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The IWillTeachYouToBeRich Week of Discontent

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Normally, this is a really positive site where I write about getting started with personal finance and personal entrepreneurship (see my Table of Contents). However, too many idiots around this week = I feel like ranting. You wouldn’t believe some of the emails/comments I’ve received recently, making this the IWillTeachYouToBeRich Week of Discontent. Stay tuned for at least one post per day of me getting mad at stupid people.

[Update]: FYI, here are the posts:

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  1. Awesome Ramit! I love it when you get mad at stupid people! Your real voice really comes through and you tell it like it is. We need more people like that…

    Speaking of which, are you ever going to return to Things I Hate?

  2. Dude, take it easy. It’s only Monday morning. You can’t bury your woe in booze until Wednesday afternoon at the very least. 😉

  3. Some quotes from those stupid e-mails would probably please your audiance Ramit. You’re great when you rant.

  4. I’m so looking forward to it 🙂

  5. I know how you feel buddy. You are just trying to help people and they turn on you.

  6. Well, if you’re posting about stupid people, the good news is you’ll never run out of content.

    You really want to waste a week on fools? Anger kills my creativity and without creativity, I can’t solve problems. And isn’t that what business is all about, solving problems?

  7. No no, you must absolutely vent every once in a while. What’s the point if you hold it all in? I get that you let most of it roll off your back, but it’s ok. Rant away!

  8. Did “K” send in a stupid email??

  9. I afraid that goes with the territory.

    When you make yourself available –you get all kinds of class of people