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15 Little Life Hacks

Behind the scenes: I was on the Today Show last week

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I flew to New York last week to appear on the Today Show. Here’s the clip:

Interesting things to note:

  • Green rooms are the best places to meet people. I walked in and Maya Angelou was sitting there. In hair/makeup, Marissa Mayer and a bunch of other interesting people were there
  • You enter NBC through a totally unmarked door, not the conspicuous 30 Rockefeller entrance you’d think
  • They steam your shirt/coat, do your hair/makeup, and have lots of food available to eat before going on air. But nobody eats anything
  • Camera operators came into our studio literally 15 seconds before going to air. It’s that close to the wire.
  • Notice how Meredith asks me about “safe” investments, when young people should really be seeking out aggressive investments due to our age. Remember, it’s just as risky to run out of money as to lose it in a market crash.
  • The producer spent at least 5 hours coordinating this 5-minute segment. Imagine how much time it takes to create each show, every day
  • There are enormous time constraints to get your point across, so you have to have a crystal-clear message.

Invite me to speak at your organization.

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  1. I like your outfit. It is laid back, while those other shmucks are dressed up.
    Good message overall.

  2. Great work on getting your concise point across in the very minimal time you had. Very professional.

    Did Meredith flub up your name in the first view seconds or have I been pronouncing it wrong myself? Guess that would be good to figure out! 🙂

  3. @Baker: Meredith flubbed it. It’s “say-tee”. I know because I screwed it up when introducing Ramit to a bunch of people last year 😉


  4. Very cool, Ramit. And good call to action about speaking at the bottom of the post! 😉

  5. Nice eyebrows Ramit!

    Well cordial and nice answers

  6. Congrats! Way to go Ramit!

    It’s good to see a little fairness in the world: produce great content, get recognition!

  7. Did you notice the lady at the end said “The average return over any 10 year period in the market has been 10%”
    What planet was she living on for the last 10 years?
    It annoys the hell out of me that these so called professionals can’t think for themselves and regurgitate these market myths that are used to entrap people. My advice — think for yourselves – Ramit’s advice on automation is good because it works with human nature.

  8. He does have great eyebrows! Nice job Ramit, I’m still amazed to see bloggers I like reading out there in the wild.

  9. Nice work! Good job starting off first answer with a lot of energy and something humorous but then getting right down to brass tacks to give some specific strategies.

  10. I agree with Victoria Woods. Pay off your debt first and pay off your credit card debt aggressively before putting money into any 401K, thrift savings plan, investing plan, etc.

    Paying off a credit card debt at 14% interest is equivalent to getting a guaranteed rate of return on investment of 14% if you invested it, and actually it’s even better, because 1) credit card debt accumulates daily, so you’re paying interest on interest, so the actual rate of return is actually much higher, 2) paying off debt and having one less debt payment improves your cash flow to help you pay off even more debt and do more with your money, and 3) paying off debt has the added advantage of improving your credit score, which can help lower your interest rate on other debts.

    I wish I had followed this advice while I was in medical school and aggressively paid off as much of my student loans and credit card debt as I could rather than letting it accumulate while I ate out every night at Pompei, Subway, and the Cheesecake Factory.

    Back then, student loans “didn’t count” since interest wasn’t accumulating on them while still in school. It didn’t even affect your credit score back then, and so I did nothing to try to reduce them.

    This was my thinking back then: Present-day “Medical Student Green” has very little money and values fun more, so the money I have now is better spent on fun than on paying down debt, while future “Dr. Green” will have much more money and will be too busy to have fun anyway, so future Dr. Green can worry about the debt later.

    Now present-day Dr. Green is saying to past-day Medical Student Green, “Screw you, Medical Student Green! Why didn’t you even try to pay off any of that debt?!”

    Boy was I stupid back then. 🙁