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The Tripod of Stability

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Below is a video clip of a webcast I did with Tim Ferriss, who wrote The Four Hour Workweek (read my book review).

The question was, “How many false starts have you had?” but in my response, I mention something I’ve been meaning to write about: The Tripod of Stability.

This basically means that I try to keep the big things in my life ultra-stable — car, where I live, relationships — so I can afford to be ultra-aggressive about other things. This alone has had a huge effect on my ability to take on risky and new projects all the time.

Check out the clip:

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  1. Er. Ankit Bansal Link to this comment

    Its really fantastic

  2. Amen. Know what you need to be in a good place (core friend time, hobbies, reading, whatever) and then experiment the heck out of the other things and brace for all kinds of painful failure. A sure way to success!

  3. […] Ramit’s latest post, you will find an additional video on our mutual “false starts” and mistakes. […]

  4. Ramit…love that idea about getting stability in the core elements in your life allowing you to be aggressive and make mistakes in other areas. Double your mistakes and double your successes!

    Great stuff guys!

  5. I like the Tripod of Stability concept.

    It is very similar to what I tell my clients about eating and exercise. Walk the straight and narrow 90% of the time. Then, when the exception arises – missing a workout because you’re busy, having a nice mean or drinks with friends – that other 10% will neither hurt your results nor make you feel guilty.

    And thanks for posting all the insightful clips!


  6. Ramit, you are right about keeping the basics very stable – it helps with risk elsewhere.

    During a very unexpected time of instability several years ago, I had to discover a new “tripod” for those rocky months. I came out of it all with a new degree and career, as well as my original tripod of friends, home, car/job/etc intact (minus husband).

  7. I’ve consciously followed this principle for years – good on ya Ramit for having this insight as well. One of the best things I ever realized way back when was the benefit of refusing to engage in others’ drama. It is amazing how peaceful life can be when you just don’t play dat. Have my tripod of wonderful husband, nice-enough, big-enough house, and paid-off, non-embarrassing car.

  8. […] Ramit’s latest post, you will find an additional video on our mutual “false starts” and […]

  9. Nice video. I like Tim’s idea about doubling your failure rate in order to double your success rate. Stability is really important too – get your tripod in place first!

  10. The quote, “to double your success rate, double your failure rate” really helps me keep going. Those who don’t want the pain of failure will likely avoid the fruits of success as well.
    Thanks for the video!