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15 Little Life Hacks

There is nothing so fine as a finely ironed shirt

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Apart from my love of Ramen noodles, pens, personal finance, and viral marketing, I have a not-so-secret love of ironing.



My goal is to iron the creases so sharply that they’ll cut your face.

I have been searching for a business model for this skill of mine. Some of my friends suggested putting together a quick Web site showing people how to iron a shirt. Good idea, I replied, EXCEPT…

1. No one knows how to iron a shirt
2. Nobody cares about learning how to iron
3. Nobody pays for anything related to this (except to have a laundromat do it for them)
4. I don’t know how much positive personal branding I could receive from this

If I were Rowenta (they are like the Rolls Royce of irons), I would launch a massive ironing-education program in America. Maybe this is why I’m not the CEO of Rowenta, though.

Maybe I’ll just keep this as a hobby of mine.

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  1. Make a website that shows how to:

    1. Iron a shirt.
    2. Tie a necktie (with dimple).
    3. Some color coordination tips.
    4. A downloadable guide for business travelers.

    Put some google ads.

    Then drop the link on:

    You will get some clicks.

    I will print and carry the guide.

  2. “2. Nobody cares about learning how to iron”. This statement is clearly false. I have lately been striving for a more perfect ironing technique.

  3. Interesting. If there’s enough demand, maybe I’ll do something to teach this…

  4. Consider marketing it towards computer types — there are lots of engineers at Stanford who have no clue how to dress for interviews. One of my housemates has to have hotel clerks tie his tie for him, and he’s 25 years old!

  5. For an added effect, use wood hangers 🙂

  6. I’ll sign my girlfriend up pronto!

  7. Dude, forget the ironing, teach America how to get the hangers so evenly spaced!

  8. You could also provide reviews of different irons, as well as the ironing chemicals/products that are like starch…I think one of them is called Magic Sizing.

  9. I have two brothers-in-law who are so meticulous abut their apperances that they insist on doing all of their own ironing. They are also passionate about shoe polishing and various other points of wardrobe maintenance. The “Ask Andy” posters seem to be similarly passionate about the care of their clothes. The website about ironing, et al would be great and probably very popular!

  10. A guide to packing a suitcase so that your clothes don’t come out looking like a wadded up mess would also be great. Amazing how few people really pack well, or efficiently. Most people overpack and take the wrong stuff with them. A smart packer can be gone for weeks at a time with hand luggage only (I do it all the time).