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I'll do it tomorrow

Really? Did you say that on January 1 of this year?

Today’s date: November 20th, 2006.

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  1. I love the power of New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been making them for about 6 years and doing pretty good at keeping them. This year’s resolution is definatly going well. No procrastination here.

  2. I have always thought New Years Resolutions were a joke. It’s as if people think there is some magical day when they can tell themselves to accomplish a lot of (often unrealistic) goals just by writing them down.

    You have the right idea with this picture Ramit. If there really is a magical day when you can start to make your dreams come true it isn’t called New Years Day… it is called TODAY.

  3. I believe in the New Year’s resolutions. 2005: quitting smoke. 2006: dedicating more time to girlfriends. Well, I would like to smoke sometimes and split with my girlfriend, but I still believes

  4. I have read many great articles like this on the need for people to take the initiative to learn and do new things. You can learn anything you want about any subject, and use it to help you in business or other aspects of your life. Really, you have to make the time you need to do extra things. Trust me, I know this can be hard (I’m finishing a MS in Engineering in a year), but it’s the only real way to design your life to please you.

  5. Motivating others through guilt is not really motivation at all…

  6. I love the title in the anchor tag! I like New Years resolutions, but I realize the reality that one should spread them out through the entire year – it would be ridiculous to try to lose 20 lbs, quite smoking, and create an emergency fund by January 31st.

    My resolution for 2006 was to finally go to school (never went to college and I’m now 36). Well, it didn’t happen but I am enrolled for the spring semester at my local CC so I guess I can give myself a ‘C’ on that one.

  7. Motivated not by guilt, but... Link to this comment

    Just put this as my background on the computer. The effect will probably wear off after a while, but right now the lovely “am I really that stupid??” pang I get whenever I look at it will assist organization in ways-more-than-financial! Thanks for putting this up. :)