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Video from my appearance on the CBS Early Show

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I’ve been in New York for the past few days kicking off the media tour for the book. More posts to come soon, but I thought you might want to check the video of me at the CBS Early Show this morning.

If you guys want, I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what a media tour is all about. But for now…

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  1. Anonymous Coward Link to this comment

    ramit….u were looking so hot in that video…god damn it why am i not gay

  2. That’s a nice segment! We’re all really excited to see you do well with this book – I guess we readers like to be able to say, “Oh yeah, I knew Ramit when…” 😀

  3. Why can’t this woman read the title of your book without inserting extraneous words? I Will Teach You to be Rich does not equal I Will Teach You HOW to be Rich!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. Annoying, but good job you for not biting her head off. I would have. 🙂

  4. that article about personal finance start ups is great…especially with what is going on with this crisis as of late.

  5. Yeah Ramit!! That was good

  6. Yeah .. personal Finance start up is a great Idea , I am going to start one soon in India .


  7. I have been following your Blog for months…. Though I have been doing most of it, but I still like the innovative ideas you come up with.
    “Negotiate like an Indian” – I don’t feel cheap anymore, asking for a discount anywhere 😉

  8. Congratulations! You did an outstanding job.

  9. RAAAMMMIIITTT!!!! That was a good job on the video…I hate that the lady kept saying your book was called “I will teach you HOW to be Rich” she is messing up your sales, hopefully new buyers will see its spelled differently. You are a Blessing man…

    I,m a big advocate of the mantra “Each One,Teach One” So as I was on the line with a CS rep for my cell phone I told here about your “Record of Service Calls” spreadsheet and she was floored and thought that was an awesome idea. I recommended your site and Book to her as well and I could tell she will more than likely buy it.

    I wish more minorities, mainly African Americans would take your advice because we are some of the most Un-educated people finance wise. Thanks My man you are a blessing. Hopefully by teaching us to be rich you become rich $$$ in the process…..

  10. You should have worn your pink shirt! Love the clip! Loved the book! Passed it on to a friend who REALLY needs it!

    Good job!