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Use this whenever you call customer service

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A while back, I wrote about how I kept records of every call with customer-service reps from Sprint. This is because they repeatedly “forgot” and lied about agreements we made.

One of my friends (who wants to remain anonymous) sent over this spreadsheet he uses to do the same thing:

I just started doing the same – keeping a spreadsheet of conversations with customer service reps in general with all that key info. Airlines, financial, and other counterparties we do business with on a recurring basis. Date, time, name of person(s), reason for call, other comments. Like my own little reverse CRM system.

It’s simple and it works. Courtesy of my friend: Track your customer service calls (Excel file)

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  1. Ooh, this is a great idea! I especially love that you can sort the columns however you’d like. Thanks for the idea, Ramit!

  2. Even simpler, just create a private blog and record it there. If you record it as you go, it even gets timestamped.

  3. You should start using Microsoft OneNote instead of Word/Excel files to keep all your information.

  4. And, how would this help? Are these folks (Customer Service Reps) going to be believe what we have catalogued? Will they accept it as proof?

  5. Yes, it can. Read the previous link about my fiasco with Sprint.

  6. I highly recommened using Backpack. It’s free. I use it for organizing, making lists for anything and everything under the sun I need to keep myself organized.

    (No, I am not a spam bot or a salesperson – it really does make life easier)

  7. Forget OneNote – keep using Excel. Excel is, at least, available on non-Microsoft platforms.

  8. I’ve been doing something similar for quite a while. I create a separate sheet (Mine are in Word) for each vendor I want to track then Link them to the Vendor’s record in my PIM. I this system for Entourage on a Mac at home and Outlook at work & it has DEFINATELY given me an upper hand with all service vendors. Nothing kicks the service to the next level like having an accurate history of the problem.

  9. Couldn’t resist — here’s a web based version of the customer service tracker spreadsheet. disclosure: I wrote the web spreadsheet SW

  10. If you like the idea of keeping track of stuff in Excel, you really really might want to take a look at my Excel spreadsheet solution for reference systems. Really. its different. its free, it works.

    I have described it here:

    You can download a copy of the file here:

    and download both of these files:
    Personal Information..> 05-Feb-2006 20:04 612k “The File”
    Tom’s screenshots.xls 05-Feb-2006 20:05 404k “Examples”