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When your goal is overwhelming

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Years ago, I actually hired a firm to help with social media. They posted those stupid inspirational quoteboard pictures, saying things like “If you dream it, you can do it.” Or:

When I logged on and saw that picture, I almost threw my laptop out of my window. Can you imagine me ever saying anything like that? After I explained that I would rather tie my own neck to an elephant’s tail and let myself get dragged for miles along a rocky desert, they continued posting sayings more appropriate for a life coach convention. I fired them.

Inspiration matters, but there’s more to life than inspiration.

This is why you have so many people who say they want “freedom” or “to share their gift with the world,” but instead of taking specific steps to get those things, they become “inspiration junkies,” the people who constantly seek out inspirational videos and sayings — but never actually DO anything.

NOT you guys. If I ever catch one of you wearing 5 scarves and “manifesting your dreams” or “letting your inner spirit shine,” we’re through.

Let’s have some real talk about changing your life.

For example, if you’re in $50K of debt, it’s pointless to read books about being a millionaire. Read how to get out of debt.

My worthless inspirational quoteboards were “fun” for people to look at — but did anyone take action? NO!

I want you to take action FIRST.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how to avoid the inspiration trap.

But today, tell me one area of your life where you want to accomplish something big — career, start a business, build confidence, social — but you’re stuck.

Share your story in the comments below.

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  1. The three things that have been the biggest obstacles to achieve as goals are: self confidence, finding work I love doing, and losing weight/maintaining the weight loss

  2. My biggest goal is to get a higher level, much better paying job in the NYC metro area. All my friends and family are there, and I really miss the culture and lifestyle.

    A few things are stopping me though. I would need a significant increase in pay in order to maintain the same quality of life I currently have. I am on a pretty good career trajectory at my current company, but it has no real growth opportunities in the NYC area. I’m totally willing to change companies, but I don’t want to go backward in my career just to move. I really want to figure out how to accomplish this within the next year.

  3. I like inspirational quotes, but only as a reminder notice. I don’t seek them just to read. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get my wife on the same page with my goals. She says she supports my goals, but if they are too radical for her goals she starts throwing up excuses. My biggest goal is to travel full time. I have started up a few side streams of income to help me with this and by investing the profits in the stock market I have been able to make some good progress. I have paid off all our debt and have $60k. I don’t think that is enough yet to travel full time but I don’t think I need to wait until I am 65 (I am 38 now) either and have millions in the bank.

    • My husband and I travel full time with our one year old. We have no debt, but definitely not 60k in the bank! He works online as a web designer.

      If you have no house to keep up, it costs about the same to travel full time. We spent the last 6 months in New Zealand, and now we are heading to Malaysia for a month, Europe for 2 months, cruise to the States, Miami, San fransisco, then back to New Zealand. Not sure where to after that! But it’s not for everyone, and maybe your wife is unsure because of reasons other than finances


    More annoying than inspirational quotes. On LinkedIn all those “Solve if you’re a genius” posters. Only thing this tells me is that there is a large part of the population that never learned order of operations.

  5. Well said. I too don’t follow any inspirational quote.I think those are short time boosters but shortly we forget such things and get continued with all those things that we love to do.

  6. Actually staying fit + healthy. I must have started Couch to 5k about 7 times now. I’ve signed up for a 10k race to give myself something to work towards so fingers crossed I should stick to it this time!!!

    • Laura – If you were diagnosed with an illness that would be significantly improved or completely eradicated by losing weight and staying fit, would that help? Is your biggest challenge exercising because you can’t think of any kind of exercise you love (I’m guessing you might not love running, but are forcing yourself to do it?)? What about food decisions? Have you tried cutting out one food or food product at a time, i.e., sugar, wheat, fast food, known poisons/toxins like carageenan, etc.?

    • I agree with Alexis. I think it comes down to finding the exercise that you love. Believe me I understand that even an exercise that you’re passionate about can be hard when you’re out of shape but keep it fun and consistent and you’ll get there! 🙂

    • I agree with Alexis. I stopped looking at exercising as something that I have to do for 30 mins or an hour, especially when I do it all the time and it gets boring. I started looking at it as 15 mins here, 10 minutes there. If I do half of an exercise, I go hooray, and go on about my life.

      Actually, I’m in the best shape I have ever been and it’s because I took a college dance course. I was exercising an hour and a half twice a week, and because I loved it, I practiced it at home.

      Eventually you’ll develop a love for exercise and start to feel dirty when you do not do it. I’d go with baby steps.

    • It really helped me immensely when I shifted my thinking away from “Exercise” to “Play”.
      Look to for inspiration and ideas on play.

      Ironically, I’ve never had more exercise in my life than right now. 😀

      Guess daily sudden death badminton matches, short hikes and dodgeball will do that to you.
      Hell even, Wii Tennis will leave you panting if you really get into it.

  7. My Biggest goal this year is to obtain financial freedom, quit my job and make a down payment for a new apartment/house to live in. I figure that WHEN im earning consistently $10 000 per month i’ll achieve that goal. Im currently writing a book to brand myself, working on a website and exploring the online marketing sphere to do this.

  8. My goal this year is to hone my photography skills so I can grow my new business to the point where *next* year I’ll have enough to start really paying down my almost $90k debt (uninteresting story there). Within two years I want to be able to afford to move back to Brooklyn or Queens, i.e., get the H*LL off Long Island. I refuse to die here. RE. FUSE. And I’m 53 so I need to get moving on all that.

    What are my hurdles? Me. Lack of self-confidence and a little bit of…I don’t like to call it “laziness,” but maybe “high need for down time.” Ha.

  9. Michelle Dalrymple Link to this comment

    My biggest obstacle is figuring out what I am good at and tailoring it to the perfect job. I find myself continuously reading blogs like this, or starting a course that I think I will complete, only to finish half way through because its becomes insanely boring. Currently I am an admin and work at a front desk. I have been doing this type of work my whole life and HATE it with a passion. I am not good at being a doormat for other emotions and lack of recognition when I try to take initiate to show that I can do more than answer the phones and greet people.

  10. Usually Silent Link to this comment

    I already either achieved or am on track to achieve most or all of my long-term goals. I have a strong career in the field I want, with strong growth opportunity both upward and laterally (the latter of which is difficult to secure these days), and am valued highly enough that I was deemed essential less than a year after I was hired. I’ve attained sufficient influence in the arenas of my focus such that I can raise an army by speaking for two minutes or less, and strike fear into the hearts of politicians. All of this, in my early 20s.