subscribe and save baby.

  126. Beth

    I would love to replace all the limping along appliances in my home and update my son’s electronics.

  127. Enrique

    Yes,I have spend thousands of dollars on books. I love history from the point of the oppressed (Social History). So,I would probably buy books on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade from 1600-1860 in the Americas. Of course,there always been slavery in this planet and there still is since the first pre-human showed up 1.4 millions ago.
    Another area that would I buy books would on Evolution and how humans treat each other as we kill the planet in the name of free enterprise and personal responsibility.

  128. Pat

    Love Amazon! So many products; so little time! I would probably look at spending it on electronics.

  129. Ashley K

    I would use my winnings to buy a new camera lens, hiking gear, and travel accessories for an upcoming trip to Peru. And of course, some books for my Kindle to get me through those long days in transit!

  130. Kristi Helvig

    As a writer, I’m slightly book obsessed…okay, more than slightly. I’m thrilled that my 8-yo son loves to read as much as I did at his age, so I’d spend some of the money to buy him a Kindle Fire HD with extra money so he can load it with books. I’d buy my 5-yo girlie some books and games for her LeapPad, and then I’d have to spend some of it on books for myself. I tend to give a lot of books away in contests, so this would help me replenish my supply. Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  131. Sarah S

    I would buy lots of books, and a new ottoman! 🙂

  132. Judy

    I’d fly to Alabama to visit my son in college.

  133. Anne

    What a terrific idea, Ramit! And it must certainly be a great feeling to give so generously. If I win, I’ll purchase books and music for friends and family as surprise gifts and buy a book or two for myself. Thanks for the fun of participating!

  134. Andile

    I want to buy a Jersey dairy cow at $750. and kikuyu seed plus fertilisers at $180. Deworming chemicals and triatix for spraying ticks at $71. I will start my dairy project milking both in the mornings and afternoon selling the milk at to T &F Supermarket at $1. per litre.

    Proceeds shall be split in running costs and savings at a rate of 72%-18% respectively with the of expanding production.

  135. Candice

    At one time I averaged about $100 a month on books (both print and kindle) from Amazon. I’ve cut back thanks to a New Year’s resolution, but winning this would keep me in books for about a year and free up money for a Christmas trip to Hawaii. Thanks for holding this contest!

  136. Maritere

    Thanks Ramit! I’ll use 30% for gifts (Mother’s and Father’s Days are coming), 15% for clothes and educational toys for my 2 year old son, 10% on Kindle ebooks and 45% to use on AWS server (not sure if it can be used on their servers but will try, otherwise it will be used for business needs).

  137. Edgar

    I would just go to LA and can easily spend that money on clothes for the spring season.

  138. Kristi

    I live in Vail, Colorado and am starting a health and wealth business. Im a personal development and business growth junkie – so I’d spend it on good material.
    Some books – I would buy another copy so I can send one to a friend.

  139. Vivian

    I would spend that money on a bunch of art materials for my freelance art gigs, basic household supplies, and presents for my friends who helped me run my dying cafe this past year. About 5 of them worked at the cafe, but the shop still couldnt make rent so they didn’t take any pay. I’ve been wanting to give them thank you gifts but haven’t been able to afford any so far. I would use a significant portion of the money to say thank you to my super gracious friends.

  140. peter

    If I’m being honest, it would be a split between life and business.

    I’d buy all of the South Park seasons because that teachers me more about life than anything. Looking through the eyes of an 8 year old cartoon character is very liberating. Especially for writing sales letters.

    The BEST thing I ever bought was a A4 hard backed notebook and a Nasa space pen.
    I actually need a refill for my nasa space pen, so I really hope I win as I need to keep writing! It’s helped me to clear my mind and focus – I highly recomend pen and paper even in this computer age!

    I actually need quite a lot more healthy cooking items (slow cooker, microwave steamer).
    I really should do something about getting fitter (I am falling apart) but I need to get some advice on that.

    For sure I’d like to give something to my 5 actual true friends who have stuck with me through the bad times for nigh on 30 years. Although you can never repay that sort of friendship, some sort of token…

    My brother died of cancer 3 weeks ago and I wish I had the spare cash to send his surviving daughter something nice.

    $1000 bucks isn’t actually that much money, so I would have to invest the remainder in enabling me to do what I really want to do. I’ve spent too many decades in the business arena and developing software for them.
    If I had my life again, I’d develop for the games industry, so I’d have to make a shopping list of training, tools and a bit more research – I’m a lousy games player – which is why it’s not made a lot of sense for me to develop games.

    So outside of the money, I’d have to team up with some real whizz bang people.
    I don’t think Amazon stock them yet, but I might run a few Amazon PPC ads in certain product sections to see if I can find any.
    It’s gotta be worth spending $100 of your cash to expand my talent pool!

    OK I need that Nasa space pen refill pretty soon, so please don’t spend too long sending me the money, or I might miss writing down that million dollar idea that some dude called Ramit Sethi keeps promising to tell me 😉

    Seriously though, I need the pen refill and they’re like 10 bucks!
    Do I need to crowd fund it or what? LOL


  141. Janet

    A tablet! Some books!

  142. justine

    I will use the money to furnish our new apartment. Just moved in three months ago. Already bought the essentials, but we will still get a few more things here and there. I bought some of the stuff from Amazon, so an extra $1001 will definitely help!

  143. Amy Moore

    I would let my daughter pick any and every book she’d like to read. I remember being an avid reader like her as a child, and wishing for more books to appear so I could read them too.

  144. Will

    My school books for next semester?
    A half dozen books that will help me avoid missteps in starting and running my business?
    A book or two on how to craft and present short, engaging stories?
    You know it.
    A tablet that will serve as the helm from which I turn my startup into an empire?
    Several packs of Now n’ Laters–that is, if Amazon sells that stuff–and other sugar-rush-inducing “supplements”?
    Why not?

  145. Curtis C

    I’d use the cash to buy groceries off the grocery part of the site!

  146. Taahir Khan

    I just bought a used car (old car broke down) so I would get some new mats and brake pads. Then I’d get the GMAT books for my studies (time to get serious about grad school). I’d also buy myself a decent book shelf and a office chair.

  147. Daniel

    I would fly to Finland in order to learn about their education system. My dream and goal is to bring change to the way education is done. I would take my friends who have the same vision and goal that I do for education.

  148. Katy Watkins

    Awesome idea! I’d buy bunch of books on my to-read list (some to learn more about interaction design but some just for fun), and maybe send friends & family a surprise gift. Surprises are fun, might as well spread the wealth a little more.

  149. Zahra

    Hi Ramit,
    Awesome contest! I’d take my Mom and Brother to the Bahamas. They are a very positive influence in my life and great mentors to so many in our community. Both need a little TLC back.
    Much Love 🙂

  150. Emma Chace

    I would buy the DSLR I’ve been wanting to get myself for literally years. Then I would spend the rest on books.

  151. Justin

    I’d buy a ticket to see Australia. It’s on my bucket list 🙂

  152. Stefani

    Ramit, on the landing page it says “All I ask is that you tell me where you’d fly and who you’d bring in the comments here:” but over here you ask what I’m going to do with the Amazon voucher… hmmmm… never mind, I think I can satisfy both seemingly unrelated questions.

    Being a crafty Asian, I’m going to buy highly coveted items (preferably on deep discounts) on Amazon and sell them on eBay then use the money to buy two tickets for my boyfriend and I to fly to Ecuador or Chile. It’s a bit cutting it close but depending on how persuasive my eBay page is, I think I can make it happen 🙂 Cheers.

  153. Melissa

    I would buy lots of books! (Mostly cookbooks and psychology books). I’d also buy myself a great new bag for work and a new lamp.

  154. Brent

    I would buy gifts for my girlfriend, outfit my bike, and pick up some games and books.

  155. Myles

    I’d use the money to invest in my education: books, audio CDs, training programs, etc.

  156. Yung

    A bassoon for my son!

  157. Steven

    After rehabbing an investment home by hand for the last 7 months, sinking all of my savings into this amazing historic property, and living on about $100 a month for my very basic expenses, I would certainly love to take the $1001 shopping spree.

    I need new shoes like nobodies business. I need a haircut. I need a new belt. I need to take my amazing girlfriend on a date. I need to take a day off. I need to buy some nice groceries and cook a fancy meal. I need to take my dog to the vet. I need to visit my parents. I could do all of those things with half of that, and have some breathing room in my life for the first time in a long time.

  158. Gianna

    I would fly to Aruba with my cousin and sister. If I win the amazon there is so many different things I would buy!

  159. Edward M.

    I would use the money for a new midi controller for music production (and take my girl out for a good steak)

  160. Sogi

    I want to buy books

  161. Steph

    Hey Ramit! I’d buy
    – textbooks for my grad program (MBA/Master’s in Accounting)
    – books on the music industry (I want to somehow combine my love for music with my business/accounting skills)
    – books on how to play the ukulele and keyboard
    – new strings for my ukulele
    – all seasons of the Cosby Show, the Fresh Prince, and House on DVD

  162. Lonnie

    I’m launching my side business. Any amount of money can help!

  163. ashley

    I would use some of it to initially celebrate on a night out with some of my friends, then use the rest to pay off some debt!

  164. Cheryl W

    Thanks Ramit…FYI check the call to action text in your email about leaving a msg here…it’s about where you’d fly, which was your last contest, right? Anyway, for the spending spree, I’d purchase a DSLR to upgrade my photography capabilities for my business. Thanks for the chance at this!

  165. Christopher Hrobsky

    Ramit, I would purchase a laptop to enjoy my freedom by being able to work and play from anywhere!

  166. Linn

    Shoes. Easily. United Nude shoes. Mmmm. A few books too, of course, but mainly shoes

  167. Pramit

    I noticed that everyone here wants to buy something for themselves or his/her immediate family.

    I’d like to use the $1001 as a natural networking tool by buying VIP’s relevant books (e.g. I Will Teach You To Be Rich, The Lean Startup, Inner Game of Tennis, etc…). For each book, I’d include a notecard indicating the chapters that are most relevant to them and their work.

    If each book is ~$15-$20, that’s about 50 to 70 books, and ~30 to 40 VIP’s I can add value to, and potentially impress.

  168. Rachel

    Thanks for the generous offer! Also, I must admit I’m very jealous of that scholarship of yours. I am quite the bookworm myself and would have lived in the campus bookstore had I received any scholarships.

    If I were to win … the flight would take me (and my wonderful boyfriend, Brian) to his family’s native country of South Korea. He has been unable to see his extended family members in over five years. I have also never been out of the US, aside from a brief youth missionary trip to a Mexican orphanage, so that would be exciting for me as well!

    I use Amazon on a daily basis to purchase practical necessities. Everything from pet food to a lawn mower. So I would splurge use the Amazon gift card to obtain some more equipment for my freelance photography business that I’ve been holding off on buying. Equipment such as a secondary monitor for optimal photo editing, a book or three on wedding photography advice from the pros, and some awesome photo doodads like reflectors, filters, prisms, etc.

  169. Esther Lee

    Awesome contest! I’d definitely use the spending spree on all of the books I would need for school and testing materials that I would need for hopefully, my msn program. Saving some to use towards my family needs as well. 🙂

  170. Alberto Oliveira

    I’d make my mom CRY over the absurd amount of books I have at my place rather than plants or furniture. Also a pull-up bar and condoms.

    Lots of condoms.

    P.S.: Would it be possible to have this for rather than .com? They’re jerks about shipping to Portugal.

  171. Krystyna

    Where would I fly? Didn’t know we were flying, but I would go to Montana and Northern Georgia to look into relocating.
    What would I buy on Amazon? I would replace all the books I lost in Hurricane Sandy for my various businesses — on artisan preserves, running a small food business, wild food identification, wild meads and wines, business plan and guidance books and books on quilting techniques and textile design.

  172. christine

    If I won the amazon spree, I would buy medical and pharmcology books and study a rare illness that I have.
    If I learned any anything new, I would have the glory of not feeling like crap everyday, and dive back into my work.

  173. Laura Brown

    I’d use the gift card for all kinds of things – from a tablet to some eBooks and probably the old Adam West Batman series for my 6 yo son! He loves it, and you can’t get it on DVD.

  174. Fatdaddy

    Fly to Eurodisney in Paris with my child and my wife.
    The first postcard will be for you… 😀

  175. lisa m

    clothes for the kids.
    books for college
    thanks for the chance

  176. Michelle M

    I would pay down some student loans and take a trip with a mom.

  177. Denis Sgouros

    I would want to travel tot he Galapagos islands, because honestly that’s as close as getting to the Pokemon world as you can, and I’d take my friend Chris with me.

  178. Edwin

    A new MacBook for my girlfriend as a college graduation present.

  179. Mike

    Thanks again for another great contest. At the confirmation on the bottom link it still has a description of where to fly from the previous contest instead of saying what we would buy 😉

  180. Claudinei

    Buy a Tablet and books for personal development and growth and financial! I’m learning more about MLM!

  181. Hemanti

    Thanks Ramit..!!!I will buy a gift for my hubby for our anniversary and invest rest of the amount in a training for myself.Thank you.

  182. Shiri

    I would go to David Allen’s GTD seminar in NYC.

  183. Rachael

    I’d spend the money on professional clothing… Nothing more difficult than trying to dress professionally while paying back student loans!

  184. Jessica

    Hi Ramit,
    I apologize if this is a duplicate, I am not sure what happened to the first entry as it disappeared while I was editing.
    I would love to buy some furniture! Specifically, a new couch and love seat. I have two little ones that have abused my couches terribly:) My kids love to use the couch cushions to make awesome forts and routinely our couches are transformed into ships engaged in intergalactic Star Wars battles. This inevitably leads to one of the legs falling off and the couch crashes to the floor, which of course determines the winner.
    I almost apologize when guests come over and explain that our couches are very loved and lived in, so that we are not thought of as garbage pickers. They were new about 10 years ago but have not aged well and are definitely not child proof.
    The idea of being able to buy new furniture would thrill me beyond words! I would relish the opportunity to ponder the questions of: what color do I want? Am I a stripe person or a solid? This might even lead me down a road to discover what Feng Shui is, and find out if I have it! What a refreshing change this would be from the questions I currently ask myself, such as: I wonder what size boards we should get to support the sag in the center? If I save $10 per month, how many years will it be until I can afford a new couch? Or, the most pressing one: will crazy glue work to keep the back leg from falling off?
    Thanks for having such a cool contest. You rock!

  185. Mohammed

    I would buy a kindle, Books and new balance minimus for cross training

  186. Mariana Valente de Sá

    I’d buy kindles for my two best friends and use the rest to buy LOADS of books and also a little makeup, because it’s expensive and badly made where I live.
    Great contest, Ramit!

  187. Scott

    Great promotion idea!

    I’d spend half of it on my wife, and half on my daughter – a Christmas in July.

  188. Jonathan Cabrera

    If I were to win this contest, not only would I use this spree to self indulge; I would also use it as an investment for my future. You see, I’m a recent grad from KSU with a bachelors in management and a minor in marketing; but I have discovered that my real passion in life is film once I participated in the ATL 48 hr film fest; where we had 48 hrs to plan, shoot, and edit an original short film. Currently, I’m seeking an avenue to get my foot in the door to lead me within the film industry; and after much online research and reading books from my local library; the only two ways to get in is either a) go to film school either in CA or NY (which I don’t have the resources) or b) start making my own films (which I don’t have the resources either). Therefore, if I were to win this contest, I would use this money as an investment for my future and life dream and purchase a slightly used yet professional camcorder in order to become an indie filmmaker!!! That’s what I would do if I was presented such a great opportunity! Thanks for your time and generous consideration Ramit!

  189. jeremy Gooodman

    I’d take my wife and new born daughter to Italy where my wife’s family is from so we can share in her experience of discovering her true heritage. thanks for the awesome contest Ramit.

  190. Peter

    Thanks for another contest opportunity! I would immediately buy photography gear to help me earn more on the side!

  191. Lori

    I’d split the booty into two, spending about $500 on books (printed books, Kindle books. I love ’em all!) Like your story of the scholarship for books, being able to buy books makes me feel rich. With the other half, I’d do something I rarely do: buy a ridiculously unnecessary (unnecessary because a $20 case would do the job) designer case for my MacBook. And I would smile with glee everytime I used it.

  192. Matt T.

    Hi Ramit,

    I would buy the following items on my shopping spree.

    $199 Kindle HD Fire
    $250 Kindle Gift Card to Load onto the Kindle
    $79 Amazon Prime Membership
    $145 Asics Nimbus Running Shoes – Size 14
    $65 Frying Pan
    $198 – 2 LeapFrog Leap Pad Explorers
    $65 NY State Tax

    The Kindle Fire combined with the Prime membership and the gift card would allow me to experience the feeling of “being rich” you had. Running season is here and it always pains me to dish out $150 for running shoes so I’d definitely snag a new pair. My frying pan is on the way out and it’d be an ideal time to get a new one. The LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorers would be great presents for my niece and nephew too. And of course, I live in New York, one of the few states that has sales tax applied to Amazon purchases.

  193. Sarah v

    I would use an amazon shopping spree to buy books and materials to get my side business launched! New equipment for my test kitchen, and books and magazines to do it best!
    I could fly to France to visit the best champagne houses to research what best to pair with my culinary treats! Thanks Ramit!

  194. Andy M

    Thanks! If I win, I will write you a full report of everything I spent it on and how it affected my life. Hint: I would finally launch my podcast with the correct equipment! *fingers crossed*

  195. Sonja

    Hi, Ramit! There are currently 673 books on my Amazon wish lists, most of the non-fiction books on writing, publishing and solopreneurship, some collections of great fiction. non-fiction, science writing etc.- so pleeeeeese let me win those 1001 Dollars! 🙂

  196. Sameer

    I would definitely use the money to take a much overdue vacation

  197. James Lepine

    Hey Ramit! Very cool giveaway.

    My wife and I are about to buy are first condo, so we’d spend the money buying stuff to get the new place all set up…


  198. Emmeline

    All the reference books for Music Artist Management, online marketing, and small business!!

  199. Silva

    I’d fly to Pittsburgh to visit my son who left his home /Croatia/ 6 years ago to finish his study in USA.
    Thank you for this competition!

  200. Deborah Kurtz

    Hi Ramit, I would use the money to register my company name and to get some seo on my website and to get my hair done so I can look as successful as I can and maybe by an Ipad too but doubt there will be enough left over for that but hope so. Thanks Ramit, you are a life saver and I appreciate all you do for us total strangers. Deb

  201. Janina

    I’d buy an iPad so that I can take all the books and Journals with me that I need for my PhD.

    And I’d get a new pair of head phones! I just love music and can’t be without it. = )

  202. holly c

    I would ideally fly to Ireland with my husband. It is the trip we are hoping to be able to go on for our 5 year anniversary. We hope we can do it as it has always been our dream to go there.

  203. Sola

    Oh, the things I would buy! I have so much on my list to get from Amazon. I would get mostly books, but there are a few mp3s and DVDs that I would like to get as well. Amazon is awesome, so there are also a few random cables and device accessories that I would get as well.

  204. Katie

    I’d use it to buy all of the books on my book list (including cookbooks, which I almost never let myself buy!) as well as some cooking stuff that I’ve always wanted (e.g., a blender, nice chef knives). I recently graduated from grad school where my version of a rolling pin was a heavily floured water bottle, so having actually baking tools would be amazing.

    Depending on when the contest ends, I would also buy something awesome for my mom for mother’s day!

  205. Shannon

    I would use the money to buy all the tools and gadgets I need to finish setting up my website & business and I’d turn that $1001 into 100X’s that amount! Thanks Ramit!

  206. Sherry

    My husband has been wanting to start a little business for over 20 years. I think I will hand it over to him as seed money and tell him to go for it….

  207. Eric

    I’d fly to SE Asia and take my parents to visit their family that they haven’t seen in over a decade!

  208. Yervant

    $1,001 to spend at Amazon? Golly, books, books, and more books! And vanilla beans. Amazon has great vanilla beans!

  209. Holly Vonnes

    I’d fly to Orlando to surprise my husband & kids with a weekend at Disney.

  210. Jackie

    I would fly to Italy and I’d take my mom and dad so that they could visit family they haven’t seen since they were children!

  211. Molly

    A new lens for my camera (the nifty fifty), some more sports bras so I don’t have to wash the 3 I have all the time, and all of the Amazon tv on demand that my husband and I can handle (we do not pay for cable).

  212. Betsey

    Ramit, thanks always for getting your readers to think! Shopping Spree. I would probaby buy a couple of gift cards for my parents because they are voracious readers like I am and then I would buy some of the cool books on my wish list.

  213. Michelle

    I would go home, halfway across the world, and surprise my little brother on his birthday. He’ll be turning 12 (I haven’t seen him since he was 10), and has been begging me to come home to spend time with him.

  214. C F

    I’d use the $1,001 to help keep my wedding cost under $28,000 😉

  215. Mary

    I already have more books than I have been able to catch up with at the moment, but there’s something about a gift certificate that indulges guilt-free splurging. May pick up a few more books, but in this instance, being rich to me would mean spending it on fulfilling items on wish lists of some of my friends. One of my friends did this for something on my list a while back for no real reason and I thought that was a pretty neat idea to pay it forward and enrich others lives with the love of books and knowledge, etc.

    Also having it as a “won” gift certificate, it wouldn’t draw as much attention to the income discrepancies between me and some of my friends that may make either party less comfortable with the gift giving in question…. [sigh?]

  216. Trevor

    A nice high-end tablet. After income/sales taxes probably won’t be alot left over – maybe the couple of books on my to-read list not available through my local libraries or a board game.

  217. Danielle

    I will buy books, books and books. Oh and a vitamin blender, a new bathing suit and a great pair shoes for summer.
    Thank you!

  218. Annika S

    Hey Ramit,

    I would use the $1001 to grow my business, improve my health & increase my knowledge to do the 2 above. A tablet to boost my productivity at growing my energy coaching, as well as the health & personal development & business books on my wishlist. If there’s anything left over, I would buy supplements & cooking utensils that are on the “one day I will buy” list. eg. Vitamin D drops, Green Pastures fish oil, coconut flour & oil, a juicer… that $1001 will be put to excellent use, don’t worry! 🙂

  219. Beth

    What to do with $1,001?
    * A kick-ass mechanical keyboard (I’m a developer and I wear my keyboards down to nubbins on a regular basis)
    * A batch of books on UI/UX, design, and semiotics
    * A primo knife and cutting board

  220. Steven Jansma

    We now have 3 children and we made sure they all have good beds while ours is several years old and was used when we got it. We’d love to have a new mattress on our bed and awaken each morning feeling rested !!!

  221. Lynn

    I have a long list. But the first would be a MK purse for my daughter (she has been asking for this purse for almost one year) and then pay off the balance on a trip that I have been planning for the last 6 mos.

  222. Nickie

    I will spend 30% on an html class, to improve my technical skills. Another 30% on funds for new tires for my car. The last 30% will be on a pilates class (I really want to take this new class at my gym), and the last 10% would go to a charity! What a fun giveaway!!

  223. Fran

    I don’t know what I’d buy, but I’d sure have fun looking and it would have to be frivolous.

  224. Thaddeus Moody

    Thanks Ramit! Haven’t won one of these yet, but if I get lucky this time I will pick up the water heater and appliances I need to finish fixing up the airstream motorhome that I plan to move my family into in the next couple of years. We have been slowly putting the pieces together for a mobile life with our kids, and we are not that far away now. Thanks for all you do.


  225. Amy

    I would buy books on personal relationships and development. The rest would go to fund a new copy of Photoshop. (I’m still using the old 7.0 version believe it or not).

  226. bridgeth

    Where do I begin? Gosh I havn’t splurged on myself since graduating college 7 years ago. After racking up a ton of school loans it’s been more important to spend only on the necessary. I would for once spend money guilt free and redo my wardrobe in its entirety I desparately need a fresh look.

  227. John

    I’d tear through a wishlist of books recommended by folks I admire, like you and Tim Ferriss. I think I’d also go a little nuts with some cooking gear.

  228. Dennis

    I’d fly to SF to visit family I haven’t seen since I was like 4 yrs old. I actually plan on buying some carbon monoxide alarms and birthday presents for friends and family.

  229. Philip

    I would take my family to San Francisco, my favourite city in the U.S. As for the money, I would spend half of it on Kickstarter projects I love and the other half on online courses in software development.

  230. TCP

    I would Invest on some good self help books and the rest in mutual funds

  231. Rachel

    I’ve been a self-supporting student for years, which has meant lots of denying myself small pleasures. As such, if I won, I would use the cash to monthly buy something that otherwise would seem foolish. First purchase: hot rollers.

  232. Kim

    Thanks for the opportunity! Top on my list would be a drip irrigation system for our vegetable and herb garden. I currently spend 30+ minutes at a time watering with the garden hose. Automating our watering would allow me to have those 30 minutes to weed the garden, take care of the plants, play with my kids in the yard or just sit outside and read a good book.

  233. Ashley

    Stuff for our 1st baby. Due soon!

  234. Jenna Fleur

    Cool contest prize (luv me some Amazon)! If i win this shopping spree, I agree to tell you what I purchase, as asked. Thanks for the opportunity : )

  235. Ellie

    If I won the Amazon GC, I would purchase a replacement cellphone b/c mine is sadly out of date. Then I’d purchase my dad a tablet with a decent sized screen. He’s having surgery on his foot and could use the device while he’s laid up. Then with the money left, I could set up a reoccurring monthly Subscription of dog food for the local shelter.

  236. keesha

    expecting a baby, I’d buy necessities for our newest addition!

  237. Karl

    I’d probably upgrade my wife’s computer and/or get her a tablet. Fingers crossed!

  238. Matt

    I would buy lots of stuff I do not really need like video games and toys for my dog. Probably also buy some toilet paper and paper towels bc you can never have too many of those.

  239. Matt

    I would spend the money on buying personal development type books such as Robert Greene’s: Mastery, The 33 Strategies of War, The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction.
    Also purchase books in the realm of health, motivation, law, Bruce Lee, All your material of course, etc.
    I WANT THIS! Every day is a new day, every moment is a new moment!

  240. Shell

    I would buy a new laptop so I can write on the run!

  241. Delie Bsihil

    I would buy books that would allow me sharpen my skills so that I can enter the job market full force. I have been unemployed for a year and as an older american it has become apparent I am lacking interview and resume skills. I would buy books to help me in this endeavor.

  242. Stacy McKenna

    I’d start with updating my wardrobe and my household linens, as well as picking up some of the books I’ve been wanting that aren’t available at my library. There’d likely be some music on the list, too…

  243. Andrew

    I’d buy a vinyl record player and a few of my favorite records. Then I’d buy a couple books I’ve had my eyes on. Probably an Amazon Prime Membership too.

  244. Julia

    We recently moved. I couldn’t have friends over at the old place at all because there was no room. Now I have room for people to visit in my house and I want them to be able to enjoy the pretty surroundings outside without having to stand because there’s not enough seats. Living richly to me means I can have family over without being embarrassed or feel guilty that I’m 41 and can’t afford decent seating for my aging family. Either that, or I will buy guest beds, so my brother and his kids can come visit.

  245. Nik

    I would buy the little physical things I need to smooth the transition from job to entrepreneur for my E1k “job” – new printer, white card, tools. Heck, if I could, I’d buy a beat-up work truck!

  246. Rae

    If I won, I’d buy a juicer and use it everyday to improve my health. Then I’d have to decide between a number of other things–a new garbage disposer, new faucet for the bathtub to replace the leaky one, and maybe a new pair of shoes–having choices would be so much fun. And I’d set aside part of it to send flowers to my mom.

  247. Jaime

    I am a full time RV’er and I would spend it on the solar energy/electrical upgrades that I want to make to my “home”, so that I can be completely “off the grid” whenever I want to be. Renewable energy + 30% (U.S.) tax credit = Awesome investment.

  248. Vivian

    I would try to find a way to get many of my essentials off of amazon – food, shampoo, etc so that I can save money in my last year of school and have less loans to pay off at the end.

  249. Michelle (horse artist)

    Thank you, Ramit! I would buy: a refurbished iPad for my dad in a nursing home with dementia several states away so we could see and talk to each other regularly via FaceTime (a nurse would help); a juicer to eat more healthfully; a lens for my camera. And if there was money left over, I’d buy books.

  250. Maria de Vera

    I would buy a new kindle, digital nomad techie stuff for my new life on the road, some physical books, a lot of kindle books, a Vitamix blender and some less common food items difficult to buy where I currently live. Thank you, Ramit! Gracias.

  251. Alexander Rinehart, DC, MS, CCN, CNS

    I’d like to travel over to Thailand and I’d bring a friend with experience traveling to asia.

  252. Marta

    If I had 1001 dollars to spend on a shopping spree, I’d… well, go a little nuts with happiness, first. 😉 Then I would spend a big part of the money on things for my brand new flat that I’m ridiculously happy about (it’s a first flat that I actually own). The rest would go towards expanding my book collection and I’d probably throw in some box sets of my favorite tv shows. 😀

  253. Molly

    I’m getting my masters so I’d probably have to buy a couple textbooks and then spend the rest on novels and biographies.

  254. Rob


    Thanks for the opportunity. First thing I would do is by 10 copies of your book and pass them to close friends. Then I’d allocate another $200 to building up my library with some books I’ve had my eye on. I’d hold the rest until I needed it.

  255. Linda

    I’d buy travel books on places I’ve planning on visit this year, yoga and workout gear, some new coffee table/fashion books. This would put me at around $600 leaving me with $401 to explore kitchen and electronic categories on Amazon!

  256. Jacky Ng

    I would buy a Chromebook and a tablet, after which I would then install Kindle and buy a digital copy of your book!

  257. Willow

    Some out of print rhetoric books for me and books and movies for the youth center I volunteer at.

  258. Cathy

    I’d buy books. The real deal that you crack open and hold. The public library is great but nothing beats that new book smell. As a single mom of three, it would be great to buy something that didn’t have to do with vampires, Littlest Pet Shop, or Pokemon. I’d first buy books on professional development, then stuff on personal development, and then trashy books and graphic novels. I’d look to buy something I didn’t even know existed. To be honest, if I won the contest, I would not spend this money on gifts for others (that’s where my everyday money goes) – it is not often that I have the opportunity to really live large! This is all lovely to think about. Thanks for the contest.

  259. Barbara Ducharme

    I’d buy some books for my husband, who’s studying to be a writer. Thank you so much for all your support!

  260. Marian

    I would spend it on camping equipment, because I go camping several times a year and I think it’s time to stop borrowing my friend’s stuff

  261. Stephanie

    Bangalore, India with my husband.

  262. Charis

    Someone already said it, but I would buy diapers. I wouldn’t use it all on diapers but, yeah, diapers.

  263. Heyward

    Shopping list:
    1)The best non-fiction book ever written: “Winterdance,” by Gary Paulsen
    2) Winter gloves.
    3) A plane ticket to Anchorage, to watch the start of the Iditarod.

  264. Bhavishya Kanjhan

    I’d buy myself a Sigma Lens for my camera for about $600. I’m setting up a technology website with a friend and video content will be a big part of it. I’m hoping to make this my secondary source of income (first 1k) and grow it from there. The rest of the money will be spent on books that I’ve had on my wishlist.

  265. Nahyan

    My buying interests are split in 3:

    Education – buy books on startup/tech, marketing, writing, etc.
    Work – upgrade RAM or video card and an ergonomic mouse
    Fun – DSLR camera, which kinda ties into work (startup company)

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  266. Rosalie

    If I win, the first thing I’ll do is buy diapers and wipes for a year for my toddler. I’d love to have a year during which I didn’t have to worry about finding the money for those. Next, I’d make sure she’s got a winter wardrobe that will all fit her. After that I’d buy some electronics my hubby has been wanting, and then I’d use the rest on my addiction: arts and craft supplies.

  267. Nancy

    If I were to win a 1,001 Amazon shopping spree, I’d put it towards the Angel juicer Wouldn’t cover the entire cost, but I figured if I’m going to be making green, fruit, and even sexier juices I’d want to do it with the Ducati of all juicers, and I’ll be using this juicer for a long time anyway! Check it out!

  268. Eric Patch

    I would fly my parents to Hawaii. They’ve never really had a vacation and I loved Hawaii!

  269. Heyward

    1) All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent
    2) Board shorts.
    3) Seven days at “Witch’s Rock Surf Camp,” Costa Rica.

  270. shannon

    If we’re talking total splurge, I’d buy a couple new records (yes, vinyl!) and probably a cute pair of heels. The rest would be squirreled away and used for gifts for friends/family/occasions throughout the year. Those are a few things I’ve decided don’t really merit my cash right now due to other, more pressing goals, but that I would definitely enjoy if it weren’t my cash being spent!

  271. Marcus

    I’d buy a some marketing and psychology books for myself, Disney books for my daughter, Oprah-ish books for the wife, and finally the best Android Tablet I can get with the rest of the money.

  272. Felipe

    I’d buy a king-size mattress and bed to replace our two joined-together twin-size beds, for my wife and I.

  273. Henrik

    Dear Ramit, i would spend all money on books and contrary to most people not for others but only for my self. Specific books to include with estimated share of the dollar amount are classic literature (20%), psychology (20%), self development (25%) and business (35%).

    If you are lucky i might also buy ‘Money + Business Essentials for Creative Entrepreneurs’ 😉

  274. Ben

    I would fly to Costa Rica and take my wife to the beach. She works incredibly hard to provide the foundation for our family which allows me the freedom to pour my income into building something I love from scratch. It would be a great way to show her my appreciation.

  275. Richard

    Books and supplies to help my wife become better at sales and a new computer to manager her at home business she just started.

  276. alakanani itireleng



  277. David

    I just quit my job and started up my own business building web solutions for clients. I’d use this prize to buy books to help fill in gaps in my knowledge, and open my eyes to new things.

  278. devin

    I would buy some more tools to add to my custom furniture business. Right now I am spending extra time doing tasks because I don’t have the right tools for the job.

  279. Latif Nanji

    Where to begin!

    Having recently jumped on the start train again, I’d grab four steps to epiphany to understand my users better!
    then, Heath’s new book, Decisive. I love these guys.
    then, Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg – I’m fascinated by her insights on female equality in the workplace.
    then, Tim Ferriss recommends ‘Seneca’. I’ve been dying to read that.
    then, 4 hour chef. Its time to cook!
    then, a pair of headphones to focus me in.
    then, Warren Buffets – tap dancing. Woud love to get inside his mind.
    then, Confession of a public speaker.
    then, Benjamin Franklin – need to learn history!
    then, laptop case that lets me be productive on the coach.
    then, workout equipment for the house.
    then, purple cow by Seth Godin – heard this was brilliant.

    I’d like to find other productivity tools like the Zenlight system!

    Thanks Ramit for the opportunity!

  280. Richard Doi

    Simple. I’d buy books for my intellectual enrichment, a few necessities, and an instrument or two, to practice with.

  281. Mittale

    Hi Ramit,

    This is such a great contest, especially because I am such a huge lover of Amazon.Com. You have got me excited in many ways. I am going to start out by exactly outlining what I would use the money on:

    1. Since I am moving into a new city, I would probably use some of the money to buy some great furniture. The amount you are providing will certainly be quite beneficial to me. I really want to buy memory foam off Amazon. I have already chosen the type and color as well!

    2. Practically, my husband and I purchase almost everything off Amazon, whether it comes to home goods, cleaning supplies, nutritional products, etc. I am amazed to see how much Amazon has to offer. Thanks to the Free Shipment Option!

    3. In addition, I want to buy some educational books on Personal Finance on how to budget better in my life. Prioritize my needs and wants.

    Thanks!! These are my top three reasons.

  282. Sue Swift/Suz deMello

    Ramit, you’re lovely. I shared your contest on my FB wall and with my Twitter followers. If I win, I’ll submerge my desire for another corset to add to my collection and take my almost-boyfriend to a place of his choice. He really needs a getaway!

  283. Arthur

    I would get some business books, get a few things for the apartment (just got married).

  284. Alexandre Teixeira

    $1,001 is a lot of money to spend on Amazon!
    If I win I will buy a Kindle Fire HD to read I Will Teach You to be Rich and to go to Internet and peek Ramit website wherever I am.
    After that, I will buy some books about entrepreneuship, because i’m now starting my own business.
    I have to confess that i will also spend some money on clothes (I’m vain!).

  285. Kevin M

    I would use the $1,001 to pay off my remaining student loans. I would’ve paid off every penny of my loans in 11 months… A month earlier than my goal.

    Good luck to all who entered!

  286. Erin

    First I would put half in our savings account. Then I would take my husband out for a nice sushi dinner. Then we’d probably buy a few small things for the house that have been on our wish list. (New weed wacker, cushions for the furniture on the porch, a power washer.)

  287. Nick

    Buy Ramit’s book!

  288. yasha

    im going to buy things i need for school.

  289. Hannah

    If I win I will buy things for college, especially books! I will also treat myself to a little retail therapy!

  290. Hann

    I would get computer parts to build a computer to use for starting my webcomic that i hope to create secondary income from. 🙂

    Alternatively, save it for gift giving.

  291. Nina R

    I’m about to begin physical therapy graduate school, which will cost me over $150,000. I’d love to use the $1,001 to pay for my textbooks.

  292. Malik

    I would buy a new sewing machine for my mother and get a Wacom tablet for my wife.

  293. Janel

    I would buy a heavier kettle bell, and continue last summer’s work out progress. For the first time I’ve seen results and I’m so happy. Also, I love to sew and have been putting off getting some new patterns, because it’s really not a NEED.
    If flying IS an option, I would love to go to Washington state, and Oregon this summer with my husband. Might leave our daughter with her grandparents! 🙂

  294. Alekhya

    I might spend a portion of it on something nice for our place and save the rest! May be split it 50-50!

  295. Craig

    I finally started my effort to get out of my career rut by pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science (I only have an Associate’s now). The $1000 might have gone toward my college’s annual enrollment fee, since I can finish in a year.

    Since we’re splurging though, the first thing I’m doing with that cash is buying a suit. I’ve never owned a tailored suit, and if I want to upgrade my job, I need to upgrade the rest of me, too.

  296. Amber

    I would first buy all the books I’ve ever wanted. I’m very limited where I am. And then I suppose I’d donate the rest of my money to my parents, since I’m sure they could get a good use out of it.

  297. Ella

    Your story is inspiring, Ramit. I find that when I have money to splurge, I give that extra tip to a waiter/waitress or take an assistant to lunch. What seems like a relatively small amount of money to me can make a huge difference in someone else’s life–and the ripple effects can be amazing. People who are well-treated often come to believe in themselves more fully, and they often turn around a do things for others, making for unexpected positive changes in the world.

  298. Katharina Kunze

    I’d use it to furnish my flat. I recently moved from London to Berlin, where I can finally afford my own flat; now its just about getting the tables, chairs and plates 🙂

  299. SW

    I would use it to start up the non-profit that I have been yearning to start. I use the resources that I got from amazon (laptops, books, ipods) to be given as giveways for scholars that did the best in the educational program.

  300. Josh

    I would buy books to research buyer psychology and thought processes of people when they are making decisions. Also an iPad mini to store them all on. All of these would help me in my current side job. Thanks for the contest.

  301. Yazz

    I need to buy a bloggie, or sth similar, a practical small video camera. I don’t even have a camera at the moment and I need to record th 45 min long sessions for my play therapy supervision.
    But this is not splurging, is it? Still it’d be great to have a video cam.With the rest of the money, I’d buy the books on my wish list.(on coaching, storytelling, mindfulness..) Then I’d also get all the instruction dvds on jazz dance and ballet warm up. and of course books for my children. :-))

  302. Lindsey

    BOOKS! Feed the imagination. Creative tools have endless value.

  303. Jo Ellen

    I would use this money to travel to Chicago at the end of July to train with Al Gore and become a part of his Climate Reality Project. This would cover my expenses to do that.

  304. Gwen

    I just entered into this contest. I would fly to Florida to see my grandparents, ( I need to learn our family recipes.) I also would like to go to Loreto Mexico to try and work with a foundation for kids in rural areas (and practice my spanish)

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter..

  305. Eric

    I’d love the freedom to be able to buy books at a whim. I’ve always loved books and libraries, but I’ve probably not spent more than a two hundred or so on books in the last decade.

  306. Mike Given

    Hey Ramit just wanted to say I really appreciate all the cool opportunities you offer the readers of your newsletter. I’m noticing some really innovative tactics you’re employing to get more engagement from your readers. I’m taking notes.

    So to answer the question, WHEN I win the amazon money (fingers crossed) I’m going to throw a big ass party at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland complete with Slip-N-Slide, kiddie pools, bubbles, and whatever other tomfoolery we can scrounge up on the world’s largest retail website. You, and everybody we can reach via twitter/fb are invited!

  307. Robin Bash

    Paris and my husband!

  308. Jonathan

    I’m in the process of developing the skills I’ll need to start a company either during or right after I graduate from college.

    So I’d definitely be taking the opportunity to pick up books in various areas such as:

    – Psychology (For understanding clients, building teams, communication skills)
    Picked up “words can change your brain” by Mark Robert Waldman <– Mind blowing
    – Business/Marketing ( Learning how to research and implement effectively)
    – Neuroscience ( Personal Interest, and relevant to the market I'd like to try out)

    Hopefully I win, but if not I'll be gradually purchasing these books over time anyways. Financially it'd be a big help though. Speed things up big time for me.

  309. Suz

    I would use the money to buy some much needed photography equipment, as well as some books I’ve really been wanting. Amazon is a great place to find just about anything, so I would have no problem spending that money on things I might not normally buy or generally can’t fit into my budget.

  310. Rick

    Hey Ramit, wicked contest! I want to learn how to set one of these up

    When I win the $1,001 Amazon GC I will use it to furnish my new apartment that I don’t have yet. But having this money will bring me one step closer to moving out!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  311. kari

    Well I just took a gander at my wish list on Amazon, and it’s chock full of awesome business, persuasion/psychology and design-related reference books that I would like to purchase. Along with that are some items to improve my professional appearance since I’m frequently in meetings and networking around town. That is literally all that’s in my cart at the moment, save for a mop. Yes. A Libman spray mop, which I researched and found to be the best one on the market. See how many areas of my life you would be investing in by offering me the shopping spree? See how much marketing material I’m giving you right now? I’m always looking to learn and to refine my perspective and processes. When I’m not doing that, I’m signing up to be a guinea pig for your wacky marketing research techniques. Thanks for the entertainment and encouragement, Ramit. I’m very grateful for you.

  312. Pia Adolphsen

    I would buy an enormous Starbucks gift card, a new purse, new clothes, new shoes, and all the books currently on my wishlist.

  313. RK

    Great contest! Would love to buy a class set of books for my Business/Accounting high school class.


  314. Ryan

    Hey Ramit,

    Would probably take my girlfriend on a small vacation, as we don’t spend as much time together as we used to since entering the rat race…which I am working on getting myself out of right now! Might also use it to buy books or other things that further along my education into going Fastlane. Thanks for the materials you have provided me so far!

  315. Marilyn

    I’m gonna buy food and season passes to watch every bravotv show I want.

  316. Selah

    When I divorced, my girls’ mother vindictively kept the library of books I collected over the years from all over the world that was to be for my daughters – I’d rebuilt a portion of that library if I had the money and keep growing their love for reading and learning!

  317. Alexia

    Rio de Janeiro (then onto Buzios & Paraty).

    My partner, who hasn’t been lucky enough to experience Brazil yet.

  318. Mat

    Are there engagement rings on amazon? hehehehe

  319. Kyle Fiorot

    I would invest the money in buying supplies and furniture for my new business

  320. Blanca

    Hey Ramit, I love your website, I’ve been a fan for years and bought your book when it first came out. My husband went through a period of unemployment for 8 months and your website really helped change his perspective on the job market and his employment views. He’s employed now, but your website really helped him overcome some of his psychological barriers affecting him while unemployed.

    Our ultimate goal is to open our own business but we’ll need a good quality camera. So we’d use the Amazon 1k gift certificate to go towards buying the new Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

  321. Nicole

    There are so many books i have on my wishlist saved on amazon. If I won the money, I would buy all of them. I have a lot of business books, self development, and religious books I need. I am an aivd reader and always have a book I am reading. I would also help out a few friends who also do not have money to buy books but love to read.

  322. Christine

    I would definitely stock up on the various personal finance books that I have been borrowing from the library (because, you know, it seems counterproductive to buy them quite yet; I’m at that place in my personal finance saga – budgeting). Thanks for the chance to win!

  323. Johnny

    I would buy books and clothes.


    I am a college student, working toward a career.

    I’d easily buy my textbooks and a computer to help me with my studies!

    Exciting? Maybe not, but totally necessary!

    Thank you for the opportunity to offset my educational costs and encouraging us to think greater of ourselves!

    Be well!

  325. Adrian N Carvajal

    Hi Ramit,
    First I would buy your book so I can understand a bit more about investing and budget management and some other books to learn about personal finance and entrepreneurship one specific the $100 start up.
    If I could I would buy a summer camp my son wants; that is why I want to learn how to start my own business so I can read more and teach more to my kids!
    Best regards,

  326. Jenn Brink

    I would buy bunches of little things. Those things that you see and think, that’s pretty cool. Maybe later.

  327. Tyler Alexander Cook

    If I were to win the contest, and it was good only for use with the Merchant, then I would purchase all of the writings by Nichiren Daishonin that are available, no matter the language. Then I would proceed to pray to the gohonzon to have the wisdom and insight to give them to the people who will actualize the hope filled philosophy therein. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo

  328. Julian

    Storage and organization furniture for my makeshift art studio in my living room. Space & money is tight in NYC area! Right now I am using thrift shop finds that sort of work but could use an upgrade.

    Also my cats would like some wall shelves to climb on so that they can enjoy some more private space away from our dog Winston.

    Thanks Ramit, you are the best. My husband & I both love your content.

  329. Stephanie

    A vacation for my boyfriend and myself! 🙂

    Thank you for the extremely generous offer and chance to win!

  330. Rebecca

    If I won an airfare, I would go to Antarctica and visit the penguin I plan to adopt. Every year for my birthday, since I was a little girl, I asked for a penguin. I had it all planned out. My mom adopted a penguin for me from the Milwaukee Zoo when I turned 12. It was the best gift ever, but I wasn’t allowed to touch it, play with it, or feed it; for my eyes only. Total bummer. Long story short, I’m adopting a penguin and can’t wait to visit him. Plus, how many people can say they’ve been to Antarctica?

    If I won the Amazon gift card, I would purchase incredibly warm clothing to wear on my trip to Antarctica. I would also use the balance to purchase my dream camera, the Canon Mark 5DIII. I will be taking at least a thousand photos in Antarctica.

  331. Mat

    When I read some of the comments, I ask myself “WTF PEOPLE?!” Ramit just ask you to write what would you splurge on that extra 1000 $. I mean there is so many people thinking “Oh… Rimit is asking me what would I buy… I will tell him how poor I’m am and that I have never been to Paris and I’d don’t have enough money to buy books… and maybe he will feel sorry for me and he will choose me (very sad face) ) WTF PEOPLE? This is game… this is FUN… use your bloody imagination… go on and watch the things you would like to buy and can’t afford it! Attract it to yourself… be grateful that you already have it. Have fun…. act like a millionaire… go on-line a just fill up your basket with things you want to have! I did it… and guess what? I Want those fu**ing things right now… but I won’t seat on my ass waiting for Ramit to choose me over million other people. I will stand up and do everything I splurge money everyday i WANT. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ELSE. !! HASTA LA VISTA BEBY 🙂

  332. Dana

    I would buy the Neat Desktop Scanner to help our household become paper free… A new DSLR for my husband’s side business… And a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer for fun. 🙂

  333. Sally

    Thank you so much for the opportunity! I really appreciate it. I would buy all the books I’ve wanted for years/months/days off my wishlist!

  334. Kevin Bradner

    I’s use the money to buy a list of textbooks that I’ve been trying to afford, which I would use to teach myself mathematics so I could get a chance to work at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

  335. Nikki

    I’d fly to Japan and take my three best friends. A trip isn’t any fun if you have no one to share the experience with.

  336. Olga

    I have several wish lists on Amazon, I’ll go through them and prioritize, probably I still would have stuff left on them after spending all the money 🙂

  337. Michelle

    I’ld go to the uk and shop my ass off 😀 i’ld take my boyfried probably…

  338. Alexa


    I would fly to Hawaii. I know that seems generic, but the love of my life has always wanted to go there, and I would love to see him go somewhere he has always wanted to. I want him to have complete happiness and if I can share that moment of being in Hawaii with him, I would have completed one of my goals in proof of love being so powerful and selfless.

  339. Will

    I’d buy a gift card, trade in for cash at CardPool
    Then I’d take my wife to Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur for the night (average room is $900/night all included fees). She’d love it

  340. Mary

    I had a book scholarship when I was in college too. It was one of the best things a struggling college student could ask for.

    If I won the Amazon shopping spree, I would use the money to buy my husband a new laptop computer. He works so hard and rarely has the time or energy or money to treat himself. I would use any remaining money on my kids. They are the most important people in my life and all my sacrifices are for them. Thank you for the opportunity.

  341. Peg Whitten

    My wish-list gets longer everytime I log on. But before I bought what I want, I would let my daughter (single mother of 4, works full-time and goes to school at night) get the books she needs, including I Will Teach You to be Rich.

  342. EB III

    I’d fly from North Carolina to Los Angeles with my sister to meet up with our brother.

  343. Esteban

    I’m working on being a 100% working and gigging musician. I’ve been using your ideas to make this happen. If I win I would buy the $1000 Gitane Django guitar I’ve had my eye on and buy it guilt free to play music to everyone around me.

  344. Lori Thurman

    Thanks, Mr. Sethi! As a grad student, I’m always strapped for cash, but I would invest this money for my 10 month old son. Maybe it will help him later on, when he’s a hungry grad student! 🙂

  345. Nikolaï A.

    If I win, I’ll spend every cents on books. The following list of books is what I intend to read for the next 6 months, it amounts to a little over 1000$, shipping fee not included (I’ll be glad to pay it!!):

    – Stop Acting Rich: …And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire
    – Who’s Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting
    Relationships That Create Success–and Won’t Let You Fail
    – Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling
    – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful
    – Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone
    – Power Questions: Build Relationships, Win New Business, and Influence Others
    – Doing Business in China For Dummies
    – Secrets of Question Based Selling: How the Most Powerful Tool in Business Can Double Your Sales Results
    – Doing Business In China: How to Profit in the World’s Fastest Growing Market
    – Chinese Business Etiquette: A Guide to Protocol, Manners, and Culture in the People’s Republic of China (A Revised and Updated Edition of “Dealing with the Chinese”)
    – It Only Takes 1% to Have a Competitive Edge in Sales
    – The Wedge: How to Stop Selling and Start Winning
    – Be a Recruiting Superstar: The Fast Track to Network Marketing Millions
    – The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life
    – MLM SCRIPTS: Recruiting and Handling Objections
    – Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness
    – Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle
    – The Treasury of Quotes 
    – The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly
    – The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing
    – Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day
    – 15 Marketing Trends In 2013 And How Your Business Can Use Them
    – 57 Hot Business Marketing Strategies: Offline and Online Marketing Techniques, Tips And Tricks From Successful Entrepreneurs
    – Guerrilla Marketing, 4th edition: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business
    – Duct Tape Marketing Revised & Updated: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide
    – The Referral Engine: Teaching Your Business to Market Itself
    – Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: 100+ Weapons to Grow Your Online Influence, Attract Customers, and Drive Profits
    – The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future
    – The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur: The tell-it-like-it-is guide to cleaning up in business, even if you are at the end of your roll.
    – The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field
    – Be the Best at What Matters Most: The Only Strategy You will Ever Need
    – Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits, and Crush Your Competition
    – Mastering Communication at Work: How to Lead, Manage, and Influence
    – Make Your Point!: Speak Clearly And Concisely Anyplace, Anytime
    – (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals
    – Clients First: The Two Word Miracle
    – The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals
    – Know-How: The 8 Skills That Separate People Who Perform from Those Who Don’t
    – Global Tilt: Leading Your Business Through the Great Economic Power Shift
    – Leadership Conversations: Challenging High Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders
    – Lead with a Story: A Guide to Crafting Business Narratives That Captivate, Convince, and Inspire
    – Make Your Idea Matter: Stand out with a better story
    – Contagious: Why Things Catch On
    – Advanced Brand Management: Managing Brands in a Changing World
    – Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind
    – Ogilvy on Advertising
    – The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?
    – Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
    – Poke the Box
    – Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
    – Live Your Dreams
    – Its Not Over Until You Win: How to Become the Person You Always Wanted to Be No Matter What the Obstacle
    – Portraits of Integrity: Real People Who Demonstrated Godly Character
    – Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality
    – Words Like Loaded Pistols: Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama
    – The Slight Edge
    – Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
    – Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons from the Greatest Self-Made Business Icons
    – Asian Godfathers: Money and Power in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
    – The New Elite: Inside the Minds of the Truly Wealthy
    – Goal Setting: 13 Secrets of World Class Achievers
    – 52 Mondays: The One Year Path To Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness
    – Confessions of a Public Speaker
    – Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds
    – Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management
    – The Myths of Innovation
    – How to be a Brilliant Thinker: Exercise Your Mind and Find Creative Solutions
    – The Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills: Unlocking the Creativity and Innovation in You and Your Team
    – Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life
    – Who’s Pulling Your Strings?: How to Break the Cycle of Manipulation and Regain Control of Your Life

  346. Don

    I would take my family to out of town for a weekend!

  347. Rosie Addison

    I would set up my Dream Office. Cheers for the opportunity Ramit x

  348. Matthew King-Yarde

    First off, I would buy some music equipment because I’m looking to finally pursue a passion of mine. I would also get some computer equipment to backup my current computer. I would also get a tablet, some eBooks and some shoes.

    Then when I’m down to $100, I would use that as a giveaway to help get traffic to my relaunched blogging site.

  349. April

    I’m a bookworm, a poor bookworm. So I’d have a ball buying books to fill my almost barren kindle library. Then I’d go into my little world where I allow myself to be completely consumed by the book I’m reading. LOVE that!

    PS Just recently read Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”, great read, inspiring and very honest. Everyone should read it 🙂

  350. Josh Hickman


    I recently got into woodworking and trying to turn it into a side business, I have built one farmhouse table and working on another outdoor patio table with built in beer coolers. I set up an Etsy shop and advertising on local places like Craigslist. However, I don’t have a miter saw (I have been borrowing a friend’s when he isn’t using it). So, I would buy this awesome DeWalt double bevel sliding miter saw on Amazon and other things like finishing materials like stains and sealers so fund production. Thanks!!!

    Josh Hickman

  351. Arielle Avery

    books a gift for my niece, gift for my sisters, dad mom brother and put a little to save towards christmas 🙂 also i would buy my textbooks for school next semester

  352. Mala

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!! I have a gigantic amazon wishlist of books on every topic, and I love reading so I would tick of some of those, and buy some books for my partner too!

    Mala 🙂

  353. Victoria

    I’d buy a new computer. My current one badly needs replacing, but until I’ve paid off my student loans, I’m not allowing any big purchases.

  354. kunj

    it would help me to pay my fees in next semester.

  355. Erica Legrone

    If I win I would invest the money in my graphic & web design business. I want to expand into other areas of marketing and printing and perceive I will need office space outside of home to really expand. I am bringing my teenage sons into the business as well!

  356. Jared

    I’d buy mostly textbooks for classes I’m taking in university, but I’d also buy guitar strings and other fun things.

  357. Jose Fernandez

    Thanks for this motivating contest!
    If I won, The first thing I’d get is this:
    What’s more important than clean water?
    Anyway, thanks again for the opportunity!

  358. David

    I’d finally buy myself a DSLR. I’ve been making do with a Vixia long enough!

  359. Dana T., CFP (R)

    Ramit: I would buy my first smart phone; add to my economics library and also purchase a camera for my mom for Mother’s Day. I would also consider which iPad I could fit into this list.
    Fun to read the comments, as well as enter.

  360. Andrea

    I’d get a kindle & start my e-book collection!

  361. Laura

    I would use part of the money to purchase camping gear. I want to give my son as many experiences as possible. The rest of the money would be used to outfit my new home with furniture.

  362. jezaira

    I would purchase books on marketing and business in order to further my business skills.

  363. LJ

    Good contest, I’ll let you know after I win…as specified!

  364. efrem

    I’d spend that money to:
    – get my 20mm prime lens fixed
    – replace my 7years old laptop with a better one.

  365. Lopa

    recently, I quit my job to stay home with my baby. Till now I have never paid much attention to what I wear. But, now I have been browsing online and have fallen in love with scarves as a accessory. My baby girl has inspired me to dress up, so we can make somw great memorable pictures. If I win, I will spend on baby dresses for her, matching scarves for me and on proffesional pictures every month till the 1001$ last!!

  366. Brendan Feltrup-Exum

    I would go on another European road trip with my best friend Jonathan.

  367. Mark C

    Children’s furniture for my sons room in our new house and an iPad

  368. Bunny

    I recently got an internship in an accounting office. My work clothes are looking a bit shabby. I would buy some new clothes to work in.

  369. Ali

    THANKS Ramit for the chance to:
    1. give 10% of the $1001 to my Aboriginal student here in Australia to choose their own shopping spree at Amazon
    2. buy a variety of your books and other manuals which will support my husband as he mentors Aboriginal people coming out of their drug and alcohol dependent lives. His relationship with his clients is amazing but he still needs resources to inspire and give them the tools to live RICH LIVES

  370. Nina

    I’ll buy vouchers from restaurants so I can treat my family. Then I’ll buy a few pairs of shoes for social gatherings. I might use the money to buy a folding bike, a pair of new running shoes, and ebooks. Or I might buy the I Will Teach You to Be Rich ebook, use the money to invest in a business, or join the e-course sometime in the future.

  371. Ali

    With a $1001 shopping spree at Amazon I would love to:PAY IT FORWARD to my two sons who are stepping out into the world in their own businesses. I’ve had the privilege of many years of inspiration and life changing teaching and it’s time to ensure the next generation doesn’t miss out.

  372. Brad A. Yoo

    Awesome deal Ramit! I am on a mission with my friend at work to earn some more cash on the side. Times are tuff and we are looking at starting a small business to help pay off those student loans, and in the long term, be a self automated site to finally live a comfortable life. I’m not looking to be rich but I want be able to pamper my girls from time to time. So, if I win I’ll be using it to buy some books on small business tactics and starting a business on a budget… and buy something nice for my girls. Gotta have fun right?

  373. Helen

    I’d buy all the art books I want, to further my own education to in the field and also to collect works done by others, as well as get books on psychology, philosophy, and those couple seasons of fringe that I’ve been eying for a while but haven’t been able to justify buying yet.

  374. S Dorsey

    I’d pick up a few web programming books for my business, some home theatre equipment for the entertainment factor, and other misc toys for the geek factor.

  375. Chris Stern

    I started taking photos with my Nikon D90 with many prime lenses and it started colllecting dust in the corner of my bedrooom as I was tired of carrying all my gear to different photowalks. Back in August of 2012, I sold all my gear and bought my wife a macbook pro. Currently, I use my iPhone to create stories where I share them on instagram and other social media sites. I love the shoot, edit and share capabilities which has brought my love for photography back to me. Recently, I have fallen in love with the Fuji X100S which is a beautiful small rangefinder camera and discreet enough to get the photos I would like to capture to help me tell more stories from the photos I take. Please help in fulfilling this dream of having my own small rangefinder camera.

  376. Alberto

    I’ll buy a kindle with 1,000 books on it.

  377. Emily

    I would buy a spoiler for my new car and get myself a bunch of organic food staples to start my change of healthier living. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia among a few other things and am slowly making changes to my life. The costs are higher but worth it. I would also buy books…new cookbooks, and several copies of I Will Teach You to Be Rich to give to my family members. It has changed the way I look at everything. I would like an MP3 player as well.

  378. Victoria

    I’m planning to treat my foodie parents and brother to a really expensive and nice restaurant, like The French Laundry, specifically for my parent’s anniversary. They have been amazingly supportive and are too frugal to splurge on something like this.

  379. Ren

    I would buy books that would feed my brain – both fiction and non-fiction. I think learning needs to engage the heart and head to set the soul on fire.

  380. Brit W

    I’d buy new work clothes since I’m finishing my MA program and will start my first full-time job. 🙂

  381. Hannah

    I’d treat myself and my boyfriend to a holiday and use any remainder to pay for driving lessons.

  382. William

    Books!! Lots and lots of books!!

  383. Jenelle

    i’m a book junkie both for my own personal edification as well as for the purpose expanding my business knowledge as i start my own enterprise. that withstanding i would be spending it all on books- half about success, enterprising etc and the other half the particulars of my field. what can i say? i love reading, no better way to spend money to me than on expanding knowledge and power.

  384. Stephanie

    Thanks for the opportunity and play in my day…how would I spend a bonus $1001…

    choices choices choices

    Save – $101 grow my bonus gift!
    IPAD – a long time want which in not a need – yet! All kinds of good stuff possible with that one purchase.
    Flipflops – various style and colors, Converse – classic black high top and some fun color low tops, and credit at ITunes – because all those things make me feel abundant, happy and ready to roll out more good stuff in the world!

  385. Salomé

    I love it!
    If I had $1,001 to spend on Amazon I would definitely buy a new lense for my Canon EOS, or maybe even a new one, mine is old (450D). So I can get quality photographs even when I see the scene from a few meters away.

  386. Yoann

    Good idea to do some kind of market study Ramith. With that money, I will buy some hours of coaching with my favorite pick up coachs!


  387. Darren

    A $1001 Amazon shopping spree?

    Where would I start – and end? 🙂

    Many more ebooks (and especially expensive small-press and university press titles), books unavailable in Australia, CDs, Lego…

  388. aditi

    I will actually use that money to start a investment account or a lifecycle fund for my younger sister. She is still in school 😉 Better to start somewhere than none at all.

  389. Jonathan

    I’d buy a nice TV from Amazon, as I don’t currently own a TV but recent changes in my life has convinced me I could use one.

  390. Jessica

    I’d throw it in my Roth IRA to make up for lost time.

  391. Fernando Angelucci

    I would buy the best books on persuasion, sales, entrepreneurship, tax-law, and entity formation!

  392. matthew

    I would fly to Guadalajara with my dog.

  393. Stephen

    I would buy all the textbooks I need for college.

  394. Ben

    I would buy lots of books. I already have a wish list full of books I’ve been wanting to read.

  395. Gabriel

    I’d buy a bunch of cheap Kindles loaded with industry specific books to give to some clients

  396. Nic

    I would buy some ebooks for my sister in China (I’m in Australia), with vouchers. Some more for my mum too as we are all voracious readers.
    If I could get text books for my masters degree I would – I am working towards my dream job, and I have you thank Ramit. I’d also buy you a thank you gift. : )

  397. Catherine

    1001 dollars at Amazon…
    Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Beige 369$
    Amazon Prime Membership 79$ (wishing for more wishes)
    Books: rare geology books, science books etc.

  398. Jeff

    I would first buy a new laptop battery so I can actually use it away from my desk 🙂

  399. Jose A De Leon

    Lots and lots of Photoshop and Illustrator books. Plus Photography books as many as the money would permit.



  400. Jann

    I’d buy books to help with my writing.

  401. Sharon A.

    I wish I could buy Earn 1K. But if I couldn’t, my Mac and my iPad are both getting long in the tooth.

  402. lauren

    If I win the $1001, I will use the money to pay for a trip to Portland, OR, where I will buy books from Powell’s and eat out at some of the great places I heard about from friends.

  403. Scott

    Books. Lots of books. And an iPad Mini for the family. Then Kindle books.

  404. Seth Freedman

    I’d buy as many books as I could from Josh Kaufman’s The Personal MBA reading list then share them with local underserved minorities and women interested in starting their own businesses here in Brooklyn.

  405. esther green

    all the books on my list….self help, religious- classics!!!!!!!!!!

  406. Elise

    I would buy supplements, books, music, and anything else on my wish list!

  407. Nicole Murray-McKinney

    I would have to splurge on some chocolate that I can’t buy in the U.S. (when I do find them they are REALLY expensive) and I’ve recently discovered them on Amazon – Mr. Big, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, etc. When I was a child growing up in Canada, my dad would always hide a Mr. Big in his jacket pocket for me to find. My father has since passed away so just seeing the package makes me happy. The other thing will be a gift for my husband. He’s been working his butt off to keep things together while I start a new business. He deserves a treat BIG TIME!

  408. Aaron Velky

    I started selling art and graphic design this year, so I’d invest in an artist’s tablet (the mean $600 ones), a few programs and supplies needed to improve my business opportunity. Any excess would go to new dress shoes.

  409. Jomy

    Use $999 to get into the Earn 1K course once and for all – without thinking 10 times how I’d repay the debt on my credit card otherwise!

  410. Tom Ristimaki

    I’d buy several copies of the most inspirational / transformational books I’m aware of (4-hour Workweek, IWTYTBR, the Alchemist, etc.) so that I can give them away to audience members at a public presentation I’m offering on May 1st. Then I’d buy a few titles that have been repeatedly recommended but I haven’t read yet – like Cialdini’s ‘Influence’ and a few books by Robert Green.

  411. Seth M

    I would also buy books.

    The Art of the Start
    Another Copy of IWTYTBR (I gave my copy to my parents for reasons you already know)
    Behavioral & Consumer Psych Books
    The newest Game of Thrones Book
    The 4 hour work week and body
    Business Model Generation Book
    Blue Ocean Strategy
    The Lean Start-Up
    Probably a new pair of shoes or two (I’ve had mine for 3 years now)
    A graduation present for my little brother

    Stuff like that. Stuff that I could use.

    Cheers Ramit.

  412. Justin Reyes

    I’d buy a really powerful macbook.

  413. Ma-Ann

    Since I am here in Asia, I will buy Kindle books (business, bios, writing).

  414. Beth Grasso

    I’m working to convert my hobby into a business, so I’d buy my entire wishlist of business books and design books!

  415. Kathy

    I would buy a new computer chair. And a new computer desk, if I’m going to be working on my computer I should at least be comfortable!

  416. Mera

    What in the world would I spend it on? I think I’d get furniture to create an in-home yoga studio and supplies I could make kits with that I could resell to customers. That might sound kinda boring but for me it sounds like the ultimate fun, because it would give me the ability to work at home, not just on the computer and to splurge more often because my clients would love me for providing things to them and cutting out the need for them to get materials on their own. I’d probably also get some really nice clothes to work in.

  417. Rebecca

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would use the money to buy computer parts – I’m looking to construct a top-of-the-line tower. I’m working on a program that will constantly statistically analyze the options market for me while I’m at work, and my poor little macbook isn’t going to cut it.

  418. JT

    I would buy lots of books, writing materials, and art supplies.

  419. Matt

    Books and a gift cards for some airline tickets.

  420. Amy

    I’d use that Amazon voucher to buy books and useful gifts for the people around me who needs a little bit of happiness, kindness and inspiration. So many people has helped me along my journey (and I’m still getting there, which is why I haven’t done it) and I’d like to pay it forward with a surprise.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity Ramit!

  421. Rob

    I would buy a Macbook i have been starring at for 2 months. My old laptop is painfully slow, but still works (most of the time)

  422. Ellen

    At 54, I’m finally going after my dream. I start nursing school next month and $1001 would buy me my first semester of books, a stethoscope, and a pair of shoes for clinicals. How awesome would that be!

  423. Adrian Perez

    This is indeed a awesome contest! For me I would put the $1,001 to good use by buying books, audio books or movies whenever I need to educate myself.

  424. Chris

    I have a long list of books on my wish list at Amazon, similar to the kinds of things that you were exploring as a student. With the leftover money. If I am so lucky, I will pick up an IPad so I can read some more digital books as well.

  425. Cathy

    This is very generous of you. If I won, I would purchase a Mac Book.

  426. melissa bramble

    I would use the money to buy the textbooks I need for my classes, a bike so I can learn to ride and travel quicker than walking, and save the rest for a rainy day (when I have to put my things in storage if I don’t stay on campus for the summer)

  427. Paul

    I’d buy some of the great books that have been sitting on my wishlist for way too long. I’d also buy my partner some great books. Plus I’d also upgrade my phone, because it’s now quite old and doesn’t work with most of the new apps. Thanks Ramit for this great possibility! PS: I love your work!

  428. Adin

    I would take the money on my honeymoon to Maui in June and spoil me and my fiance with dinners, fun outings, drinks on the beach and buy her some jewelry.

  429. Timothy Moser

    I would probably buy an iPad. I’d spend whatever I had left over on iTunes music.

    • Timothy Moser

      Strike that. Since it’s Amazon (even better), I’d buy every classic book on productivity I could find, some collector’s volumes in classic literature, a few extra Rubik’s cubes, and then a bunch of gifts for people I know. I have trouble finding things I’d like, so I tend to overspend on other people.

  430. Kaitlyn Meleta

    A lot of people are saying books, and that’s what I’d be tempted to spend it all on too! As Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus said, “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” That is so true to my life! 🙂

    I would also spend it on new art supplies, and a pistachio green KitchenAid mixer.

  431. Marcus

    If you see this as an investment in one of your readers, keep reading.

    I’d use the $1,001 Amazon shopping spree to add to my existing home video studio to boost my productivity and make it a fun place to produce content. The content is videos to educate my audience with travel tips and indirectly promote my frequent flyer miles website.

    Lighting is key to good image quality, and I’ve been getting by on cheap lights from Home Depot. It would be terrific to have a real lighting kit that throws off enough light that I can set my camera further back from me when I’m speaking.

    Audio is important too, so I would spend the money on a wireless lavalier microphone system. I’ve got a wired mic that gets the job done, but it really limits how much I can move in front of the camera. A good wireless mic system like the Sennheiser G3 series costs $600+, which is high for entry-level video marketing. So a $1,001 Amazon credit would be perfect to cover that cost.

    I’m already taking action and producing videos. Squeezing maximum quality out of a small budget. These purchases would empower me to go up another level in quality. I’ll keep doing this whether I win or not, because I believe in travel as a competitive advantage. Ramit, you’ve shown me what’s possible with a rich life and giving value to people. Buying better tools would just help me get to that a little faster.

    If you’d like to give the Amazon shopping spree to an entrepreneur who will invest it in their business to create a rich life for his audience and himself through content, this is it.

  432. Sitaram

    I would buy:

    1. An Amazon Prime membership
    2. A good SLR camera
    3. Some medical textbooks that I have an eye on.
    4. Some Stock (even 2 shares, if I get them)
    5. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (novel)
    6. The Restaurant at the end of the Universe (the novel – not the actual restaurant)

    • Sitaram

      Almost forgot to thank Ramit for the great offer – thank you! Even if I don’t win, I was still able to prioritize my purchases. Now I know what I want to buy with my own money, and in what order to buy it.


  433. Barbara

    I would give 50 percent to a charity and 50 percent I would sell Amazon gift card so I could buy items on Ebay watch list. This way I get what I want AND recycle and help a good cause.

  434. Pete

    I’d buy a $1001 Amazon gift card, then use it for stuff I NEED over time. $1001 of my money not spent is $1001 towards retirement. Lame? Sorry.

  435. Sheila Bazleh

    What a lovely gift idea! I would use this gift certificate to purchase all the computer-related equipments and gadgets that we need for our home office!

  436. Heather

    I would buy birthday and Christmas presents for the year for my immediate family and friends. And if anything was left over maybe a small something for myself (probably an ebook).

    This is mostly because I’ve noticed that when money gets a little tight presents are one of the things that suffers, and to not have to think about it would relieve a bunch of stress.

  437. Jason Arnold

    I’d purchase a number of books that I’ve had my eye on to help me fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge, enabling me to put the next phase of my ideas into action. Hell, I’ll purchase these books anyway but it would great if I didn’t have to worry about the cost!

  438. Kimberli Nelson

    I’d buy camera equipment… A new lens, some cf cards, some business cards, and so on. How fun!!!

  439. Sk

    I’d buy books. Lots of books.

  440. Will Crosby

    I would use the gift to further my photographic endeavors (books, equipment, film!)- and buy my mom some used e-books.

  441. Darby

    I would spend almost the whole amount on books. I would like to get a few good books on investing for retirement (I’ve already read IWTYTBR), real estate investing (in case I ever decide to buy a house), and some books about the psychology of money. In 3 weeks I am making the jump to being a full-time consultant so I would love a good book on time management and organizational strategies for self-employed professionals. I already have Earn1K though so that’s a good start! I would also like to read more about psychology, especially the psychology of money. I am a marketer so I find psychology fascinating, especially decision-making and habit formation.

    My Amazon wish list is also full of fiction and non-fiction books that I want to read in order to learn about the world from a very different perspective. I love reading fiction by authors from other countries (especially non-Western countries) or who come from very different backgrounds or ideologies. I’ve also been learning Japanese, so there are some Japanese text books in there as well.

  442. ferdy

    I would use that money to keep improving my photography, i’m trying to keep improving my photography business which for that i quit my day job and jump both feet to the water. so any amount of help is really helpful for me i will and always will try to share how i see things to the world

  443. Victoria B

    With a $1001, I would rent a gym for a couple of weeks this summer and hold volleyball camp for middle school and high school girls in my rural area. Volunteer staff would teach the fundamentals and techniques so they are better prepared for fall tryouts. I would also hold open gym so they can play against others. And get the experience of playing on a team. Volunteer staff would consist of area high school JV and varsity players, as well as coaches and players from the local university.

  444. Patty

    I would love to have a new camera – a decent one. I was passed over for a chance to do somemwritingnaboutnrecipes because I had to take pics of the dishes I prepared – and the old Olympus does to cut the mustard, whether it is Dijon or rustic whole -grain. It was a learning experience, next time will be better.

  445. Gail

    I would probably get home repair stuff and books. Our little home needs some fixing up and beautifying. Thank you, Ramit.

  446. Ramk

    I will buy an amazon gift card for $1001:). Instead of splurging all at once, it will be a great feeling to shop on amazon in the future and never have to worry about the payment. This will kind of mimic your scholarship experience ;).

  447. Victoria B

    The $1001 will be spent on ebooks or books so I can complete my IT degree and fight cyber crime and protect networks. Then Ill have more time and money to host my volleyball camps! Lol

  448. David D

    I would buy a well pump and sprinkler system component so that I can have a nice green lawn all summer and use whatever is left to buy some Kindle E-books.

  449. Nicole Maas

    First, I would buy a dive computer, so that I can log my performance underwater better. Also, having a shiny new toy is a good excuse to plan another dive trip.
    Second, I would buy a Nexus 7 tablet. It still has the best reviews from friends and colleagues, and it fits in my purse.
    Third, I would buy books–the 8 Ender books from Orson Scott Card for a little fun reading and then Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, Capitalism, Philosophy, and The Virtue of Selfishness by Ayn Rand. I’m not sure if I will like or dislike her viewpoint but I’ve skirted the material for too long not to have an opinion. I debate whether to buy the physical books or the digital versions. I still like leafing through pages to re-read a good passage.

  450. s. sciotti

    I recently quit my job because of having an infant. My husband has been working so hard to provide for us. He usually attends The National Dogeball League event in August, but this year he won’t be able to. I would use the money to buy his ticket to go, and the new nikes he would want.

  451. Brent

    I would go ahead and upgrade now to Adobe CS6, instead of waiting until this summer, reinvesting in my freelance design work that I do on the side. There are a lot of new features that will save me considerable time on each project – time that I can put toward reading through the enormous pile of books I already have in queue. 🙂

  452. Susan

    I like you am a big reader. I would probably spend the spree on books. Then take a look around at all their other options. I don’t like clutter so it would be something useful.

  453. Valerie Nalls

    I would buy 20 percent indulgence items – namely a kindle. The rest I would use to stock my pantry. Totally boring but would love to have my cupboards stocked and not have to carry it down my sidewalk. It’s long!

  454. Eileen T

    I would buy some cookbooks that I’ve been eyeing. But other than that, I don’t have any big purchase item I need at the moment. I think I’ll save the money and get something later when I need it.

  455. T-Bone

    Thanks Ramit- what a fun contest! 🙂 I would buy a cord to connect my laptop to the TV so I can Facetime my husband, who is deployed in Afghanistan, with the whole family. And I’d probably buy him a stand for his ipad and a few books to read & share with his troop to take their minds off of work too.

  456. Shuja Farooq

    I’d buy all my text books for grad school 🙂

  457. kj

    I would definitely buy myself a good make over. I am ready for a new look and new style for a new me. I would even throw in a good back massage. Whatever is leftover would be put to a new quality wardrobe.

  458. JuliaT

    Fun contest, Ramit! I have a friend who arranged to have a line item in his employer’s budget that also allowed him to buy what seemed to me like an unlimited number of books per year. I was so envious – until I talked him into loaning some of his favorites.

    I would use an Amazon shopping spree in part for gifts to my family members (since I’m going to get them stuff on Amazon anyway), and the rest for books that I can’t get at the library. Given the types of books you like to read, I’ll have to poke around your website to see if you have any good recommendations.

  459. Shekhar

    I will buy some basic books for poor people those living in province in Cambodia and one teacher for 3 months to use this money.

  460. Liz

    I’d definitely buy a tablet so that I could read more on the go!

  461. Upendra

    I’d use the $1,001 to buy one of your courses on how to earn 1K on the side

    or How to negotiate your salary.

  462. Rudy

    Ramit, thanks for this opportunity. I would buys some books for my wife and kids and spend the rest on photography equipment to help my budding photography business.

  463. Arjun

    I’d use the money for my holiday in New Zealand !!

  464. Bobbie Richardson

    This is very generous of you, thank you for the chance. I would take my children on a weekend out of town just my two boys and I. I would ask them each what they wanted most and get it for them and then tell them to pick more if I still had enough money. I am going through a very ugly divorce and haven’t had support in over 8 months so being able to buy them something without stressing over it would feel amazing especially when I could see their smiles when they actually get it. It would put not one smile on a face but three! Thank you again!!

  465. Lauren

    I’ve never had that much money to “play” with! But I’d probably buy some of the books on my to-read list, a vitamix, and then wait to spend the rest on gifs around the holidays.

  466. Ryan M

    I’d probably get a kindle and some books and a bunch of things on my wishlist. Maybe a new lens for my camera.

    Thanks Ramit!

  467. Patti McHugh

    I would buy books and craft supplies in my Wishlist. There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been saving for later.

  468. Ren

    Not sure I’d know where to start with $1,001 on Amazon; Maybe upgrade the RAM on my laptop, definitely buy some art supplies, very likely buy a bunch of MP3s to listen to while I work on projects, maybe some books as well (though I haven’t had much time to read lately, too many projects!) I could really use a new set of cookware, but then again I could buy a lot of supplies for a favorite local charity.

  469. kruti

    I would buy the books on my wishlists that I have been wanting to buy for so long. Probably a nice Tablet too.

  470. Shane

    This is a great contest, Ramit. I have a baby on the way, and we need a lot of baby supplies. If I were to win the contest I’d buy a boatload of baby stuff.

  471. Dennis L

    I’ll buy myself a Kindle Paperwhite and several e-books for it. The e-books will mostly be biographies of successful people, psychology books, several art books (I’ll be reading these on my Nexus so that I can view the pictures in color), and several fantasy books that I have always wanted. I will also buy some movies from Amazon’s library and some albums not available in the US.

    After buying all of that, I will buy a Nintendo 3DS and two games for it: Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter. That is, if I have enough left over.

    Thanks Ramit!

  472. Jason

    vegas then skyjump then skydive

  473. Dev

    I would spend one third of the money to make a good savings for myself. Next one third I would like to buy some books to help me improve myself in my Business. I started my Training Institute just a few months back and taught myself all the techniques. I need to keep myself up-to-date and also need some advanced equipments for upgrading my business. Rest part I would use on a trip to Rajasthan and other parts of Northern and North-West India that still remains to be visited.

  474. NT

    It’s not a splurge if I know in advance how I’ll spend every penny— but I’m thinking lots of books and maybe some high-end kitchen gear for my new home.

  475. Amanda Sweat

    This is the summer before my senior year in college, and I’m visiting a friend overseas in France. I would use this money to actually do things past buying the ticket to get there!

  476. Chris

    I would buy books and more books from authors like Dr. John Maxwell, Zig Zigglar (RIP), Tony Robinson, Andrew Carnegie, Nepoleon Hill, Dolf De Roos, Robert Kiyosaki…well the list can be endless. Reading isn’t so much about learning something new, its about growth and development and becoming something more than what you already are. The first step in achieving any thing in life is about changing within yourself. Before you can impact others and taking the first step to leadership this paradigm shift is essential.

    I look forward to new and exciting opportunities and welcome the challenges and the failures and getting back on the saddle to do it better the next time around.

  477. Tom Watson

    I would purchase supplies and capital equipment for my mariculture business as follows: 30% for supplies of clam shell/jewelry products including jewelry & handicraft books, jewelry hardware and tools and gift boxes for final product(purpose:augment cash flow); 30% for supplies of deliverables of live aquarium livestock-bags, boxes, pumps and aerators (purpose: augment deliverables/fulfillment) and 60% for capital equipment and supplies for hatchery lab equipment(purpose: augment production).

  478. Matt

    My Amazon wishlist is full of books, so I’m sure that’d be cleaned out. Plus something practical like another external hard drive, my current one is filling up with music (I’m a DJ).

  479. AJ

    I would use the money to buy better music equipment to help produce of a higher fidelity.

  480. Kristin

    I would use the prize to buy holiday and birthday gifts for my friends and family. Gifts are always a wild card in my budget, so having that taken care of would relieve a lot of my money stress.

  481. Christina

    I’ve recently fallen in love with AmazonLocal and would use the money to take advantage of the deals and discounts listed daily.

  482. Ben

    I’d slowly buy career and self development books as I have time to read them.

  483. Jesús

    I will buy this tablet: Asus Transformer Pad – Tablet de 10.1, and will use it for personal issues (read books, create content, …) and professional issues (track my daily activities, run my own projects). I want to have quick access everywhere.

  484. Vince

    I’d buy an electronic drum set and kitchen utensils. Thanks for the giveaway, Ramit!

  485. Sheyla

    There are three types of things I’d definitely get.

    First of all, those non-fiction books in my Amazon’s wish-list; mostly consists of books on social behaviors -some are from your Amazon’s recommendation, I’ve been really really wanting a physical book of Influence and Social Animal, so I can read and make hand-written notes while reading them. Some books about marketing and advertising too, like Propaganda and Steve Krug’s Web-design book.

    Then, a bunch of books related to design, advertising and media; it’d be awesome to have those handy information related to my work without comparing a lot of sources from the internet with questionable reliability.

    And finally some other small stuffs I’ve been wanting; a small bluetooth keyboard, a new backup flashdrive with larger capacity and some console games’ titles.

  486. Julie-ann

    I would buy some of the books on my Amazon wish list, a new outfit, and some things I need to develop my first app.

  487. Aman Sidhu

    Hey Ramit,

    Thanks for the amazing contest ! What would I buy if I won ? Well being a college student, I would buy a few books. Mostly the books will be regarding my major but I love reading about personal finance, investing , leadership skills,
    communication skills, etc. In addition to books, I would buy myself essential things like razor blades and such ( We Indians grow a lot hair ).

    – Aman

  488. Jose

    I’m a screencaster so I’d buy a new mixer and the Heil PR-40 to improve my recording quality. Maybe second monitor with the rest.

  489. Louis

    I’d spend the $1,001 based on whatever whim occurred to me if and when I won. Sorry to be vague but what I’d value most is the opportunity to have a grand that I could spend however I wanted.

    • Louis

      Just wanted to add I’d empty out my Amazon shopping cart which is full of books right now.

  490. Christina Ferrari

    Hey, thank you so much for this opportunity I can really use the money. If I won, I would buy books for school– since I’m in graduate school and the price of books is incredible this would take a big chunk. Also, I will be job searching next year when I graduate so I would likely invest in some professional accessories, maybe an ereader or tablet, and do my Christmas shopping on Amazon with that awesome gift so I can save my money for rent and such. Honestly, I am being so practical but it’s because I need to be. Although, I might splurge and do Prime shipping!

  491. Toni

    An ipad for my toddler grandson and his brother, my step-grandson, who both have autism, and one for my granddaughter, who loves to read and draw, she’s 5. Plus a few books for them.

  492. Mike Ebert

    Toys. My family and I have been on a shoe-string budget for a few years, trying to pay back some debts. I would buy some My Little Pony stuff for my girls and my son and I would enjoy some Legos together.

  493. Frank

    I already buy a bunch of random stuff off Amazon… necessities… non-necessities. I would plan to buy what I’d usually buy, except I’d spend out of the $1,001 credit. That’d be the plan. I don’t know what affect it would have knowing whenever I buy on Amazon, I’m just spending from my giant gift card. I’m sure I’ll start spending more liberally…

  494. Rose

    I would buy the best juicer available that makes green juice. Or maybe buy some new pots and pans so I can enjoy cooking healthy for myself and my family.

  495. Renuka

    I would rather plan books as gifts for my friends

  496. John

    If I won I would probably buy a collection of Seth Godin books and probably spend the rest on an iPad and clothes.

  497. Jennifer

    I would buy more things for my 6 month old.

  498. Robert

    I’d use this to help fund improvements to the front reception and office areas.
    Things are looking a little tired right now and this would greatly assist with the modernisation of the place which will in turn improve customer confidence right at the door.

  499. william

    I would get a Kindle, with as many e-books on wealth and personal development as I could fit in it.

  500. Autumn

    I am a student and so I have a lot of books that I need to buy. I usually buy the old edition of the text the semester before I take the class for like $4.00, use it to study ahead and then I buy the new edition in a digital format. I know not all of my text would be available digitally through Amazon, but I would love having the money so that could buy older editions from more than one author, and compare text. I also like to buy books for my 9 year old son from Amazon. We are reading Wolves of the Beyond, an excellent young adult series.

  501. Jessica Rose

    My husband I do not spend much money on media as a part of guilt free spending money. We instead use the library, which is a great resource to saving money and still getting some good reads in. There are, however, several favorite titles I would love to have in our home.

    My husband is graduating this semester to pursue a financial consultant. When it comes to money, I believe that most of it needs to go toward frugality… but occasionally you need to spoil yourself! I would love to use the mass majority of that money to turn our home office into a professional work space where he can build a successful practice in a modern setting that is perfectly suited for both of us.

    Ramit, you are a fresh breath in the financial world. Thank you for inspiring a new generation of financial independence & happiness.

  502. Stacy

    Thank you for the opportunity to potentially realize a dream of adding some very expensive environmental science books to my collection. There might be enough left over for software, a Kindle or an iPhone.

  503. Ashala

    There are some fiction books I have held off buying – I’d catch up on those. And then, the really cool part would be getting my hands on the other great business books that I’ve had on my wishlist for a long time! That would be an amazing feeling!!

  504. S

    starting medical school and need to buy textbooks!

  505. Hidie

    I would definitely buy a kindle and amazon prime. I have a huge list of books that I would love to get outright. Maybe a high-tech camera, a ipod (for my mom, update her on new tech), pet supplies, walker’s shortbread cookies, and of course some clothes.

    Thanks for the chance!

  506. JIm

    Build my dream library of books from all genre.

    Thanks for the chance.

  507. Trevor

    I would buy my wife an iPhone dock so she could listen to her iTunes in the kitchen. And I would spend the rest on filmmaking gear like a Rode Video Mic Pro and a light reflector so I can add to my wedding film business.

  508. pratomo

    I’d buy ebooks for my ebook reader, am a bookworm 🙂 Thank you

  509. Cathy

    I would buy my parents an easy to use computer so we could share more pictures and emails since I now live 2000 miles away… And I would buy each of my children something they would really love since I have been unable to afford to do that for the past few years.

  510. Mark

    I’d re-buy as many ebooks as possible out of my library, so I could get rid of the dead tree versions and minimize the amount of physical stuff I own. I’d also get Kindles for my kids, so they could read as much as they like.

  511. Elissa

    Argh I feel like such a goob! I just read the terms & conditions which is probably a good idea if you’re entering a competition like this one. I’m a design student from NZ. If I lived in the US and won I would buy books about art and design, autobiographies, kids books, etc. And I would buy something for my family.

  512. Mike

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    If I win, I’ll buy some accessories for my phone, some books to help with my new careers, and a few gifts for my spouse and other family members.

  513. Claudia

    On my list:
    1. Snowball microphone (for audio for a really phenomenal program I’m working on)

    2. Background for video (for the same program, and for videos on website)

    3. 15 books from my amazon wish list of books recommended by mentors (including you, Ramit)

    4. drafting table/stand up desk (I work better when I’m standing, so rather than making do with what I have, I’d get things set up the way I want)

    5. books to send to new clients (I have a few books I like to send out to clients, so I would get these ready to go for some of my new clients)

    6. more books with what’s left over

  514. Sean

    Ramit – Living overseas, I get together with some buddies to play Xbox. To make our video game bouts more entertaining, I would use the $1,001 to buy as many Xbox games as I wanted. We’ll be playing Xbox all day, every day, annoying the heck out of our wives!

  515. Kevin Thomas

    If I win I am spending the money on getting my business off of the ground.

    1st on my list is a good looking camera which will allow me to offer online consulting.

  516. Nathen

    Ramit, I’d buy music, kinda like the books you’d pickup at the book store, I’d like to just purchase whichever artist happened to catch my ear so to speak. I might pick up a new music player to hold all my new music as well!

  517. Maria

    I would first buy some kitchen gadgets (for example, a juicer, aeropress, coffee grinder, Silpat mat and food processor) to continue expanding my collection of kitchen tools. Next, I would continue expanding my collection of business, personal development and psychology books by getting some titles that have been on my wish list (for example, some Patrick Lencioni and Seth Godin titles).

  518. Clifton

    If you give me $1,001 of credit on Amazon, I will finish my book, self-publish with Amazon and buy the first 40 copies of it to get sales kicked off. These copies will be sent to the first 40 people that request a free copy by tweeting a given text. These readers will also be asked to leave a review on amazon. So that’s what I would do with the $1,001 shopping spree. Thanks Ramit!

  519. Diana

    I would buy an ipad…plus a keyboard to go with it. Take my business on the go and make some other aspects of my life easier…skype with my parents (I live in Apain and they are in Canada), play cartoons for my 1 year old (we dont have a tv…ooo…maybe buy a tv with any left over cash), and download/buy some books…yay books! Thats what Id do with the extra cash Ramit.

  520. Sue Kopca

    Hi Ramit!
    Thanks for the fun contest and all of the informative emails you send out. If I win the $1,001 on Amazon I will but books on pottery as I do that on the side. I would also buy a new digital camera as my current one is about 5 years old now and could use an upgrade.

  521. Nerea

    I would purchase 35mm lens to further my photographic vision and the books on my wish list.

  522. Pia

    Oh, I would buy books!! Lots and lots of books. Fiction and non fiction. I have a wishlist of 100 books to buy already, a few more would be hard to find! This like a dream come true. I don’t need much, but books are like food.

  523. Maria

    Hi Ramit,
    I will buy a MacBook – need to update my hardware!

  524. Jeff

    Career development books are what I will buy, the whole gamut from never eat alone to the art of the deal and the superior man, unlimited power. I would use the fungible value of this for a trainer to help me increase my upper body and improve my posture.

  525. Charise

    I would buy more work clothes that are more professional looking for the University teaching job I want.

  526. JJ

    Firstly I’d buy homeschool materials, craft supplies and toys for my kid. Then, with whatever amount is left, I’d get a Kindle, some books/e-books on my wishlist, and more books as gifts for friends.

  527. Adelia

    I would buy books because one can never have enough books. I also want to buy a present for my father who has given me everything he could. (I’d get him a present regardless of your very generous offer) and presents for other friends and families who need it. 🙂

  528. Anthony

    Books and a kitchen island (small apt!)

  529. Francisco V. Ubaldo III

    I would like to stay healthy and preserve the environment. A folding bike could very much help me do that. If ever, I would choose to buy a Brompton because it is a combination of art and science in one.

  530. Valerie

    Hi! Thank you for giving us free contest. I want to use this money to buy rare books that can help me to improve my life as a whole from personal to career to spirituality so I can share other people to transform and heal others.

  531. susan Nasaka Emong

    I would by a laptop for myself!!!!! wow!!!! thanxs for the offer.

  532. Steven

    Greetings Ramit,

    As many have stated, I would also like to thank you for putting on this contest! If I was to win I would use the gift card to purchase my college books for the next few quarters. Presently, I had to forgo this quarter of schooling, based on financial concerns. So winning this contest would make a huge impact to my present situation.

  533. Yvette

    I would probably buy a few new clothes and shoes to add to my business wardrobe. I would also try to use the shopping spree to promote my own business that I would like to start. I do not have a job right now. So I could help out all my family members.

    Thank you, Ramit

  534. Roop

    Hi Ramit,
    I would buy Spandax! I have been going to the gym almost daily now for a couple years. However, I have not really updated my gym wardrobe from my university shirts that I got for free for attending events. So, I would buy a lot of spandax, a pair of gym shoes, a pair of Vibram Five Finger shoes for hiking, a new pair of Ringside kickboxing gloves and wraps. A new wardrobe would show how serious I am about the gym and I would be able to wear everything guilt free. Thanks!

  535. Daleen

    when the economy tanked i had to leave the US to get a job and support my kids. Did not have money to ship my books so feel slightly deprived so will buy a many ebooks and real books I can to replace my books I had to leave behind. My boys would love some books too.

  536. Maxwell Mago

    Hie Ramit,
    Thanks for the opportunity. I would like to buy a smartphone, a tablet and a home network setup for enhancing my internet browsing capabilities. Thank you once again, God Bless you.

  537. Vijay Kaushal

    Respected Sir,

    I will buy courses from You. so that I can improve upon myself and in the long run I can help mankind I really dont know wether you are a philanthropist or a money maker.But if U are a philanthropist,than I would love to become like U.I want to add to my hobby of learning some new course, earn while doing work on net and solve people’s problems in reality. and to start a non profit NGO with a name you will suggest..

  538. Valerie Francisco

    I’d love to buy hardcover books on marketing, business & personal growth. Def. beats reading online PDF copies… I have a giant ‘To Read’ list on my phone that I need to start checking off, and an extra $1001 would be awesome for this. Any extra money: rent, spa/massage with the mother, and invest.

  539. Mary E. Silveira

    If I were to win the $1,000 dollar Amazon gift card then I’d scratch a few tiny inexpensive items off my wish list on Amazon that my monthly budget currently won’t allow me to buy at the moment and give the rest of what’s left to my Mother. She could always use the money for some nursing books she needs for her online college courses she’s taking online.

  540. Andy

    I would buy everyone Christmas presents from Amazon this year!

  541. Kate

    I would buy a new camera lens since I’m trying to take on more freelance work and, of course, a few e-books.

  542. Liman

    Just entered the contest and shared to so many friends, i would buy an iphone 5 since i have an old iphone 3GS which freezes everytime,making my friends hate me to hanging up on them.

  543. Abel

    I would invest it in equipment and learning material for improving the productivity and service efficiency of the photography and video company I started a few months ago.
    Good luck to all!

  544. james okumu

    I would buy management books and an an LCD projector to help me in my teaching


    good morning sir this is it the chance i’ve been waiting for…

    the very first thing i’m gonna do with my winning dollar is to buy your book “i will teach you how to be rich” at least 10 pcs to be given away to my friends in need of their financial freedom like me.

    in my homeland that is a lot of money converted into peso @ 45.00 per dollar that is around 45,045.00 pesoses…

    i can now make reservation @7,000.00 for the property i wanna buy for rental income purposes…

    i can now pay the downpayment in full equivalent to 26,472.00…for that property

    i will open a checking account at least 5,000.00 as initial fund to pay the remaining balance through pdc for bank loan on that property

    and the remaining amount will be used for the maintenance medicine of my parents

    i’m so blest to know you sir…

    thank you very much..

    respectfully yours,

    thez mendoza

  546. Rodney

    With $1001 I would buy a hitch mount bike carrier and the Bowflex selectable dumbbells. Things that I’d really like to have but can never seem to justify purchasing.

  547. Nebula H.

    $1,001 at Amazon…

    To be honest, I use Amazon all the time so I’d probably use it to buy random stuff around the house.

    As far as using it for a shopping spree, I’d have to choose between…

    * New LED grow lights to test on my “medical” garden
    * A new, professional camera for better garden pics
    * The parts to build a small RC car with a camera

  548. W

    I’d likely buy additional art supplies for my daughter.

  549. Paul Vincent

    Ah, I’ll spread happiness!

    1. My pet turtle will be happy with new accessories for his tank.

    2. Friends will be happy with completely unexpected gifts arriving from Amazon.

    3. My parents will be happy with books of images of dream locations they’ve never been able to visit.

    4. And I’ll be happy with a fantastic selection of material by all my mentors, along with some music to listen to as I read.

    Thanks for the gift, Ramit, from all the above.

  550. Thomas

    btw, you ask about flying in your post question.

    I looked on Amazon and made my list:

    Amazon Fire 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless 64 GB,
    Otterbox to protect Kindle
    2 year warranty
    Accelerated charger
    Total: $698.93

    I already own a first generation kindle, but I’d upgrade to streamline being able to watch HD movies on a portable device. I already moved to a kindle to move most of my paper books to one electronic device. Personally, I’d be happy if all books were e-books, so I could have all the book I wanted in one place in the palm of my hands.

    Remaining $302.07 I’d use for

    Merkur Futur Style Safety Razor, Chrome Finish: $79
    Already use a Parker with butterfly opening, would upgrade and build my skills in being able to shave with this razor.

    Rest, I’d buy food just because I never used the grocery feature on Amazon and be willing to to test that out. Anything left, I’d use as credit for a future purchase or if that wasn’t the case at all, where I had to have to use the change left over. I’d skip the accessories and buy the best coat money can buy without thinking twice about it.

  551. Moise Daniel

    Hello Ramit,

    Your question ia actually verry hard, but regarding to freedom I do not think there is a wrong answer. It is just a diference of what makes you happy ? The feeling of imediate pleasure when you have the money or the pleasure after the excitment of having the money.
    I would buy a trip for my mom because she deserves everithing and with the rest of 500$. I would buy an internet template + hosting+domain and with the rest of 300 I would pay for the books I always wanted and could not buy and with the rest of 150 I would keep them just in case, for an oportunity.

  552. Moise Dan

    Sorry Ramit I just realised That is only for Amazon.

    I would Buy a laptop around 1000 $ I wold check that it will be a verry good price for those components inside the laptop and will put it for sale for 1120$ .

    Kind regards

  553. Jamard

    I’d pick up something nice for my queen. She has been eyeing up a new computer…

  554. cindy

    I’d buy lots of quilting and how to start a business books for starters, some new gardening tools and maybe a new kindle hd

  555. Anna

    Thank you Ramit for always giving of yourself for others.

    I would buy navigation electronics so my husband and I can take a trip on our boat without damaging it, or getting lost. Thank you again for your generosity.

  556. Mark E.

    Get my kid one of those tablets she swears she “needs”!

  557. Steve

    I would buy board games and video games to enjoy with my kids.

  558. Brian

    Awesome, Ramit. To quote Jim Rohn “The book you don’t read won’t help”

  559. Jane S

    I would use the money for books and clothes.

  560. Greg Lloyd

    I’d splurge on the following:
    – Alpha Industries Men’s Ensign Pea Coat, Charcoal, Medium – $129
    – G860 Golds Gym Zip Hoodie Old Joe Logo (L, Military Green) – $49
    – Stretching Scientifically:​ A Guide to Flexibility Training – $23.39
    – Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera pkg – $579
    – You Were Born Rich by Bob Proctor – $30
    – Oster Ironman 250-Watt Fitness Blender – $50
    – Ready, Aim, Specialize!: Create Your Own Writing Specialty and Make More Money! – $15
    – Three Light Vanity Fixture, Bronze – $57
    – The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life – $20
    – Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business – $16
    – How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America – $22
    – Zumba Fitness LLC Men’s Lift-Off Racerback Tank Top – $23

  561. Kris M.

    I would buy supplies for a business that I would like to start working for myself at my home. I really really want to stay home with my child and homeschool. I came up with idea for business while I was pregnant and at that time fully planned to stay home but my husband got laid off right before our child was born. Thank you

  562. Apoorv

    I would spend that money to buy kindle ebooks.

  563. Linda

    I would buy an iPad and some of the over 100 books on my wishlist on Amazon

  564. Jason

    I would purchase a new tablet, lots of books and honestly a few movies…

  565. Dave Spooner

    For me it would have to be a new camera lens, having just started pushing my photography as a side business. Planning on picking one up soon anyway, a free one or two would certainly be appreciated!

  566. Vytas

    I’m starting a PhD in August. So I’d buy books on teaching, learning and programming till the money runs out. I’d gain as much information as possible from them over the summer in preparation for my program.

    Thanks for the consideration, Ramit.

  567. Cindi

    What a great opportunity to get some product for my side business. Amazon has great prices! Also to get some books & music from my wish list. I need my own copy of your book because I borrowed it from my daughter. I’d also like to give some copies to people who could use your advice & would appreciate your humor. 🙂

  568. Teresa Tse

    Books that are unrelated to my work, and would let me a glimpse into another world and other lives out there – one of those huge table books that I would only flip through in a bookshop about pastry, architecture, travelling, history….because I’m just too busy to get out and do all those things! I think I will be quite happily content with that.

  569. Marjorie rojas


  570. Paul O'Reilly

    Books on pricing / consulting, business psychology, and communicating with clients. I can code, but that’s less then half a business… and I have a wish list of books that’ll help fill in the other half.

  571. Brian

    I would invest it in a brokerage account so that I wouldn’t just have 1001 to spend, but much more later.

  572. Tania

    Thank you Ramit!!! I will probably buy books…A LOT of books 😉

  573. Federica

    I will buy every kind of photography material I need to start my own business (that is already started, but It really needs stuff. Expensive stuff. Delirious expensive stuff).

  574. Sofia

    I would buy an iPad a cross-fit membership, your IWT book and sock away any remainder into savings.

  575. Lee

    There’s a Yamaha stage piano I’ve been looking at as an upgrade from my home keyboard. Piano playing is my hobby, but I can’t justify dropping a grand on a piano when I’m saving to move across the country later this year. If I won, I would buy the thing and enjoy the heck out of it while not throwing my plans onto disarray.

  576. Sofia

    so many wonderful books to buy with 1001k at Amazon…
    your IWT book, Tony Robbins, personal fitness, Tim Ferris, Suze Orman
    and an iPad…

  577. Amber

    Even with a shopping spree…I’m predictable!! Id supercharge what i already buy—
    Books for the kindle.
    Education items for my kids.
    …and my almond flour subscription!

  578. jp

    I would purchase a vacuum chamber sealer or a new wardrobe.

  579. Felipe

    Hi Ramit, I will spent in a French Language course.

  580. Akshar

    I would give it to my sister as her graduation gift.

  581. Afzan

    I want to travel with my family

  582. Una Hartzell-Baird

    I would purchase another Roomba, a couple more self-cleaning litter boxes, a kindle paperwhite, new pots and pans, glassware, and books.

  583. Rhonda

    Textbook money for my college daughter.

  584. Daniel Reifenberger

    To Buy List:
    – Amazon Prime. 2 day deliver + automation of repeat purchases
    – All the books on my wish list:
    – New Kindle White Paper with backlight screen for reading in bed
    – New pair of Vibram shoes for running when it stops snowing in MN
    – 3 month supply of Protein powder for weight lifting
    – Wide lens for my camera for the interviews I’ve booked using Earn1k

    Hope you can still afford the prize after your trip to Vegas 😉

  585. John Jones

    Having two young children and very busy schedules to begin with, I’d probably use this to invest in the Westin Hotel Heavenly Bed. They actually do sell these on Amazon and if you’ve stayed at a Westin before then you know why this would be a good investment for two tired adults needing a good night sleep!

  586. Allan Martin

    Hi Ramit,

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway.

    If I am selected, I would get a Kindle and a selection of great books to read, including your books. With the remaining money, I would let my kids and wife have fun shopping.


  587. Abi

    I will buy a DeLonghi to show everyone how important lattes are!

  588. Lindsay

    What would I buy if I won this? a metric ton of used books (love to reuse and love to see the insights had by folks who owned them before me) from my running booklist, a metric ton of notebooks for my own insights as I process said books, and a turbo-powered HEPA filter so that I can lay on the couch and read and not be covered in cat fur when I’m done. And fun-colored pens and pencils for said insights.

  589. ana

    I would buy a brand-new powerbook. I love making music with GarageBand!

  590. Stephanie

    I’d buy a bunch of the nerdy books I’ve been coveting for awhile but aren’t available in the library and I’ve been too apprehensive to take the plunge and buy. They’re mostly on the human brain, learning, and how we as a species utilize things like stories and religion to organize and make sense of the world around us. Warned you it was nerdy. Also possibly a new camera that has a larger aperture for better low light photographs, which could help me look extra stellar when i have to take photos of our big events for work. And of course a copy of your books for all my friends so they can get hooked and become highly paid top performers too. 😉

  591. Matthias

    Ramit, that´s a great Contest!!!
    What would I buy if I won this shopping spree?
    Buy “I will teach you to be rich” Books for my Family and my Friends.
    And more Financal Books like your´s! To train me and manage my Money better.
    I would like to use the Chance to say:”Thank You for Your hard Work”!
    Your Book, changed my Life, completely!
    Thanks Ramit!

  592. Emily

    Great contest! I would buy a new laptop since mine is failing me. But other than that, I would maybe share the “wealth” with my friends and treat them to something they “want” instead of “need”.

  593. Megan

    Hey Ramit! I’d buy all kinds of exciting things to invest in myself in terms of both personal development and business. I’d also love to buy a few copies of my favorite books to share with others and encourage them on their paths. With anything left over, I’d invest in tech for my business…and maybe a snack. Thanks so much for your generosity and inspiration!

  594. Wendy

    If this is specifically for shopping purposes, I’d buy my school books for the next few years. Practical, I know, but so nice to have one less expense to worry about! I also might have a field day at the Container Store to better organize my room/office.

  595. Gina

    Vacation package.

  596. Kate

    Amazon is my go to store for pretty much everything, so it would be very easy to spend this money on boring essentials like cleaning products and toiletries but since this would be a windfall, I would split it between necessities and something fun. Maybe a Kindle Fire (fun) and then things like moisturizer, a lamp, and some books (because while books are fun, they are also as essential as food and water to me).

  597. Paul Odhong

    I woul buy a small piece of land, where upon i would start a small poultry business in it, I will be assured of returns in between 3-6 month.

  598. Penny

    What would I buy? Let’s see…


    A Nexus + ebooks on personal development and entrepreneurship

    Kitchen items;a few cookbooks,baking accessories, items for a home bar. Creating in the kitchen is where I’m happiest!

    A Timbuk2 bag to keep my work and school life in order

    A well made pair of flip flops, since that’s nearly all I wear in the summer

  599. rw

    In response to your question of how i would spend it:
    Kindle versions of valuable books that I already own. (I already have IWTYTBR on kindle, but I’d get Tim’s books and Robert Green’s books).
    Get my gf an iPad AND her nursing ebooks (she’s almost done w/ her nurse practitioner and they have iPad ebooks/apps for her classes).

  600. Angela

    What I’d love to get is a decent microscope with a digital camera attachment (for some photography ideas I have), plus a really decent blender for my morning smoothies.

  601. Ginger Mudd

    I’d buy all the young people in my life a copy of your book.

  602. Jeremy P

    I would take my fiancé out for an awesome dinner+, and use the rest toward membership cost for another year training at my BJJ dojo.

  603. fj

    I would invest the $ in my business, That’s it.

  604. Tyson

    There are so many how-to books that I’d like to buy. Other than that, I might buy Kindles for my family members who don’t have one.

    Or, I can re-use the Amazon gift card and do a “Win a $1,001 shopping spree” on my own site haha. It’d be the gift that keeps on giving!

  605. Diane

    I would buy my daughter’s college text books. Well.. it would help!

  606. Cutter

    Patio furniture and a new iPad

  607. Nicolle

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

    Some of the things I’d buy are:

    For the kitchen: a KitchenAid mixer, and OXO storage containers, a few cookbooks.

    A 50mm lens for my Nikon D80.

    Books I have been wanting to read.

    And then anything else I’d feel like splurging on.

  608. Kelly P

    what I would buy, first and foremost, is time: 1. I’d hire my 2-year old’s former babysitter for a full weekend day each weekend for the next few weeks so I could be more productive in trying to find extra work ($360) 2. I’d ask my housekeeper to come once every 2 weeks for the next 2 months ($200), instead of once a month (which helps, but not nearly enough). 3. I’d spend $130 on a month-long membership to Bikram yoga classes, to help me better focus and to revive my overworked, aching, sleep-deprived body. Finally, I’d take the remainder and spend it on 4. an extra credit card payment ($200), 5. $100 a “secret” stash of matching funds to help my 9-year old buy the 3DS he’s been bugging me for for 2 years now (I told him he’d have to save his money and buy it himself, and he’s halfway there), and 6. ($11) a nice bottle of wine to relax and unwind at the end of the day. How would I do all of this through a $1001 gift? Buy a gift card or electronic item and sell it at or below cost to have the cash to make the aforementioned purchases.

  609. Mike

    I would probably just use the money on more books on IT, business and leadership.

  610. Heather

    Thank you so much Ramit for this fun contest and also for sharing your awesome knowledge! One thousand and one smackers would surely help upgrade the urban garden in the lot behind our apartment. We could get some garden tools and even an umbrella (those things are darn expensive!) and have enough to host a little garden party. Of course you’d be invited. 🙂

  611. Lorri

    I’d buy the following books from my “To Own” List:

    “Think and Grow Rich”
    “You Were Born Rich”
    “I Will Teach You to Be Rich”
    “As You Wish”
    “The Top Ten Success Secrets of Start-up Entrepreneurs”
    “The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) From the Inside Out”
    “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth”
    “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace”
    “Loving What Is”
    “Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement”
    “The Richest Man in Babylon”
    “Thought Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World”
    “42 Days To Wealth, Health And Happiness”
    “You Can Change Your Life Any Time You Want”
    “Harmonic Wealth”
    “Natural Born Winners”
    “May Cause Miracles”
    “See You At The Top”
    “Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World”
    “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”
    “Your Sacred Self”
    “The Millionaire Maker”
    “The Path to Love: Spiritual Strategies for Healing”
    “Wishes Fulfilled”
    “Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement”
    “Get Off Your “But”: How to End Self-Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself”
    “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”
    “The Magic in Your Mind”
    “Three Magic Words”
    “The Power of Awareness”

    …and the “I AM: Wishes Fulfilled” meditation cd’s by Wayne Dyer = )

  612. Phil

    I would put the money towards starting my own business.

  613. nicole shewbridge

    Hi Ramit – This is such a cool idea, I entered in the hopes that I could get myself a tablet so that I can travel to work lighter than I do now with my laptop. I would also like to get the rosetta stone program so I can brush up on my language skills and impress the boys 🙂

  614. Kathleen

    I would buy some books (obviously finance/business and traveling ones) & few missing items of camera equipment I need for my business 🙂

  615. Kendra

    It would be so awesome to have a personal fund to buy all the books that I want without having to justify my expenses to my family! I probably wouldn’t spend it all at once, just as I see a book I want. Also Rosetta Stone for Spanish too!

  616. Alison

    I would buy a new tablet for my boyfriend so he can draw/illustrate more easily. If there was money left over, I’d slowly use it as I order books from Amazon. GL!

  617. Juan Vazquez

    Hi Ramit

    I won’t tell you a long list… I just want a few books, a kindle and a google chromebook.

    —Books I want to read:

    1.- Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger and Kenneth Cukier

    2.- Feynman by Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick

    3.- Big Data: Principles and best practices of scalable realtime data systems by Nathan Marz and James Warren

    4.- The Feynman Lectures on Physics, boxed set: The New Millennium Edition by Richard P. Feynman, Robert B. Leighton and Matthew Sands

    5.- Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality, by Scott Belsky

    6.- Hacking Your Education: Ditch the Lectures, Save Tens of Thousands, and Learn More Than Your Peers Ever Will by Dale J. Stephens

    —Books as a gift for share with my friends:
    1.- I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi (of course)

    2.- The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future by Chris Guillebeau

    3.- The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by Josh Kaufman

    4.- The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life by Timothy Ferriss

    5.- Classic Feynman: All the Adventures of a Curious Character by Richard P. Feynman, Ralph Leighton and Freeman Dyson

    6.- I’ll wait for your next book!

    Of course I’ll buy a 2003 St. Barthelemy Cellars Merlot Port to celebrate!

    With the remaining money I’ll wait for future books.

  618. Vincent Obianoyi

    I would first of all buy a Samsung Tablet and then use the balance of the money to buy e-books on as many subjects and line of studies as I can buy and then bury my head in the Tablet for the next two to three months reading and re-reading the e-books. I do really like reading wide.

  619. Judith

    I’d buy a badly needed new computer, and some new software to run on it. Thanks Ramit, may you always sail on fair winds.

  620. Nicole Martin


    Thank you for the offer. I would buy bikes for my girls and I to enjoy, and a bike rack for the car, helmets and baskets.


  621. Julius

    Amazing thing you’re doing Ram it. Amazing! I’d probably buy the books/ebooks, maybe Kindle Fire. The rest, I’d follow your teachings in IWTYTBR…

  622. Lynn

    I would take my triplet granddaughters on a cruise.

  623. Irshad

    I’d buy Kindle books, a tablet pc, and a new lens for my camera.

  624. Satya

    Books, hot undies, workout clothes, pretty things for the house, treats for the fam. Basically I’d enjoy the feeling of luxury and not having to justify purchases for however long the money lasted. It sounds wonderful!

  625. Liz

    With $1001 at…

    I would definitely buy myself a few starbucks gift cards, because everyone deserves to enjoy themselves with the little things.

    After that, I’d buy a vitamix because I love them. Unfortunately as a recent grad its just not in the budget.

    Last, I’d buy myself some new travel gear since my new dream job will require a decent amount. I might also stock up on some small furniture items for the inevitable move to a new apartment.

    Thanks Ramit 🙂

  626. Sean

    Lots of books. And of course something completely unnecessary. Maybe a new road bike.

  627. Emma Kennedy

    Hi Ramit,

    I would by Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3, I am working on learning mandarin and have been using various free apps and websites would love to invest in some good learning tools as well. I would use the rest for books for my kids who love to read.


  628. Caelan Huntress

    I would buy lots of things you can’t get in rural Costa Rica, where I live. Chandrika soap, Moleskine notebooks, Macbook charging cords, and good shoes.

  629. Ellie

    I would buy all of the books I need to start my residency and study for Step 3!

  630. David

    I’d buy a few things:

    (a) A bunch of books that my wife and I have been wanting to read.
    (b) Essentials that are cheaper on Amazon, allowing a reduced monthly spend.
    (c) I’d put the rest towards an updated MacBook, supplementing from our savings.

  631. Coach

    I would use the money to buy a desk-top computer and good anti-virus software to keep the thing running.

  632. Eddie

    I would get the materials to assist me to further develop my programming skills so i can create my app.

  633. Greg

    I’d sit and stare at the notice that I won for most of a day… then I’d start checking things off my wish lists!!!

  634. Bryn

    I would use it to replace my grocery budget (yay for amazon subscribe and save) and then use the money from my paycheck to pay off a student loan.

  635. Liz

    I would use some for car payments, save some, and buy some new clothes with the rest!

  636. John

    I would buy some hard drives to backup my photos and videos.

  637. Fanny

    Hi Ramit,
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    As I just started my own marketing consulting business I would probably buy a brand new MacBook or an iPad.

  638. Kendall

    I’d buy more personal development books as well as home accents for my new condo and exercise clothes – I’ve recently started training for my first race next month.

  639. Edmund Mitchell

    I would be able to do more in depth research for a book I am writing.

  640. Nick

    I would spend it mostly on books. I think improving your knowledge and expertise via reading is one of the best investments possible. When I got payed after landing a big client last month, the first thing I did was buy 100€ worth of books all related to business on amazon. With the 1,001$ I would
    a) get some books for my little brother who is kinda stuck in his business and needs some new ideas
    b) books for some of my business contacts to give away
    c) an awesome wedding present for my little brother and his fiancée

  641. kacper

    I would like to buy some rock climbing gear, a heart rate monitor, there are tons of books on my wish list, and I would probably save 40% of the money for cool thins in the future.

  642. Ashley

    I would get a manicure every week. Getting my nails done helps me relax, plus having my nails done makes me feel more put together and professional.

  643. Danny

    Hi Ramit!

    I would buy some novels to have some fun. I would also buy a few books on how to deal with teenage daughters.

    Most of them would be audiobooks. I like listening to them in the car. I find that this is a nice way to use time otherwise wasted.

  644. Jax Miller

    An Amazon shopping spree? Fantastic! One can find almost anything on Amazon. I even used it for my wedding registry.

    Top of my list: Excel 2010 with PowerPivot. While my office is stuck with 2007, I’d love to jump in and take advantage of all the 2010 features if only for my own fun. (Not the 2013 version, MS is really pulling a “Vista” there!)

    Books for leisure reading: for sure, but probably not more than $150. I’m mostly able to keep up with my favorites by using gift cards.

    Kitchen stuff: I have my eye on another tall rack and a pot/pan rack — so much easier than fooling with the cabinets! Maybe some more spices & baking supplies. Bulk saves $.

    Cat food: I’ve got a subscription for his favorite.

    I might just let half the money sit until I have a good use for it. I hope to buy a new home in the next few years, so I might want some small furniture or home improvement items.

  645. Anna

    The telephoto camera lens I’ve been wanting to buy forever (it costs a bit more than $1,001, but this would mean that I’d only need to throw in an additional few hundred bucks).

  646. Debosree

    Hi Ramit

    Honestly speaking i dont even know why i entered this contest..( Gawd I am greedy! Aint it?) but it was fun gleaning through the comments on the contest page. I haven’t made up my mind as to how i would spend the money if i win… ..However, i like your blog a lot… very informative indeed… and i feel i have received way beyond $1001 from your side in the form of your precious nuggets of wisdom. Keep doing what you are doing.. As for me, i am yet to figure out what would make me really happy to have owned it with a sudden unexpected windfall… i guess i would settle for a couple of 18th century gold coins… my idea of ultimate luxury!!!

  647. Heather

    I would purchase copies of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” for all of my friends and family. I have taken every piece of advice out of that book, and followed it! Then, I would use the remaining funds to purchase an iPad for my husband to use in his 7th grade reading and language arts classroom. You wouldn’t believe how many kids are in 7th grade and reading at a 3rd grade level!

  648. francesca

    more books

  649. Tim

    Moving supplies to help my family relocate to a part of the country with a much lower cost of living (but a vibrant job market!).

  650. Brooks

    You can buy almost anything on Amazon. I would splurge and use all the money to buy items for my newly started business. There are always little things that you need at a moments notice. Having a nice big sum in my back pocket would help boost my business.

  651. Sum

    My husband and I are moving to another city…i could use the money to buy house stuff for our new place.

  652. Suzanne

    Update my 2008 MAC with a new one so I’m set up and ready to start my business: Sport Nutrition for the Endurance athlete

  653. Antwaune Goode

    If I were to win the contest, I would purchase wedding bands for my upcoming marriage ceremony and use the remaining amount on college supplies for my daughter. I would be able to give the 2 most important women in my life the items that would put smiles on their faces and me a happier man.

  654. JK

    I’d take a trip to Portland and Seattle with my family. We’ve been meaning to see our friends out there for years, and I think it’s important for my young children to experience traveling this world.

  655. Michelle

    Thanks for running this contest, Ramit!

    Should the very long odds fall in my favor, I’d use the money to buy some nice furniture for the apartment we’re moving into at the start of May. We’ve been making do with a lot of hand-me down and cheap quality furniture. It would be nice to target our living room and get a decent sofa and entertainment center (maybe some nice shelves for displaying some of our stuff) that will look great, be super-functional, and better handle the frequent moves that are a part of military life!

  656. Stephanie

    Clothes. Not being a graduate student means I need a professional wardrobe–more than jeans, T-shirts, and one suit!

  657. Mary Ann

    This is a great contest Ramit and one that I would put in my Guilt Free Spending account (50%) and the other half for my Christmas/birthday fund. The first thing I would do (and already have been doing) is buying a few copies of your book and giving them as presents for friends and family members. The second this would be to buy my 1 year old son his first “book” library set and fill it up with best selling children’s books. Like my husband and I, he already enjoys book and the best thing you can give a child is education and practical knowledge. The third thing would be to fill my library of the book list from Ramit’s brain trust interviewees and from the facebook book list. There’s nothing like having a hard copy delivered to your door! Thanks for the opportunity.

  658. Katie M

    I would use it for professional clothes (the whole dress for the job you want -which means suits!)
    I would also use the money to help update my home I purchased a year ago that desperately needs updating.
    Pick me – pick me!

  659. Jill

    I would buy books and an iPad.

  660. Cath

    After convincing my husband that moving from a 3800 square foot house in Northern New York to a one bedroom apartment in the northern San Diego county area was a good idea, we literally sold off 90% of our belongings. The old adage, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” is very true. We only kept what we could fit in the largest USPS flat rate shipping boxes, which aren’t very big. Needless to say, I didn’t keep several things that I wish I now had, like my Waterpik and my Panini griddle, which was so much more to me than a Panini griddle. My husband sold off most of his tools, which really came to bite us in the rear when he went to apply for jobs and they all told him he would need to supply his own tools. So, that is what I would spend the money on – tools and household appliances. And new clothes.

  661. Roland

    I would buy new furniture and other stuff (e.g. decorations and housewares) to transform my living room and kitchen into an awesome place to host Networking parties such as those that Ramit recommends hosting in his Dream Job materials.

  662. Shawn Campbell

    I would primarily use the shopping spree to enrich my library. I’m planning on pursuing a phd to teach and a lot of this will be dedicated to preparations for this.

    Admittedly, I may splurge and get some of the dvd series I’ve been holding off on (game of thrones, pretty much everything david attenborough (who made planet earth) and some others).

  663. Chris

    Starting to go Paperless so I would buy an iPad and all the tech I need to so.

  664. David

    Books, kitchen tools, The entire series of The Wire on DVD, and why not throw in a few video games for good measure 🙂

  665. Jack Youngblood

    I would pay for tuition and books to get back to work.

  666. Tracy

    I’d put the money towards paying off bills. It will help put me closer to buying my own house again. Thanks!

  667. chezza

    I’ve wanted a good camera for a long time and never wanted to put the money towards it. It would be phenomenal to have some decent pictures of my child before he grows up and to learn a new artistic discipline. Thanks for making me think of what I’d get if money were no object! I didn’t even know I wanted a camera so much until I thought about what I would do if I didn’t have to worry about money. It’s a good exercise, even if I don’t win.

  668. Vaibhav Sharma

    Once I win the contest, I will start with buying the following books, because I believe that reading these books will help me both deliver and grow in and beyond my current role in my organisation.
    1. Agile Software Requirements : $ 38.90
    2. Resonate : Present Visual Stories that Transform Audience : $ 20.45
    3. The Myths of Innovation : $ 12.37
    4. slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations : $ 21.36
    5. HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations (Harvard Business Review Guides) : $ 14.23
    6. And other books in my reading lists:-

  669. SHARITA Blacknall

    I just entered. If I win I will buy a laptop and Fujitsu Scanner for my assistant.

  670. glennji

    Yeah, it’s a tough one. I’ll probably buy books (philosophy, business? Things I wouldn’t normally read), maybe toys for my baby boy, camera accessories for darling wife? So hard to know! It’s a splurge, right, so it would be important to just browse and buy ANYTHING that takes your fancy!

  671. Isolde Brown

    How will you ever get to This comment with all the others that are before me ??????????
    You are an amazing fascinating Human Beeing. My ADMIRATION!!!!
    I would sign up for your most expensive “ONE ON ONE” and figure out how to come up with the “$ DIFFERENCE”!!!!
    Thank you for sharing All your Life Lessons.

    Thank you for sharing ALL your LIFE LESSONS.

  672. Michele B.

    I’d get an iPad for my son, a DJ machine for my daughter, and lots of books for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  673. Chris Bellesia

    If I win, I’ll buy health supplements for my Mom and Dad, and I’ll also splurge on a few books that have been on my Amazon wishlist for quite some time now 🙂

  674. Sonia

    I will buy books, books and more books; maybe some CDs or audible books. Half of them to give as Christmas presents.

  675. Dawn


  676. Christine

    What a great offer! We could all use some more cash. If I won an amazon card, I would use the money in a pretty practical way… Probably not the exciting statement you’re looking for.
    I am working toward starting an online company, currently in alpha stage. I would buy a few books on entrepreneurship ($100), I would buy a pair of running shoes as Im starting get back my running legs after a tough year of injuries ($90), I would buy thirty $20 gift cards to reward users who test my alpha site and provide feedback ($600), I would buy a good non stick frying pan and pot as Im starting to cook more so I can control the ingredients. ($210)

  677. Monique

    Im about to start my rotations for my final year of professional school (healthcare field) and I would use the money to purchase professional clothing and books to help me study for my boards. I have 6 figures of student loans so anything would really help

  678. Yonina

    I would hopefully buy a DSLR camera that would open up the world of professional photography to me.

  679. Haley Martin

    Hi Ramit!
    My name is Haley and I am 12 years old! If I won the $1001 prize, I would buy bikes for my mom, sister and I. I never get to bond with my family and I really do believe this is the solution! Also, I think my mom would really like it as a gift, and so would my sister! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!
    -Haley M.

  680. Ariel

    Thanks for setting up this contest, Ramit! I would first get a dress to wear to my college graduation (class of 2013, what up?). Then I’d get graduation gifts for my close friends. I would get my parents and extended family REALLY nice Christmas presents for supporting me as I’ve been slowly losing my mind in school. Finally I’d get grad school textbooks 😛

  681. David Weisberger

    Children’s clothes and selected toys for serious, smartphone accessories for fun, light bulbs.

  682. Robin

    I’d spend it for updates on my house. Little things that I can’t afford this second. Then, I’d put this tiny pad on the market asap!

  683. Karen P

    If I won, I would buy a coffee table and a kitchen table.

  684. Joshua Domingo

    I’d love to start putting this money to work investing in to a portrait/sports photography business. I really want to make this work, and with a starting investment of that $1001, I would be able to put more money in to education, savings, and equipment. It’d be great to be able to have a kick start even though I’ve already started, the grand would just make things starting up a little bit easier.

  685. Mike

    I’d spend 80% of the money buying gifts for my friends and family. The other 20% would go to feeding my voracious appetite for knowledge.

  686. Louisa

    I would buy organic food, organic shampoo, an organic pillow, organic clothes, a few books off my book list, and gifts for family and friends.

  687. Ryan M

    More than likely I would use the Amazon money to get my wife a new watch and purse because it’s the two things she hasn’t gotten that she has been needing new ones for about two years now. The rest I would probably spend on cookbooks

  688. Colby Porta

    I started to make a list of things that I would want, but I could not reach the $1001 max. I realized that a new computer, books, etc is not what I want. What I truly want is to work for myself. So, I would ask you for membership into the next Dream Job course.

  689. Militza

    I have no idea what I’d buy yet, the fun part would just be being able to do it! Thanks – fingers crossed!

  690. Abdul Muizz

    I would buy the latest Samsung SMART TV for my dad as a collection of all his birthday’s presents from the day he was born until now to redeem that I was not able to afford it before. Love you~

  691. Erin

    If I had that sort of money to plunder my Amazon wishlists, I would put it towards my instruction in performance and production work. I have been training in bellydance for the past five or six years and after graduation and am looking to take it to the next level in training and upping my game in booking regular gigs. I rely not only on the instructional dvds that come out (for at-home practice outside of class), but also look to materials for cross-training in theatrical work as well to complement my dance background. The other part would be to acquire several books for my historical research projects. And lastly, I would pry blow a bit on anime or a lace parasol, because why the hell not?

  692. John Liddle

    What I’d buy:

    a kindle paperlight and many books
    a Skagen watch
    a Satmap Active 10 Plus GPS system for walking and cycling

    and that’s $1000 gone!

  693. zara

    I would buy Nikon digital camera D90.
    tnx in advance 😉

  694. Minty

    I would buy e-books, audio books, a new Kindle, a new mp3 player for my audio books so i don’t have to use my smart phone, and an underwater case for my Canon S90 for my future travel.

    oh, and the remainder, I will buy Heys luggage for my next travel.

  695. Ronnel Balingit

    I will buy books on how to be rich and about network marketing then will buy products that will help me in network marketing! I will buy self motivation books, self improvement and how to build your own business. All about making money and helping others.

  696. Anil Kuppa

    Hi Ramit,
    I am not from US, but my list would be:
    1) Buy kindle and books
    2) Travel in India. I have been longing to travel within India for quite sometime. With this money, I could be able to afford air travel and go to Himalayas and the rural part.

  697. Erik

    I’d buy a Samsung Chromebook, update my wardrobe, buy books, renew some magazine subscriptions, and get an e-reader so I can add to my book collection.

  698. Priya

    First of all, i am not gonna overthink this. After all, that is what this is all about right! I am gonna splurge as i go, buying whatever items reach out to me at that particular instant. It could be anything. It could be something meaningful, that i’ve always wanted or something totally insignificant that i don’t care about, but want to have it just for the sake of having it! I might even spend the entire money on buying things for everyone else except me! It’s just my way of saying that i don’t wish to be in the shackles of money and not be a slave to it, inspite of being one already!

  699. Shari

    Work clothes

  700. Nicola

    Hi Ramit,

    I would get a Kindle and get some e-books as Im a traveller and taking books can be a lot of weight! It would be nice to get one as I don’t even have a smart phone so would be my first purchase of something very useful! ha!
    Also I’m into music and going back into that field for work so things for that would be very helpful also!


  701. Kayleigh

    Hi Ramit – I’ve been working really hard lately to try and clear my debts and I can’t tell you how nice it would be to have a little splurge! If I won I would buy new gym gear (mine is getting way too big now!) and some new books so I can get relax in a productive way when I get home rather than turning on the tv!

  702. Nicholas Gardner

    Books are an important part of our household. My daughter who is just turning 2 is already captivated with the book bug. For her, I think I would love to indulge her in a classical library of books to fill her mind with wonder and develop her creativity and imagination: A. A Miline (W.Pooh as she already loves to play Pooh sticks with her granddad), Beatrix Potter and all the children’s classics (hardcover of course) so that maybe one day she can pass on a love of reading to her children.
    For my wife, a large credit for her Kindle would be amazing. As a teacher she is always looking for resources. The ability to attain them without guilt would be immeasurable.
    I think I would leave it there. My joy would be to randomly share books with others or pay for a stranger’s purchase. The feeling of wealth is the ability to share it with others – to pay it forward, if you will.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  703. Lisa R

    Now that spring is here, without a doubt my guilt-free purchase would be outdoor furniture so I could spend some quality time outside with friends and family. Heck, I’d even invite you over, Ramit. What do you say to a weekend getaway to Lake Michigan?

  704. Sonjaq

    If I were to win I would buy books books and more books. Or a GPS or a Native American Flute or music. Or magazine subscriptions for my kids that I tutor. Or items I would need to start my new business adventure. Oh wait: I think I could get all of those 😀
    This offer is such a cool idea…THANKS!!!

  705. Catie

    I would buy the books on my current Amazon wishlist, a new kettlebell, and a new lens for my camera.

  706. Jason Cabler (@DrCabler)

    I would invest it toward my wife’s Master’s degree. With an investment of $13,000 for the degree, she will get a $15,000 per year raise just for having it. Investing that extra 15k every year will add up nicely!

  707. Joi W

    I would buy all the books and DVDs in my wishlist, especially the Avengers box set. Any music DVDs with videos also. Home improvement stuff! Amazon has it all!

  708. A

    Stuff from my wish list, which is, coincidentally, mostly books

  709. Janine Furtado

    Just some college tuition. You know, the usual.
    Pay off a bit of those subsidized loans before catapulting into the adult world.

  710. Craig

    Gluten-free food. Lots of it. Actually not that much of it, because it’s comically overprice. But such is what my doctor requires.

  711. RB

    At least ten percent to International Justice Mission, and the rest in quarters for me, my wife, and two young daughters – towards books, summer camp and one trip to their favorite dessert restaurant.

  712. Kendra

    Don’t know what I would buy never won anything before.

  713. Krista

    I would use the money to buy books, lots and lots of books.

  714. Pat

    I would buy as much books as I could . Not even a penny left. Topics? A bit of coaching, leading, PNL, Astronomy and Ancient History.
    Thank you for the contest.

  715. De'borah Rohlfing

    I would buy mostly books such as religious books, books to expand my knowledge of the world, and a few movies from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It would be a marvelous opportunity!

  716. Noel Anderson

    I would buy textbooks (when I go to grad school).

  717. Regina

    I would buy an upright freezer so my food would stop getting lost in our ancient chest freezer (not to mention hopefully dropping the energy bill a notch), and as many books as I could afford with what’s left: writing, photography, anything that looks like it will help me get where I want to go and finally be self-employed. 🙂

  718. Nicole Harris

    I would use the money to pay for 3 semesters at austin community college. I would put anything left over towards rent/utilities.

  719. Z

    Ramit’s IWT book, of course!

  720. A

    I’d buy a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens!

  721. Harrison

    Hi Ramit,

    Thank you for the chance to catch a break! I’d use half to clear some of my debts, and the other half to get a new washing machine (ours is unfortunately dead).

    Best Regards,


  722. Dan Wagner

    I’d buy some hi-end audio equipment for my home entertainment system. At the very least I’d get a great start pieces for a system that I’ve always wanted to have.

  723. Eldemie Villordon

    hi ramit,
    it such a great opportunity, Id buy a digital camera i really love to snap a photo, i love photography. Ever since i really wanted a camera.

  724. Carlos Carballo

    I would donate half to buy books for my friends attending college. I would spend the rest to buy something for my mom as a mother’s day gift.

  725. Adam

    What a great contest! Books. Books, books, books. And then probably more books as gifts for family and friends. Seems the best way to invest a prize like this.

  726. Pooj

    Books! A new camera!

  727. Emmanuel

    I would complete my personnal MBA library if I win a prize like this.

  728. Nataglia

    I would spoil my new puppy with a room full of toys and get myself an ipad mini. I’ve been wanting to get one for so long but decided that saving my money is best.

  729. HeiLau

    I would buy a night at a luxury hotel and invite Ramit. 😉

  730. Sherika F

    I’d visit my mother, brother, nieces and nephews in Canada and my grandparents in Jamaica. I’d also buy as books as I wanted guilt free

  731. Nancy

    I would like to buy a DSLR and pay for some classes to learn photography.

  732. Joshua Buisch


    I would buy some inkjet printer vinyl decals and controller shells to start doing some modding as a muse. I’ve successfully made several controllers already. This would allow me to make some others without sacrificing cash flow while I pay off debt.

  733. Cole Matson

    I’d use half the money to buy books for my PhD. The other half I’d use to buy a laptop for my parish priest (who needs one) and books for a community library (or give the use of the extra to a student in return for them cataloging the library’s existing books).

  734. maria S.

    I would use half of it to invest in my car and get maintenance done and the rest towards my sister’s education! : )

  735. Ken R.

    Ideas galore. I would definitely use the money to bring a photo project to life over this summer.

  736. Christian

    Hi Ramit, I would use the money on golf equipment to improve my game! Thanks!

  737. Andre

    I would go out and use the money to buy carpeting for my home without wondering how long it is going to take me to save up for the amount to do so.

  738. Aaron

    I’d likely by myself a Synology NAS (Network Area Storage) box and a couple large hard drives to stick inside it. Anything leftover I’d leave for a rainy day.

  739. Ehren

    I’d love to spend it on my motorcycles. It doesn’t matter if it’s gear or customization, I would love it!

    Thanks for the contests, it really shows that you’re willing to share on so many levels.

  740. Cameron

    I would buy a better lens for my camera so I can start my own business and have more assets at my unpaid internship. Best of luck to everyone!

  741. Terri Fugmann

    Whew-hoo! If I found something intriguing, I’d buy it ~
    Without first having to try it (out) ~
    You would make my day ~
    With your $1,001 giveaway ~
    Isn’t that what “shopping spree” is all about?!

  742. Constance

    I would buy books and a camera

  743. Noel king

    8 books and audios for personal development
    1 album
    Seasons 1-3 “breaking bad”
    Basic kindle
    $200 for my gf to spend
    8 pairs of pants
    $100 credit to my mom
    10 personalized gifts for close friends

  744. Robb

    I would buy a Kindle Fire, some books to stimulate the mind, some music (probably some Dave Matthews Band), some movies to amaze my eyes, some drumming practice equipment and some exercise-related items to get me off my ass and in shape! It would be SWEET!

  745. Ken Tan

    I would put the money toward a trip I’m planning for my parents to travel. They worked hard all their lives and didn’t get to see the world much.

  746. Joseph Odom


  747. scott lively

    I would buy a new laptop to work on my freelance web development outside of work. I love doing it and I want to do more of it. Let’s ditch that 6 year old macbook!

  748. James Sutton

    My wants are simple, right now all I really want is a Soda Stream so I can quit
    hauling and buying so many drinks home from the store and I can have a variety
    of flavors to choose from anytime. I would probably buy some furniture for my
    parents, I get more joy from doing for others than from doing for myself.

  749. Dennis

    What would I do with a spending spree like this? Well my sons would get some new stuff 🙂 . I want to get some LED light bulbs for the house. Treat my wife to a gift or two. Maybe get a kindle device. Most of all more books to read 🙂 .

  750. J.E.

    I loove reading and bookstores. I always have to stop myself frim buying to many, so i am sooo excited about this. Thanks Ramit. I would get a variety of books, some fashion assouline books which are always amazing, some mystery, some first edition Nancy Drew books, which i collect and read.

  751. Charles Howlett

    I would purchase a high quality ice cream maker, I experiment in different flavors. Currently, I am trying to make a red pepper & chipotle jam ice cream!

  752. Isabel

    I would buy the books in my wishlist, a kindle paperwhite and gifts to my family.

  753. Stephen

    Thanks for the sweet spree offer, Ramit!
    With $1001 I’d probably by a sweet electric bicycle. 🙂

  754. Dustin

    Hmm with the thousand, buy myself some clothes to bring me back to date. Kids get all the clothes in our house. Also get an iPad or a Google Nexus 10 tablet to allow me to read my web dev books on public transit, and a snap scan to help kill the clutter.

    Thanks Ramit.

  755. Deborah


    Thanks for your generosity. I’d buy a new camera, a Brother HL 2270DW printer as I am taking a writing class and am writing my first book, a book on “tapping” by Nick Orther, a book by Sally Hogshead on How to be Fascinating, an I phone, a Kindle, some beauty products, more books that intrique me and anything else I could find interesting to me.


  756. Silvia

    I would pay down my credit card debt. With the leftovers, I would replace the bike that was stolen from my husband.

  757. Bill Ravenscraft

    I’ve got a list of of books that I want to read that seems to get longer all the time. It is a combination of business books, psychology, investing, fiction, and history. Would love to add these to my library. And maybe some Bose headphones to give myself a little privacy and quiet while I read.

  758. Toby

    My first instinct is to pay off some debt. But if I splurged I’d probably buy lawnmower/trimmer since we just bought a house. Such fun….or a new laptop.

  759. Nadia

    I will invest on Ramit’s Brain Trust and all the 50 proven email scripts courses…. actually I have my business idea… so it will be very helpful to get that information :).

    Thank you so much!! have an excelent day!
    greetings from Perú.

  760. ali

    I would buy whatever i damn want. I’d like to tell you books for personal development but honestly I do that with my audible subscription. I would buy a fancy handbag that for years I’ve been too guilty to buy and give a credit

  761. Bill

    I’d apply it to my RV loan, thereby reducing the term by three months and interest paid by $1334.

  762. j

    Just let my wife buy what ever she wants.

  763. Kathleen

    I’ve been getting into e-books over the past year, and would like a Kindle so that I can read more when I’m on the go. I keep putting this off because the goal of paying off student loans is more important right now.

  764. Mina

    Dear Ramit,
    here is my list (already waiting in my Amazon shopping cart… )
    – Blue algae powder x 2 $54
    – E3 frozen Blue algae pack $199.70
    – Kindle fire HD 32GB $299
    – I will teach you to be rich (kindle version) $9.39
    – Probiotic x 2 $50
    – Enzymes x 2 $40
    – Protein powder x 2 $46
    – Samsung Galaxy $275
    Total $1000 + shipping 😛
    Really interesting to see what I would buy with a ‘guilt-free’ budget.
    So thank you for that.
    Have a great day.

  765. John Howes

    I would buy a new road bike to replace my ancient StumpJumper!

  766. Matt

    I’m starting college this august and If I win I plan to buy my college text books with it.

  767. Brianne

    I would put it toward new cycling equipment!

  768. Marc

    It might be lame, but I’d use the money to go on some of Ramit’s courses. His free stuff has helped me so much, but I just don’t have the extra $$$ around right now to really become Rich yet and get all the amazing knowledge Ramit has to share, so I’d really like to use the winnings on going past the really insightful free content.

  769. EKC

    I would buy a trailer attachment to a lawnmower (for my mama), 1000tc sheets, shoulder heating pad, draping for apparel design book, lets explore diabetes with owls by david sedaris, a vacuum cleaner, opal earrings, wall frames for art, and the rest I would use for the kindle bookstore.

  770. Marcos

    I would take a mini vacay to an unassuming, relatively unknown part of the US (Wyoming, for instance). I would take 3-5 days just to find out what’s going on behind the”Cornfield Curtain” and blog about it.

    Creating this blog would generate traffic–and revenue–which would fund other “Unassuming Expeditions” where I would travel to other little known places in the US.

    Enjoyment & Employment…all in one clip!

  771. Karoliine

    I would get ALL the books from my Amazon wishlist!!! And then some!! That would be awesome! 🙂

  772. CCW

    I’d spend half on paying down my credit cards, and use the other half to send my 5yo son to summer camp. Thanks for the chance to win Ramit!

  773. E

    I’d love to go shopping for suits; it’s tough to pull off the professional look when you’re a broke law student with only one suit that fits. Oh, and when that suit barely fits because you’re taller than the average bear.

  774. NBS

    I’d buy some time by purchasing more products online vs driving to the store to get them. I’d spend that time refining my resume and working on my pitch to find the right combination than lands me the job I’m hunting for.

  775. Katie

    Rent, continue working on killing my credit card balances, and some neurosurgery texts.

  776. Clarissa

    I would buy:

    1) All the books on my reading list for 2013.

    2) A mic and music equipment, so I can start recording songs for fun.

    3) Some beauty products that are in my Wish List, but are too expensive for me to purchase at this time.

  777. Mary Dunham

    I would order a bottle of California wine, Apple IPad and all of your books so I can learn what I need to do to become like you and offer these amazing shopping sprees!

  778. Crystal B.

    If I win this contest I’ll do what any typical teenage girl would, buy tons of clothes, shoes, accessories, for my friends, family,dog and I. After getting some more sparring gear, and other miscellaneous items for Taekwondo…..which is probably not so typical.

  779. hugo

    Compraria una compactadora de metales, para promover el reciclaje y lograr fondos para crear una fundacion que concientize sobre la contaminación plastica y de otros desechos solidos.

  780. Francisco

    I would use the funds to hire my first VA to support me on the launching of my site.

  781. Josh

    Hi I would use some of the cash to buy some fitness and self help to improve my overall life, but I would spend some of the money on products on which I could sell back in Australia and try and kick start an online buisness.

  782. Sokun ouk

    Dear Ramit
    Your bonus giveaway is good to every one for chance to win prize $1001 shopping spree.for me i’m so realy want to win that if i got it i would spend 50% of the prize to buy some special material from your side because it would make me learn more and earn more for new living life so i can use it for the rest of my life, and other 50% for supporting my daily work on fiel country side childrens health care, so i’m confident i win bonus prize.

  783. Dave

    New digital camera!

  784. Jordan Cimbal

    Towards a vacation for my fiancé and I

  785. paula

    I would buy a laptop, paper, pens, materials to write a book.

  786. Crystal B.

    …..Ummm does anyone know how to retract one’s admission into this contest?

  787. E. Daniels

    Thank you for your generous offer. I would start off by purchasing another copy of your book in order to generate residuals for you. I love the nonfiction areas of : business, psychology, travel, cooking, motivation/inspiration….to name a few areas of interest. And would invite your input of business and psychology books you feel are stellar. Fiction wise, I love mysteries by Janet Evanovich, stories by John Katz about his animals, motivational/spiritual books by Marianne Williamson, etc.

    Once again for promoting such a generous offer.

    E Daniels

  788. Chelsa Roy

    At this time, I believe I would buy books to teach myself business and computer programming, web hosting, and a few key wardrobe pieces.

  789. kate

    I can’t buy any more books until I finish the ones in my shelf, so 7 more months, and I’m actually financially okay. I’d break my guideline and buy myself 2 books, a 5 pound bag of israeli couscous (for whatever reason, this doesn’t exist at my local Safeway), and $950 worth of pantry staples for my church.

    (If it was just money and not an Amazon certificate I’d get this headband:

    So probably award someone else, right? 😉

  790. Manny

    While I could use the money, I would feel much better donating it to a reputable children’s charity.

  791. Laura

    Hi Ramit,

    Thank you so much for the contest! I’d buy an ipad mini, and then I would load up books like you can’t believe! All the beautiful cookbooks that I love, books to give as gifts, and ebooks.


  792. Julian

    With that amount of money I will by all the books that I have already put on my wishlist connected with psychology, pick up, as well as survival. I have a list of survival gear that I would purchase with the rest of the money as well. Being outdoors is one of the greatest feeling on the planet, but for that you need proper gear as well!

  793. Richard Arthure

    I would buy a good quality digital camera, lots of books and cd’s of great music, Jazz, Brazilian, Classical and more…

  794. Lolo

    I would buy everything in my wishlist!

  795. Niall

    Firstly Ramit I’d send you something nice of your choice for under $15 (HEY I’M FRUGAL OK!!!)

    Honestly though I’d buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and probably a Vitamix or Blendtec Blender which I’ve wanted for ages. Those are the two big things I’ve wanted for a while and would be what I’d spend my money on (maybe some books if there’s anything left over). I’ve learned the lesson that I’d rather have a few expensive items that last ages that a 100 cheap ones that are total piss (That’s a Shakespeare quote btw)

    Also not to kiss your ass or get good favor with you Ramit (like I’d do that for a free $1001 shopping spree) but if you search Amazon for your book the Number 1 rated review is from me (Mr N Curran). Just saying 😉

  796. Jeffrey

    Books. Lots of books. And a couple household items, like a new filter for the refrigerator.

    And a new tripod for the video-camera, and a new cable for it.

    The video support stuff and books are to help me with my goal of being a better speaker.

  797. Elizaland

    If I was to be the lucky one, I’d invest in books and dvds on self development, coaching and personal economy to fly start my coaching career. And books about other issues of interest, like international politics and environment. I cross my fingers!
    Best of luck to you (and me!)

  798. Lisset

    I will utilize the money to assist with a down payment on my first home.

  799. KamS

    Every book on my Amazon wish list – those to do with persuasion, management, and international development

  800. Lisa Braithwaite

    Hmmm, a shopping spree on First, I would probably buy a couple more bird feeders and birdseed. I’m feeding quite a few birds here in my Santa Barbara backyard and I think they would appreciate having fewer territorial disputes. And I wouldn’t mind having a few more bird books.

    Then I would stock up on cookbooks and other nonfiction food books, because 100+ isn’t enough. I treasure my cookbooks and food history books; they’re the only books I read multiple times. Reading and looking at the photos in a good cookbook is almost as good as eating the meal itself.

    And I would replace my Flip cam with a similar camera that takes a wired mic, so I can record client videos and videos for my biz with better sound.

    And probably the only “splurge-y” thing: I would replace my old red patent leather Dansko clogs I had to get rid of last year. I miss having bright red shiny shoes.

  801. Londya

    I would use this money for my study abroad trip to Spain. I have paid the deposit, fee to go, and tuition. I’ve paid for my roundtrip flight , and my passport, but I don’t have any money to spend once I get there. I will need to worry about food, necessities, and excursions once I get there. I have a fundraising site that I was using, but all of that money went to paying for the costs I listed above that I’ve already paid for. At this point, I’m hoping for a miracle, so I’m for sure entering this contest. This giveaway win isn’t wanted for me, it’s needed. 🙂

    • Londya

      Oh wait nvm, lol I guess I got so excited that you said you paid for someone’s airfare before that I forgot what the contest was about lol. Well in that case, I think I would probably get Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, Change Anything, another behavior change book, a new juicer, and some other informational and inspirational books.

  802. Maria

    BOOKS! I entered your giveaway today and my reading wish list mushroomed from 23 or so books I could realistically budget in the next few months to now 475+ (link provided)

    Yup, those are books I WANT to read covering most of my interests from copywriting, business, psychology, raw vegan, homeschooling, starting a non profit, habit formation, increase memory etc. If money was no object then that’s how many I would buy.

    Thankfully I’m a power reader and take extensive notes. As a kid I would save up not for toys or candy but BOOKS! My punishment always involved my books being taken away. When I was in 4th grade I ‘borrowed money’ from my mom without permission just so I could buy some scholastic books. I did that exactly ONE time. Now I borrow 6+ books from the library and I read them in days.

    Since I’m transitioning to part time raw vegan, I would also purchase dehydrator and a vitamix! I hear that beast is amazing and its currently out of my budget.

  803. Laura

    I’d buy a tablet, ipad mini or Nexus 7… so much more efficient for getting certain tasks done. Then I’d buy stuff/tools for the house and maybe some exercise clothes and gear.

  804. Gina

    I’d buy an ipad mini, a book on Equity Analysis and a VitaMix.

  805. Ashley

    Upgrade my professional wardrobe!

  806. Naif

    I would buy a gift for my Mom! Mother’s day is coming soon.. Thanks!

  807. Alfredo Lopez

    This is easy. I’d buy a watch, a pair of shoes, and books galore

  808. Daniel

    Definitely clothes. I am graduating in 2 weeks and starting my job the Monday after and I need some clothes! I want a new watch & shoes desperately.

  809. Scot Maitland

    I would upgrade my iPad and then buy several books I’ve been meaning to get as well as a new satchel for my new iPad!

  810. Jessica

    Books, lots of books. I’m a simple girl like that.

    OK, and maybe some movies, too.

  811. Aaron

    Hi Ramit,

    I think this is a great idea. I look forward to the day when I can not only experience this feeling, but also share it with someone else as you are doing.

    What would I Buy? Probably nothing special. I would look at it as a lifetime supply of things I really need, like laundry soap and earplugs (helps me sleep). It would sort of be like your bookstore scholarship, only for essentials. That way I could experience the feeling of richness, in that particular area, for many years 🙂

  812. Anh

    I’d buy Mum a nice necklace

  813. Janie

    I’d buy a mountain bike and rely on it at least twice a week to get to work, as opposed to my car. Aside from an effective helmet, I would require a trendy/hipster basket and some new yoga pants. Afterward, I’d fly my brother down to get a weekend away at the beach.

  814. Rohit

    Im a student in the US and adjusting to the harsh life of student loans after having worked for several years in India. Winning this will let me invest is some basic comforts like a tv (which i still dont have after 9 months in the US) and a trip back home during the summer (atleast subsidise a part of it :))

  815. Christine

    I’d finally buy all the books from amazon that I’d designated “Save for Later”,retire my almost 10 year old digital camera and upgrade to a micro four thirds camera

  816. Jeremy

    I’d sell the Amazon $1001 to someone else for $900 cash, then use it to buy the Genesis framework Pro Package, Premise for WordPress, solid hosting from Synthesis and start my own business. Any remaining money would be invested long-term in the stock market.

  817. cate

    thanks again for an awesome contest – giveaway. With $1001, I would pay off my smallest credit card (around $350), make an advanced payment on another credit card ($250) and with the rest, buy some much needed clothes.

  818. Jesse

    With $1,001 to spend at Amazon, I would buy my wife the Disney movies she wants before they go back “into the vault” and I would also splurge on a new camera. Probably a GoPro.

  819. Dave

    I would buy a whole lot of technical books.

  820. C.D. Allen

    Books? Hell Yes! I have so many I could buy with $1,000. Winning this contest would *definitely* fulfill my dream of buying all these books below:

    The Road to Freedom, Arthur Brooks
    Coming Apart: The State of White America, Charles Murray
    In Our Hands, Charles Murray
    Unintended Consequences, Edward Conard
    The Coming Jobs War, Jim Clifton
    Drive, Daniel Pink
    To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink
    The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven R. Covey
    How to Make Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie
    Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill
    Dead Wrong, Richard Belzer
    Official Stories, Liam Scheff
    Thugs, Drugs, and the War on Bugs, Brad Case
    The Four Hour Chef, Tim Ferris
    The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander
    The Icarus Deception, Seth Godin
    The Impact Equation: Are You Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise?, Chris Brogan
    How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic, by Madsen Pirie
    Nonsense: A Handbook of Logical Fallacies, Robert J. Gula
    Nonsense: Red Herrings, Straw Men and Sacred Cows
    What Is Intelligence?: Beyond the Flynn Effect, James Flynn
    How To Improve Your Mind: 20 Keys to Unlock the Modern World, James Flynn
    Are We Getting Smarter?: Rising IQ in the Twenty-First Century, James Flynn
    The Startup Playbook: Secrets of the Fastest-Growing Startups from their Founding Entrepreneurs, David Kidder
    The Art of Explanation: Making your Ideas, Products, and Services Easier to Understand, Lee LeFever
    Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business, Ted Prodromou
    Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Bryan Todd
    APE, Guy Kawasaki
    The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene
    Why Germs Don’t Make You Ill and Drugs Can’t Cure You, NoR
    Good Is Not Enough: And Other Unwritten Rules for Minority Professionals, Keith Wyche

  821. Jin Curry

    I entered but I don’t know what I’d buy with the winnings quite yet. I’m so used to not having money that I don’t even make wish lists anymore.
    Should I win though, I’ll definitely let you know what I decide to get! Thank you~

  822. Tara

    I’d probably spoil my niece. I can’t help it, she’s too cute 🙂

  823. Tami


    What would I do with a $1,001 shopping spree? I get stumped on the word “splurge.” To me, splurging would mean being able to afford myself necessities that I keep putting off. I really don’t have an answer at this time. I most definitely would need to think it through. However, I do believe in paying it forward. I do know with certainty that a portion would be designated to another individual who would benefit from being a recipient as well.