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What do you do for a living? Some interesting responses from readers

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I was checking out this forum post on the iwillteachyoutoberich forums and thought it was really interesting:

What do you do for a living?

“I’m a student. For making money, I do the following:
– Part-time as a web designer for my school’s student government. (5 hours/week)
– Work at my school’s book-store. (20-25 hr/week)
– Donate plasma. (6-8 hr/week)
– Run a web site; income from ads. (1-2 hr/week)”

* * *

“I’m an environmental engineer within the federal government. I generally earn less base salary than others with similar experience in the field who choose to work in the private sector, but it works for me. Most of those private sector guys work 45+ hours per week and many don’t get OT for it. I’m done after 40 hours and can go home to my wife and family.”

* * *
“I’m 24 and working full time in technology. Enterprise level sales. 40 hrs @ office, but do e-mails and such at odd hours.
– I own an auto detailing business. 300-500 extra a week.
– I cross sell conciege services through my auto detailing business. 200+ a week. (I’m very consistant with one client.)
– I work at a bar on weekend nights. 250+ a week. I try and shoot for earning $4,000/month AFTER taxes.”

What do you do for a living?

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  1. BobbyBeingManny Link to this comment

    Auditor, Big 4 accounting firm. Staff level though, so extra side jobs are hard to come by.

  2. I’m an attorney for a medium-sized city in the southeast. I also contribute to a sports blog, which provides some extra income.

  3. I posted in the thread but didn’t really say what it was I did, so I updated it:

  4. Strategic and financial planning for a class I railway. Real estate and angel capital investing on the side.

  5. I’m a PR/Marketing Manager for an arts-focused non-profit.

  6. Temporarily retired since September 2007. 😉

    Working on a new business which should launch at the end of the month.


  7. Healthcare IT project manager. I help health centers transition to the electronic health record at their sites.

  8. I run an internal ad agency at a telecommunications company. On the rare occasion, I do freelance work as a copywriter and/or marketing consultant.

  9. Run an Event Production company

  10. For Living, I dance as a soloist and in group, and sing in a band.

    For money, I am a paralegal working on investment products at a top insurance company.