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I have something cool for you today.

I’m sharing part of my video interview session with Gretchen Rubin, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Happiness Project.”

She’s one of the leaders on the psychology of happiness and an expert at how to transform your life by building small habits that last. And as someone who used to clerk for the Supreme Court, she has one of the sharpest minds I’ve ever me.

ramitandgretchenWhy do I look so happy in this picture? Treasure this rare picture of me smiling, one of only 3 to be found in the wild.

I’m sharing this with you because, contrary to the people who first hear about IWT, you know we’re not just talking about money. We’re talking about a Rich Life — our careers, our psychology, our relationships, even our health and happiness.

If you’ve ever met someone who was perennially unhappy — no matter what happened to them, even winning the lottery! —  they still found a way to look at it negatively.

“Ugh…that’s probably going to be a lot of taxes.”

I LOL’d at one of my friends, who sold his company for millions of dollars, and said exactly that. Then I told him to shut the hell up and never say that around anyone else in public.

What if you’re not a preternaturally negative person?

What if, like most people, you’re happy sometimes and neutral or unhappy other times? Is that normal? Is there a way to become happier as part of your lifestyle?

I excerpted 18 of my favorite minutes for this video on happiness to help show you when you can become happier…and when it makes sense to.

Just click here to watch this 18-minute video with Gretchen now. (I’m testing a new way to share videos — Facebook Connect — so you can watch it in seconds.)

As always, thanks for reading my material.

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