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Win a $1,001 shopping spree

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When I was in college, I had a scholarship that let me buy any books I wanted. I would walk into the bookstore, see literally any book I wanted, and buy it. There was a credit with the store so I wouldn’t even take out my credit card. So I had books about psychology, decision-making, cons, deception, seduction, risk, and all kinds of other weird stuff piled up in my dorm room.

It’s funny — those books in total probably only cost a few thousand dollars, but I truly felt rich knowing I could buy any book I wanted without having to think about it. And until this day, one of the greatest feelings I have is not having to worry when I buy something small: “Should I take a taxi? Can I afford an appetizer? Medium or large drink?” I can just get what I want…guilt-free.

It’s less about the freedom than the constant worrying of “Can I afford this?”

Today, I want to share that feeling with you.

This month, I want to give one of you a taste of that freedom as part of my “Rich Life Giveaway.” In the past, I’ve given away free roundtrip airfares, luxury hotel stays around the world, even paid someone’s rent for a month.

Today, I’m giving one lucky person a $1,001 shopping spree at All I ask is that, if you win, you write me a note telling me what you used the money for.

It takes 5 seconds to enter right below. And to be totally transparent, I hope you share this with your friends so we can grow the audience of IWT and teach more people about living rich lives.

Click here:

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8 5
  1. Awesome, Ramit. Thanks for the generous contests!

  2. Just entered the contest so that I can buy as many books as I want along with a tablet to read the books 😉

  3. I would fly to Italy with my children and grandchildren.

  4. I’d buy a scooter for my Siberian Husky so he can learn how to sled. The closest he has to snow here on Australia’s Gold Coast is sand dunes, but that’s not going to stop us. And…some vintage champagne for myself. yoink!

  5. Computer Parts ( HTPC casing + Motherboard) which is not availabe in this country yet-$400; Rare + Top Notch books in Computer Networking Certification -$300-400;Rest of the money- Learning & Dev + Management books for my wife.

  6. I’d buy my dad a Mac mini and then use the rest to help pay for a short vacation for my family to one of the gorgeous beaches here in the Philippines 🙂

  7. Since I’m not from US, I will just use the money to buy ebooks for kindle. $1001 will probably get me $1,000,000 in near future. I thank you for making me a millionaire first.

    And of course, I’ll purchase 5 copies of your ebook “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”, and give them away as well.

  8. Thanks for this generous giveaway. I would probably buy a few kindle books and mp3s. I might even upgrade my kindle from a basic model to a kindle fire.

  9. Hi Ramit, thanks for the awesome giveaway! Since I’m not in US, I would buy mostly ebooks and a kindle. I also would give some books to some friends that lives in US and Canada.

  10. Hi Ramit, thanks for the opportunity! I’d like to say I’d buy an ipad or something like that. But the honest answer is I would probably buy $1001 worth of diapers for my babies. Yes, I am so serious.