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I’m giving away $1,001

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When I was in high school, I got a consulting gig doing phone sales for a web hosting company. I remember the first time I got paid and realized I could actually live an awesome lifestyle. Of course, like most high-school students, I was stupid. I earned thousands of dollars, spent it all (I don’t even remember on what), and had basically nothing to show for it.


I started doing consulting during college. I learned how to position my services…find clients…charge more. Sometimes I got brutally rejected, but over the long term, I slowly learned how to build a “machine” so I could become a better and better consultant — and find high-value clients at each step of the process.

The difference was learning how to build CONSISTENT income on the side. I saved a ton. And despite finger-wagging frugalistas’ nagging, I also SPENT a lot of it — because I could! I learned about living a Rich Life, including flying to NYC once/month as a grad student to party with my friends…because I could.

I learned how even an extra $1,000/month can be life-changing. I could save a ton and still have money leftover to do whatever I wanted. I also learned how funny people’s reactions were: “Wait…you’re going to NYC…for the WEEKEND?” I would explain, it’s so cheap — tickets are $99 each way and I sleep on my friend’s couch.

But mentally, they couldn’t wrap their heads around (1) earning more and (2) using it to do things that seemed ridiculous. So they did none of it.

As I learned more about entrepreneurship, consulting, and monetization, I learned how most people believe “starting a business” means quitting their job, raising venture capital, and starting the next Facebook.

Nonsense. For most of us, we can keep our full-time job, start something on the side, and grow as quickly (or slowly) as we want.

This is exactly what I’ve taught thousands of people how to do in my Earn1K course on starting a side business.

One of the questions I love to ask is this: What would you do with an extra $1,000/month?

Here are some common answers:

  • “Save it so I can have the option of eventually quitting my job”
  • “Pay off debt”
  • “Travel more”

So to kickstart those options, I’m giving away $1,001. This is a one-time opportunity — I’m not giving it away every month, since to get that, you can take my course — but I think this will be fun.

I’ve given away $1001 before, but I’m doing it again because it gets right to the heart of what IWT is about. You don’t need to be a millionaire to live a Rich Life. In fact, money is only a small part of it! But there’s something amazing about seeing how a small boost can totally change the way you think about the possibilities of a rich life.

And, as always, there’s a limit to how much you can save, but there’s no limit to how much you can earn.

So for this month’s Rich Life Giveaway, I’m giving one person $1001 to show what it’s like to have an extra grand in your pocket.

NEW: If you join the contest and refer the winner, I’ll give you $1001, too, just to say thanks for helping me spread the word.

It only takes 5 seconds to join: 

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10 4
  1. I’d fly to Moscow for a week

  2. Duh – simple – I’d use it to sign up for Earn1K ! ie Invest it in myself

  3. I’d use it to pay for my expenses for moving back to my hometown now that I’ve graduated college.

  4. Pay student loans

  5. Like Richa I would invest in myself and join your braintrustprogramm. With the rest I would party hard and go shopping, just because I could. Ooh I want that life!

  6. I would use it to invest right back into my business lines I am working on to give it potential growth with exerted efforts and patience to get there.

  7. I would invest the money in my online selling ventures so I can go BALLS OUT without worrying about having to save the money for a rainy day. In a word, I want to turn $1001 into $2000 or more.

  8. I would use the money to hire a VA and outsource work so that I can get to live the lifestyle that I want quicker.

  9. I took a job in TX. My wife hates TX. I’d use the money to send her to visit friends and get away every few months.

  10. I’d give it to my husband so he can use it to start his consulting company (lawyer fees, etc) and then enroll him in the Earn$1k course to get him started on the right foot.