What I’m reading: Automation, big savings, saving on rent

Ramit Sethi · February 26th, 2009

“Making decisions is energy-consuming. Subjects who use their willpower to eat healthy radishes instead of the available and sumptuous chocolates are less likely to persist in solving unsolvable puzzles. Subjects who are told to suppress emotional reactions to a movie are less able to solve solvable anagrams. We have a limited amount of decision-making power to allocate on a moment to moment basis. That is why developing small but healthy habits that over time will become automatic is so money.”

From Iterating Towards Thinking Less (thx Ben)

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Wall Street 4

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Jared Goralnick: 20 questions your overwhelmed friends are afraid of, a spinoff of my 20 questions your financially unprepared friends are afraid of. Jared’s blog is a hidden gem on productivity and conscious action.

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You make $50,000/year? That’s actually about $2,900 per month after taxes. This is one of the simplest, best articles I’ve found on the hidden costs of living that most people never consider (then wonder why they can never get ahead).
From Things I wish I’d been told

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“She told me to write a letter. I did, and the supervisor agreed to shave $300 off our rent — saving us $3,600 this year. Here’s the letter I wrote.”

WSJ Wallet Blog: How to reduce your rent

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“You see Ramit likes to focus on saving money where it really counts. He focuses on the big things in life that we waste money on rather than toiling away for three hours to save $4. I spent less than 30 minutes on the phone and saved $175.89. Much better than the money I saved at CVS yesterday.”

From My No Debt Plan

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  1. Just letting you know that the final link in the post (My No Debt Plan) has a problem – hhhtp. Not a big deal, but I figured you’d want to know. Otherwise, some good content here. I’m still reading.

  2. CentsInTheCity

    It’s time to resign my lease and last night I tried to bring my NYC landlord down. He wouldn’t budge, even though I think we’re now a bit over priced and had plenty of exampels for him. I doubt he could rent for cheaper. My rent didn’t go up at least. I requested that he think about it. We’ll see if we decide to stay or not!

  3. When I moved into my apartment complex in 2004, they couldn’t keep anybody, because home loans were so cheap. I got my one-bedroom apartment for $499/month (in an upper-middle-class suburb of Dallas). Each successive lease I have signed has raised that price by $10 or $15, leading to the most recent price of $542. The management company says the apartment’s “market value” is $650, but I know that they have trouble keeping tenants even at the current prices, and most new tenants are paying more than I am. Other apartments in the area of comparable size (except that most have a smaller kitchen) are around $700/month, so I think I’m happy for awhile. Maybe one more year.

  4. I enjoyed “The Things I Wish I’d Been Told” article despite the somewhat clunky contraction in the title. I live in Western MA and while costs are a little bit less (our taxes are at 5.3% IIRC) and costs aren’t quite the same but still an interesting read.

  5. Andy McKenzie

    Thanks for the link Ramit! Keep up the good work 😉

  6. How to Automate Your Finances and Banking

    […] a portion of your paycheck transfered to a high interest savings account. Start small and automate your money to put into savings. You’ll become use to the slightly small paycheck as you start savings. […]

  7. By the way, the video was AWESOME!

    Too bad things in the real worls aren’t that humorous (and with the Большевист in the White House things look to get much much worse before they get better.)

  8. Brian M

    Hey Ramit,
    Thanks for the site, keep up the good work. I used the Rent article to help me negotiate a new lease, saving me $70/month or $840/year. Thanks man, Let me know if you are ever back in F.O.
    -Brian M.

  9. I am new to this blog, but I am liking your content so far! This is a great collections of articles!