Tomorrow I’m going to tell you 4 stories

Ramit Sethi

Tomorrow I’m going to tell you 3 stories about friends of mine and one about me. We’re all recent college grads.

  • The shoe lover. One of them spends over $5,000/year on shoes
  • The partier. Another spends over $400/week going out (that’s about $21,000/year)
  • The subscription nut. And the third friend has a Tivo subscription, Rhapsody subscription, cable/Internet connection, gym membership, Netflix account, magazine subscriptions, and a couple of monthly online accounts

The thing is, I agree with all of their spending patterns.

Find out why–and why I just moved to San Francisco, where I’m paying over 2x the rent I used to pay.

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  1. Cecil

    Good teaser. I can’t wait!

  2. Brett

    Oh I am so the subscription nut.

  3. MissPinkKate

    Oooooo, you’re such a tease! And it worked- I’m quite curious.

  4. John Wesley

    OMG I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!! Pardon the sarcasm, but this promises some interesting logic. I can understand the move to SF but the others (especially the partier) seem a stretch.

  5. marie

    you’re such a tease!

  6. Keith Cred

    I can’t wait. Speaking of renting, I would love to hear your thoughts on buying vs renting. Are you throwing your money away by renting? Or, are you saving money due to the reduction in homeowner upkeep. It makes for a great debate.

  7. Ramit Sethi

    Keith, I’m renting and have written about real estate investing before. Just do a ctrl-f on and search for “estate.” My views are pretty clear.

    Also, I love the aroused reactions from people reading this post. I need to do this more often.

  8. cmontero

    I think I know where this is going… 🙂 But, hey, I’m quite curious too!

  9. j

    Since you agree witth their spending patterns I’ll assume that the $400 a week for partying isn’t going largely to cocaine and that “a couple of other online subscriptions” isn’t code for “premium porn sites.”

  10. Bobby Sukhdeo

    I’d definitely like to see where this tease leads !! Hopefully it’s not another marketing ploy ;7

  11. greg

    maybe Ramit is happy because he owns shares in all the companies behind the people’s spending?

  12. Blair Christopher

    I bet I know which one you are. But I won’t ruin the surprises. Can’t wait to read it in the morning tomorrow. When do you normally post? I know you are is PST (I am in EST).

  13. Dona

    These expensive stuff like spending lots of money in buying shoes, going to parties and magazine, cable and other subscriptions will not really be so ideal if you don’t have much money to spend for it. But if you do have enough money and income to grab all of these expenses, everything will just be a piece of cake.

  14. Enrique

    Ramit is taking to the bank while people spend on non-sense.

    The shares just double.

  15. NotFooled

    The expenses of these people are probably necessary costs of their (unique) businesses?