What’s coming this week — and a few links

Ramit Sethi · May 1st, 2006

Finally, finally, I have some time to write all the stuff I’ve been wanting to! This week, I’ll be continuing the 2006 Financial Makeover by writing all about retirement accounts. If you’ve ever wondered about your 401(k), Roth IRA, or how to be a 84-year-old rolling around in a Bentley, stay tuned. Also, hopefully I’ll post some personal-entrepreneurship stuff I’ve been thinking about.

Some links that are interesting:

See you this week. If you have questions or interesting links, email me.

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  1. Why are people constantly amazed that being smart and being attractive is NOT mutually exclusive?
    Most playmates have a college degree, some are even doctors. I’m certain more than a few are financial planners.