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Unbelievably cheap magazine subscriptions

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A little holiday secret: The cheapest place to get magazines is on eBay. It’s almost shockingly cheap–you can get 3 years of a magazine for less than $5.

For yourself, for gifts, whatever…subscriptions are cool because they keep on giving, especially to people who don’t get anything in the mail.

How are these subscriptions so cheap and who are the sellers? Some are resellers, some are bulk distributors, some I don’t know. Just check their rating and bid with reputable people. I have had great experiences in the past. And these deals are incredible–here are just a few you can get right now:

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  1. Another good option is to buy a subscription with airline miles:

    For instance, The Week (a fab magazine, IMHO)… priced at $14.60 on ebay, but available for 700 miles on the miles site (worth $7-10 or so).

  2. You can also get free magazine subscription offers from


    is also another good place to look.

    I think there’s a lot of ebay magazine distributors that also offer Maxim for free with any other subscriptions. Maxim is practically for free I believe, in fact, they PAY the distributors money to get subscribers.

    *shrug* increase subscriber coverage = increase ad revenue.

  4. But unavailable to CANADA!!! GRRRRRR!!!!!


  5. Make sure you check the feedback on the sellers of these magazines. I bought a subscription from and I never got it. They said it would take up to 12 weeks, well its been closer to 52 and I have never seen it. Fortunetly it was only 3 or 4 dollars so it’s not too much of a loss.

  6. magazine seller Link to this comment

    The truth is that the prices you pay that are so low are not authorized by publishers. They tell sellers the cheapest they can sell for.

    Most publishers ban people from selling their subscriptions once they are caught on ebay selling magazines. It is beyond me why ebay won’t just cancel all magazine sales but they don’t.

    when publishers find out that a particular order was placed on ebay the cancel that sellers account and usually REFUSE to honor those subscriptions.

    If it sounds too good to be true it probably ends. Until the publishing world finds a way to stop what they call rogue sellers consumers will win I guess.

  7. Magazine Seller *or whoever wants to answer* although a clearinghouse says they do not want their agents selling subscriptions on eBay, they really can’t stop you from doing it, and it isn’t technically illegal is it?


  8. Or you could go on a bargain website (, etc…) and get subscriptions for free. I have gotten 2 years of Maxim, 2 years of FHM, a year of Giant, and a few others i can’t remember for free. The magazines get so much money from advertisements that they may offer some free subscriptions just to boost their sales numbers in order to look more attractive to potential advertisers.

  9. I ran across this on a google search. I have been desperatley trying to fisgure out how to sell magazine subscriptions on ebay. I have e-mailed a few Clearing houses and they have told me ABSOLUTELY NOT. They do now allow sales for ebay??? yet it is not in their contract. I could use some help here! Thanks in advance, Tiffany

  10. Yeah I got screwed too. I read this post and went on eBay in May, paid my three bucks or whatever and had the mag sent home, cause I was in a different city. I’ve been home for a month or so and just thought to check on it- apparently the user (discountmagazinedirect0) is gone and the last 100 comments or so are people pissed off for not getting their subscriptions. At least I wasn’t trying to buy a car or something. Lesson learned.