Tonight — How to find your Dream Job webcast at 9pm

Ramit Sethi

Tonight, I’m giving a live presentation on finding your Dream Job. I noticed you haven’t signed up yet, so before you decide, let’s try to put these 3 pieces together.

Data point #1: “45% of Americans say now’s a good time to find quality job, highest since May 2007.”

Data point #2: Look at this article on unemployment stories. The stories are heartbreaking. Then look at the first comment, where a hiring manager says they’ve had open positions for 2 years but cannot find ANYONE qualified enough to apply. (Other commenters don’t believe it at all. How can this be?? You’re not looking hard enough. Etc.) What is going on here?

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Data point #3: A 29-year-old writes a depressing article about the difficulty of finding a job…but he is doing it all wrong.

I was never one of those people who wanted to focus on all the things WRONG with the world. I believe that there are tons of opportunities — if you take the right approach, work hard, and yes, with a little luck.

One of the most powerful ways to live a Rich Life is to get a Dream Job, a core part of your Tripod of Stability.

But this doesn’t just happen by accident. You don’t just get a Dream job dropped into your lap. IT TAKES PROACTIVE WORK.

Guy 1: Dreams about getting paid more, getting a prestigious job with tons of perks, being able to take his friends out for rounds of drinks without worrying if he can afford it. Does nothing about it except dreaming. 10 years later, doing the same work without much of a promotion. Thinks “that’s just the way it is.”

Guy 2: Dreams about getting paid more, is unapologetic about wanting to advance in his career. Decides to learn how the game is played at the highest levels. Stops with the negative self-talk (“It’s all about who you know, not what you know” + “I could never get that job because I don’t have the right experience”) and decides to master the SKILL of finding a Dream Job. 6 months later, gets his Dream Job, gets a $7,800 raise, and is on track for another promotion in 12 months.

Which one will you be?

How to find your Dream Job
It’s easy to fantasize about what we want and hope one day the stars align and our Dream Job falls into our lap. But beware of being Guy #1, the dreamer.

Tonight, at a special one-time only LIVE presentation, I’m going to teach you a better strategy for finding your Dream Job. Here’s what we’ll cover:

1) Go beyond the grueling 9-5 to find a job you LOVE
Forget scouring job boards and firing hundreds of resumes into the “Black Hole of Doom.” That strategy just doesn’t work. And it’s not what top employers want you to do. See that second article above — hiring managers are desperate to find people like you, but you have to approach them in the right way.

And this works. Even if you lack experience, didn’t go to the “right school,” or have no idea what your Dream Job is.

2) Get the pay, perks, and respect you deserve
Most people just take whatever salary and perks their company offers. They miss out on tens of thousands of dollars a year, weeks of vacation, and even the chance to work from home because they don’t know how to ask for more.

I’m going to teach you how to get every penny, benefit, and perk you deserve. Including word-for-word scripts.

The presentation is tonight, Monday 3/23, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific).

Sign up here.


See you tonight!

No recordings, no lovey dovey messages, no kumbaya. Just the truth about what works.

P.S. Btw, want to see how well this works? Meet Candace, a Dream Job student who used my material to change industries and get a 25% raise.

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