The news from IWT: August 2015

Ramit Sethi · August 31st, 2015

This month, we celebrated an important milestone for IWT (more info below) and released some all new material — you won’t want to miss.

But first, here’s me feeling a little starstruck when I ran into Marcus Lemonis from The Profit (love that show) at the battle of the burger.


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I also got some really insightful “Unsolicited Feedback.” Thanks for the fashion tips, Cathy!


But not every email I get is crazy. In fact, this is one of my favorite emails of all time.


I told Tony an idea that my parents taught me about love. See, Indian parents aren’t into PDA. They don’t make out with each other in public or do big romantic gestures. But my parents show their love in their own way. Every day, when my dad comes home from work, my mom leaves the door unlocked (so he doesn’t have to fumble for his keys), and she has chai waiting. And they sit and have a snack together. That’s love.

See more of what I’m doing (including cool emails like this) at

Happening on the blog

IWT celebrates its 11-year anniversary


A huge thanks to the IWT team and our community for 11 years! I started writing this blog in 2004 because nobody would come to my personal finance classes. I had no idea it would turn into this. Now we cover business, psychology, productivity, fitness, and even food…and lots more coming. Thanks for reading.

I should teach this class
My dream is to teach a class on eating spicy food. There’s just one small problem: NOBODY CARES! That’s just one of the problems with “passion” — love just isn’t enough. In this post, I point out the 3 biggest myths about passion and show you a better approach to finding and doing what you love.

“Why don’t babies in Asia cry?”
We all have beliefs about how the world works, like “all babies cry.” Counterintuitively, that’s not true in Asia. See, sometimes these beliefs are so deep we don’t even notice we have them. But they still influence our thoughts and behavior — even when they’re wrong. I show you a different way to approach some of our society’s most deep-seated myths.

How to read body language (and improve your own)
There are tons of articles telling you how to read body language. From Psychology Today to Business Insider, they give you tips on how to read someone’s face and posture, but they all seem to miss one key thing: No one wants to read body language just for the hell of it! You want to know the specific changes that will help you improve YOURS. Here’s how to get started.

Instant creativity with Brian Koppelman
Imagine if you could flip a “mental switch” and be creative whenever you want. In this month’s RBT session, Brian Koppelman shows you how to build a system that guarantees you produce more and better work. Even if you just see the trailer for this session, you’ll walk away with valuable insights on being more productive, overcoming rejections, and mastering the creative process.

IWT Mentions and Student Success

10 Successful Entrepreneurs on the Worst Advice They Ever Received
I was featured in an article with Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran, where we shared the worst career advice we’ve ever received. Mark Cuban was quoted as saying the worst advice he got was “Follow your passions!” To see the horrible advice I got — along with these other successful entrepreneurs — make sure you check out this piece.

How Tracy wrote a parenting book that made $130,000 giving parenting advice
My student, Tracy R., started an online business where she teaches parenting advice. Since joining Zero to Launch, she’s generated more than $130,000 in sales for her book. You should definitely check out her story — it’s amazing all that she’s accomplished in just a few short months.

How to Know When You’re Ready to Freelance As a Self-Taught Coder
Lifehacker recently featured Joyce Akiko’s work. Joyce is our one of our Zero to Launch students, and we’re very impressed with what she’s accomplished so far.


The article already has more than 18,000 views and brought lots of new readers to her site. This is setting up her next product launch to be an even bigger success.

Lastly, congratulations to our IWT contest winner!
She took home more than $7,600 in prizes and was delighted by the surprises we sent.



Her flight to Turks and Caicos is booked, and she’s excited to put her new Minaal carry-on to the test. Thanks for reading, Jessica!

Coming Soon…

We have even more exciting things headed your way soon — including all new material on finding your dream job, a look inside the world of luxury, and much, much more. Stay tuned!

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