The Suze Saga — Part 2

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Earlier this week, you saw the first segment of the Suze Orman Saga, where I showed you how my obsessive love for Suze drove me to near-madness.

Today, the second in the gut-wrenching series. When we left off, I had just fainted after receiving a phone call from Suze.

This time, I show my softer side.

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  1. obsessive love for Suze? I’m forced to unsubscribe from your blog.

    Good luck w/ the book though.

  2. Those are great vids… I’ve been checking you out for about six months now and great advise here.

    Just wondering though from reading the above comment and some of the others on the last vid, are ppl really serious about “unsubscribing” because you like some on else? That’s odd, because if your getting good advise here who cares if Ramit likes Suze… I know, it’s just my opinion though. peace

  3. Way to have some fun with this stuff Ramit…and fine tune your acting chops while you’re at it.

  4. So funny… it’s all in the delivery, it’s so deadpan.

  5. There was an article, a few years ago, that said that Suze has all of her investments in Treasuries. This was well before the stock market blow up. So even though she talks the talk about diversification and investing for the long term, she doesn’t walk the walk…

  6. Love the blog, Ramit.

    What’s up with not wearing socks?

    Good luck with your book!

  7. I loved your Lady and the Tramp moment, Ramit. :)

  8. Awesome..Simple the Best !! Loved the 2nd part ‘The Suze Saga’. Specially background Guitar with you say: “How could someone so rich in Money & Beauty and be so frugal with Love”.

    Earlier you said that you have 11 income sources. Consider acting/editing in short-videos as number 12 !!!

  9. “obsessive love for Suze? I’m forced to unsubscribe from your blog.”

    Wow Mike, you must be a blast to hang out with. Do you go around punching people in the face who make jokes and try to have fun? I hope you don’t order a clown for your kid’s birthday. You’d pull out a shotgun and yell, “Pulling handkerchiefs out of your sleeve?! Get the hell out of here! I hired you so you could give me and my child financial advice, not to entertain us!”

    This is what kills me about these people who unsubscribe. You know they all watch raunchy stupid videos online just like everyone else, but as soon as Ramit tries do something entertaining, they freak out. Unreal.

    Enjoy your humorless life, Mike Killjoy.

  10. To be honest, I was getting a little annoyed with this site turning into a giant ad for the book and Scrooge Strategy (not that I blame you for marketing what makes you money), but these Suze Orman videos are great!! I’m hooked again!

    I’ve also loved your guest posts. Those were great pieces and I wish IWTYTBR had more meaty work like that :)

  11. The spaghetti scene was just brilliant. I choked on my coffee.

  12. OMG!!! I have laughed so hard at both videos. I gotta see part 3…

  13. Hey Ramit…not bad ! I liked the first clip better, but you have something orignal going here, so keep at it! How many are you planning to make?!

  14. You should be a screenwriter…this is great stuff! Now, I am on the edge of my seat for part 3…

  15. Now THAT was seriously interesting stuff. It left me a little confused…and somehow happy at the same time. But I’m not quite sure what that means.

    I remember my first call from Suze….

  16. I love your video work, its a paradoy of your readers who write about asset allocation :) I think you and Suzie are probably incompatible when it comes to asset allocation. I love all the comments above. Oh come on they are totally kidding when they say they are going to unsubscribe witnessed by the effort to comment. What really made me laugh was when you said you couldn’t understand how Suze could be so ‘frugal with her heart’. I’ve never met a witty finance person before, interesting 😉

  17. These are great! Loved the first one, and the second was better. Please tell me that you’ve come to realize that Suze Orman’s money comes from books about finance with catchy titles, and not from the worthless information inside them! Don’t break my heart!

  18. GEEZ, Ramit…I sure hope you haven’t dedicated your NEW BOOK to her as well! You are smart, good-looking, and (obviously) self-assured so I think you could make some headway w/the plethera of straight girls you have in your midst. Good luck w/your book…no bulls*#% is what we’re all expecting!

  19. Have you been to the blog: “I Will Teach You To Act”? Ha!….. but your effort is certainly clever. Nice job.

  20. dangit, ramit! It’s in a different format than Part 1. I can’t access Part 2 from my work…

  21. Great stuff! I’m dying laughing while I’m supposed to be pulling together my ’08 tax stuff.

    What would Suze say?

    I think she’d really like it. You’ll be on her show soon, I’m sure.

  22. Rami! You made my day, i laughed so hard coffee came out of my nose!!



  24. Suze, sadly, is in a committed relationship with her lesbian partner. I think she’d be flattered but ultimately uninterested in you.

    Stay the course my friend. We’ll get through this together.

  25. You might have a chance, if only she wasn’t a lesbian.

  26. Hi Ramit
    I’m new to the site and just watched your Suze video – you are smart & funny!! I’m so glad I subscribed.

  27. When is part 3 coming out??? I loved the videos! They’re so funny. Definitely looking forward to part 3. Thanks Ramit!