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Webcast: Interviewing at the world’s best companies

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I’m doing a special live webinar tomorrow, Wed 1/16 at 9:00pm EST called “War Stories: Lessons Learned from Interviewing at the Best Companies in the World.

I’m going to share stories of my experiences interviewing at top-tier companies, plus the crucial lessons I learned. Some of this involves strategically using social skills to get the Dream Job you want — ethically, but firmly.

You’ve been reading my posts about social skills and improving yourself. What if you could apply those new skills to finding your Dream Job?

I’ll show you how I dealt with companies that were jerking me around…rude people at interviews…and getting unceremoniously rejected, over and over.

Plus, I’m doing a live Q&A so you can ask me your toughest questions about interviews and social skills.

The funniest thing is a guy I was talking to last week. He goes, “Ramit, I’m on your email list…but you never sell anything. I don’t understand what the point of your emails are.” I laughed. And true to form, I’m not selling anything on this webcast. I just want to invest in you and show you how you can APPLY these skills I’m talking about at the very highest levels — and how I’ve done exactly that.


  • There are limited seats in the webinar.
  • My email subscribers always get the first chance to register for special events. Get on my list by clicking here.
  • There are no recordings or replays, even if you live in Siberia and it will be 3am. Other people find a way.

UPDATE: The webinar is over, but you can still join my Insider’s List for exclusive material on finding your Dream as well as early invitations to upcoming IWT events. Just click here and sign up.




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