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15 Little Life Hacks

What do you want to learn about in the last 2 months of 2009?

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The last 2 months of 2009 are almost here.

What do you want to learn so you can start 2010 off fresh?

  • FIGURING OUT the differences in investment/saving options.
  • TAKING ACTION setting up / automating / optimizing your finances. ‘I’m tired of just reading stuff.’
  • CONVINCING your friends to manage their money.

What do you think?

Do me a favor and fill out a quick answer here so I can run some metrics on your response.

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  1. Ramit,

    I am interested in knowing the best way to automate finances based upon an every other week payday.

  2. I’d like to improve my freelance income before the year is over.

  3. Health Savings Accounts, where to open one and how to handle it.

  4. how about some tax planning?

  5. Hey Ramit,

    Increase blog readership of my site Lifebeat to at least 100 subscribers, so I can introduce the paid product and start making income from it (even if only a little at this point). I’m focusing on creating as awesome content as possible, leaving remarkable and value-giving comments on high-traffic relevant blogs, and hopefully getting my first guest post soon.

    Then set up the automated personal finance system based on your book (I have it written out, including which credit cards and accounts to open).


  6. how to increase side business incom

  7. I’d like to learn good record keeping for all of these wonderful financial tools (automating++). Franklin Covey makes some really great tools for keeping track of a variety of subjects and it would be really great to have something that is tailored to keeping track of different automated accounts, timeline for checking on things/re-evaluating certain financial aspects.

  8. What about a conscious spending plan through the holidays?

    Things that always seem to cost more than predicted for me are travel, gifts, and a general lack of discipline around the busy, high-spending months.

    I would enjoy any thoughts on how to stay conscious about spending on into the new year.

  9. Hey Ramit, thanks for the link. I’ve actually read and love the article, simple but useful advice on writing great stuff for yourself and others. Focus on the big wins rather than debating and tweaking non-essential stuff like SEO, design, etc.

    For getting my first guest post, I’ve also been using your detailed guide to writing an effective guest post for high-traffic bloggers.

    Thanks as always for the great articles,

  10. I love reading and learning about anything business/entrepreneurship related – especially in the areas of automating common small business tasks, marketing online, etc.