Start Here: “The Ultimate Guide to Making Money”

This week, I’m unveiling the new I Will Teach You To Be Rich course to earn more money

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Over the past 4 years, the #1 request on this site has been how to earn more money.

Over the last 3 weeks, I’ve covered earning more money in extreme detail.

But over the last 11 months…I’ve been quietly working on building the I Will Teach You To Be Rich course on earning more money.

This week, after previewing it to 10,000+ people, I’m ready to release it publicly.

Here’s a quote from people one of my preview members:

Q: What’s surprised you so far?

A: “The level of polish, thought, and effort that goes into every aspect of it so far. It is seriously the best looking, most relevant material I have seen online.”

–Ned White

Stay tuned this week.

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  1. Ramit

    What is the cost of the product and is it applicable to other countries than US ? Will it work for India ?


  2. Relating to the last two blog entries, I think an overwhelming majority of finance “guru”s focus on spending less because they selfishly want all the money making for themselves. I highly doubt those writers are the ones cutting back on the stuff they love just to save money. I’d go as far as to say they don’t actually implement the things they teach. Your site is interesting BECAUSE it’s different and WORKS. It targets a certain category of people, but the concepts work for a wide variety of SES people. Thanks.

  3. I’ve been a lurker for a while here and never joined one of your programs Ramit. The scrooge strategy and automated system that you released late last year were not really up my alley.

    This however is interesting to me. Depending on price, I might actually give this a shot.

    Thanks for producing such great content.

  4. […] 1, 2010 Always exciting to see what Ramit is up to. This week, he announces a new course that teaches you how to earn more money. And Tim […]

  5. It seems like an interesting course, I will definitely be keeping tuned.

  6. I want to see people’s reactions when they learn of your pricing. They should prove to entertain.

  7. Hey all, created this Ning forum for all members of Earn1K course 3rd tier:

    1st and 2nd tiers welcome too of course. Tho I suppose 1st tiers will have better fish to fry…

    Please join to share your experiences and findings with the course, the more the richer. :)

  8. Any students hesitant to join this course seriously consider it. He is catering it just for us. The program gets out on my spring break and the course lets out a month before finals. What perfect timing!

  9. ramit. love the site. but, is your book relevant in australia

  10. is the course applicable to all country? how about if we have different settings? looks like the comment on these are positive.

  11. Many people want to earn extra money on the side, but aren’t succesful going at it on their own. Will be good to see advice from those who have done it before.

  12. Not everyone has interest in freelancing (or spending the extra time it takes). There used to be lots of high quality posts that applied to people who were happy with their current job and just wanted more insight on how to think about personal finance.