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When iwillteachyoutoberich readers miss the point

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Just got this email:

My name is XXXXX XXXXXX and I am the Senior Marketing Analyst with []. I have looked over your blog…and I think there is an opportunity for the both of us. I would like to offer you a partnership with our Company. The partnership is 100% FREE and the link to sign up is at the bottom of this page….


I see that you write a lot of articles about credit cards, you even have one up today “Free Pepsi for signing up”. If you were to tie the link to the application of that card in the article, let the $$$ flow in.


He is talking about this post — the one where I mock ridiculous credit-card offers.

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  1. I love it when people see what they want to see, which happens most of the time. Idiots.


  2. I take offense. Those people aren’t readers – they’re spammers!

  3. I think calling that guy a “reader” may be a bit generous. 🙂

  4. I agree with Clare… I think that’s the equivalent of semi-intelligent spam.

  5. What is the real deal with these “partnerships”? I’ve got an acquaintance who’s actively pushing for a 15 minute meeting so he can show me how to be a partner and make lots of money selling stuff over the internet.

    I looked at his website and there’s nothing there. You click on one link and it takes you to another page of many links on a similar topic.

    Is this some type of pyramid scheme?

  6. Dude… You might be missing the point. I bet your readers will actually sign up for one of those cards of you stick a link in there. It is an actual credit card, and they are regulated by the FTC. It is like getting some free money, even if the gift horse is a troglodyte, don’t look it in the mouth.

  7. I love it! Lol. Apparently we’ll do anything for Pepsi. 🙂

    I agree with Dustin.

  8. Too funny that this person would try and convince you to try and link back to the credit card company so they can get sign-ups, when you are pretty much bashing the company with that post.

    “Look at these fools, trying to lure unsuspecting people into their shitty credit card offer with free trinkets! Interested? See here: http://…”

    Yeah, likely….

  9. I think its funny because he cited that example. Which shows he clearly does not know anything about your blog. If he said something more along the lines of how you can link to low fixed rate cards or something that might be more useful to your readers then he might have been on to something… But you probably would have not been interested, and I would not have gotten a laugh. This was clearly a more effective message 😉