1. Matt S.

    Ben Bernanke.

  2. Tyler

    Umm, you. Not the words, just the image.

  3. j

    Darn elf strike. How much longer is that going to last anyway?

  4. Carlin

    That I need to go to the dentist. Santa’s teeth are looking a little rough.

  5. Richard Spicer

    I don’t think we need any more stimulus checks to point out who the comic is about. I love the blue and white star on his hat. There’s more bad news on the market today about retail numbers, and I just feel that stimulus checks aren’t going to cut it. We need to increase our exports and reduce the trade deficit. We need to stop the bail-outs by printing more money and actually earn some for a change. We need the fed to raise interest rates or better yet, stop setting rates and let market demand set rates. We’re in real trouble and all attempts to stave it off for a few more weeks won’t help in the long run.

  6. Joe

    “We need to increase our exports and reduce the trade deficit.”

    We have. The weaker dollar has made our exports more competitive and they’ve actually grown 80% while the media has been trying to convince us we’re in recession. This also decreases the trade deficit. It’s part of the silver lining to the weak dollar cloud.

    I agree we need to stop government bailouts and handouts (and generally decrease the size of government and spending). Enough is enough already!

  7. Joseph @ Debit versus Credit

    I think of two things when I see that image. First of all I’m reminded of those old posters where the government was trying to recruit people to join the military. So it’s obviously a jab at government and how ridiculous it’s getting nowadays.

    Secondly I’m reminded of kids today. Seriously. The words are what got me there. Kids today have seemingly uncontested control over their parents and seem to get just about whatever they want just as long as they throw out something along the lines of “but if you love me you’ll get this for me.” How sad is that? It’s unfortunately quite true.

  8. Karen

    Actually, as a people, we need to stop being so wasteful and start becoming more mindful of the purchases we do make. A big part of our problem is that there is so much plastic out there and not enough thoughtful use of it. Too many people owe too much money that they don’t and won’t have. If we want to get our money straight, as a government and individuals, we need to spend within our means. If the gov’t’s means of income is taxation, then let’s tax the big and small. Let’s not bail out the big boys when they mess up and let the little guys go under. Let’s go back to the idea of earning your money for work that you do. What a concept!

  9. Vijay Kumar

    You are either a spend thrift or you don’t love your family.

  10. mike in syracuse

    I am reminded of how much money I spend at Christmas time, and how ridiculous it is. How and when Christmas became such a commercial holiday(well before my time), doesn’t even matter anymore. How do we stop it?

    I shouldn’t have to feel guilty if I don’t get my mother in-law a present that costs as much as she spent on me!!

  11. Tim

    For some reason, it reminds me of Richard Branson. An angry Richard Branson! Which doesn’t seem to happen that often (at least in public), so we should be fine…

  12. Harlin

    Paris Hilton, if she were a man. Paris for president!

  13. mike

    @ Richard Spicer: “We need to stop the bail-outs by printing more money and actually earn some for a change. ”

    Amen, brother.

    “We need the fed to raise interest rates or better yet, stop setting rates and let market demand set rates. ”

    Double Amen. Richard, you ever think about running for office?

  14. Bella Elharazin

    This is true and relevant in so many ways.

  15. Pierre

    Of, um … well, that’s the first time I have seen it, actually, however, it does remind me of that sense of nonsense during a Christian holiday. What it brings to mind is a good idea to get others to start planning a budget for the whole Thanksgiving through New Year’s holiday period, which usually begins around now, is an excellent idea! Seriously, though, thanks again Ramit.

  16. Steve

    Looks like Bush – He wanted us to do that to keep the economy going after. Too bad the grinch – Bush – has destroyed Whoville and the rest of the country and planet as well.

  17. Jeremy Freelove

    Tyler: “Umm, you. Not the words, just the image.”

    LOLOL!!! So true!

  18. melabyrd

    The Republican Party

  19. Paul Labas

    One of two things is happening here – either everyone is missing the true point of the picture (except for Mike in Syracuse – you nailed it, bro), or, what’s more likely, the point’s so obvious that it’s not even worth discussing.
    This picture promotes what is a true cancer of our society – an unconditional spending frenzy. From a 5-y-old who cries “you don’t love me” when she is not given a new toy, to a bride who will go to a store and pick the biggest diamond she sees and will watch closely that the groom doesn’t twitch when he pulls out his over drafted credit card so his “love” is evident (how funny is that – a year from that moment that debt will become hers too!), to the representatives of people in Washington who will spend months discussing oral sex in the Oval office but are reluctant to touch an unpopular subject of national debt… Welcome to the modern America, the home of people who saved -0.1% of their income in 2006. By the way, Chinese saved on average 30% that year.

  20. Milena Thomas

    My dog when you try to pet him while he’s eating.

  21. NoBama

    This is Obama after he taxes the Oil companies and we don’t have enough money to pay for the then increased gas prices. He’s a real winner, or whiner… Or maybe both.

  22. Misty Day, C.A.P.

    Are there any real grants out there anymore? How can we find grants to cover the entire cost of purchasing land, building 2 green, off the grid fourplexes, landscaping?

  23. melabyrd

    No Paul L., you’re the man. What kind of parent would let their 5 year old scream about not getting something new. I mean are you going to point the fact that she learned that from someone-you, your wife, mike in syracuse. Raise your kids to make a difference not a charge. Grown men still buying mother in laws stupid presents because “they have to”, please. Give your gift of time, but if she really can’t stand you, a photo of your wife or children will do- do you have any, or is that something your wife does, like picking out the overpriced, thoughtless gift, wrapping it in paper made in China- don’t let your kids suck it, lest they die of lead poisoning, pick out a card, then stick it in front of you to sign. Really.

  24. Andrew


  25. artdogs

    Barack Obama — “spend more on taxes – it’s VIRTUOUS!!!”

    Hail, Holy Messiah Barack.
    Hail, Holy Messiah Barack
    Hail, Holy Messiah Barack

  26. Andrew

    The republican party? HA! They are the ones that want you to be rich, not those idiot libs. They want you to be “equal” to everyone else in your financial standing..ahem…socialism…ahem…

  27. Matt

    It reminds me of the feeling you have when you realize that you’re going to one day die.

  28. Janet

    The Abominable Snowman from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

  29. Traversable

    My uncle Lenny when he showed up to Christmas two years ago drunk off his ass..

  30. Index Options Trader

    He is is a cross between Keith Richards and Santa Claus..

  31. Tom

    Wow! This looks like Santa’s evil twin!

  32. E

    It reminds me of how I’m dreading Christmas already; my kids want a WII, but as a single mom I’m certain I won’t be able to give them what they want.

  33. HollyS

    My dad’s side of the family. Every Christmas they exchange gifts, and everyone ends up with a bunch of useless things they don’t want and will never use. EVERY YEAR. You’d think after knowing each other for like 50 years they would be able to pick out presents for each other, but apparently not.. I think that’s slightly more depressing than not getting anything at all.

    And E, it might be tough now, but someday you’ll be able to get your kids a Wii or whatever it is they want. My sister always makes sure her children have the latest console and a huge TV but can barely afford rent in a decent place, much less save for college or anything like that. When I was a kid I was always two consoles behind whatever was out at the time, but I LOVED my NES, haha.

  34. Ali

    Totally reminds me of Ronald Reagan in the 80s when he told the nation “Just spend money and the economy will be fine.” 20 years later – we’re overleveraged and a sinking ship.

  35. Luis

    Govt? 😀

  36. kate

    Republican Satan Claws

  37. southcampus

    what many will be doing this xmas to show that they love their families and friends

  38. tynkerbelle

    It is Uncle Sam muttering the words of George W. Bush!

  39. John

    He is looking like Santa Claus..

  40. Bara

    IT. Santa looks like he’s about to eat me.

  41. Loveinthemist

    That’s a skillful answer to a diflfcuit question

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