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15 Little Life Hacks

Who does this photo remind you of?

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Photo used with permission from xkcabx

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  1. Ben Bernanke.

  2. Umm, you. Not the words, just the image.

  3. Darn elf strike. How much longer is that going to last anyway?

  4. That I need to go to the dentist. Santa’s teeth are looking a little rough.

  5. I don’t think we need any more stimulus checks to point out who the comic is about. I love the blue and white star on his hat. There’s more bad news on the market today about retail numbers, and I just feel that stimulus checks aren’t going to cut it. We need to increase our exports and reduce the trade deficit. We need to stop the bail-outs by printing more money and actually earn some for a change. We need the fed to raise interest rates or better yet, stop setting rates and let market demand set rates. We’re in real trouble and all attempts to stave it off for a few more weeks won’t help in the long run.

  6. “We need to increase our exports and reduce the trade deficit.”

    We have. The weaker dollar has made our exports more competitive and they’ve actually grown 80% while the media has been trying to convince us we’re in recession. This also decreases the trade deficit. It’s part of the silver lining to the weak dollar cloud.

    I agree we need to stop government bailouts and handouts (and generally decrease the size of government and spending). Enough is enough already!

  7. I think of two things when I see that image. First of all I’m reminded of those old posters where the government was trying to recruit people to join the military. So it’s obviously a jab at government and how ridiculous it’s getting nowadays.

    Secondly I’m reminded of kids today. Seriously. The words are what got me there. Kids today have seemingly uncontested control over their parents and seem to get just about whatever they want just as long as they throw out something along the lines of “but if you love me you’ll get this for me.” How sad is that? It’s unfortunately quite true.

  8. Actually, as a people, we need to stop being so wasteful and start becoming more mindful of the purchases we do make. A big part of our problem is that there is so much plastic out there and not enough thoughtful use of it. Too many people owe too much money that they don’t and won’t have. If we want to get our money straight, as a government and individuals, we need to spend within our means. If the gov’t’s means of income is taxation, then let’s tax the big and small. Let’s not bail out the big boys when they mess up and let the little guys go under. Let’s go back to the idea of earning your money for work that you do. What a concept!

  9. You are either a spend thrift or you don’t love your family.

  10. mike in syracuse Link to this comment

    I am reminded of how much money I spend at Christmas time, and how ridiculous it is. How and when Christmas became such a commercial holiday(well before my time), doesn’t even matter anymore. How do we stop it?

    I shouldn’t have to feel guilty if I don’t get my mother in-law a present that costs as much as she spent on me!!