Where I’ve been for the last two weeks

Ramit Sethi · February 7th, 2012

After a month of hyper consumption of caffeine, sleeping 4 hours/night, and a team around the world that outperformed any team I’ve ever worked with, the Dream Job launch is complete.

Here’s a PDF with 50+ pages of uncensored feedback from new Dream Job students talking about why they joined my new course on finding your Dream Job:

“Why I joined Dream Job” (PDF, no opt-in required).

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The course was an instant IWT bestseller, and it’s closed to new students now. Soon, I’ll share some of the marketing lessons behind the launch.

I’m doing my traditional February caffeine detox, so things will be a little slow around here while I sit and watch movies for 15 hours/day. Talk to you guys soon.

P.S. If you want to get some of the private material that the people in the PDF got (free) — including word-for-word negotiation scripts — sign up here.

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  1. I feel Lost! Please set up bots and send something or write some blog posts while you watch back to back reality tv episodes.
    Can’t wait for module 2 to start this week!!

  2. jack foley

    cheers for the PDF and the work you’ve done in the last 15 days..

  3. Hi Ramit,
    I’m pumped for the dream job course. I am interest if you can pick people who won’t

  4. Hi Ramit,
    I’m pumped for the dream job course. I am interest if you can pick people who won’t follow through just by their reason for joining?

  5. Can I take this class in about 2 months? I have a few things that are holding me up at the moment and will jump on this later on.

    Also, could anyone point me at getting some good info/research on mutual funds? Yes, I am very new to the realm of mutual funds and would like to know more about them.

    • Aaron Biller

      Ramit’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. He goes into detail about mutual funds and how they work, in addition to which ones to buy. Check it out.

  6. Chuck Rylant

    I don’t know how you keep up that pace. I always get sick when I run that hard with so little sleep. I guess that’s why the detox. Enjoy the break.

  7. This book is great!

    Ramit your book is helping me free myself from the rat race! 🙂

  8. ‘Caffeine detox month’ that must be hard. I just got my new espresso machine.

  9. Congratulation on the completion of your project. Sounds like a caffeine detox month full of movies is well deserved 🙂

  10. Nick Chertock

    I just discovered you and I think you to be a genius. Great material! I have opted in and now I look forward to being pitched products and I will likely buy something from you because you pulled the briefcase technique on me during the briefcase technique video itself.


    I am a newbie here, found here form alexa, i like your idea and will keep watching for furhter. Thanks.

  12. Really enjoyed this article, thanks Ramit!

  13. Regarding Ramit’s book reccomendation, The Power of Full Engagement …
    Challenge Question: How do we design our lives / work lives so that we can give ourselves these big long breaks ? ( Please don’t refer me to Tim Ferris. I want your thoughts! ) The local community college divides a 52 week year like this : 4 terms @ 10 weeks each, 4 breaks @ 3 weeks each. I thought, Wow. I’d like that! I know many have jobs / careers that won’t magically melt in to a schedule like this. But, what about the time in the evenings or weekends ?
    As a personal project, I have been studying what to do in times of stress. This book looks like it contains many of them.

  14. Sebastian Rubin

    Christie, if you’re looking for good advice on what to do in stress situations, but more importantly, how to avoid them at all => definately pick up The Power of Full Engagement. It’s very easy to read due to its combination of casestudies & theory, and I picked up some very valuable information from it. No tips, but more of a general mindset that keeps you conscious of what you are /arent and should/shouldnt be doing.