The news from IWT: July 2015

Ramit Sethi · July 31st, 2015

This month kicked off an entirely new era for IWT (more info below) and lots of cool things you won’t want to miss.

But first, very important: I threw a luau BBQ in NYC:

ramit_hulashirtMy Rich Life

I also rode in a helicopter for the first time. This was a really cool experience that gave me a totally new perspective of the city:

My first time in a helicopter. This was a really cool experience that gave me a totally new perspective of the city

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Speaking of flying, I saw this while I was at the airport and couldn’t resist sharing some travel tips (avoid this!):


But, of course, no matter how much I try to get away, the crazy emails NEVER stop rolling in (which I love btw):

So this is how love happens in 2015

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See more of what I’m doing (including reading ridiculous emails like this) at

Happening on the blog

Introducing the all-new Zero to Launch website

For the first time in 11 years, IWT launched an entirely new website:

This kicks off a new era for IWT and is setting the stage for even bigger ways to change our students’ lives. Feel free to poke around on the new site and be sure to stay tuned. There’s a lot more interesting material to come.

Win the Instant Vacation Giveaway

Want to travel the world and work from anywhere? This month, we’ve put together a package that will let you do just that. I wanted to help make the “work-from-anywhere” even life more attainable. You can still enter for your chance to win a $7,600 prize package that includes:

  • $2,500 flight voucher
  • Macbook Pro
  • $1,000 to spend however you want
  • $1,600 in cool additional prizes

3 weird yet successful examples of online businesses

Could you earn money online with the skills you ALREADY have? I bet you could, and here’s proof. Check out these wacky (yet successful) online businesses. You might be surprised when you see how many people will pay for the oddball skills and interests you already have.

How to work smarter, not harder — with Jermaine Griggs

One of my favorite RBT interviews yet. Jermaine started an online business with a $70 investment. That business — that began as a side hobby — eventually turned into a multi-million dollar company. Even if you just check out the trailer for the interview, you’ll walk away with some terrific insights on psychology, email marketing, automation, and systems. A must see.

How I read hundreds of emails/day in less than an hour

I do read every email. Just like I’ve said 50,000 times. But for a lot of people, it’s unfathomable that somebody can actually read 1,000+ emails/day and still get work done. Here’s how I do it and you can, too.

3 tips to dominate your job interview and give the perfect answers

Even the world’s best resume and cover letter won’t always get you the job. Here’s how you really win an interview and get the job every time.

IWT Mentions and Student Success

How Natasa makes up to $55,000 a month after quitting her job at age 29 without a plan

I loved this profile of my student, Natasa, who hoped to make $2,500/mo with her business…and is now making $55,000/month. Very cool.

2 weeks using only cash — here’s how 14 days changed the way she’ll spend forever

Here’s an awesome story of a personal finance journalist who followed just ONE piece of our Save $1,000 in a Week challenge, and it showed her ALL the ways she was leaking money…without even knowing it.

How a yoga instructor made $3,000 with a “weird” online business idea

My student, Julian W., a yoga instructor from Santa Monica, California, earned more than $3,000 after a few days of selling his product. Read more about how he used Zero to Launch to help yoga instructors ALL around the world with his online business.

How Danny made $24,000+ (working less than 10 hours per week)

My student, Danny M., was a freelance copywriter from Omaha, Nebraska. Since joining Zero to Launch, he’s generated $24,000+ in sales on a tiny site with just 2 blog posts. You should definitely check out his story — it’s amazing what he’s done.

Coming Soon…

We have even more exciting things headed your way soon — including all new material on starting a side-business, how to be more creative, and much, much more. Stay tuned!

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