What you missed: New material on negotiating your salary

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I love that I launched about 7 new courses in 2012, and never mentioned them on this blog. If you don’t subscribe to my email list, you have no idea about the biggest things I’ve been working on this year.

And that makes me happy. Not just because I’m slightly vindictive against the people who read my blog and don’t take 7 seconds to sign up for my email list.

It makes me happy because I love posting on this blog, but my best material goes to my email list, to the 160,000+ people who took the time to sign up. They get material like this. Non-subscribers do not.

(For a full explanation on why I don’t post everything on my blog, click here.)

But I figured I’d share some of the material you may have missed…and how to get access to it.

What I just released (only available on my email list):

  • The No-Stress Guide to Negotiating Your Salary, a new course complete with HD videos of the actual words and body language to use in your salary negotiation
  • How to deal with getting hit on during networking: A special interview with a top-performing woman on how she deals with getting hit on when networking (and the exact phrase she uses to deftly handle the situation)
  • Tactical emails with word-for-word scripts to tackle psychological barriers

If you’re interested, the only way to get my best material is on my email list.

Damnit…ok, I want in. Send me your emails, Ramit.

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  1. Slightly vindictive hilarious.

    Hey one thing to consider what about the people like me who subscribe by RSS?

  2. I completely agree with Jacko.. I used to sign up to both.. decided to go with the RSS, to separate emails and reading materials.

  3. Hey — Thought you might want to know that I read this post in RSS, and there was no place to sign up for the newsletter. I thought, Hey! I must not be on his email list! I should join! But it wasn’t clear how to do that in my Reader (no link, etc.). Obviously I clicked over here to sign up, but that might be a reason why some people don’t convert. Cheers!

  4. I must be crazy Link to this comment

    I must be a totally crazy goner. I think I must have signed up to your newsletter about 40 times in the last 18 months. Every time there was a post that ended with “get the exact scripts” – id signup (:0). Every time there was an email for the newsletter only group – id still sign up – ditto for any material I found on other sites like mixergy etc – effing crazy.

    Finally i figured out that every signup led to microsite only – so now i just go to that microsite directly when i want to refer any of your materials.

  5. Fortunately the old material still works great. I just negotiated an $8,000 raise yesterday! The boss offered me a $1/hour raise at my review. I said thank you for the offer and proceeded to give him a specific outline of how I will make him $100,000 in profit next year. Then I said, “$1/hr is not going to be enough. I need to be compensated for my contribution. What can YOU do for me?” SILENCE… He gave me a $4/hr. raise! and another $5/hr raise in 6 months if I hit my targets! That’s another $10,000, Wahoo! Ramit, I owe you a big thank you for giving me the tools.