What finance/entrepreneurship sites do you read?


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Like I wrote earlier, I’m planning to share more of the blogs/sites/books I read about personal finance and personal entrepreneurship this year. But I’m sure that you read a bunch of stuff that I don’t even know about.

So what online sources do you read for news on personal finance and personal entrepreneurship? Add a comment below and we can all learn about some great new sources online.

Tip: Here’s my list of public bookmarks along with my comments:

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  1. Why not share your subscribed feeds via Google Reader, like Scoble does?

  2. I like to read http://artofmoney.org. It is a blog about a gentleman who is making a living with internet businesses. SOmething that i am trying to take a run at.
    Hope this is helpful.

  3. http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/

    Holy crap your blog loads slow (I normally read via feeds).

  4. I just posted a list of these the other day. (As it happens, I listed you as one of my recent favorites.) They’re mostly very popular or common sites, and not all finance, but they’re some of the highest quality: Reading list

  5. I read:


    But then again, I might be biased :)

  6. Ramit, I’m not sure what you’re going to do with this list, but I’ve been compiling a list of entrepreneurship sites, and intend to cherry pick some that are suggested here. If this bugs you, let me know.

    Here’s one that I found while researching an entry on Never Eat Alone that I hope to post next week:


    I also like Guy Kawasaki’s blog, but it’s not really what you’re after, I think.

  7. ++ on diehards. I also enjoy OnStartups.com and of course escape cube nation, which you already know about.

  8. http://geekwhat.com

    some good, easy-to-digest business tips

  9. I love alternative energy companies. I read green wombat.


  10. If your french canadian or american you should read the economic & business portal http://www.lesaffaires.com

  11. I read Guy Kawasaki’s blog, How To Change the World. It’s entrepreneurship stuff, not finance. There’s a plethora of useful information in his archives.

  12. the usual suspects for financial news and articles-

    finance.yahoo.com“>http://finance.yahoo.com”>finance.yahoo.com (for individual stocks)
    http://www.smartmoney.com“>http://www.smartmoney.com”>http://www.smartmoney.com (good quality articles)
    http://www.fool.com“>http://www.fool.com”>http://www.fool.com (good coverage on small cap stocks, generally good quality articles)
    money.cnn.com“>http://money.cnn.com”>money.cnn.com (most updated information)

    seekingalpha.com“>http://www.seekingalpha.com”>seekingalpha.com (blog feeds on various topics of ineterest)
    http://www.netbusinessblog.com“>http://www.netbusinessblog.com”>http://www.netbusinessblog.com (tips on internet business)
    lloydsinvestment.blogspot.com“>http://www.lloydsinvestment.blogspot.com”>lloydsinvestment.blogspot.com (analysis on stocks, general investment)

  13. I personally like that site Stingy Students Of course, I may be a little biased. Seriously though, I’m honored to be on your bookmark, thanks.

  14. I don’t know if you know about a blog called bigpicture.typepad.com. nice site. also randomroger.blogspot.com

  15. seeking alpha
    cnn money
    yahoo finance

  16. There’s only one site that I visit on a daily basis (other than my RSS reader) and that’s http://www.younggogetter.com. By far the best entrepreneur community on the net.