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If you’re looking to promote your product or service, please read on.

Last year, after almost a year of planning, I launched Earn1k, my course on earning money on the side. One of the trickiest elements of launching a high-end product was the price: How much do you charge? What tiers do you offer?

After lots of research, we created three tiers with different prices. For the top tier, I decided to try something crazy. I charged a ridiculous price — thousands of dollars. I wrote the copy almost begging people not to join. In truth, I wanted them to join the middle tier, since that was my sweet spot.

Before we went live, I built a model predicting how many sales we would get. For the premium tier, I wrote down “2,” knowing we’d probably sell close to none.

The next day we launched.

And we sold out of 25 top-tier, multi-thousand-dollar seats — in one hour.

We went on to have a massive launch…and now we’re doing it again.

My readers are insanely excited about hustling and earning more money on the side. And in a few weeks, I’ll be opening up a new version of my course: Earn1k 2.0.

I’m looking for a few partners who are interested in giving away their product or service to some of the most highly qualified people you’ll find online. If you run a company that has products or services that my readers would benefit from, I’d like to talk to you.

I’m looking for software, services, and tools to give away to my readers from areas like:

– Personal finance
– Earning more / freelancing
– Travel
– Lifehacking

No idea is too crazy, including airline tickets, stays at oceanside villas, skydiving lessons, or a tour of a chocolate factory. But I prefer to focus mostly on the above areas.

How much exposure will your company get?

Recently, I sent out an email with several links to interesting articles around the web. Within 24 hours, I got this email:

From: David Kelly

Date: Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 9:12 AM

Hi Ramit,

My website is the first one in the examples you linked to below.  I figure you may be interested in what kind of traffic your site drives: yesterday, I saw a 25,000% increase in day-over-day site traffic and a 300% increase in newsletter signups.  Very neat stuff!

I appreciate you linking to my article.



Why should you partner?

1. “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” readers are some of the most responsive people online. We carefully track blog traffic, email opt-ins, open rates, clickthrough rates, and even more granular metrics. And unlike frugality sites, I actively encourage my readers to pay for valuable products and services (like I do), and many of them have spent hundreds or even thousands on my products and others. My readers earn above-average incomes and want to live a rich life — not cut back on everything. You will not find higher-quality customers anywhere else.

2. Your will be promoted via blog (direct link) and my highly responsive email lists, which are double opt-in and contain 95% free material. I almost never mail affiliate offers because I don’t believe most are high-quality enough.

3. Raw exposure. My material will be seen by over 2 million people this month. There is no more ROI-positive way to advertise your product/service.

4. Segmenting the best of the best. And the Earn1k launch will expose your product to the best of the best — people who are ready to take action and to invest their time and money to back it up.

Click here to submit your product/service:

Q: “What kind of partnership are you looking for?”
A: Product/service giveaways in exchange for massive exposure. This is one of the best ways to get your product/service in front of a large amount of pre-qualified users who LOVE self-development, self-improvement, and are actively looking for tools and techniques.

Q: “Once I submit what happens?”
A: We’ll be reviewing submissions and picking companies that are the best fit for IWT readers.

Q: “I want to contribute but my product isn’t quite right for your audience. Do you have any other options?”
A: Yes, I’ll be giving away some super high-end gifts as well. If your company would like to sponsor them, we can still promote your brand and URL.”

Q: “When will the promotion happen?”
A: Early February

Click here to submit your product/service:

What partners would you like to see? Which piece of software? A tool? A talk by somebody in particular?  Leave a comment and let me know.

(Hat tip to my buddy Tim Ferriss, who originated this brilliant idea.)

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  1. A beautiful example of how to implement your own principles, Ramit. I’m bookmarking this for when I need to convince someone to work with me!

  2. I’m bookmarking this too! Will definately be putting some of these methods into practice, thanks for the information!

    Blogging Expert

  3. Hi Ramit,

    Let’s do this! I just reached out and want to be a big part of bringing our financial and investing expertise to your passionate audience. I would also love to share my experience as an entrepreneur, including how we bootstrapped our way to being the most trafficked site in our niche.

    Paul Rubillo
    CEO, Founder

  4. Reader Request:

    An awesome scheduling/project management program.

    One that doesn’t require the clients I work with to use the same program. One that updates me instantly via web and/or cell if there are changes made by my client – the same client who does not use this program but can interact with it.

    One many layers of functionality in terms of links, documents, categories, contacts, action steps and prioritizing, and one which uses an intuitive and graphically simple interface.

    There are far too many “list” type of scheduling programs, I need one which speaks to the dates on the calendar with a simple and concise graphic interface.

    In the best of all worlds, I’m looking for a program that lets me view each project by calendar, priority, action steps, contacts and links as unique component lines in addition to viewing them as a combined project entity. As I run several projects at a time, a program which can cross reference similar items between the different projects is critical as well. Cross platform access is a given.

    This sounds like a simple ask, it has not proven to be.

    Please Ramit, find that software and let us know about it! I imagine my clients would find that software as indispensable as I would.

  5. Mind/project mapping software that integrates with Google Calendar would be a really cool product.

  6. Which piece of software?

    A free online project management software.

  7. Partnership is the best way to go. Distributes losses/expenses and multiplies earnings

  8. For years I’m following your blog but most of the time I did not read the articles. But your last posts were very helpful and written in a style good to read. I thank you for your hints and I think I will follow your blog for the next years, too.

    Maybe you’re interested in my network around the music business and creative industries.

    Greetings from someone who works hard on becoming richer.

  9. Ramit,

    I love your blog and I’ve been following it for a few years. I think you need more “informational” articles these days but nonetheless, good stuff!

    I’m also looking for some good small business blogs that I can follow. Anyone recommend some good ones regarding entrepreneurship, or small business tax tips etc?

  10. Ramit,

    What is the submission deadline? We’re interested, but I have to sign off with my partner.