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Watch everyone else set New Year’s resolutions. You know better.

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Happy New Year!

Each year, I start off with a theme for the year.

2012 was the year of mastering the game being played around you.

2013 was the year of taking control.

What will 2014 be?

To come up with the answer, a few months ago, I asked some of my readers for their toughest questions. I was hoping for questions on psychology, personal development, careers, social skills, negotiation, entrepreneurship, maybe even a few questions about Indian people.

Here are some of the actual questions I got:

  1. “Do you believe in Ancient Aliens?” –Samantha

  2. “How to get that ‘fuck you money’?” –Sanjaya

  3. “Can you imagine (and this should take some time) losing several of those things most dear to you (your entire family/your professional reputation/your home/your Stanford connections, etc)? I mean it, really dig deep into the misery, stay there for a while. Then, can you imagine how you would start again? You are alone; it all has to come from the now-depleted you. Where would the light first begin to re-enter?” –Jane

THOSE ARE REAL QUESTIONS. Forgive me while I take a few moments to ponder where the light of my heart is going to re-enter my life, or whatever that last question says.

On Monday, I’ll be sharing the 2014 theme with you. Stay tuned.

For now, turn on the news. Visit your favorite website. Notice everyone talking about New Year’s resolutions…and know that you’re going to focus on SYSTEMS over WILLPOWER. As Scott Adams said, “Losers have goals. Winners have systems.”

This is going to be the best year yet.


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P.P.S. What’s one thing you want to accomplish this year but you’re not sure how? Leave a comment (even anonymously). I’ll try to help if I can.

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6 2
  1. […] Watch everyone else set New Year’s resolutions. You know better. is a post from: I Will Teach You To Be Rich. […]

  2. My new year resolution would be, finding my dream job on creative industry where I can work remotely and have flexible hours. However, I’m not sure how.

    I’ve been on the same job (not on creative industry) for 2 years just because it close enough to my home and the boss allow me to work remotely recently. I’m really eager to work with a team where I can put my skills into work and to be top performer.

    What would you suggest a person with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) approach to a job opening and explain to employers (through e-mail) that I’m willing to work full time, but from home so that I don’t have to endanger myself by leaving the house to go to the office ? because my condition has worsen recently.

    Thank You, Ramit !

    • Exactly what is that “creative industry” you have in mind?

      These days a lot of companies are turning to remote work ( so it’s more of a matter of looking at the exact job you want. If you’re good enough, there is a good chance there will be a company willing to let you work remotely in order to get the best.

  3. Happy New Year Ramit!

    This year I’ve began to condition myself to replace unproductive habits with productive ones; e.g. replacing playing computer games with checking my finances…

    I’m really starting to enjoy working and this year I’m going to focus on doing one thing every day that will make a real difference to my financial success.

    Thanks for all of your emails in 2013!

    All the best

  4. What I want most right now is marriage and children. I recently split with my last boyfriend and am looking to meet someone I can start a family and grow with.

    • Heidi Lauren Duke Link to this comment

      Cheers, Kathlyene! I want this too but have basically put it on the sidelines, because contrary to my other goals, it is hard to have control over.

      One thing I do have control over is examining the relationships I do have in my life, figuring out which ones I need to cultivate and which ones I can let go. So if I do go out on dates or to meet new people, I really know why I’m doing it.

      Best wishes!

  5. Ramit
    This year I want to take my blog to a decent level and try some of the systems i have developed.. let’s see what happens..
    any suggestions for building a system which sustains and bring you results?

  6. Between work, three little girls and trying to spend time with my wife, I’ve been unable to keep connected with my friends and family (I’m Indian so the family is pretty large). Most of my friends and family are scattered and not near me. I want more then the usual “twice a year phone call”. I want to be a part of their lives and I would like them to be a part of my daughters lives. What kind of system can I use?

    • It could be as simple as a notepad with everyone’s names, a check mark next to their name once you call/see them. Or an Excel spreadsheet. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

    • If you want something more fancy you can try Contactually (, they offer a free plan with basic features which could be enough for you (that’s the one I’m using).

      The advantage of that tool is that it allows you to connect twitter, facebook and linkedin to gather your contacts and have them all of them in the same database to track and follow up.

      PS: I have no relationship with Contactually and as Ramit said an Excel spreadsheet could make the trick

  7. Continue on my journey of following God’s plan for me and to become a full time missionary.

  8. How to empower women using my voice, fashion & beauty knowledge where I don’t have to write a blog.

  9. Hey, there. Happy New Year, Ramit.

    I will attack current & new PR strategies like never before. I will obtain publicity through local TV, as well as major online news outlets. I’ll sleep later.

  10. Raise my credit score by 100 points