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The point of being rich

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Maybe it’s the holidays, but today instead of ranting and screaming at someone on this site, I decided to dig up one of my favorite posts:

What are we doing on this site?

Yes, I read my own posts sometimes.

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t been around since the early days, I wrote that on the day I graduated college in 2005. Check it out.

And happy holidays.

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  1. lol reading your own posts
    cant blame u
    some people jsut arent as interesting as “i” …right?

    im loving this site man
    ill be checking it out for few weeks

    check out this steve jobs video:

  2. This year being the “recession” and such I can’t help but wonder if the Salvation Army or another such place might pick that stuff up and give it to people who actually might need it. Even if the RA or a frat or sorority loaded the stuff up and took over, by making sure to get the receipt all the stuff can be used as a tax reduction if you itemize. Sounds like it might have made a big reduction actually.

  3. I love this comment, so apropos:

    June 15th, 2005

    It is absolutely amazing how much stuff we Americans buy that we just throw away. Adding to the shock is the realization that we are going deeply into debt to foreigners to buy it. If we find we have so much stuff that we can’t take it with us and have to throw it away, maybe that’s a signal that we need to buy less.

  4. all of Your post are useful us,
    that post is really good, the point You noticed are not known by most people or they know but don’t care,if we spend on only required goods we can save money,but must say that much items u threw even i would be staring at that,and its a good idea to read Your old post,people like me are lazy and i dont go to olders posts most of the time but i will watch out for your older posts now

  5. Ramit, where’s the cool money saving tips? I keep coming to the site, but there hasn’t been much in the way of updates??

  6. Well…it’s the holidays.

  7. Happy holidays Ramit!

  8. Seriously Jen, give the poor man a break. Happy Diwali/Eid/Hanukkah/Kwanza/ChristMass everyone! Quite an inspiration story. Very much enjoyed it, thx.

  9. I hate to see when good things go to waste that could have just been driven over to goodwill/salvation army/woman’s shelter.

    I am a college educated 31 year old professional, and I have a beautiful wrought iron plant stand in the shape of a spiral staircase that I found sitting next to the dumpster at my apartment building in late college.

    If there is a university in your town, please consider finding someone with a truck and gathering some friends to drive around and pick up some of the newer items and drop them off at a local place.